Ron Strong Sets Masters IPF WR

52-year-old Canadian Ron Strong (275) set a new M2 IPF World Record on April 10 at the CPU Canadian National Powerlifting Championships in Quebec City, Quebec. Strong's 706 pounds (320.5kg) deadlift overtook Ukrainian Viktor Naleikin's mark of 705 pounds (320kg).

Strong added an M2 CPU Canadian Record squat of 655 pounds (297.5kg) and a 407 pound (185kg) bench press to total a CPU masters record of 1,770 pounds (803kg).



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Well done Ron. This was one of the highlights of the meet.

Another great performance by a 52 year old 275 pounder! Alaska and Canada: Must be something in the water.


Was a great ride home, finally got his props. The guy unselfishly has done things for the team for years and now its his turn to shine. I will say his lockout power is thanks to me for all the liftoffs that he came in for even sometimes when he wasn't training. Best regards my brother.

Shawn O'H

Congratulations Ron. You had more in you. Great lift and great meet. Bill Helmich

you have joined an elite club ;the 700 pound deadlift club drugfree and a worldrecord .only a guy with the last name strong could have done this with so much time i see you i will buy you a few beers which i hear you like as much as lifting

Strong by name, strong by nature!

Great deadlift, really well fought squat as well!


I could not be more proud of you. You put in the all hard work, you lead by example and now you have the record. It was a great way to cap a great day!


Way to go big guy. Your name represent you well. Good lifting and it was good see you again at the Arnold. Stay Strong and keep lifting Strong.

Sick pull Ron. I know you have had that particular goal in mind for a few years now. You must still be on cloud 9 to have accomplished what you set out to do. I didn't know it was Naleikin's record either, makes it even sweeter considering he is a legend in the sport. Congrats!

Congratulations Ron! Great Pull and you had allot more left in you!