Maliek Derstine's footage of the IPF Jr Worlds

Here is a footage of Maliek Derstine, who is sponsored by Quest, winning Junior worlds at 163 a few weeks ago. He finished the day with a 1774lb total (655,479,639).
Maliek is ranked #1 (Sp) on powerlifting watch (current) lifter rankings.

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Great lifting Maliek, keep up the intense training.
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Awesome job Maliek way to represent the USA.

Excellent lifting! Solid technique!

Way to REPRESENT U.S.A! And nice lifting.

Reactive Training System

Truly. World. Class.

Dan Antonucci
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Totally Awesome performance on each lift - congratulations!

Awesome lifting Maliek!!
Looking forward to seeing many more great lifts & totals in the future!

Semper Fi
Brian ;