Best songs to get fired up to

Which songs or song gets you fired up the most? There is usually that one song that gets the adrenaline going before a lift, wich one does it for you? Mine is Dig from Mudvayne.

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I have three that get me into "that place" for PR's...

Disturbed: Down with the Sickness

Body Count: Bowels of the Devil

Metallica: Whiplash (live)

animal by nickle back is good
hotdog by limpbizkit is good
battery by metallica
du hast by rammstein

I get most hyped by these two:
Fading Light of a Dying Sun - Mournful Congregation.
Whispering Gloom - Worship

angry american/ toby keith..
just for the fact that i was serving at the time of events

"hard as a rock"- ac/dc

korn-freak on a leash and bringing me down
and anything from disturbed

Anything off the first two Aerosmith albums (Aerosmith or Get Your Wings)!

Lift..., what else?

Jim Roberts
Maryland State Chairman
100% Raw Powerlifting Federation

i stand alone by godsmack, welcome to the show by nickelback and anything off the back in black cd by ACDC

Blood and Thunder by Mastodon is an awesome song.

Nu-Metal is for bodybuilders.

I can't believe that it's been left out....Eye of the Tiger...seriously :D

No the best fuckin song IS, LIVE FOR THIS FROM HATEBREED!!!!

Fuck Toby Keith!

I agree No ocuntry music while working out. all they talk about is bangin there cousins and being racists. Toby keith......... NO!!!

i got soul but im not a soldier by the killers

"Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains is a good one.

Anything by Rob Zombie, Slayer, Pantera, and Slipknot is good. A lot of guys like Hatebreed but I can't stand them to the point where they can't fire me up, yeah seriously.

"Closer" by Nine Inch Nails is another rgood one.

Old Metal:
Unchained by Van Halen
You've Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest
Hell's Bells by AC/DC
Fire It Up-Black Label Society
Dirty Black Summer-Danzig
Man In The Box-Alice In Chains

sad but true mettalica

Fear of Bliss by Alanis Morrisette

eminem is the best...

run rabbit run
sing for the moment
til i collapse
lose yourself

Clutch. The Regulator. Just make sure you start it about a minute and a half before your set.

[Clutch. The Regulator. Just make sure you start it about a minute and a half before your set.]

this just sounds dumb... start it a min and a half before you set?! how long are you takin between sets here buddy? haha

dudes, thats soft , you got to listen to the band as i lay dying...

superbeast , dragula Rob Zombie
thunderstruck ACDC

Joel R. wrote:
dudes, thats soft , you got to listen to the band as i lay dying...

No problem. Just let me know when you plan to off yourself so we can coordinate this.

It's funny how times have changed in the gym. When I first started weight training, in the early 60s, a serious gym was like going to church; the only sounds to be heard were the clanging of weights and the occasional grunt. I worked out at the Nothside YMCA in St. Louis for over a year and often saw the same, hardcore lifters on the days that I trained. We would nod to one another and sometimes ask for a spot or liftoff but I never even knew their names. Conversation was discouraged, to say the least. Looking back and comparing the 60s era with the gyms that I train in today I would make the following distinctions: There is more camaraderie and exchanging of useful information in today's gym and, it's harder for me to concentrate on max effort lifts because of the loud music than it was in the beginning. Somewhere in the middle of this is probably a happy medium. For those of you who have always trained to music this is probably no issue for you, anyway. Sorry for the rambling.

drowning pool - let the bodies hit the floor. it fires me up everytime

On My Way To The Cage - Rollins Band

Careless whiper-george michael
when a man love a woman-michael bolton

anything by lawrence welk.

diana ross....i want muscles

theme song to Rocky

To the young kids who read the comments on this site, please don't get the idea that you have to be "Bad" and have a foul mouth to get noticed. You can set records at any age (mine is 62) and still be a gentleman.


through struggle by as i lay dying
focus shall not fail by all that remains
pyschosocial by slipknot

The Game and sucker by Motorhead
Hunt you down by Saliva
American Bad Ass by Kid Rock
Detroit Rock City by KISS

Alone in the Dark by Testament, A fine day to Die by Emperor, Pit of Zombies by Cannibal Corpse, Wings by Vader, The entire Reign In Blood CD by Slayer(it's only 29 minutes long), The entire Slaughter of the Soul CD by At The Gates, the entire Storm of the Lights Bane cd by Dissection. I hate Metalica and all of that Nu-metal shit with a vengence, none of that faggot crap in my house, and someone needs to beat the crap out of Toby Keith, he's just tornado bait with a guitar. Hey, once in a while techno is cool, like Zombie nation.

'on my way to the cage' from rollins is the PERFECT PL-ing tune. actually, anything off of the come in and burn album. I cannot stress that enough. Probably the most underrated album of the 90s and philosophically goes hand in hand with anything anyone tries to accomplish with a barbell. Any of the first four Danzig albums works well, too. and my personal favorite is Dio's greatest hits. "the very beast of Dio." the 80s stuff may seem silly but the songs are really kind of uplifting.

Enter Sandman-Metalica
Master of Puppets-Metalica
Cowboys from Hell-Pantera

I agree... when I go to the gym, I want to be able to concentrate on my lift, so I tend to put myself away from other people as much as possible. As far as music goes I listen to a lot of slipknot, mudvayne, slayer, metallica and godsmack.

Good Lifting All.

anything by drowning pool

especially let the bodies hit the floor

disturbed are good aswell

Check out these bands! Bloodsimple, Sevendust, Otep, Bullet for my Valentine, Stemm, Soil, Killswitch Engage, Static-X, Chimaira, and Lamb of God to name a few of the bands that are played in our powerlifting facility!

Down with the Sickness: Disturbed
Thunderstruck AC/DC
Psycho Circus: Kiss
Sonne: Rammstein
Face the Pain: Stemm

Hope this helps.


Anything by Demon Hunter!!!1

George Michaels...Faith

what you need is some
all that remains
and others i cant think of right now

I agaree..lose yourself by eminem is the best!! also::
remember the name-fort minor
animal i have become-3 days grace

Rob Zombie feel so numb

The Warrior Song by the The Warrior Project (might have to youtube it first)

cowboys from hell and Walk by Pantera,
Sabotage by the Beastie Boys,
Pretty much any rage against the machine
and Sleeping Giant

Five finger death punch's Hard to See, War is the Answer, and many of their other songs are really good. Soulfly. Dope. Primer 55.

five finger death punch is definitely a good choice, a lot of Metalica, Slayer, and definitely some disturbed

Dj Ross emotion for warmups... Silence for lifting.

"Heard it all before" by Mudvayne
"For the love of fiction " by remembering never
"It makes them dissapear" by Pantera


Keith Harmon wrote:
To the young kids who read the comments on this site, please don't get the idea that you have to be "Bad" and have a foul mouth to get noticed. You can set records at any age (mine is 62) and still be a gentleman.

I completely agree with this sentiment. Thus, I am going to suggest some odd songs for pumping your body,
160 BPM - Hans Zimmer (Angels and Demons)

marilyn manson.. This is the new shit

lil wayne.. drop the world

beating on deaths door by Lamb of god

Like angels weeping (the dark) by kataklysm

300 violin orchestra by jorge quintero

till i collapse remix
sweet dreams marlyin manson
dropping plates disturbed
voodoo child jimi hendrix
purple haze jimi hendrix
all along the watchtower jimi hendrix
gallowes pole led zepplin
riotmaker tech ni9e

Sandstorm - DaRude
Awesome - remindsme of wanderlei silva

Slayer all the way

It's my time by Fabulous