Ivan Abadjiev's passes away at age 85.
A world class weightlifter himself before turning to being a national team coach. He influence has spread throughout the powerlifting and strength and conditioning community for many years. Louie Simmons credits reading and applying his methods into his own style of training.

Josh Cleveland 750 raw squat in sleeves!

Josh Cleveland now up to 750 in the squat was well on his way to a possible 1900 total when disaster struck him in the warm up room during his dead lifts!

"I went 6/7 and finished 2nd place in the Raw Open 308 (298 lbs.) weight class at Bending The Bar Volume 1 meet in Milton, FL Saturday. I finished with a 750 squat for a (28 lb. PR) on my 2nd attempt. I went for 760 on my 3rd attempt, but I was on my knees throwing up when I was on deck...still went out there to try it but no shot! I went 3/3 on bench with 424 (11 lb. PR). This set me up for my goal of a 1,900 total, but while warming up for deadlifts with 500 my right tricep popped. It just felt tight and sore…I tried 585 a few times but just pulling the slack out of the bar and budging it off the ground I could feel my tricep stretching and it just didn't feel right at all. I had to take a token deadlift of 165 so that my squat and bench counted. It was a hard decision, I hate that I had to make it, but I wasn't able to pull 585 in warm ups when my opener was 677."

Sarah Lewis 500x2!

Currently ranked number 2 on the current classic raw (wraps) 165 pounders
Sarah popped a 500 for reps in the squat!
The current world record is 529 pounds held by Maria Panferova.. looks Sarah is gaining ground!

CONGRATULATIONS to Zack Ruhl & Cailer Woolam!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! Check out your actual listing below!


From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!


365 Strong Powerlifting Federation is announcing that after March 22nd they will not be accepted any more entries for the "Charlotte Europa Games Powerlifting Championships"!

More than 100 athletes will compete on April 22-23 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC! National and World powerlifting records are sure to be broken with a huge enthusiastic Europa Expo crowd looking on. Event promoters are expecting upwards of 70,000 spectators as powerlifting is only one of twelve different sporting events on the schedule.

Opening ceremonies begin at 9am both days...but get there early and beat the ticket lines!

Pro Raw 9 Current Results

Whats turning out to become one of the big raw meets around the world Pro Raw 9 doesnt dissapoint!
Check out the current results:

2016 Coach Of The Year

Josh Bryant
3% (503 votes)
Swede Burns
42% (6483 votes)
Steve Goggins
36% (5630 votes)
Chad Wesley Smith
9% (1364 votes)
Gracie Davis
2% (343 votes)
Matt Gary
1% (154 votes)
Kyle Coleman
0% (77 votes)
Pat Susco
0% (29 votes)
Gene Bell
0% (71 votes)
Jason Manenkoff
1% (100 votes)
Thomas Neal
0% (53 votes)
Matt Wenning
3% (425 votes)
Jesse Burdick
1% (205 votes)
Total votes: 15437

Openings for lifters on the USPA Alabama Renegade Powerlifting Team

My name is Chris Lentini. I am a 165lb Raw Master Class lifter and also the Regional Director for the Birmingham, AL area for the team. Right now we have an open invitation to add lifters from everywhere in the state. No prior lifting experience is required, only the desire to compete and progress in the sport of powerlifting. If you have any questions you can email me directly at or contact our President, Scott Shirley, at the number listed below.

The Renegade mission is simple... to build the largest powerlifting team in the country made entirely of Alabama powerlifters and to provide all the tools necessary for long term success in our sport at a cost anyone can afford.
Joining Team Renegade is easy. To qualify you must be a registered USPA member (register here: living in the state of Alabama. Then send us a message on social media or call us at 256-606-2580.

Dan Brooks takes out USPA Full Power Deadlift American Record at Oklahoma State Meet

Dan Brooks from Cabot, AR set a new USPA American Record for Full Power Deadlift with a 655LB pull at USPA Oklahoma State Championships. Dan was competing in the Masters 242LB raw w/wraps division. He is currently training for IPL Worlds in November.


2016 Rankings and Certificates

2016 rankings and certificates are ready for purchase!

While you look through them notify me of errors so we can get the correct certificate sout to you!

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Jeff Johnston XXX Powerlifting totals 1934 single ply 242lb class APF Michigan State Powerlifting Championships March 11-12

Anderson Powerlifting's XXX Powerlifting's Jeff Johnston 33-39 Sub Master and Open class APF lifter breaks the APF National single ply squat bench deadlift and total record with a 705lb squat 650lb bench 578lb deadlift 1934lb total in the single ply sub master and the 650lb bench was a national open class record. APF meet was Saturday March 11th.

Rob Da 'Savage Hall: The 308 Threat!

Rob has been on a solid progressive streak since his inception into powerlifting. Climbing up and pushing his way through the rankings of the 308lbs weight class, in both sleeves and wraps. Coming off of an impressive show of strength in Columbus, Ohio in The Cage where he totaled 2,005lbs in 32 seconds. Rob is looking to improve his previous wrap total of 2,226 in 5 weeks at the US Open! Not to be taken lightly, his best meet lifts are a 832 squat in wraps, 589 bench, and 837 deadlift. He is looking to take back the #2 spot and push himself closer to #1. Here is Rob’s 765x2 deadlift with some crazy intensity.

USPA Oklahoma State Championships Full Power Deadlift American Record Broken 242LBS M1 w/wraps

Dan Brooks from Cabot, AR set a new Full Power Deadlift American Record competing at USPA Oklahoma State Championships March 4 2017 at True Strength Gym. Competing in 242LB M1 raw with wraps division Dan deadlifted 297.5K (655.9LBS) for the record. Already ranked inside the top 10 Best of the Best rankings as a 220LB raw with wraps Master, adding an American Record at 242LB, Dan is clearly one of the top Master lifters on the scene. He is currently training for IPL Worlds in November planning on going back down to the 220LB raw w/wraps division.

Marshall Freakshow Johnson 843lb Deadlift

Freakshow getting closer to a goal of 900 lbs!

Little by little he's making his way through the 800 barrier..