Max Misch Preparing for Battle

Its been a long road for Max, but he has finally risen to the challenge and will now face the best raw 165ers in the country if not the world! Here we show Max ripping 495 in the deadlift for 6 reps! A new rep PR for him in what he hopes will get his deadlift into the 600 lb range. Perryman, Nguyen, Talmant and Conyers will all be over 600 and Max wants to pull right along side of these deadlifting machines!

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Sickkk stuff. Let's compare that to THIS!!!!!!........ sorry max had to do it!!!

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Max, that's crazy. I've been a fan of yours since WAAAAYYYY back in the day and I won't even go there (LOL @ Jason) but now you are for real...the real deal. How's your squat and bench training?

Jason, it's hard to watch those old videos! :-o

Thanks, Tim. I did a 465 squat in the gym, October, then 465 again in my latest meet, last month. My bench was 270 in that same meet, barely missing 280, along with doing 285 in the gym, paused, a few days ago.

Very impressive, especially considering the jack-wad inconsiderately stepping over the bar (:12 seconds into video) to load the pussy press machine.

Diesel Weasel > Deadlifting Machine

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