Nick Best squats 843lbs in the 308lb class

Nick Best Squatting a new Raw USPA Masters American Record 843lbs in the 308lb class.

Nick Best is also a Strongman and has consistently been an elite powerlifter.

WEDNESDAY – Meet preparation/Strategy of the week #2: Matt Quinn, Bart Kwan & Omar Isuf, Ronald Tarvin and James Strickland

Today we post videos and comments about meet preparation or training strategy. Training sessions are not random: they follow a logic, whether it is a meet preparation, a recovery period or rehab.

Matt Quinn DEADLIFT 675x2

WEDNESDAY – Meet preparation/Strategy of the week #1: Daniel Tinajero, Steffen Smith, Brandon Franklin and Bill Newman

Today we post videos and comments about meet preparation or training strategy. Training sessions are not random: they follow a logic, whether it is a meet preparation, a recovery period or rehab.

Daniel Tinajero

“Almost called it a day with a slow 765. Hands were falling apart , but then I decided to this on some cheater straps and pull 815lbs. I'll take it.”

2016 RPS US Open Powerlifting Championships- Gracie V

From A word from Gracie V- Having a hard time finding words to express my gratitude to everyone who made the #RPSUSOPEN such a huge success. None of it would have been possible without my partner Russell Kern who was the one who had this vision last year and of course our sponsors, Westside Barbell, Inzer, Powerlifting Watch, Doughnuts & Deadlifts, Apeman Strong, Break 90 & Iron Empire Clothing for bringing it to life. Thanks to all the athletes who put their faith in me as a first time meet director.

Breaking news GPC Irish championships: McNamara!!

On Saturday, April 23, 2016 GPC Ireland hosted the Irish National Championship. Ger McNamara, aged 53 and current all time world record holder in the 67.5 kg squat, weighed in at 59,3 kilos to enter the 60 kg weight category. His opening squat of 322.5 kg shattered the current all time world record, that had not been touched in over twenty years. He went on to break it again, with a 332,5 second attempt and a final lift of 340 kilos, or 5.7 times bodyweight! He also benched 180 kilos and dead lifted 240, finishing with an epic 12,8 times body weight total of 760 kilos. (1,675 lbs)
(weights in pounds: 749. 396. 529 lbs)

Brett Benedix - Road to the Europa Games 2016

The USPA Single Ply Powerlifting Event is being held at the Orange County Convention in Orlando, FL on April 29th & 30th. Brett will be lifting on Friday (the 29th).
This Training Footage is from 9 Weeks out to 2 Weeks out from the USPA Single Ply Powerlifting event at the Europa Games 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Just turning 20 years old and competing in the 148 lb weight class. Video includes 705 Squat and 585 Deadlift. On April 29th, Brett will be competing alongside his brother Jake Benedix and a handful of his Power Team members at one of the Biggest Fitness Expos in the U.S. ... The Europa Fit Expo. Sponsored by BIG BB Performance GlycoForce.

Tommy Kono passes

* by Bill Hinbern

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION: in spite of the fact that Tommy Kono was not a powerlifter, he is a reference to many of the older generation in our sport. Certainly worth being mourned by the community.


It is with great sadness that I write these words.

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend #2: Eva Dunbar, Jeremy Hoornstra and Svend Stensgaard

More competition results and videos from the weekend and even before:

Eva Dunbar 230kg / 507lb deadlift for 1201 total @ 148 – RPS 2016 US Open

With a 507lbs deadlift, Eva established a new all time raw record of 1201lbs total @ 148!

This breaks the current record held by none other than Kim Walford!!!

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend #1: JP Price, Alyssa Smith, April Shumaker, Tarra Oravec, Steven Lee and Yuri Belkin

This week was epic for powerlifting. Many high profile competitions happened. Most eyes were at the 2016 US Open that took place at the California Elite Training Center, in San Diego, CA, organized by Gracie V.
I still don’t have the videos for some of the most amazing performances, as April Shumaker, one of the most consistent elite athletes of our sport, holding all time positions throughout the years.
Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

IPL European Championships on 6 platforms is a great success

Russian Powerlifting League President Sergey Dluzhnerskiy Сергей Длужневский informed that the IPL European Championships held on April 22-24 in Moscow, Russia had over 1100 lifters from 15 countries using 6 platforms each day.

Some images:

Hoornstra 663 at 241!!!!!!

661 at 242 seemed to be a limit that no man would ever break. Set back in 2012 it has not even been challenged! Until today, the man who set that record, Jeremy Hoornstra 4 yrs later raises that record once again! 663 pounds at 241!!
Watch the footage from the APA Raw Nationals 2016:

Tom Finn "One crazy son of a bitch" Pt 2

Not sure if Tom aka Huck Finn is mentally stable but he sure is strong and entertaining!
Here is a montage of different crazy stunts, beer drinking and heavy lifting!

In Tom Finn fashion:
"Featuring a 550 lb Bench, a huge incline beer bong bench & other lifts from the past month. Ok bye."

Yuriy Belkin total 1115,5kg@110kg, 420+290+405,5

European Championships IPL

Yuriy Belkin totalled 2,459 pounds at only 223.32 lbs!
Squat 420 kg (925 lbs)
Bench 290 kg (639 lbs)
Dead lift 405,5 kg (893 lbs) NEW ALL-TIME RECORD!
The dead lift breaks Yuriy Fedorenko's 892 equipped 242 all time record.

SPF Women's Pro/Am -- 4/16/16 -- (Cincinnati, Ohio)

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the ladies who made the "All Time Rankings!!!! Check out your actual listing below!

SATURDAY – good talks of the week: Reno Hardcore episode 4, with Chad Aichs, Dave Tate & JL Holdsworth and Jenn Rotsinger

WATCH: Table Talk — Peaking for A Meet with Circa Max Training
By Dave Tate - Apr 16, 2016

Peaking for a meet is one of the most difficult challenges a lifter faces. A mistake in the final two weeks could mean ruining an entire 14-week training cycle. Under a training system like the conjugate method, famous for max effort and dynamic effort training days, the process of peaking for competition seems even more complex. Most lifters who train with the conjugate method use a form of peaking known as the Circa Max phase.
In this Table Talk video, Dave and JL talk about the aspects of Circa Max that many lifters overlook. Discussing how to peak for a meet, Dave and JL cover the following points: