Running and Powerlifting

You've probably heard that cardio and powerlifting don't mix so well. Well, a member at Power and Bulk wants to know whether running will effect his powerlifting.

The answers pretty much unanimously reflect that running will negatively effect your lifting. Of course limiting the amount of running will limit the negative effects. Additionally, some lucky few can do both without being effected.

Some responses:

more running means weaker squat and vice versa. My squat sucked the worst when I was at top running condition and I made best strength gains when I was not running at all.

I lose strength instantly after adding bicycling to weight training. I imagine running would be even worse. I've given up trying to mix the two.

A little over a year ago I was given a real nice treadmill. I plopped in front of a TV and ran 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. My squat went to shit after about a month. I stopped running 3 times a week and after about 2 weeks my squat was back on track.

Expect the squat to take a hit, and maybe the bench too.

trying to maximize strength and endurance is a losing proposition.