Video Of Chip Stewart's 804.5 Pound Bench Press

Here's video of Chip Stewart's 804.5 pound bench press at the APF North Carolina Push/Pull held in Clayton, North Carolina on July 29.

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congrats chip. well deserved

Not to be a jerk, but was that a legit pause? Looked more like touch and go. I wasn't able to see the pause. Strong guy either way.

not a long pause but holy cow!
That was awesome. What impresses me was that he was not that big of a guy.


That was powerful period!

i go to his gym hes the man

What was the red light for? Butt? Very strong lift, can't wait to see him at the Arnold!


Great job Chip! I had a roomate who lived in Clayton, NC home of the Clayton Comets...

Anyway, congrats on the lift and the WR!!!!

That guy is monstrous, i go to his gym now , dont see him in there anymore , Hes got a new location. Makes me want to work up to that one day though

does this guy go to lkn or own lkn fitness club in denver nc'?

i think i see him there

Chip owns lkn fitness, he is a super guy.