Adrien Poinson Training Footage

You may not know his name quite yet but this 165 IPF French lifter is the current all time world record holder in the full meet bench at 165 tested! He is the first male lifter since the all time raw record compilations were started, to break a full meet record! In this video he trains both the squat and bench press working up to a 440 bench.

Marks Sets PRs in Bama

After a snowy week, Yarnell "BigBeast" Marks was thankful the roads cleared for what was his best meet to date in the Raw (no wraps) division. Marks weighed in at 197lbs and pulled off a 650kg/1,477lbs total (45lbs PR). The day was highlighted by his all time best of 255kg/562lbs squat which eclipse his previous raw (no wrap) total of 529 but also passes his best raw (wrap) total of 555lbs. Marks picks up his second 198 Raw Open title of the season.

Training Highlight for IPA Battle of Titans

Recent training from Brandon Tunquist as he prepares for the upcoming Battle of Titans!!

"Here is some training footage of my best training lifts.
I will be lifting in the 198lb Raw w/wraps division. Best training squats have been 705x3, 730x2, and 755x1. Looking to go over an 1850lb total.


April 25th at MT Union PA we are having a push pull meet all proceeds go to local football program. This will be a good meet for any level of lifter even a good first meet for anyone. We have a lot of fun with this meet we give out awards sell food and hire a DJ. all profits go back to the local pee wee and midget football program. we will be giving awards for top 3 in each division and to best overall lifters and having a bench your bodyweight contest for money. I would also like to add we have very nice equipment bars benches etc and we try to make this meet go quick and smooth last yeah we had 40 lifters and were done by supper time. Come join us for a day of fun for a good cause and hit some PR's. email for an entry form

"Big on the Basics": Wraps with Andrey Malanichev

Wrapping the knees is a science and an art form. Here, one of the greatest powerlifters of all time and the lifter with the greatest total in history, Animal's own Andrey Malanichev shows you how to effectively use wraps. "Big on the Basics" is an informative series which shows you how to do some of the basic things in the sport of lifting. Another toughtful and educational resource brought to you by Animal.

Cummins Vs Jackson

SPF No Retreat, No Surrender--hosted by Iron Mafia. Tee Cummins weighed in at 232 the night before the meet. He went 7/9 hitting a squat and bench pr but couldn't hold on to the last couple of deadlifts.
He went 830 in the squat 460 in the bench and then pulled 710 missing 740 twice to total 2000 at 232! However, this was not a one man show! Right at his heels was Justin Jackson who hit a 50lb pr squat of 780 weighing in at 235! Come bench time he matched Tee's 460 but was still 50 behind Tee at subtotal. When it came around to the deadlifts Justin Jackson pulled out a big 760 to tie Tee Cummins total with 2000! Justin weighed in at 235 coming in 2nd, just 3 lbs heavier than Tee, what a show!

Presenting The Nutley Bench Press Classic !

Looking for a fun contest where each lifter is presented as a top athlete?

On March 21st in Nutley New Jersey Joel Toranzo will be hosting the Nutley Bench Press Classic with a "WWE" theme to it! Lifters will be escorted by beautiful ladies with a theme music of their choice.
Guest lifters for the contest will be:

Brandon Toranzo: aka Baby Hulk- The 9 yr old bench phenom.
Mike Toranzo: aka BIG MIKE- National and NJ state record holder.
Joe Mazza: World record holder 700 bench @ 165, 3 x Arnold classic winner and MHP sponsored athlete.

Andrew King Youngest To Total 2100 Raw!

Here is a video from the No Retreat No Surrender meet where Andrew had been 20 yrs and 10 days old and did 2105 raw in his second meet!

"I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest person to total 2100, and after this meet Eric Spoto contacted me and is now going to be coaching my bench press to get me to over 600 in no time because I've never ran any kind of program. Always just went in and lifted and got strong doing random stuff."

Andrew went 865 550 690 to hit this awesome total for such a young man!

Most Prestigious?

With all the federations out there and big meets, which ones would you call the most prestigious titles?
There's tons of world champions but the truth is no one can stake claim to being the absolute champion. However, maybe a new system could be added to the rankings based on titles lifters win?

BEAST: 545x2, 585x1 raw bench session

2nd week towards a bench only meet for Relentless Minnesota.
Cutting weight back into the 308s and hunting down a 600+lb bench to add to my arsenal to fight with the big boys when I get there.

Relentless Minnesota: One Million In March!

My name is Marshall Johnson, I have lifted and contributed to Relentless since its beginnings back years ago now this March. We have a rare and amazing opportunity this March to hit an unimaginable goal of $1,000,000.00 raised through Relentless events. If we can increase our pace ever so slightly every week leading up to the event we will achieve this massive goal. The money raised for Relentless MN is donated to HopeKids, a non profit 501(3)(c) charitable organization, that services the families of children with a life threatening or life changing condition. Its crazy to think about it, $1,000,000.00, not from doctors, or pro athletes, or actors, or musicians, but from powerlifters. Everyday people coming together to help people struggling in a fight they have no control over. Please help up make this dream a reality. One million in March!

59-66 kg Russian powerlifting championship results

OIG performance categories 59-66 kg at the Russian Championships - 2015 Powerlifting men come to an end of the first day of competition the championship of Russia - 2015 Powerlifting among men and women. On the platform of the sports complex FEFU went representative weight categories 47 kg, 52 kg and men weight categories 59 kg, 66 kg and 74 kg. Weight category up to 59 kg first competed for the national championship medals men whose weight does not exceed 59 kg. The undisputed favorite - multiple champion of Russia, the world, the overall winner of the World Games Sergey Fedosienko reiterated the impeccable work on the platform and new records. Net weight - 58.15 kg. In the squat Sergei carefully managed with three attempts, lifting 260 kg, 280 kg and 295 kg.

Anna McCloskey's Squat training in prep for IPA Battle of Titans

Anna is 21 years old and will be competing in the 181lb weight class. Her previous PR is 622lbs and she's looking to further that. much further.

Last 2 sets: (without knee wraps)

Frank Ball breaks USPA raw 242 world record with 540lbs.

Heres the video of all 4 lifts from the All American bench press championships this past weekend. I opened with 496,then 512, 523, and 540. I broke the previous WR of 507, took first place, and best lifter. Wanted to thank Billy Fanska for always putting on a fun meet. follow me @ironmade527 #HEAVYTAB

Powerlifting record attempts at the international Pacific Invitational

From Fitness & Health Expo:

Australia’s strongest descend on Melbourne for powerlifting championship
and world record attempts
Fitness & Health Expo, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, April 10-12

The Fitness & Health Expo, the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, will host the national powerlifting championship plus a special international invitation-only competition run by Powerlifting Australia at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in April.