Sin Leung Breaks Into the 900s!

On April 22nd 2017 The Sinner finally broke into the 900 barrier! She weighed in at 131 pounds and hit prs in every lift! 330 squat, 205 bench and a 375 deadlift to hit a 65 pound PR total! She was lifting at the RPS Inferno II and was coached by none other the Swedemeister! Her biggest improvement came in the squat with nearly 40lbs! Her 910 Raw total places her in the top 7 raw at 132!

Sarah Lewis Takes Total Record!

As the 165 classic raw world record was re broken by Kristy Hawkins with a 1,377
just less than two weeks ago,
Sarah Lewis came to the SPF Women's Pro/Am with her sights set! The end result was a record busting 1,380 total!
She sandwiched a 290 bench press between two 545 lb attempts in the squat for a world record and in the deadlift!
Cant be more balanced than that!

Ellen Stein 1007 @ 132

At the SPF Women's Pro Am in Cincinnati Ellen went 9/9-via a 385# squat, 202# bench (a 2# PR) and 420# DL and 1007# total (7# PR). She was only paying attention to her own lifts
and came in 4th place in the Open RAW division. She was coached by the 2016 coach of the year Swede Burns who worked his tail off coaching over 20 lifters at the RPS Inferno meet in Pennsylvania then making his way to the Pro/Am in Ohio to coach! Ellen continues to defy the odds and father time with out showing any sign of slowing down! She's in her sixties and stronger today than she was in her 30's! This is an accomplishment well beyond the possibilities of most mortals, But Ellen Stein is building a legacy of immortality!

ADFPF joins the Mr. America Fitness Festival Weekend


Mr. America Promotions LLC is delighted and proud to announce that the ADFPF (American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation) is thrilled to participate in the 2017 Mr. America Fitness Festival Weekend, October 6-8, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The ADFPF will be part of the Mr. America Expo which will feature the NGA Mr. America competition along with numerous other NGA & NSL Bodybuilding and Fitness events.
“The ADFPF is the leading drug free federation in the world of Powerlifting and Strongman competitions and will be presenting the ADFPF Mr. America Power Showcase at the October event. In keeping with the theme and objective of the Mr. America Fitness Festival Weekend, we are ecstatic that the ADFPF has merged with our event” states Team Mr. America VP Brent M. Williams.

April Mathis Breaks More Records at APF Gulfcoast on 4/1/17

April does it again with a smooth 705.5 lb Raw squat (with wraps) to take the all time SHW record back. April also bettered he own record in the raw (full-meet) bench press with a lift of 440 lb and bettered her own raw total (with wraps) record with a massive 1703 total!

Kuzmin Alexey deadlift RAW 320kg@83kg

Championship of St.Petersburg 22.04.2017
class 83 kg
squat 275 kg (606 lbs)
bench press 182.5 kg (402 lbs)
deadlift 320 kg (705 lbs)
total 777.5 kg

Eddie Berglund 416 Bench at 145!

This young and talented bench star is showing the grown men how to bench! With a hell of an arch to boot!
"#sweden's @strongeddie (66kg) absolutely destroyed the open #worldrecord #benchpress about an hour ago as a junior lifter @theipf raw bench championships here in Killeen, TX. #powerlifter #ipf #powerlifting"

Dennis Cieri Wins Gold!

One of our nations best international stars Dennis Cieri nails another gold medal, 7 to be exact but who's counting!

One more Gold Medal at IPF World Bench Championship for the record books. 512 @202 lbs body weight. That makes 7 IPF World Titles. Thanks for all the support from my family and friends and best training partner/coach ever Rich Kruzsely"

Yury Belkin Break's Ed Coan's 901!!!!

It has finally been done!!!

"The untouchable Ed Coan deadlift's record has been broken by Yury Belkin. Now it is 903.8lbs/410kg at 220lbs/100kg.
Coan's record (901lbs/408.6kg) stood for almost 26 years until it was broken in 2017 by russian lifter.
April 22, 2017. IPL European Championships.


We can’t believe the 2017 US Open Powerlifting Meet has already come and gone. We had no doubt this would be the most successful meet in history, the meet that would change so many lives.
Our goal since day one of partnership is to build on our passion of PRO POWERLIFTING with one VISION, to create a world where Lifters can compete for large cash prizes. Our MISSION is to ’Support the Sport' and the community of Powerlifting. We are determined to join the hard working efforts of Emad Nayef and Markos Markopoulos with ProRaw Powerlifting and Big Dogs.
The 2017 US Open Powerlifting Meet exceeded all of our expectations. CONGRATULATIONS to our $40,000 winners Marianna Gasparyan (Kazakhstan), Ben Pollack (USA) and Yury Belkin (Russia). Thank you to all our athletes who flew in from around the world, their fans, family, friends and everyone who joined us in San Diego. Our audience energy was insane! We had many guest appearances including Ed Coan, Steve Goggins, Mike O'Hearn and their families coaching and supporting all the lifters. A huge highlight of the weekend, in true manner of ‘Supporting the Sport’, is when C.T. Fletcher refused the check we handed him and thanked us for what are doing for Powerlifting. That really hit us in the feels.

Kloie Doublin Prep For IPF World Bench!

17 year old HPT Athlete, Kloie Doublin, will be competing tomorrow at the 2017 International Powerlifting Federation - IPF Raw World Bench Press Championships. Kloie finished her training off with THIS 220lbs. bench press @ 155lbs. body-weight! She is a favorite to win her class and overall best sub-junior female bench press.
Kloie also has a raw squat of 347 and a 407lbs. deadlift to go along with her bench press. She will be traveling to Belarus this June to compete at the IPF's raw world powerlifting championships.

Brad Madvig recovery and relief

Brad Madvig is a 42 year old married man from Maple Grove, Minnesota. In September of 2015, Brad began experiencing vision problems and this led to a disgnosis of Lhermitte-Duclos disease, which is a very rare benign brain tumor. Since then , he has been constantly battling excessive cerebrospinal fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus), which has resulted in increased intercrainial pressure that has damages his optic nerves and diminished his vision to the point that he has not been able to work or drive since last September. He underwent a number of painful spinal taps to help relieve the pressure, but these weren't a long-term solution.

USA Weightlifting / USA Powerlifting 5 Bar Showdown - VIDEO UPDATE / Minimum Payout Announcement

This event is limited to the first:

New Comer Marisa Drew 1,000 @ 148

Marisa Drew competed on April 8th, 2017.
She was able to go 7/9 in her first meet.
At 147.2 lbs she posted a 410 squat, 215 bench, and 375 deadlift, totaling 1,000 lbs
This will be good for the 16th spot on the current Raw w/wraps rankings!