Master lifter- Roger Ryan

56 year old master lifter Roger Ryan competed at the WABDl world cup on Saturday April 14th.
He finished the day with a 335kg (738.5) bench in the 308lb class.
Here is the footage of his lifts.

1st 320Kg (705.4)- good lift
2nd 335Kg (738.5)- miss
3rd 335Kg (738.5)- good lift

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Welcome done Roger.

Nice work as always Roger.

J. Byrd

Awesome job big guy! Very clean lifts you freak!

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Keep hittin' the big ones Roger! P.S. Check that man's birth certificate! LOL!

awesome lifter and great guy too!!!

Awesome lifts Roger!First over 50 to hit 800? I wouldnt bet against it!

Thanks everybody. I was using O4E before and after every attempt too. You can get yours at

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Nice lift Roger!

Owner, Iron Authority, Inc

Nice lift you make it look easy! Again I must say another master great lifter out there getting it done. Congrats. Ken Ufford

Great job Roger. You're a freak at any age!


Great Lifting Roger, keep up the intense training!
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Way to come back and get it!
Great show of Old Man Strength!

Joe Ironman Norman

Well done!

Good job!

Solid preformance once again. Good job Roger. Hope to see you in July at the Can-Am.