Best Natural Powerlifters

A Monster Muscle thread is looking at who people think are the best drug free powerlifters and benchers. Are they missing anyone?

Here are the names mentioned so far:

  • Brian Siders
  • Nick Winters
  • Robert Vick
  • Tommy Harrison Jr.
  • Dennis Cieri
  • Tiny Meeker
  • Tony Caprari
  • Jason Jackson
  • Greg Lowe
  • OD Wilson
  • Nick Minetti
  • Beau More
  • Caleb Williams
  • Mike Womack
  • Priscilla Ribic
  • Cangalotti

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Michael belk (nc)multiple feds
Dan Austin (sc)USAPL
paul bossi (NC)100% RAW
Michael Neal (NC)IBP/AAU/USAPL
Bill Gillespie (va)USAPL
Joe Thompson (NASA)
LB Mullins (NC) IBP/AAU - sort of new...but you will hear of him soon. I watched him bench and I was amazed!

who says these lifters are drug free? jsut because they are tested doesn;t mean their drug free.

that is a good point. drug tested is a better way of saying it.

It is sad that you can no longer accept what someone says as being the truth any longer. Whatever happened to innocent unitl proven guilty? Whatever happened to trusting one another until proven otherwise? Is it that each of us are pinning what motivates ourselves and the lengths we are willing to go to win on others as a template for judging character? Has it gotten that cut-throat?

Why would there be any reason to think anyone on the above list has used illegal performance enhancing drugs and has managed to escape detection?

Scribble your name here, please!


nick winters is drug free?????????? (scratches head)

I never said that they were.


There is no such thing as a drug free organization.
If there were then noboby would ever get caught cheating.

It is sad that you can no longer accept what someone says as being the truth any longer. Whatever happened to innocent unitl proven guilty? Whatever happened to trusting one another until proven otherwise? Is it that each of us are pinning what motivates ourselves and the lengths we are willing to go to win on others as a template for judging character? Has it gotten that cut-throat?

Isn't it more a sign of the times more generally in our culture. We've been repeatedly lied to by so many people who are in power or looked up to in our society over the years. From politicians, including Presidents on down the rungs of leadership, to athletes to physicians, etc. Hasn't that led us to become a more skeptical nation? As such, is it any wonder why powerlifters who test clean are still suspected of using. If you're strong or big, you'll be suspected of using today, whether by other powerlifters, gym goers or other people. It's something that all powerlifters may just have to accept.

Yeah that is right jon.

nick winters is absolutely NOT drug free. you must be kidding me

winter's face is so bloated from anabolics that his eyes are almost swollen shut. oh and 715x2 raw bench drug free at 24 y/o? nahhhhh....

not to mention the unnatural amount of mass that he carries.

Jon, you summerised it well and I too agree.


So the next time I hear the word comraderie and terms of endearment like we are brothers in iron, I should be skeptical of the sincerity in which it is spoken. Sad.

But, I think we're getting some movement in figuring somethings out!

One thing is for sure, I'm in the wrong time zone! And another, there is a lot of work to do!!

Scribble your name here, please!


siders is not natural as per drug test result from the usapl.

brian never tested positive he is just on the warning list because he was lifting against ipf banned lifters


maybe idiots should start understanding the rules before posting about drug test results.




When it comes to drug free lifting.......there is the caught and the un caught. I have even passed drug tests!!!!

Sad that so many of you will defend high video taped squats and bench presses where people's butts end up higher than the bar by the completion of the lift and half the time don't even get locked out and then get on here and scream in defense of shady lifts but want to bring down lifters who say they are clean and have the guts to be tested to back it up.

Even if they aren't clean, just the difference in the gear they use makes them much stronger than those in the APF/WPO in most instances. There are obviously a couple of exceptions, but in those cases, the lifters are obviously juiced out the gills.

Well the people on here have competed in numerous powerlifting meets and usually it is the same lifters that get tested. I think the only one they do not test for is hgh! and if you are on that you have a nice 8 pack.

robert vick, tommy harrison, lisa miller and kim carter Are a team and do all meets together drug tested AWBC,AWPC,AAPF,WABDL! ROBERT,TOMMY,LISA AND KIM HAVE THE WORLD RECORDS I BELIEVE IN AAPF,AWBC,WABDL. THEY ARE SHOWN ALL TOGETHER ON LISA MILLERS SIGHT

yeah, i heard of them "the gladiators" they were also in the new issue of powerlifting u.s.a

Scott Yard totaled 2450 in his first full power meet. Benched 820 that day and was drug tested. Oh he is 23 years old.

only drug they are getting away with is HGH it cost too much to test for! And when the men use they get big and hard, stomachs are usually big and when they suck it in its a instant eightpack. Like must body builders! And if people were using at quit for a up coming meet, they would lose so much power, there bones and joints would be so sore, because it was use to the water retenion. They couldn't deal with it. Thats why there is a APF!

I could care less what people think of me, but the claim of me being on so many anabolics that my eyes are almost swollen shut is hilarious!!! I guess I have been anabolics my entire life, and my dad and brother who don't even lift are on anabolics too, because they share they same squinty eyed fate I do...LOL

Some people need to take a step back and look at themselves in the mirror and see what their short comings are before they start spouting off about drug usage...

Give me a break..

I went 2600@308 (1030,730,840) without any of that drug bullshit.... just hard damn work, long hours of training and mastering my technique with gear.. 18 years of powerlifting trial and error (first contest was back 1989)

Being an educator it is important to represent positive and healthy aspects of powerlifting to my students and athletes and drug usage represents neither...

My sponsor drug-tests me all the time with notice and without notice just to make sure.. but not matter what happens, there is always going to be people who are jealuous or envious of ones accomplishments.

So if your getting out lifted, stop whinning about it and get your butt to the gym and work harder and not on the computer crying about it, instead of speculating on who is or who is not...

p.s. Brian Siders hands down, lifting under the conditions he lifts under, no one is close...

Aaron Lawrence MBA
2nd All-Time

Jeff Peshek did an 825 bench drug free and single ply at 43 years old. This is the biggest master bench ever.

True about Jeff, he is one of the most impressive lifters out there. If you've ever had the pleasure of watching him compete, you can see he also has one of the strictest, most honorable-looking and impressive benches out there.

I just turned 20 im six foot two 240 pounds or so and i just recently benched 500 raw touch n go... Hell all i do is eat 4000-5000 calories a day and take protein as a supplement...... And 240 at 6'2 is huge... I'd like to actually no some one else my heighth only weighing 240 benching 500 raw....Anywayz if i can bench 500 at my size drug free why cant nick be drug free? And to be honest that is one guys ive met a few times and really believe he is....

i meant 240 at 6'2 isnt that huge

who cares? I mean really thats one of the reasons we have APF, we don't test because we don't care. I personally don't juice, but don't hold it against those who do because I'm the one choosing not to, so if thats something that they want to do, no skin off my nose, I'm still quite competitive in my respective class. If you don't want to take steroids, thats fine and I support you. But don't hold it against those who choose to incorporate that into their training.

Who cares who takes steroids and who doesn't? Thats why we have feds like APF who don't care. I personally don't take steroids out of personal choice, but I don't hold it against those who choose to. If you get mad at other guys for taking steroids, take em then. I compete APF as a natural (not AAPF) and I am still very competitive in my respective class.

For the 20 year old, if it ain't been done in a meet, it doesn't matter

Was this just a survey of the best US "tested" lifters and benchers? A lot of the eastern europeans haven't failed either, yet get no mention. Because of the recent Ukrainian and Russian suspensions, all of them are considered users? Many of the the lifters who have passed (Yarymbash (275), Tarasenko (198, 220), Olech (148)) are much better than US lifters at the same weight. What about Kodama (bench press)?

Aaron - You are truly a gentleman (and a scholar by the looks of your title). I am now a fan.

well ok here we go.... nick winters... is drug free. if you seen his family you would see that.. if you seen what his girl likes to feed him you would understand. me and him had this discussion many times... And the 20 year old (jeremy hines) do i believe he hit a 500 raw. hell eyah .. the kid benches over 6 all day in a shirt.. in several different meets. Now question others on the list.. Have you ever seen tommy harrison. holy fuck. not a big guy like winters, vick, siders, but his is huge like ronnie colemann. ripped at 275.

Tommy Harrison is a Chicago Police Officer and 100% natural. Tommy benches in a single ply and has been playing with over 800lb in the gym.

Tommy Harrison is another one like me. We get tested every meet! AAPF test us, everytime over and over! And believe me he might be strong and ripped, but Tommy got a belly not a sucked in HGH belly like your fellow lifters.

lisa.... I know tommy. i have competed with him several times as far back as the SLP fun. i am not saying he is on anything.. i am just saying why pick on some but not all. Tommy has always been a good lifter and freaky huge he has my respect and i hope he contiues..