Great-grandmother and powerlifter

Have you seen this story about a Great-grandmother that is now competing as a powerlifter?
The video is below.

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Great video, impressive older woman, with Bull as her coach, I am sure she will keep breaking records. Please send this to all the older people down here in South Florida so they stop bitchin' and complainin'.
Keep up the great work.

Just F'en excellent!

Ellen Stein
You go girl! Amazing! age is just a number- Hope to share the platform with you some day so I can shake your hand!

We were blessed to have this very special lady compete at WABDL Worlds in Nov. What an amazing and classy woman!

Great lifting Girl! You are amazingly strong and no question I see a 200+ bench, and a 300+ deadlift in your future very soon. Keep at it, stay strong, stay healthy.

Alan Aerts
Executive VP - USPA