Howell Fitness Center

Gym Dumbells
Gym Name: Howell Fitness Center
Owner/Manager: Dale
Address: Grand River
City: Howell
State/Province/Country: MI
Zip: 48843
Phone Number: 517 546 7543

Monolift, Sarden Bench, Reverse Hypers, Glute ham, boards etc. $5 Daily

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Great gym and lifters. They are very helpfull. Powerlifting team trains at 4:oo pm mon-fri. 10:00 am Sunday. They have a Monolift, Comp bench, Rev hyper, Glute ham, 1-6 boards, bands, chains, boxes for squats and lots of 100's.

Great gym. Owner is helpful with us letting us have our equipment there. Come by and have a great workout.