Hugo Quinteiro, the deadlift master, is a man on a mission: the IPL single lift Worlds, the IPL Worlds and RUM

Hugo Quinteiro won last year’s WPC single lift worlds with a 315kg lift 10 days after having broken the IPL dealift record for full power with a 322.5kg lift. With that, he celebrated exactly one year of having met an Olympic bar for the first time. That’s right: this lifter had never seen an Olympic bar before late October 2013 and I introduced him to it. I must admit I did not feel too confident about his future as a powerlifter as he smiled at the knurling, mesmerized.

USPA Five year anniversary – Five years providing the powerlifting community with excellence and hospitality

The USPA is celebrating its 5th anniversary on October the 4th. Since its founding, the USPA has grown tremendously with 37 state affiliates and 370 certified judges in the USA and Worldwide. They have over 5000 members and conduct major competitions with a USPA National Championship along with IPL Worlds.

The USPA is also today’s major sanctioning body on Sports and Fitness Fairs (Trade Shows and Events), with 9 major Expo events: the LA Fit Expo in January, San Jose Fit Expo in May, Orlando Europa in May, Chicago Fit Expo in June, Naturally Fit Expo in Austin in June, Anaheim Fit Expo in August, Oklahoma Fit Expo in August, Olympia Expo in Sept, and Phoenix Europa in October. The expo events follow exactly the same set of rules applied to all USPA regular annual competitions.

Bilinec Alexey squat 415kg@+120kg, Cup of Russia 2015

Bilinec Alexey - winner of the Cup of Russia 2015 in a class +120kg

2,248 pound total at super heavy:

Titov Maxim 990kg@120kg, Cup of Russia 2015

Maxim Titov - winner of the Cup of Russia 2015 in a class 120kg

2,182.5 pound total at 264

The USPA has announced the appointment of Richard Ficca as the Florida State Chair

* By Richard Ficca

Richard has been lifting weights for over 25 years and began powerlifting while serving in the US Army. He has been active in the USPA since 2010 when he returned to the sport. Richard is currently ranked at the top of the Masters 308 and top 10 for Open lifters with a current 2066 total and 606 raw bench press (as a SHW). Richard is exited to compete at IPL Worlds in Las Vegas this December and hopes to improve on these numbers.

Pete Rubish and Leanna Carr at Iron Beast Barbell Oct. 24

Pete Rubish and Leanna Carr will be giving a seminar about Powerlifting training at Iron Beast Barbell at 675 Grove St Gainesville, GA 30501, in Gainesville, GA on October 24, 2015. The event is sponsored by Animal Nutrition and will benefit BackPack Love to provide backpacks of food for local under privileged children. The ABC (Animal Barbell Club)will also meet and train after the event..

Cross-multi-athleticism with Susan Salazar

* a Powerlifting Watch Exclusive

PLW – Susan, could you indicate what were your best performances in powerlifting and bodybuilding?

Susan - I feel my best performance as a powerlifter has to be the 2015 USPA Anaheim Fit Expo where I totaled 8.9x my bodyweight. Totaling 9x bodyweight is a huge goal of mine!

Challenge Barbell To be Major Sponsor For GPA Worlds

GPA Worlds will be held October 8th thru the 11th at the Classic Center in exhibition Hall 7 in Athens Georgia.
Challenge Barbell has now become a major sponsor of this event.

Meet Hotel: The Classic City Hilton Garden Inn, 390 East Washington Street, Athens, Ga. 30601 USA. Telephone +1 706-353-6800. Direct email to the hotel: For the special rate of $144.00 per day use the group code "00PWC". Make your reservations early. If you have a problem please calll me at +1-770-713-3080 or email for assistance.

The fight of the raw 66kg class at the Japanese IPF branch

* information kindly provided by Jason Manenkoff

The videos and information came from Toru Ashihara, who briefly described the "66kg battle":

Inoue vs Shibuya

Inoue 230.5kg,165kg,245kg 640.5kg

Deadifts with video from Brian Schwab - September 21

* by Brian Schwab at

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - while by no means I take the contributions of younger successful athletes and coaches, to dominate the game for more than two decades means a person has more than knowledge to share. That person has wisdom.

Legendary Chris Duffin interviews LeRoy Walker on The Road to a 700 Raw bench

While in Vegas for the MR.O contest Chris Duffin aka Kabuki Strong sat down to talk bench theory with LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker. They covered training Styles , muscle memory, speed training , why so much incline and the growth of the sport. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES AS THE ROAD TO 700 continues on POWERLIFTING WATCH

Into the mind of the coach: Peter Baker

* by Marilia Coutinho, coming first at Powerlifting Watch (always)

- Please tell us something about yourself: where and when were you born and places you lived. Where do you live now?

Hi. I was born in Tampa, FL in 1986, and when I was four my father and I moved to Plant City, FL. It’s a small town, known for Strawberries. We lived in a very small house thing on my grandparents’ property, and it had no rooms, other than a bathroom.

In 2007 when I was still in college, we moved to Brandon, FL. My father was engaged to what is now his fourth wife (she is married to her fourth husband, as it were).

Now, I live in Tampa again.

Goryachok Anatoliy deadlift 723 @ 163!

Cup of Russia 2015, Irkutsk, 22.09.2015

New record of Russia in a class 74kg

Ben O’Brien interview: his preparation for the Olympia, strategies and more

* Exclusive
PLW – How long have you been competing in powerlifting? What do you consider your career highlights?

Ben- I have been competing 5 years now. One of the best highlights I consider is when I won the Olympia in 2013 but more importantly breaking the 2100 total mark with a total of 2110. I was more so excited because Daniel Tinajero was the previous record holder with a 2096 total but to break the 2100 mark was a huge achievement for me. Also in 2014 I had bested that total at the Olympia with a 2171 total (2nd place) and Daniel had totaled 2255 (1st place) but a 2150+ single ply total hadn’t been seen in over 15 yrs so that was another huge milestone for me.

How to Prevent Muscle Strains

* by Travis Pollen, September 17, 2015

Key points

A muscle strain occurs when the strain energy the muscle is forced to absorb exceeds the strength of the tissue.

Two-joint muscles are more susceptible to muscle strains, and nothing increases your likelihood of a strain more than a previous strain in the same muscle.

Proper warm-ups, developing adequate mobility, and avoiding excessive fatigue decrease your risk of a muscle strain.