Thanksgiving Throwdown Best Lifter Results

* from Richard Ficca

To all lifters at the TGTD, you really crushed it and I am super impressed with the lifting we watched. That said, the following lifters won best lifter for the event and we would like to recognize them for their efforts. (Remember to have a best lifter category, their must be at minimum three lifters in the category) To each of these lifters, we will be sending a personalized best lifter certificate to your address on file. Great job and see you in February at the Battle of the Bay II!

Panttila Power Talk at the IPL Worlds: Eric Spoto

Published on Nov 19, 2015

"I talked to Eric Spoto about his bench and what he is planning to do going forward. He spoke very softly and it may have been hard to hear him. Going forward the next time i see him i will give the headset to him."

Panttila Power Talk at the IPL Worlds: Jill Mills Interview

* by Gary Panttila

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Had an opportunity to interview the strongest woman in history. Wanted to people at home to get to know her and that is why I asked the questions I did. Plus this interview was conducted raw no warm up no prep just questions and answers. Wish I would have gave her the headset looking back on this now.

Competing for the first time: lifters' accounts from the USPA Thanksgiving Throwdown

* a Powerlifting Watch exclusive

Competing for the first time is usually one of the most powerful experiences one has up to that moment. It is the first time on the "sacred square", the platform, where you perform what you prepared for and where rules apply. Some get nervous - many discover there, at that magical moment, what they were born for.

780lbs raw with wraps squat Ernie Lilliebridge JR

Published on Nov 23, 2015

Ernie squats 780lbs(354kg) in wraps and 225lbs

(102kg) bodyweight. He is also trying a new wrap. Check it out.

Bobby Pettis totals 1842lbs and pulls a 740lbs junior American record

USPA-FL Thanksgiving ThrowdownBobby Pettis had an impressive 7/9 (seven good lifts out of 9 attempts) at the USPA Thanksgiving Throwdown: "Went 2 for 3 on squats finishing with 700 and missing 722. I went 2 for 3 on bench finishing with 402 missing 418. I've been chasing a 400+ bench for so long and finally got it on the platform where it counts! Went 3 for 3 on deadlifts pulling a junior 20-23 125kg American record of 740 lbs! Totaling 1842 lbs", says Bobby.

Special Olympics Powerlifter Chevi Peters: Pick Up Hope

Published on Nov 25, 2015

At the lowest point in his life, weighing 90 pounds and having survived 38 major surgeries, Chevi Peters walked into coach John Lair’s office and said he wanted to be a powerlifter. Fast-forward through seven years of intense training to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, where Chevi dug deep to pick up three gold medals

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Sean Fagan cracks the Top 25 in the 165's

This past weekend at RPS insurrextion 4 Sean Fagan broke into the top 25
in the raw with wraps division for the 165 class.
He hit a 495 squat 335 bench and 550 deadlift in order to hit a 1380
total and qualify for the XPC finals !

Interview with IPF President Gaston Parage at World Open Powerlifting Championships 2015

The president declares himself optimistic concerning IOC's recognition of powerlifting (specifically IPF's recognition). The interviewer, also a member of the IPF, adds that the organization has never been so close to a positive result concerning that.

Some deadlifts from the big boys at ProRawSeven

* from Markos Markopoulos

370kg Chad Wesley Smith
352.5kg Nathan Daveson
335kg Luke Poli
322.5kg Nick Churchward
320kg Wayne Howlett

USPA will start drug testing division in 2016

The USPA is very excited to announce that we will be launching our highly anticipated, drug tested division in 2016! With over a years worth of planning, we wanted to deliver a division that mirrors our non-drug tested division, with the highest quality in judging, rules enforcement, high caliber meets and consistency across the board.

Here are some facts:

News from the Skyler Marie won the teen class and broke American records

USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown:
Skyler Marie, from Ocala, Florida, 14 years old, won her class and broke several American records at the raw division. Here are her videos.

Sergey Gladkikh total 815kg@66kg, World Record in total

Sergey Gladkikh hits a massive total at only 145 pounds! He went 705 in the squat 462 in the bench and then pulled 628 to total 1,796 in singleply equipment by Titan Support!

European Open Powerlifting Championships 2015, Chemnitz, Germany


Alexey Fokin total 1055kg@120kg

Lifting at the European Open Powerlifting Championships 2015, Chemnitz, Germany
Alexey Fokin posted a big total at 264 pounds he made a 2,325 singleply total!

Via 405 280 and 370 kg (892 lbs, 617 lbs, 815 lbs)