John Haack IPF Worlds 2016 World Record Squat 298kg/657lbs

From The Strength Doc-John Haack (Team USA), 83kg/183lb lifter squats 298lbs/657lbs for a new IPF junior and open world record!
Check out the footage!


From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! You made the RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!! Check out your actual listing below!

Sport Week: History of Para powerlifting

Some form of lifting weights has been on the Paralympic programme since the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games.

But it has not always been powerlifting as we know it today – one of the most impressive sports spectators can see at the Paralympics.

In 1964, ‘weightlifting’ made its debut and featured just men with spinal cord injuries.

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week: Bartłomiej Bąk, John Paul Cauchi, Frank McGrath, Dan Green, Jordan Wong and Garret Griffin

Many of the lifts that we all want to watch don’t happen at a meet, but as the lifter is training at a gym. These “gym videos” are not only great as sports news, but they build the expectation towards the meets to come. So here you are, the awesome lifts of the week!

Tony Conyers Extravaganza Powerlifting meet is coming up fast!

Tony Conyers Extravaganza September 23-24. The meet is going to be huge this year we have an amazing venue. It will be at the The Tampa Convention Center during the Tampa Fit Expo, so a big crowd. The sign up deadline is September 2. This meet is sanctioned by raw united and is a 2 day event. It is a raw meet and knee wraps are allowed. As we get closer to the meet ill send you more specifics and a meet poster. Here is the link for event registration and more information:

Powerlifting in the news around the world: India, Iran and medical "miracle"

GNDU student wins medal in powerlifting

Amritsar, April 22

Rashpal Singh, a student of MSc (botany honours,) fourth semester, from the Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences of Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) won a silver medal by lifting 150 kg weight in the 105 kg weight category at the North Indian Powerlifting Championship held in Jammu recently.

Comments on the IPF Worlds

The IPF Worlds are taking place. The Facebook group “Powerlifting Now” has been doing some write-ups on specific lifts, as well as the IPL page. Usually, as the competition is over, the IPF releases a full video of the event and we will share it.

From the Facebook group “World Powerlifting Now”

Lehew takes the deadlift world record from Josh Hancott and secures gold for America as a 74kg junior! Lehew went 245kg on squat, 172.5kg on bench and 278.5kg on deadlift for a 696kg total and a 502.3 wilks!
Was awesome to watch the deadlift battle as Lehew missed a 278kg deadlift on his second by losing balance, allowing Luca Anthony from Aus to pull the same weight to take that record. Lehew chipped the record on his third and took 278.5kg for a ride, securing the record. Luca then attempted a 295kg pull to secure a silver medal for Aus which was a failed attempt.

Brandon Franklin - Road To Redemption

by Brandon Franklin

A little reality series at my previous meet. Competition took place in Charleston, West Virginia at a charity meet for a local with degenerative eye disease. All proceeds went torwards his medical expenses. This meet was brought a lot of emotion. This is the first meet I have ever bombed out of in my life. You can see all of the reality involved in this video involving me bombing out with squats. You will see a little of my personality, and my life behind the lifting on a personal level as well as some lifting. Video was filmed and edited by Meathead Movie Maker Productions

More meet results of the weekend: Matt Gaechter and Cameron St Amand

And more meet results from the past weekend!

Matt Gaechter at the Oregon State Powerlifting Championships, Newport, OR

All 10 lifts from yesterday's meet 672 squat 418 bench and 672 deadlift for a 1763 total @220

WEDNESDAY – Meet preparation/Strategy of the week: Kristen Bellon, Jake Benedix, David Douglas and Brett Smallz Good

Outstanding competitive results are not result of chance or luck: they are built on a daily basis during a preparation period. Check out what experienced members of our community are doing to reach their desired results.

Max effort work for Kristen Smith Bellon

From Shawn Bellon: “250*1. Little high because she pulled knees in vs out slightly so her hip flexors stop her depth a tad. This can also put a lot of pressure on the hip, TFL and IT bueno. Easy squat regardless. Analyzing technique is one of the many things we do to be safe and optimally strong. “

TUESDAY – Assistance work of the week

Assistance work includes all the exercises in a routine that are not the specific powerlift in full range of motion, done in competitive setting (just the rack or bench, no bands, chains, etc). Assistance work “assists” the lift’s improvement according to the coach/athlete’s goals.

Dave Tate Finally Hits a Squat PR -

Announcements of the week: IPL Worlds Bench And Deadlift Championship

IPL Worlds Bench And Deadlift Championship

Meet Director:
Bobby Morgan (361)717-2615
Gary Hunter (210)827-5522
Megan Barrera-Morgan (361)523-1716

Dustin Speed 701lb Front Squat

American Iron Gym's Dustin Speed Squatting 701lb

in preparation for the USPA Silver State Open.

Weekend meets results #2: Sheri Whetham, KO Gym Summer Powerlifting Bash 2016 and Bill Newman

These are some of the weekend meets highlights. Check them out!

Sheri Whetham first meet post surgery: great results

Sheri's first meet back post surgery:
Squats: 245/260/300
Bench: 145/160/180

Weekend meet results #1: Stacia Al Mahoe and Jon Stewart

These are some of the weekend meets highlights. Check them out!

Stacia Al Mahoe best lifter at Barbell Brigade open and breaks all time record at 97lbs

Stacia-Al Mahoe , 19 years old, entered Jr. and Open division at the Barbell Brigade Open, 6/18/16, and ended with a 248lb squat, 159lb bench, and a 363lb deadlift for a 771lb total at 97lbs. Stacia won best lifter in Open and Jr. and her deadlift was an All Time World record at 97lbs.