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Competition schedule published for 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships

IPC Powerlifting has published the competition schedule for the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships which run from 26-30 July in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The competition will be a key qualifier for the Rio 216 Paralympic Games and will be the sixth edition of the Asian Championships, the most established regional competition in powerlifting.

It has attracted over 220 athletes from 30 countries, making it one of the biggest Asian Championships in history.

USAPL in Nashville, TN!!!

Registration is now open for the USAPL Music City Open in Nashville, TN on Aug 29. This is the first time there has been a USAPL meet in Nashville in a long time! To register and get more details, please visit the website at: http://www.teamrohr.com/mco/registration

George Lealiifano Killed In Car Accident.....

Taken from ABC 57 News: SOUTH BEND, Ind. -
The man who was killed in an accident on SR 5 in LaGrange County Wednesday morning was a world-record holding weight lifter. His friends are trying to come to terms with the loss.

Hoffman Kennach, also known as George Lealiifano, was attempting to pass a semi when he was involved in a multivehicle accident.

He was not wearing a seat belt

Kennach held several fitness world records and was a power lifting world champion.

SPF Texas State @ The American Bank Center!!!

IronHorse Powerlifting is hosting the SPF Texas State Powerlifting Championships July 18, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas at the American Bank Center. This event is part of the Battle on the Bay Expo. Don’t miss it!!! All lifters are welcome from first time lifters to pro! Big cash prizes will be given for the best performances of the day. Don’t miss this opportunity to compete for cash at one of the best meets in Texas and vacation in the beautiful Corpus Christi!

Brian Carroll W/ a "Table Top" of the The Inzer Leviathan Ultra Pro!

- initial adjustments done in seconds
- suit goes on and comes off in 3 seconds
- no stuffing or forcing the suit on and off
- 100% adjustable
- will allow you to have the perfect fit no matter fluctuations in body weight
- nylon laces super easy to adjust
- zipper is military grade and allows for proper breathing between sets
- will allow for a fit that's impossible to achieve with last century's technology!

2015 European Powerlifting/ Bench/ Deadlift Championships Report

These championships have set another bench mark for European

Championships. A very well run European Championships by the BPO

Executive team. Greg Ashford, Platform Manager and his excellent crew

Brenden Blake, Chris Apark, Joe Fortt, Ashley Gallagher, Leighton Owen and

Matt Ward, the Cross-Fit, Fight Science, Maida Gym, Aldershot, Hampshire,

England on 20th and 21st June, re-assured all lifters confidence with their

professional application brought out the best out in the lifters with no mishaps.

James Strickland 556 @ 280 WPC Record

New Comer to the powerlifting scene, James Strickland in only his second meet was at the APF raw nationals, and broke 3 WPC world records (308 wt class) on bench! He will be going for another world record in a lower weight class (275) for the CanAm bench wars in less than a month. He feels he is on schedule to put up over 600 in July. Watch video of his 556 bench @ 280lbs.


Raw unity will be held Jan 29/30/31 2016. The event will take place at the Civic center

in Port St Lucie Fla, the site of the 2014 event

Friday will be individual bench press and deadlift championships. For the bench and

deadlift only a masters division will be added

The 3 lift competition will take place on Sat & Sun. There will be a team competition in

Media accreditation for the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships now open

Media are advised that accreditation for the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is now open at www.Almaty2015.com/media.

The competition, which runs from 26-30 July, is set to be one of the biggest Asian Open Championships ever and is a key qualification stop for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Over 220 athletes from 30 countries are expected to compete.

APF Nationals Report: James Grandick

2015 APF Nationals meet report. I came into this meet with one goal in mind. Make it threw the meet no matter what! The last meet I finished was last September 2014 at the SPF Hussey Tribute Meet where I totaled 2546 and I partial tore my bicep on my last deadlift attempt. I hurt my knee at the Battle of the Titans in March. I just haven't had the best of luck lately and have been nursing injuries for 9 months.
Because of the ridiculously tight WPC judging, I opened safe with 953 on squat. Good lift!
A small jump to 981 Good Lift, 1003 came up fine but the judges called me on depth.
On to bench 727 opener was a Good Lift for a WPC Masters 2 world record, 760 on a second didn't lock out No Lift. With a little tweak of the shirt here and there 760 was solid on a 3rd for a Good Lift, Another WPC Masters 2 Bench Record.

Mike Strom wins APF Nationals @ 181

Mike Strom cut from his usual 198 weight class to make 181 for this year's APF Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT.

Mike totaled 1962 @181 by way of an 804.5 squat, 606.2 bench and 551 deadlift.
This makes back to back APF Nationals wins, last year at 198 and this year at 181.

Gracie V Totals 1278 @ 144 lbs BW (Multiply)

Gracie competed at Jesse Burdick's SPF Summer Slam June 27th. There she managed to get a 501 lb Squat in, missing a 512 3rd attempt. She got a 303 lb Bench & 473 lb Deadlift to finish up.
She will be competing next at the Olympia Pro Invitational in Sept, Single Ply Deadlift.
In other news, Gracie and her partner Ruslan just opened a 10, 000 square foot training facility in San Diego, CA - California Elite Training Center 7440 Ronson Rd San Diego, CA

9-11 Memorial Bench Press/deadlift Classic Saturday Aug. 1st

Meet will be held at the beautiful Crowne Plaza in Suffern,NY, 30 minutes north of New York City. This meet is held in honor of fallen FDNY firefighter, Thomas J. Foley. He was tragically killed in the line of duty rescuing innocent people from the twin towers. Proceeds raised from the meet go to the Tom Foley Memorial Scholarship fund. Go to Wabdl.org or contact Brian Fahrenfeld at brianprovega@aol.com for meet details.

USAPL Summer Showdown - Friday Video

Here is video from Friday at the USAPL
Summer Showdown at the World Fitness Expo
in Atlanta, GA.