RHINO Power Gear Launches it's website!

Steve and Shelley Denison, owners of RHINO Power Gear, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new power gear line and website www.rhinopowergear.com . RHINO Power Gear merchandise includes men's, women's, and kids apparel, including the very popular women's RHINO racerback tank, the "best selling" RHINO duffel bags, and the much anticipated RHINO knee and wrist wraps! RHINO knee wrap and wrist wraps have been tested by a number of powerlifters and the response has been phenomenal! A year in the making, RHINO Power Gear has created THE absolute perfect wraps! Check it out at www.rhinopowergear.com !

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Rhino wraps are unbelievable. I am a fan of the elasticity of the wrap but its ability to form a cast like wrap as well. I really believe they work hard in getting the best materials and lifter feedback in order to provide the very best gear as well. I handle every big bench with the 36 inch Rhino wrist wrap on my way to my first 700 pound plus bench press and new pr's week in and out.

This whole line is great. I was fortunate enough to try out some of the prototype knee wraps they have excellent feel and rebound out the hole. Looking forward to see what they come up with next.....C4

RHINO Power Gear has produced an incredible line of Gear that have been proven to assist even the best in the game! For unparalleled reliability and performance one word comes to mind... RHINO!

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I tried a pair of these wraps 2 months ago. I ended up buying three pairs because I liked them so much. Easy to wrap super tight and they shoot you right out of the bottom of the squat. great product.

Has anybody else noticed the Rhino kind of looks like Steve Denison? Looking forward to trying the wraps.

My vote for Rhino knee wraps and wrist wraps...A+
Knee wraps give excellent pop out of the hole and the wrist wraps give great support on old(er) joints that have arthritis issues. kw.

Lifters demanding performance, quality, and fair prices will appreciate all of the Rhino merchandise. And yes, the wraps are unbelievable! By far the best performing and most comfortable wraps I’ve ever tried.

For anyone that has not had the opportunity to try this extremely high quality gear out, you don't know what you're missing out on. You don't expect this kind of support out of a wrap that doesn't tear you up, but they work unbelievably well! I know a lot of time and energy went into the testing and development of this gear, and obviously it was well worth the wait.

Best wrist support our HANDS DOWN. Steve and shelley didn't just throw together some material, they made quality products that are actually living up to its name. To be able to throw them on with confidence and load the bar brings your motivation level in training through the roof. Grab you a pair and see for yourself.

David "The Beast Douglas
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I'm in the promo video using the knee wraps. Absolutely top notch equipment. You can really tell the time and effort that was put in developing these wraps by a powerlifter for powerlifters! The knee wraps provided me with cast like support as I needed it and a ton of rebound out of the hole. These are superior wraps made for big lifts from great people running a great company!!

Dalen Randa
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They are the best wraps that I have tried. I like wraps that you can crank on to make them like a cast, but I also like them to have some stretch to em. It usually takes me about 3 to 4 weeks to wearout a pair of 24" wraps. I have been beating these things up for awhile and I havent lost any stretch. And these are the 24"! I know with some other brands, I can get 36" wraps to wearout(when I say wearout, I mean lose the stretch) within a month.

Great wraps!


I have used the wrist wraps for several months now, every set of bench press over 700lbs and many well over 800. The wraps are tough and the Velcro stays clean and intact. I use a short wrap and these feel like a cast when cranked down for action...I love them and will continue to use them.

Allen Baria

I'm very humbled throwing my 2 cents in with all these big names backing these wraps...but everything they say is true. You will have to look hard to find any downside other than just personal preference. You can wrap them tight and get a cast-like wrap and still keep the rebound from the hole and comfort as well. Other cast-like wraps peels the skin right off of my leg but these do not. I found Shelley setting up the night before the meet and threw them on day of and they gave me an instant PR. I have a lot of work to do so my speed was slow down to the hole but those wraps still managed to give me a lot of pop. I can't imagine how much i'll get from them once my form improves. Definitely my favorite wrap so far. Haven't tried the wrist wraps yet, but have a feeling i will be purchasing them in the near future.

Damon Thurman

Looks like a great product. Have to pick some up @ the O.

Brian Burritt
House Of Pain,

I used them, and they were pretty awesome. Very reboundy, stretchy like an inzer true blacks or metal all-black wraps. you can get a lot of revolutions out of them, with 2.5M wraps I got another two or three revolutions around my leg compared to my APT Strangulators.

I was amazed at the amount of rebound out of the hole and assistance in finishing/locking out the squat from these knee wraps. I felt like the wraps kicked in right as the suit was giving out on the way up, and they definitely powered me to lockout heavy weights.

I am waiting on that purple singlet to get in stock!

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RHINO Power Gear Launches it is website??? I don't get it.