Sebastian Burns wins UPA Pro/Am Throwdown

Submitted by Meet Director, Michael Donlick: Sebastian Burns won both the full meet and bench only catagories at the UPA Pro/Am Throwndown in Lake George NY on Saturday, May 19th. At a bodyweight of 257lbs, Sebastian Squated 820, Benched 738, and Dead Lifted 700 for a 2258 total. His total prize winnings were $1,000.

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Congrats Subastian! Great job!

Nice to see the Metal Militia boys still kicking ass after all these years. Between this and Bill C benching 900lbs(exhibition), they are still killing it!

Congrats Sebastian!

Glenn Baggett
NGBB Elite
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Good to hear about Sebastian Burns again. Does that mean we'll be seeing more of Metal Militia again? Hope so!

Marilia Coutinho

Ryan Rigdon
owner of

Nice lifting. Any chance video will be up soon to see the lifts?

Excellent job Sebastian, from your friends @Syndicate Powerlifting
Bangor , Maine