The Pit Barbell Club

Gym Dumbells
Gym Name: The Pit Barbell Club
Owner/Manager: Pat Tyring
Address: 400 Edgar Street
City: Evansville
State/Province/Country: IN
Zip: 47710
Phone Number: 812-422-0617

Gym in operation since 1970. A unique gym with a great reputation - started by Dick Connor and Bud Downen. New owner, Pat Tyring.

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The truth be known, the reputation of The Pit is not so great locally.

The Pit is a Trap and should be avoided.

+1 AVOID; guard your personal information.

There have been many people who have done a stint at The Pit only to learn the truth about the place.

Says who?! And a trap for what? Watch what you say. The pit is the only powerlifting gym around this area and we know what were doing

The Pit is the only gym for the serious lifter. The experience of the trainers and members is a resource which alone is worth the price. The equipment, although old, is top notch. The facility, while cramped, is clean. No B.S.- just IRON!
The two earlier posts are just plain ignorant. It actually has a very good reputation (as a gym for those who mean business). The guard you personal information quote just makes no sense.
Gyms don't last for nearly 40 years without having some real substance to them.

An amazing place!

I recently worked down in Evansville and had an opportunity to train here and I absolutely loved it. It had everything I wanted in a gym, including a monolift. I also found everyone working there and training there to be very kind. I have nothing but good things to say about this facility.

The Pits gym records have started to grow over the last two years. The Pit will have its first 1000lbs squatter very soon. There are also a good group of Raw lifters up and coming. Stay tuned