Emily DeMorest 1,113 Total in her 2nd meet!

Competing in only her second competition Emily weighed in officially at 155 to compete in the multiply division of the "RPS Battle In The Bluegrass" meet.
There Emily posted a 485 pound squat, benched 192 and pulled 435 just missing a big 474 pull! Emily is trained by none other then Jimmie Pacifico, a man of legendary pedigree!
Emily didn't cut to 148 this time but still had an impressive total to place her among the top 20 at #11.

Ian Soderqvist repping 715 (Hatfield Squats)

This man has yet to do a full meet in years but has some serious potential to post a BIG total! With 501 in the bench and 815 in the deadlift in official competition, Ian has to do a full meet ASAP! Just a mere (for him) 750 squat would give him over 2,060 at 275! His best push pull as mentioned earlier was done at 308 but he only weighed 288 no cut! I can see 2,100 right off the bat if he choose to!

Iron Rebel USPA Highlights!!!

Originally posted by Edward Koo of Iron Rebel:

2016 USPA Nationals- Iron Rebel Athletes compete in a very competitive and stacked Nationals. Maliek Derstine squats 778 and Bench's 540 @198. Andy Huang wins the 275's as he solidifies his ranking as #2 in the Nation. John Rivas breaks the All Time World Record Total at 242 held by Dan Green.

Brandon "baby hulk" Toranzo 245x2 @ 10!!!

Brandon "baby hulk" Toranzo 2 weeks out from the WNPF nationals hitting

a massive 245 for 2 reps @ 10 years old ranking him one of the highest squats ever done @ that age!

BEAST | 405lb raw bench for 20 reps PR

David Douglas in his post competition workout with 405 for 20 reps.

David is currently ranked 5th in the US with 606 at super in the PlWatch current raw rankings:

15th Annual WABDL 9/11 Memorial Bench Press Deadlift Classic

Check out the 15th Annual WABDL 9/11 Memorial Bench Press Deadlift Classic
Saturday, August 6 , 2016 Held at the beautiful: Crown Plaza Hotel 3 Executive Blvd.
Suffern, NY 10901 It’s shaping up to be a great meet. We have two 800 lb. benchers coming, plus many more big lifts. DEADLINE extended until Saturday July 30th. Applications must be delivered by July 30th. Please contact Brian Fahrenfeld for details @ brianprovega@aol.com or 201-463-5250.
Meet Application- (WABDL 9/11 Memorial)

Jim Phraner Bench Presses 825!!!

Just a few short months after breaking two ribs in his warmups at the XPC "Bench Freaks" event, main stage at the Arnold Classic Expo, Jim Phraner is back, stronger than ever, hitting back to back 815 lb, and now 825 lb single-ply bench presses in the months of June and July. In preparation for the USPA Single Ply national event held at the Mr. Olympia Expo, 8 weeks from now, Phraner will be defending back to back gold medals in this event (242 weight class in 2014, and 275 weight class in 2015) and hunting his friend and mentor Allen Baria's 857 lb all time record at 275.

Phraner is amongst the most elite single-ply bench pressers in the world, currently sitting in the #2 spot at 242 and his 825 this past Saturday at the "Hot and Heavy" event held at Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY. places him in the top spot at 275! This guy is on fire and should be considered armed and dangerous in the Bench Press World!

Hot and Heavy Full Power and Single Lift meet at Hercules Gym

What a great meet we had at Hercules Gym this weekend!! It was small but filled with excitement! Some highlights:
Hercules Gym member Jason Weaver posting PRs across the board with 775-475-675-1925 @ 275 Raw Wrapped. The first 1900 raw total at Hercules Gym! Bob Merkh travelled from New Jersey for his first equipped meet putting up whopping numbers with 955-725-700-2380 @ 275 in multiply. Jim Phraner put up a pretty easy 825 bench in single ply at a light 275 weighing in at 269. We had a couple of first time lifters, some very impressive masters, it was a great day with good people. I would like to give a shout out to our friend Dave Kingwater who had just the most perfect bench day I've seen in a long time putting up an effortless 575 in single ply on his third attempt and then a successful 600 on his fourth!!

From ER to Nationals

On June 23, 2016 at 10:54am finishing up my last set of cable crossover. The machine became unstable and then the unthinkable. All I felt was pain. I reached for my head and I was drenched in blood. There is a doctor's office right beside the gym, and I manage to make it to the lobby. I was loosing a lot of blood and did not realize it. They finally got me inside and it was only when I heard the Doctor yell "we need an ambulance now" the seriousness of it. Blood pressure is now 100/41 dropping fast and shock is setting in. The whole time I am wondering is this it. While in the ambulance the paramedic is trying her best to keep me awake and I'm fighting. 20 staples later my mind goes to all the work I had put in preparation for USPA DRUG TESTED NATIONALS. Everyone is concerned with my health while I fighting depression because of the thought of not being able to compete. After 10 days of no training, I was able to get back to gym. But it's obvious it's not the same. Now I am wondering should I just pull out the meet.


Several area powerlifters are ramping up training for upcoming competitions this summer. Throughout gyms in Western New York State some serious iron is being thrown around in preparations for some big number come meet time.

Absolute Performances Joe Stein, affectionately known as Hauss to his fellow lifters is making an 855lbs squat look easy as he works to find depth in his suit.


Division 1 shot putter Devon Patterson of The University of Buffalo throws around over 700lbs around like nothing in his first attempt in the canvas squat suit.

BENCH IS LIFE (Vol 3) Strong As F**k

Bench Is Life is YouTube series I came up with to give people an inside look in my Bench Training Camp for my upcoming Powerlifting Meet USPA ANAHEIM FIT EXPO SHW BENCH ONLY CLASS,This Is number 3 of a 8 part series.


Josh Morris 2,303!!!

Ray Williams just hit his 2,299 total for an all time world record at super in both the open and tested divisions. However, today Josh Morris took the open away with 2,303!
Josh hit a 2,300 last year but due to a technicality, didn't count for the official record... today was pay back!!!! Josh made an 870 squat, benched a solid 606 and then pulled 826 for the all time open raw world record at super with 2,303! Lifts were made at the RPS Battle in the blue grass!

Eric Lilliebridge ...How much more?

Eric has been destroying records for the last few years to the point he has changed the imagination of what is considered possible.. At this meet he went 1052 in the squat, 551 in the bench and 854 in the deadlift. This is 2,458 pounds at 308! Very similar numbers to another all time great... Dave Pasanella! Dave was a trail blazer in the late 80's hitting a 2,458 in 80's gear at 275.. He was controversial but controversy sometimes follows greatness...Will Eric hit 2500 at 308 or will he break the Great One's very own record? The great one being the one and only Andrey Malanichev or will the crazy one from Azerbaijan Zahir Khudayarov take them both? Sounds like a monster movie is on the horizon...

Amit Sapir Breaks The Captains Record!

In his quest to become the greatest squatter of all time, Amit made his jump to 242 (actual weight was only 220.5) to tackle a sacred record. That of an Immortal, the man called the captain... Capt Kirk! Kirk Karwoski was one of the greatest squatters of all time. A man who became the lightest to squat 1000 pounds under IPF conditions during a time when simple singleply gear was king. In 2004 he came out of retirement and competed at an AAU meet as a guest lifter to shatter the raw 242 records. He made his 826 record a historical lift that day. 12 yrs later another prolific squatter has appeared in the newest chapter of the great squatters.. Amit is on a mission to become the greatest of them all. To become the only man to hold the squat record in 4 weight classes simultaneously. Mike MacDonald did it at 181 - 242 in the bench, Ed Coan did it in the deadlift also at 181 - 242... Amit's 181 squat record has been taken otherwise this would have been 4 classes.. so now its time to drop down from his current 220.5 lb weight to 181 to regain it!
Can he do it????

Paul Kelso Has Passed

From this news one of the powerlifting world's greatest ambassadors has left us....

Posted by Paul's son on Paul'd Facebook account:

"Dear Friends,
This is Devin Kelso, Paul's son. I believe that most people have already been informed, but at any rate, I am very sorry to have to say that my father passed away on Monday, July 11th, at his home in the Philippines. He was 79, having been born on February 6th, 1937. Dad's brother Mark and I are here now with his wife, Sumiko, sorting through Dad's things. It has been decided that I should post this on his facebook page. We would like to thank so many of you for your kind messages. They have been a great source of comfort. The cremation ceremony took place yesterday. The funeral will be held tomorrow. In accordance with Dad's wishes, his ashes will be scattered in the ocean at a place he loved, so that his spirit may visit his loved ones in the U.S., Japan, and around the world.