YIcompete: review of wrist wraps

* by Marilia Coutinho

DISCLAIMER: Whatever I say in my reviews is my independent opinion. I am not sponsored by any company and I have no interest in them except for my general and genuine wish that the good gear and equipment companies related to our strength sports strive and do well.


Championship of Russia on classic powerlifting 2015, class 83 kg

1 place: Kuzmin Alexey 273+185+300=758 kg

2 place: Dyashkin Konstantin 265+165+315=745 kg

3 place: Zaytsev Artem 265+160+302,5=727,5 kg

4 place: Kashin Pavel 257,5+182,5+287,5=727,5 kg

Julius Maddox 660 bench!

Julius Maddox, coached by Josh Bryant, bench pressed 660 raw 02/06/16 at the SPF Meet in Evansville, IN!
Very few have surpassed the 660 mark and Julius has his eyes set on the big 7!!!

RIVERSIDE, CA - March 19. 2016: USA Powerlifting Coaching Certification Course

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Certification Levels

- Club Coach (USAPL-CC): coaching novice to state level lifters, club team coach

Course includes:

Jordan Wong: Definitely coming back soon

All time record breaker Jordan Wong had to deal with a bad spinal injury not very long ago. So here's to those physicians that still have a hard time accepting that reality can be more varied than what they learned from methodologically flawed publications:

Luigi Fagiani: Deadlift sessions over the past 5 weeks

Here's an interesting video that includes training deadlifts
of all types (high volume, deficit, high intensity)
and competition lifts from Luigi Fagiani:

James Ortiz 535lbs bench press at the 2016 USPA American Cup

Sorry, folks: too many awesome meets and some videos get behind.
Here is James Ortiz' huge 535lbs bench press
from the 2016 USPA American Cup:

Championship of Russia on classic powerlifting 2015, class 74 kg

1 place: Goryachok Anatoliy 217,5+162,5+282,5=662,5 kg

2 place: Begeev Alexandr 242,5+160+257,5=660 kg

3 place: Bakhirev Alexey 222,5+162,5+260=645 kg

Meet KC Mitchell, aka That 1 Leg Monster!

Meet KC Mitchell, aka That 1 Leg Monster. He competed in his first meet benching 418lbs and deadlifting 530 lbs. KC's next meet is the 2016 RPS US Open at CETC in San Diego where he will compete full power! DECIDE COMMIT SUCCEED

RUM 9: Jake Benedix and Brett Benedix

Here is the full update on the Benedix brothers performance at RUM 9:

* by Brett Benedix

"Brett Benedix - 562 SQ (Surpassing the All Time RAW World Record in 148# Weight Class, Mike Kuhns 556 SQ from ADAU 2006), 248 BP, 523 DL, 1,333 Total. Weighed in at 147.2 and placed 1st in the 148# Weight Class. 19 Years Old.

Jake Benedix - 462 SQ, 296 BP, 479 DL, 1,237 Total. Weighed in at 147.8 and placed 2nd in the 148# Weight Class. 21 Years Old."

Team Rohr Presents: USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown (June 11-12 in Atlanta) - $10,000 in PRIZE MONEY!

We are now taking resumes from ALL lifters to be invited to the USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown in Atlanta (Part of the World Sports Expo) - Presented by Team Rohr Powerlifting

SQUATTING EVERYDAY: Does It Actually Work? (Results)

Omar Isuf talks to Greg Nuckols, from "Strength Theory",
about high frequency squatting.
Check their discussion:

Liz Majka: 385lbs X 3 on squats with wraps only

Liz Majka from Team Lilliebridge squatting 385lbs X 3.
She had a minor tweak on her hamstring, but that's what teams are for!
We're sure she's fine and ready for more.

Eric Lilliebridge prepping for the UPA Nationals

* by Eric Lilliebridge

386kg/851lbs x1x2 Raw Deadlift from last nights first heavy deadlift session of my meet prep. Haven't pulled heavy off the floor with a belt in over 2 months. 11 weeks out from UPA Nationals.

All time record holder Janis Finkelman deadlifts 420lbs X 4

Janis is upgrading her already world record deadlift to a new level:

420lbs X 4 on training. Check out her video: