Russian Bench Press Nationals live!

Check out the ( 2016 Russian Bench Press Nationals live! )
Oct 20-21-22-23. First two days Classic, other two - geared.
Stream free and best quality ever!

CONGRATULATIONS to Phillip Mardis & Phil Maranto!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH of you on making the "RAW 2000-lb Total Hall of Fame!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

USPA NOVA Open -- 8/13-14/16 -- (Haymarket, Virginia)

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

2017 IPL Master's Worlds Comes To Texas!

The IPL Masters will come to Spring, Texas (North of Houston) on May 13 2017. The event will be directed by Texas USPA Chair Bobby Morgan and promoted by Jessica Belt of "Woodlands Strength and Conditioning"

Masters (Ages 40+) Only
Full Meet, Push Pull, Bench Only, Deadlift Only
Raw, Classic Raw, Single-Ply
Early Weigh ins/Equipment check: Friday 9:00am-11:00am, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Weigh Ins/Equipment check: Saturday 7:00am-8:00am
Rules Meeting: Saturday 8:10am
Start Time: Saturday 9:00am


Posted by Matt Gary

It’s difficult for me to encapsulate a whirlwind four days into a single social media post. I’m still downloading info, processing thoughts, and developing feelings amidst extreme exhaustion. This is likely the first of several posts each delving into a different aspect of my experience. Furthermore, I find introspection and true reflection takes time but I’ll try my best to provide a snapshot here while Sioux-z and I will dig deeper and share more during our upcoming podcast.
I cherish the fact that Nationals, the Arnold, and Worlds always feel like a family reunion of sorts. Sadly, I’m often unable to partake in a large piece of the social aspect of these events because I’m entrenched in coaching. However, that’s exactly where I belong and there’s immense satisfaction in knowing that.
Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we are all endowed with gifts (talents) and are called to do something. Game day powerlifting coaching is what God made me to do and I have never felt a greater sense of contentment in that role.


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Goryachok Anatoliy deadlift 330,5kg@74kg New record of Russia

Cup of Russia 2016

Goryachok Anatoliy pulls 728 at 163 lbs for a new Russian record!

Ben Pollack Moves To Number 4 On The Rankings!

Ben Pollack competed at the USPF Battle of the Dragons in Austin, Tx this past weekend and totaled 1818 at 181 pounds, including a 738 squat! Ben recently began training with knee wraps and will continue to pursue world records in both the 181 and 198-pound weight classes. He trains at Big Tex Gym in Austin, Texas, and is studying the history of fitness at the University of Texas.
His 738 squat ranks at # 2 just behind Derstine's 749!

Dennis Cornelius Breaks 2 Legendary Squats!

In a contest filled with amazement, one man not to be overshadowed was Dennis Cornelius! Dennis competed in the 120+ class and took second to the king of the supers, 392 pound Ray Williams! Dennis weighed in at 274 which is under the universally recognized 275 weight class. At that weight, Dennis broke the all time world record of 854 held by none other than Stan Efferding! Stan set that record 5 years ago and had taken all comers! Then there was the drug tested record of 850 held by a man called the Beetle! Greg "Beetle" Lowe was a prisoner who was allowed to lift outside the walls a few times before they took that privilege away. He was a beast of man and that record has stood for 15 yrs! Undaunted by the fact that Dennis was lifting against legends in his mind and a legend in the making named Ray Williams, he channeled his energies to break that 275 all time record! He did just that with a controlled 865 pound effort!

ONE THOUSAND FIVE Pounds Raw Ray Williams Its OFFICIAL!!!!

Ray Williams finally did it! The first man in recorded history to squat 1000 pounds without a squat suit or knee wraps! The first man to attempt a grand was Joe White who on two separate occasions came up with the half ton but both times only to 1 white light. This happened in the late 70's and then Dave Waddington became the first to squat a grand albeit in an early squat suit and wraps... Fast forward several decades later and in 2011 Rob Wilkerson became the first man to do it without a squat suit. Now another 5 years and Boom big Ray Williams does it with neither suit or wraps!!!! This is the only drug tested grand in history and very well may be the greatest individual lift of all time considering everything. He's not done yet either! How much more will he take the record? There's still the bench and deadlift to report stay tuned!

JP Price 931 Raw!!! W/ Updates

JP just made a huge raw squat of 931 pounds! This is a new USPA American Record and one of the highest raw squats ever done! More to come as he is still lifting but he has a 611 and 749 officially on the books that were made in April! Those lift would give him 2292 and Josh Morris currently holds the SHW record at 2303 raw (no wraps).. Could we see a new Record total?? Keep an eye on PLwatch as we will update!
Contest: Great Plains regional powerlifting meet in Wichita, KS

INCREDIBLE Raw Performances at the UPA "Wings of Strength" Women's Pro Powerlifting Meet

UPA "Wings of Strength" -- 7/1-2/16 -- (Tinley Park, Illinois)

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" I just got through emailing Johnny Vasquez & Dave Bates the updated “Records,” “Rankings” and “Rankings-RAW” documents! You can view your performances in the “Subscriber Only” section:

Could you all please forward this email to these athletes??? I do NOT have their email addresses…….. Please ask them if it’s OK for you to give me their email addresses. I’d like to have them on file for future email alerts!
1. Bianca Hernandez
2. Elizabeth Hughes
3. Nicole Ordway

Samantha Coleman Becomes The 2nd Woman To Bench 400!!!!!

This weekend Samantha once again made history!
She benched 400 pounds!!!! Only one woman has ever done it raw and that is none other than the queen herself April Mathis!!!!
Samantha also pulled 575 at this push pull contest but you add those two lifts to her current world record squat of 661 and you have a 1,636 pound total!!!
That's less than 15 lbs away from April's 1,650 set in 2012!

Zach Ruhl 429 Bench at 145 lbs!!

New comer to the sport Zach Ruhl premiers on the ranks at number 1!!!

"This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Zach Ruhl benching 429lbs raw at 145lb bodyweight and was born without legs.
Ask yourself one thing, What's your excuse???" bec he doesn't have one.

Congrats on an awesome meet Zach and was a pleasure getting to meet and judge you"~ Gary Hunter


In an extremely close battle in the 59 kg class Bill Tenerelli and Shorty Sadang just couldn't get any closer! Bill weighed in at 58.62 to Shorty's 58.88. Shorty took the early lead with a 197.5 kg (435 lbs) squat to Bill's 182.5 kg (402 lbs) attempt. In the bench press it was again Shorty with the upper hand boasting a lead of 10 kg over Bill's 127.5 (281 lbs) lift with his 137.5 (303 lbs). Going into the final lift it was Shorty with a 25 kg lead, but as they say the meet don't start till bar's hits the floor! Shorty opened with 200 kg (440 lbs) and this is where Bill made up ground and opened with 227.5 kg (501 lbs)! Now Bill was ahead with an opening total of 1,184 to Shorty's 1,178! Shorty took 210 kg (462 lbs) to move ahead with 1,201 then Bill pulled 237.5 kg (523 lbs) to retake the lead with 1,207! Final pull, Shorty went out for 217.5 kg (479 lbs) and made it to finish with 1,218 but Bill made his final lift as well with 242.5 kg (534 lbs) to end his day with the same 1,218! Bill took the title via bodyweight, 129.23 to 129.80!