XPC Qualifier- Dallas

from Anderson Powerlifting- We discussed the XPC Qualifier and I have some information here for you. Here is a link to the entry form and all the information necessary for the event.
XPC Qualifier Information

CONGRATULA​TIONS to Aaron Palko & Matt Disbrow!!!​!!

RPS LexenXtreme Powerlifting Celebration Bash -- 7/19/14 -- (Grove City, Ohio)

Aaron, you’re currently ranked 19th & 16th amongst the “Men’s All Time 198-lb RAW SQ & Total Rankings!!!!!” Your performances are listed on pages 16 & 17 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Matt, you’re currently ranked 13th amongst the “Men’s All Time 275-lb RAW SQ Rankings!!!!!” Your performance is listed on page 22 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

CONGRATULA​TIONS to Justin Caputo & Kevin David McLaughlin​!!!!!

2014 RPS Pennsylvania State Championships -- 7/26/14 -- (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Justin, you’re currently ranked 19th amongst the “Men’s All Time 165-lb RAW SQ Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 12 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Kevin, you’re currently ranked 10th amongst the “Men’s All Time 220-lb RAW Total Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 19 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Two powerlifters suspended for Anti-Doping Rule violations

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that two powerlifters - United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Rashed Hassan Ahmed and Kazakhstan's Oleg Gridassov - have been suspended and fined for separate Anti-Doping Rule violations committed at the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, UAE.

Ahmed returned an adverse analytical finding for dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone and its metabolites in a urine sample provided on 10 April 2014 after he had competed in the men's up to 97kg class.

Big on the Basics: Squat with Dan "BOSS" Green

You've watched BOSS talk about the bench and the deadlift in his "Big on the Basics" tutorials. Now watch Dan Green go through the squat in this video aimed at beginners and more advanced lifters alike. You won't want to miss this tutorial.

Dan "BOSS" Green will be competing at the GPA World Championships in Sydney, Australia in November 21-24, 2014. He is the current multiple all-time World Record holding raw powerlifter in both the 220 and 242 weight classes.


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IPC considering taking action against countries over doping

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is considering taking action against National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) as part of a range of measures to reduce the number of anti-doping violations in para-sport, in particular the sport of powerlifting.

In the last 14 months alone, 13 powerlifters have been suspended for failing drug tests despite IPC Powerlifting conducting more tests than ever before and implementing a comprehensive education programme for athletes and support staff.

Animal Presents: POWER PANEL #2

In the first ever POWER PANEL, we bring together elite bodybuilders and world-class powerlifters to discuss topics relevant to both sports. This approach is unique and at Animal, we are committed to education and building bridges across the strength community. This second hour-long panel includes IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Frank McGrath, all-time World Record holding powerlifter, Andrey Malanichev and elite powerlifter Brandon Lilly. At the end, we held a Q/A session. The POWER PANEL was held in Columbus, Ohio during the Arnold Classic weekend.

Austin Pappas totals 1793 Raw/ no wraps @233 age 23

Austin totaled 1793 at APF North Dakota state championship with a
600lb squat 523 bench and a 670
belt-less deadlift @233 age 23

TARA GREEN Squats 540lbs single ply @ 181 CPL Canadian Nationals July 26th

Tara Green squats 540lbs single ply @ 181 and totaled 1344lbs. There was only one international judge so it doesn't count as a world record but the number beats Jill Mills current record of 529lbs in the IPL. This is Tara's third pro total in the last seven months all in different catagories. In January at the LA Fit Expo doing classic raw she totaled 1127.5lbs and in May at Canadian GPC Nationals going multi ply she totaled 1358.5lbs. Tara's next meets will be the Olympia in September single ply then the 2015 XPC at the Arnold multi ply.

Kristos Papanotis squats 584 lbs @ 148! AllTime WR Raw/wraps

Watch recent footage of 19 yr old Kristos Papanotis nail the biggest raw/ wraps squat in history in the 67.5kg class! His other lifts were as follows: 286 bench and 628 deadlift to total 1499! Also, he took 661 on a 4th in the deadlift!

Garrett GUNZ APA Clash For Cash 530@214

Big Gunz, RUM competitor, and Animal sponsored athlete Garrett Griffin came in on a
same day weigh in at a 214 bodyweight! He posted 495,520,530 for 10lb PR in the bench press. The bench used was very low and he had a hard time setting up, but he still came out with a PR. and up the ranks to number 3 at 220.

Paul Desimone Seminar

Next Friday (08/01/14) in Medora North Dakota Paul Desimone will be doing a seminar. Doors open at 7pm at the American Inn down town Medora ND.
They will be giving away door prizes to those who attend.

BJ Whitehead 2000 Pound Raw Total

BJ Whiteheads lifts in route to his 2000 total raw (no wraps) @ USPA meet in Austin 07/26/14.
BJ one of the strongest lifters in Texas amassed this total via a 760 squat, 518 benhc press and pulled 722 to hit the barrier breaking 2 Grand! Whitehead remains at number 3 on the ranks.

Justin Caputo 1355 @ 165

Justin has been on a long trek up the ranks and has honed his pet lift into one of the best 165 squats of all time. 550 at 165 ranks him tied with Tony Conyers at number 2 on the raw rankings. His 1355 will put him at 15th. He compiled this total via 550, 245 and a 560 deadlift.