Calibrated Plates An All Time World Records

Hello everyone please excuse me as I have been moving and didn't get my PC up and running till yesterday. So I'm a little late on things. Ok after reviewing the poll on calibrated plates it was an OVERWHELMING response to change. 87% wanted some kind of change and out of the total number of votes, 49% wanted to have calibrated plates (LBs or KGs). Which is what will happen.
The records essentially belong to the lifters...

Official Release in regards to circumstances surrounding the RPS Meet in Florida 10/3/15

After reviewing several videos from different angles of the Squat in question, I have decided that the lift Does not meet the Guidelines outlined in the RPS Rulebook & the High Standards necessary for a lift to be Deemed an All-Time record. There fore I am voiding the lift and ruling it a "NO-LIFT"!! And the lifter will not receive credit for that attempt.

I have been in contact with both Johnny Vasquez of Powerlifting Watch & Michael Soon the All-Time Records Custodian and informed them of my decision.

Jaisyn "1 Athletic Freak" Mike 2000 lbs Total Raw No Wraps!

October 3,2015 Jaisyn Mike went out and join the 2000 lbs total club with

a 700 lbs Squat, 540 lbs Bench, and a 760 lbs deadlift.

Daniel Tinajero talks about preparing and winning the Olympia, about injuries and about the future

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - like many lifters, Daniel has a hard time lifting and video-taping himself. The focus here is what he has to say, his opinions and his account of how things happened. A story. The videos we added are NOT from the 2015 Olympia. Actually, they are from the 2012 Olympia. Enjoy all the same.

PLW – How long have you been competing in powerlifting? What do you consider your career highlights?

Al Laporte Master #1

Al just competed in the RPS meet on October 3, 2015. At age 53 / 220 lb class / Master over 50 / Raw w/wraps / his total of 1555 lbs will put Al back in the #1 spot! (Squat 550 lbs, bench 430 lbs and deadlift 575 lbs) He weighed in at 218.5 lbs. Watch his video footage!

*NEW* Metal Jack Canvas: Test subjects Freakshow & Squat Demon

Metal has recently come out with their first ever canvas suit. This suit is cut after the Jack Poly suit. If you are interested in purchase I would order the same size as your Jack suit. My training partner Jason and I are two of the first in the US to try this new suit. It's important to know that both Jason and I have never used Canvas, our whole powerlifting history has been in poly. All's I can say is, we are believers! The amount of support this suit gives you is amazing. It's hard to explain how much different the support feels as compared to the Poly. Both of us will definitely be using this suit from now on.

Andrey Malanichev Interview

Powerlifters worldwide are marvelling at the phenomenon that is Andrey Malanichev! Andrey has been lifting for many years now, with many feats of strength that, not so long ago, seemed just out of human reach. After watching, re-watching, and watching again, one just marvels at the speed with which 1,000+ lb Squats come back up, with and without supportive equipment! In case you have not seen this, here is a link to his most recent competition, the Boss of Bosses 2 –

Shelley Yates - Team Nebobarbell - GPC World Championships, USPlabs, Metal PL Gear & Oxygen Factor sponsored athlete and Nebobarbell Gym owner/operator/coach/trainer Joey Smith - Team Nebobarbell has another SPF/GPC World Champion! Shelley Prather Yates placed 1st place and won a gold medal today! Shelley set a new GPC Squat World Record, a new SPF NC State, National and World Record Squat and ranks her now 3rd place in the entire nation with a 342 pound squat!

Konstantin Konstantinov’s 426kg / 937lbs beltless deadlift

Konstantin Konstantinov lifted 426kg / 937lbs raw, without at belt.

The video was posted on September 25. One of the greatest dead lifts on record must be seen again!

Andrea White squats 305x1 and deadlifts 405x2 2 weeks out USAPL Raw Nationals

Andrea White, IPF competitor and nutrition and fitness consultant, is wrapping up her competitive preparation for the USAPL Raw Nationals. She competes at the 57kg class. Here is a video of her training 2 weeks from the competition, squatting 305lbs and deadlifting 405lbs for two reps.

Stas Milostnoy benches 518lbs in training at 168lbs body weight

* By Jason Manenkoff

Stas Milostnoy who competes at 165 (and as a light 181) and so far has been credited with a 509 bench press in competition at 164 and 523 at 168 working up to a 235kg 518 lb. bench press in training!

Iron Bred Strength – a project based on the recovery of Strength

* a Powerlifting Watch exclusive-
BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - Projects are living things: they are conceived, they grow through an embryonic stage and one day they are born. After they are born, they are seen, but they still need to acquire skills and learn. They also need support to reach their full potential. Just like people, projects never stop growing. It doesn't matter the stage a Strength Project is, we want to hear their stories.

Steve Denison talks about the formation of the USPA as it now celebrates its 5th year

PLW – By the sheer size of USPA today, people have the impression that it is much older than it is. Can you tell us briefly the path towards its founding? What was the powerlifting scene at the time and how did the USPA project mature?

Combination training: crossfit and powerlifting

* by By Tim Henriques | September 27, 2015

I work with a lot of CrossFitters and they are all looking for the same thing – they want to get stronger! They have hit a wall with their strength and they need a way to continue to progress while not giving up the conditioning they have built along the way. They don’t necessarily want to do a powerlifting competition, they just want to get stronger for their sport and they realize that the classic WOD’s are no longer specific enough to build strength at the rate of progress they are looking for.

Eric Lilliebridge’s preparation for the WRPF World Championship

Eric Lilliebridge is now 10 weeks out from the meet and his heavy day raw bench press workout was 238kg/525lbs x1x2 paused. This is the 3rd heavy benching session and 6 weeks into his preparation cycle.