Kyuss Gargett Over 2x BW Deadlift @ age 10

Weighing under 80 pounds, 10 year old Kyuss Gargett pulled
a NGPF youth world record of 190 pounds!!
An amazing lift for such a young powerlifter!
He looks like he had even more!

Up Your Pull! Taming the Deadlift! By Travis Mash

Deadlift article from Travis Mash, on

The Deadlift is the easiest exercise to improve at first in a lifter’s career. It’s the hardest to improve as an intermediate or advanced lifter. Jim Wendler told me a long time ago that improving the Deadlift was like having a field full of rocks, and hidden under one of the rocks there is $1,000,000. You simply keep turning over rocks until you find the $1,000,000. I did just that.

Hardcore Powerlifting's "Double Viking"

Hardcore Announces Two Expo Based Shows For The Pacific Northwest This Spring

Hardcore Powerlifting's "Double Viking"
Two Expos, Two Days Per Expo & Two Single Lift Events Per Day
Plus A Real, Battle Ready, Viking Sword To The Absolute Strongest 4 Lift / 2 Day Total Between Both Shows

David Douglas bench training 505 x 5, 606x 3

Another training session with David "The Beast" Douglas, Leroy "The Machine" Walker, and Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph. Sets ranging from 407lbs for 8 to 606lbs for 3, ending with 675lbs in a sling shot. Leroy and Beast are both training for the upcoming LA Fit Expo 2015 where the are in hopes to put on a show in their battle against the bar.

Shane Hamman - Olympic Weightlifting Facebook quote

Former powerlifting great turned Olympic athlete had a few words to say!

"Well at this moment I'm pretty disappointed with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). I dedicated 14 years of my life in training for a childhood goal of making an Olympic team & was able to make it happen 2 times, representing my country with blood, sweat, & tears along the way. I did everything I could to support and promote the USOC during my career.

BJ Whitehead 740 Raw Squat, No Wraps

Currently ranked 3rd in the USA at 275 raw, BJ has now been on a consistent PR streak!
Trained by Josh Bryant, BJ isn't too far away from his goal of being number 1!!
His best competition squat is 760 but in the gym he now boosted his "gym" pr to 740.

Shane Hammock Deadlifting 880

Shane Hammock pulled an 880 deadlift from this past weekend. This lift flew up, and he almost got 925 but his hand tore open!

"This is my first meet under Dirty South Barbell. The 880 went really easy and was looking to make history with a 925 pull, but it tore out of my hands. Definitely will be posting that miss up soon. We are opening a private gym in downtown Macon Georgia and would love to have any and all visitors come learn from us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask."

USAPL Southern Open ms-2014-03

The Southern Open was held this weekend at Revolution Fitness in Hattiesburg,MS which is best equipped gym in the state.We had great lifting and judging and alot of American records.
There were 2 lifters that total 10x bodyweigh Joe Morrow bw 133 total 1350 raw with an American record deadlift 573 in 66kg wt cl

Adrien Poinson Breaks All Time Drug Tested Raw 165 Bench!

At a recent contest in France, IPF lifter Adrien Poison competed and posted a 490 pound raw squat. He pulled 545 in the deadlift, but his best lift was a massive 462 bench to break the all time world drug tested record in a full meet! This is actually the first full meet bench that has been broken since PLWatch started keeping track of Raw world records!

2014 BEND the BAR Powerlifting Meet Austin TX Footage!

One of the best run contests in Texas! Judging was very strict but consistent through out.
Many of the states best USPA lifters were present and made outstanding performances.
Watch the Bend the Bar footage!

Keith McHoney 9.96 x bw, 1432 Total Raw

Keith McHoney upped his best to a 1432 total at only 143.9 pounds! Extremely close to 10 x bw!
He went 518 for a new USAPL American record squat, managed to get his 341 bench and then pulled 573 in the deadlift. Had it not been for Joe Morrow pulling it at the USAPL Southern Open, it would have been an American record as well.

METAL Gym X-Mas Bench & Deadlift video/results

Bench – Raw
Place / Name / Age / BWt / 1 Bench / 2 Bench / 3 Bench / 4 Bench / Points
1 / Hannu Hirvonen / 36 / 117,5kg / 225 / 235 / 240,5 / – / 130,0725
2 / Juha-Pekka Kettunen / 33 / 109,2kg / 200 / 210 / 215 / – / 118,3665
3 / Tuomainen Juha / 31 / 97,1kg / 180 / 200 / 200 / – / 117,77
4 / Topi Frifeldt / 32 / 111,0kg / 185 / 200 / 210 / – / 112,22
5 / Tuomas Mononen / 24 / 89,7kg / 160 / 165 / 170 / – / 101,145
6 / Eetu Karjalainen / 14 / 48,3kg / 30 / 40 / 42,5 / 45 / 44,665375
– / Kari Pulkkanen / 39 / 125,3kg / 180 / 190 / – / – / –
– / Marko Brusila / 45 / 88,8kg / 180 / 180 / 180 / – / –

USPA Power for a Purpose report

A movement began in 2006 to build the sport of “strongman” in WV. This
movement started with a single annual contest, and has grown today to
where there is a contest almost every month. Shortly after a few
annual contests had been established, I, with a lot of help and
urging, widened my focus to powerlifting. Lo and behold in 2011 the
first ever Power for a Purpose powerlifting meet was held, and based
on how well the meet went, we knew immediately that we were on the
right track.

HELL BARBELL's MIke Lackey 507.5 Bench and 710 Deadlift at 242 Raw

Mike Lackey put on a dominant performance at the USPA Tom Brown Memorial Ironman, in Utica, NY on 12/06/2014. He benched 507.5 lbs and deadlifted 710 lbs to put him at #11 in the bench press and #31 in the deadlift on the current 242 Raw Open Rankings. He also holds the #7 Total in the 242 Raw Open Rankings with a 1905 total. Mike trains at HELL BARBELL under the tutelage of Joe Ceklovsky.

Michael Whities 1019 Total with One Arm

Michael Whities aka "Squat Press Pull" totaled 1019 having just one arm at the USAPL Southern open on 12-13-14. He squatted 534 pounds. Bench pressed 143 and then managed to pull 341 all with only one arm to hold on!
Check out just how he did it and as they say.... "Whats your excuse"?