Gracie Vanasse Powers Through 1,235 @ 146

Gracie V - IPA Battle of The Titans March 14th, 2015 Columbus, OH. Gracie hit a 35 lb Total PR of 1235 lbs at 146 lbs bw via 470 lb Squat, 285 lb Bench Press & 480 lb Deadlift (10 lb deadlift PR). She is currently 15 wks out of APF Sr. Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gracie is now ranked 3rd in the US rankings.

Anna Khudayarov- ALL TIME RECORD

Anna Khudayarov current world record holder in the wrapped 198 divsion now hold the raw all time world record as well!
She competed at the Arnold Classic Australia. It was a CAPO Australian Powerlifting GPA/IPO sanctioned world meet. This event was sponsored by Harris Stability Systems.
There she went 446 lbs in the squat at 190 lbs. She benched 297 and pulled 512 for a 1,256 lb total! She also made 4th attempts of 304 and 523 in the bench and deadlift for GPA records.


From Michael Soong- CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performances!
Check out the following lifters that made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!"

BEAST: A look into my past

Voices in my head. A video remembering the path i took to get to where im at today. Still putting myself in underdog status i have to prove my worth to myself on a daily basis. Grinding in the gym. Just a look into my head of some landmarks in my powerlifting life..


As 2015 is well underway with some great RAW meets behind us, there's a bit of down time before the heavy and super heavy training takes place for USPA national and multiple federations World meets. So in the meantime I thought it would be good to post some chalk angels and light lifting that takes place in between events . This is footage taken this week at METROFLEX LB Slingshot and speed work are shown .. Be sure to follow POWERLIFTING WATCH on TWITTER upto the minute post from mobile devices .. Here's some footage take a look. Enjoy!

"Ask Sheiko. Vol. 3" (Boris Sheiko is answering your questions)

World Famous lifting coach/programmer Boris Sheiko continues
to answer questions here in the is 3rd installment!
Check out the footage:

Strength Talk Interviews, "The Bench Monster", Ryan Kennelly

We are back, B*&ches!!!! Unlike any other show, we are Strength Talk Radio try to bring you the best in powerlifting, we call ourselves “powerlifting voice” for a reason; It is because we are the only radio show that brings you the best in powerlifting and powerlifting only!! So how do we prove that we are powerlifting voice? We get the one and only Ryan Kennelly, for a one and only interview he will do answering the questions about his recent past. Never again will he talk about what happened.

INCREDIBLE Performances at the recent USAPL Arnold Classic!!

From Michael Soong- CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performances!
Check out the following lifters that made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!"

455kgs/1,003.1lbs Raw Squat w/ wraps 3-14-15

"Worked on some heavy singles for this squat training session. I was planning on taking around 450kg for a single, but my warm ups were feeling good so I went a little bit heavier than I had planned. 455kg felt good, speed felt consistent between my last heavy single to my top set. I still have one more heavy squat training session before my meet. Currently 5 weeks out from UPA Nationals on April 18th."

Kendall 600 For 12 Front Squat!

More impressive lifts from one of the worlds strongest squatters!
Here's Derek Kendall in off season training,
front squatted 600lbs for 12 reps with just a belt and knee sleeves.

Powerlifting world record holder Shane Hammock, signs with APS Nutrition

Atlanta, GA March 13, 2015 -- Coming from the small community in Macon, Georgia to taking the world stage is no easy feat. APS Nutrition is proud to announce the signing of their newest athlete, 308lb powerlifting American and World record holding Shane Hammock. The 27 year old lifetime drug free monster from the south is on a tear to be the greatest powerlifter, in any weight class, of all time.

Team Unbreakable Girls Killed it at "Battle of Titans" Meet

The stage was set, the bars were loaded and Team UG had the girls ready to Crush those weights!!!

Anna "The Annamal" McClosky Squatted 630 benched 350 and deadlifted 505. ALLL PRs @ 181 class and Gracie V did 470 squat, 285 bench and 480 deadlift - 35lbs PR total @ 148 class~~ Unbreakable Gear is so proud of these 2 girls~~~


South Jersey Barbell competed at the 6th annual Bristol big bench by Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate. Fred Bland competed in the 181 multiply division going 3 for 3 benching 425,455,and 500. Matt Magnavita competed at 18-19 SHW multiply division going 2 for 3 benching 560 and 600. Mike Crowley competed in the 220 open multiply division going 2 for 3 benching 590 and 625.

IPC to launch pilot of new "Proud Paralympian" education programme

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will launch the pilot of its new education programme, "Proud Paralympian", on Sunday (15 March) aimed at Paralympians and para-athletes who aspire to compete in the Paralympic Games.

Supported by the Agitos Foundation, the launch will take place in Dubai, UAE, as part of the build-up to the IPC Powerlifting World Cup and will feature a selection of educational activities that will be tested for the first time, before "Proud Paralympian" is officially rolled-out in 2016.

The first modules to be trialled include Paralympic history, fair-play, media skills and human rights and are designed to support athlete development both on and off the field of play, as individuals and active citizens.

Proud Paralympian also encompasses training for athletes who have not yet competed at a Paralympic Games and are aspiring to become Paralympians. The training sessions will be run by a series of leaders from within para-sport who have been nominated by International Federations and have benefitted from a two-day interactive programme supported by the Dubai Club for the Disabled prior to the sessions.

Unbreakable Gear's Gracie V is Ready

This weekend at the Battle of Titans meet in Columbus, Ohio Pro Powerlifter and Unbreakable Gear Sponsored Athlete Gracie Vanasse will be Ready to Smash Some Weight!

"I had an awesome training cycle. My Coach Dave Hoff set the numbers and we hit them every week. I am very excited for this meet" says Gracie. " I couldn't have done this without the help support of my Team (DCS Pack) and my main sponsor Unbreakable Gear!"