Injured? Then HossSquat !

What is a HossSquat? It's harness like device for athletes to use while squatting and deadlifting. The HossSquat is a training tool to overload the squat and the deadlift. It gives athletes the ability to train while recovering from injury!

The HossSquat is made to adjust to an athletes lifting style and level.

The HossSquat is a "one size fits most"! It's designed with adjustable straps to fit a person from 5' to 6'7'. It also fits an athlete weighing 100lbs while still fitting an athlete that weigh 370lbs.

Tee Cummins Preps For The BOSS OF BOSSES!!!

As Tee prepares for a battle at 220, here he blasts though a 770x1 and 822x1 Raw Squat w/wraps! He will be facing a very tough group! Namely, Dan Green
and Kevin Oak as well as Yury Belkin, Lance Hickey, Mark Chieco and Mike Rashid! Will Tee crack the sacred 2,100 mark? Will Dan regain his crown or will the "Oak" stand tall again? Its a must watch!

Priscilla Ribic Training In spite Of Injury!

A few days ago while pulling 507 for reps in the deadlift, multi time IPF world champion Priscilla Ribic smashed her toes on her last rep when she lost her grip!!! However, it will take a lot more than that to stop one of the worlds best lifters!

"What do you do when you break a toe deadlifting? Put on some clown shoes 4 sizes too big and surround yourself with really strong people and let a couple ugly squats fly. Not a great workout based on what was scheduled, but got some work done. 23 days out from the ‪#‎napfs‬
Suit by: Donna
Shoes by: Larry

Big On The Basics Bench with Jeremy "J-HO" Hoornstra

More from Animal!

"Big On The Basics" is a series from ANIMAL where we showcase elite lifters who show you how to lift by focusing on the basics.
In this latest episode, Jeremy "J-HO" Hoornstra, World Record holding bench presser in two weight classes (242 and 275) shows you what he does and how he does it.

Show Me State Games Powerlifting -- 160 lifters at Nation's Largest State Games

The Show Me State Games is recognized as being the largest Olympic-style state games in the United States. With activities throughout the year, the games focus around three weekends each summer. One of the sports contested annually is powerlifting. Consisting of the bench press and deadlift, athletes compete in the bench press only or the bench press and deadlift. This year's competition drew a record 160 lifters from all over the state, female and male, old and young. The oldest competitor was 83 year old Norman Gysbers, who was competing in his first meet ever. Norm finished with a 95 pound bench press and a 150 pound deadlift.

Complete results can be found at the link below:


Dennis Cornelius Gets Local Coverage

Here's IPF World Champion Dennis Cornelius just 4 weeks out from his recent win, where he posted an IPF world record total of 2,157 pounds! He is featured on 8 ABC Tulsa!

Broken Arrow man rises to world-class power lifter

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) — It's a typical Thursday evening for 36-year-old Dennis Cornelius. Alternative rock and the clanging of metal weights fill the room at True Strength Gym in Broken Arrow. Thursday is deadlift day.

By the end of his routine, Cornelius is slightly disappointed

Dead Stop Vs Touch-N-Go Deadlifts – Common Mistakes in Technique and Application

Excellent information from Chris Duffin and Tony Montgomery:

Accompanying article can be found here:

Chris Duffin and Tony Montgomery of Kabuki Strength discuss the differences and application of Touch-N-Go Deadlifts and Dead-Stop (Reset each rep) deadlifts. "

Corey SMASHES an 805 Deadlift

On July 23rd 2016 at the IPA Summer Classic (held at VIP Gym owned by Brian Reed) Corey Britton
AKA Corey "Smash" posted an 8th ranked raw (wraps) total of 2,090 at super! He powered up an 805 squat
which put him at 14th on the rankings. He bridged his total with a 480 bench press and then pulled an 805 11th ranked deadlift to finish the meet.
Here's some footage of his 805 deadlift:

Return Of Trenton "Iron Mike" Wade

Many of you will not remember Iron Mike, its been 10 yrs since he last graced a powerlifting platform. He was a top jr 165 pounder in the USAPL and eventually grew into a full 198 where he eventually took silver at the nationals two years in a row. His best lifts back then in single ply gear were 733 squat 562 bench and a 683 dead lift. His training lifts were even higher after his national appearance however he bombed out in his last meet where he was set to post a total somewhere over the 2100 mark!! The big total never came, see Trenton had a physique that rivaled the best in powerlifting and temptation into the world of bodybuilding became too great... so for the last ten years he's been a top amateur bodybuilder winning several titles... Now his life is coming full circle and he has returned to the platform to pick up where he left off!
His first meet back was at the USPA Texas Cup this weekend and there he went raw and smoked an opener 562 squat. He missed it on his first and 2nd attempts as he was still getting his feet wet.. In the bench he made an 424 3rd attempt and 435 4th. He pulled another easy lift of 655 in the dead lift with a lot left in the tank, I can see him in the 1800's very quickly!

Ashton Rouska Pulling 700 for 3!

Posted by Texas Strength Systems, Ashton Rouska prepares for the upcoming raw nationals and is posted some serious training lifts!

UTSA powerlifting member and BPS member Ashton Rouska hits a major pr of 700 pound for a triple at a bwt of 195 here at the new TSS training facility! Ashton is only 18 years old and competes in the 83/93kg class we expect big things from Mr.Rouska this year at Raw nationals and collegiate nationals.

USA Powerlifting Nationals Most Competitive Class???

Rob Schmidt posted an interesting question in the USA Powerlifting Facebook page. There are many great match ups in the up coming USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, will the 105 kg class be the most competitive? What's your opinion?

Bryce Lewis pulls 685 3x3. The raw world record total holder at 105 (Bryce), the 105 national and world champion, and the 105 American record total holder are 3 different people.
Will the 105's be the most competitive class at raw nationals?

Kejajuan Collington Tops The 148 Bench!

On July 9th 2016 Kejajuan nailed a 375 bench at 148 to top
the raw bench press rankings! The last time he competed
was in 2013 where he made a 325 bench at only 132!
He performed his lift in the newly formed 365 SPF.

Chakera Holcomb : The Best Is Yet To Come!

On April 30th 2016 Chakera Holcomb posted a 1,405 pound total that shook the imagination of those who witnessed it. She made a 523 squat, a 319 benchpress and pulled a 562 deadlift which currently ranks her number two in US rankings in the total and number 1 in the bench press and 2nd in the deadlift! Great lifts by anyone's standards, but the shocker is... shes just now old enough to drink......thats right she just now 21 years old!!! The mind can only imagine what the future holds in store for her. She wants to become the lightest woman to hit a 1500 raw total, and she wants it soon....very soon. If she hits her goal in her contest, then what? What is possible? 1,600+ at 198 eventually? Why not, shes got plenty of time to do it.....Chakera... "WORLD'S Strongest Woman"...kinda has a ring to it!

The Animal Underground: Jordan Wong, Benchpress and Squats

More from Animal Underground with squat master Jordan Wong!

Animal athlete Jordan Wong does work in the garage including multiple sets of spotless squats of 705lbs.

The Animal Underground: Jay Nera, Shoulder anf Tricep Accessory Work

Animal sponsored athlete Jay Nera in training!

Thinking mans powerlifter, Jay Nera utilizes unorthodox methods to train his shoulders and triceps.