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Henry Thomason 964 Squat Opener - USPA Mr Olympia Weekend 2013

The squat powerhouse Henry Thomason showing his stuff at the Olympia

with his opening attempt of 964 pounds made to look easy!

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Great Squat Henry, no depth debate there.

J Hack.

... all things are possible to him that believeth.


Thanks for Posting !!!

kg/lbs.? Squat 965 Bench 800 Deadlift 645 for the win and best lifter , after pulling my hamstring on the 1063x World Record squat attempt , we decided to just deadlift the lightest weight to win so he would not cause any more injury to my leg. I will be posting more videos later today with my bench press and deadlift attempts on Facebook and YouTube pages , Thanks Again

Henry Thomason 964 lbs. / 437 kg -Squat Opener @ USPA Mr. Olympia Innovational 2013

Wow that was impressive congrats way to sink that squat and leave no doubt at all. That is the way to handle a squat congrats.
Ken Ufford

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Great squat Henry!