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Bob Gaynor Takes More Deadlift Records

63-year old Bob Gaynor (220) continued shattering deadlift records on Saturday at the USPF Nationals in LaMirada, California. Gaynor broke the USPF M60-64 American Record with his third attempt of 672 pounds and the WPF M60-64 World Record with his 606 pound second attempt. His 672 pound deadlift ranks tenth on the Powerlifting Watch Lifter Rankings.

Gaynor surpassed his own USPF American Record of 655 pounds and took a vacant WPF World Record.

Gaynor's third attempt was not eligible for a World Record as he did not wear knee high socks, used baby powder, and did not wear a shirt under his singlet.

Gaynor had intended to compete at 198, but suffered an injury on his opening squat and withdrew from the competition. However, he decided to re-enter the next day, competing as a 220.

Gaynor ended the day with a 402 pound squat, after attempting to once again take his intended 500 pound opener, on his third attempt. He bench pressed 380 pounds, to finish with a 1,454 pound total.

Here is video of his pull:

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Nice job Bob!

Bob continues to amaze! This deadlift would also break the IPF Masters 60+ World Records in the 220s, 242s, and 275s!

wow true insperation!

great effort Bob you are the man

If I'm still lifting weights at that age ... let alone lifting half that weight at that age I'd consider myself lucky and fucking tickled to death ! WOW ! Truly an inspiration !

We watch Bob lift every week and this is still...
Un-Freaking believable.

Injured, withdrew, came back the next day and pulls 672.

Incredible. Congratulations!

bill & april

Amazing Bob.
I hope your injury heals up fast.

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In 1973 Bob competed at 220 and placed 2nd at the Mens Nationals and pulled a 710 deadlift against Bill Seno. Here in 2009 he pulls 672 at about the same weight. How much strength do they say we lose with age again?

Truly inspiring to watch, what a great pull! Wow. His pulls are some of the lifts I'm glad I got to see.

Hey Bob see you lift every weekend. Great job! Brian Burritt


Edward G. Dudley-Robey, M.D.

Jvasquez wrote:
In 1973 Bob competed at 220 and placed 2nd at the Mens Nationals and pulled a 710 deadlift against Bill Seno. Here in 2009 he pulls 672 at about the same weight. How much strength do they say we lose with age again?

About 38 lbs. Great job. This gives me hope that I can do this for another 20 years.

I want to thank Steve Denison for putting on a great meet. A big thnak you to my training parnters, my son JD, Bob Benedix, Fred Goldberg, and Doc Hayes.

Not only does Bob write about the history of the game, he has been part of it since early days, and is now making it! Remarkable!


It was an honor to meet you and watch you lift.

Congrats on a phenomenal pull!


"There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the DeadLift." Jon Pall Sigmarsson...(CONVENTIONAL THAT IS). OLD SCHOOL. There are two types of lifters, those that wish they could DeadLift and those that, Do It....

I have got some requests for my deadlift routine. It is in the July issue of P/LUSA. anyone wanting additional info my email is: bobgaynor@comcast.net

Awesome as usual-you never cease to amaze me! Can I be the president of your fan club?

Wow, Bob, you are incredible. Congratulations!

It was definitely impressive to see in person. Congrats! I was actually surprised at the overall number of 50+ guys deadlifting 600+. Old school strength!

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That is just amazing and awesome.

Anyone have contact infor for Bob or the group he trains with?

This is inspiring.

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Bob, inspirational to all who lift for power, strength and speed. Harness the power of the Gods! Lift on all.

Bob is an inspiration.
We know - we lift with him from time to time.
Thanks Bob!

April Shumaker

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Great pull Bob, makes us "advanced guys" feel good to see such displays of power.