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Exson Rodriguez @ Treasure Coast Classic

Exson Rodriguez is an Owner and Trainer of Flawless Physiques, Inc in Orlando, Florida. He specializes in Strength Coaching and Personal Training. In the past 5 months, he has been competing in Powerlifting in the 308 weight class. The prior year he was a Strong Man Competitor, and an additional two years as a Crossfit Competitor.


September 6, 2014 @ 11a.m. CASH CONTEST FOR REPS
@ 8707 S. PRIEST DR. TEMPE, AZ. 85281

FOUR FOR A HUNDRED!!! 100 Reps @405

FOUR FOR A HUNDRED!!!! 100 Reps @405 Bench Challenge

M Town MONSTA Leroy Walker & Alex Diciero Do 10x10 100 Reps @405 On The Bench Press @MetroFlex LB

Shana Ratcliff Bench Session

Top female lifter Shana Ratcliff setting her sights on a 200 pound bench at 105! Only one female is currently there and that's the Bench Queen April Shumaker!
"190 for a PR!!!!! Creeping upon that 200lbs bench!!!! Got a little loose and bar went back some but I wasn't about to fail and have to repeat this lift!!"

Bad-Azz Powerlifting Motivation Part 5.0

"Doing what I do best.
Back again with Bad-Azz Powerlifting Part 5.
Shout out to Ritchie Drama who introduced this song to me and make it happen.

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Tee Cummins 705 for 4 Squat

Here is Tee's last wrapped squat before
moving into first phase of his program.
Tee is training for the upcoming APA Ironfest on Nov 8.

Brandon Cass 795 Squat Raw @ 212 BW

Brandon Cass well known for his incredible deadlifting prowess is shown here as he prepares for the Olympia deadlift... In this footage however, he shows what he can do in the squat! Hows 795 grab you!!

*****************REMINDER****************** NASA NEW MEXICO REGIONALS WILL BE SEPTEMBER 27TH!!!!!!!

This is a reminder that the NASA New Mexico Regionals will be held on September 27th, 2014 in Roswell, NM. Meet will be held at the Sally Port Inn, 2000 N Main Street, Roswell, New Mexico (575-622-6430. Late Fees begin on September 22nd. Official weigh-in times are Friday (Early Weigh-Ins) 7-8 P.M. All Women & Men Saturday (Regular Weigh-Ins) 8-9 A.M.

2014 USPF Regional Champioships

On November 22nd, 2014, the 2014 USPF REGIONALS will be held at Ohio Valley University in Vienna, WV, to help raise funds for the OVU Girls Softball team coached by Rob Graham. The divisions will be; RAW with out knee wraps, Single Ply, and Multi Ply (max two plies).


President of Team Unstoppable Force Gear signs Pro lifter Vess Dier, and Robert Jones. We at unstoppable force is looking for some huge numbers at the Raw Unity and Arnold's on March from our raw lifters. We like to welcome them to the team publicly here on the greatest source of powerlifting news. President Sammy Graham


This is a reminder that the NASA Texas State Cookout will be held September 13th, 2014 in Gilmer Texas. Meet will be held at the Power Quest Gym, 404 Henderson, Gilmer, TX (903-680-2335). Late Fees begin on September 8th. Official weigh-in times are Friday (Early Weigh-Ins) 7-8 P.M. All Women & Men Saturday (Regular Weigh-Ins) 8-9 A.M.

Gary Pendergrass Passes

"Texas powerlifting Icon Gary Pendergrass has passed away I remember almost 20 years ago competing in his meets as a kid. I looked around and saw many Legends of Texas history. Gary was the best meet director I ever met in Texas. I dropped my head in sadness the same way when I heard a Texas legend named Anthony Clark was gone. I will never forget that old man that always gave me a place to lift and was always happy to see us."

Doyle Deadlifts 805 Pounds & Amy Payne Raw Squats A 420 !

BOAD Apparel.com Presents Gen X Labs.NET's Daughters Of The Iron Revolution & Sports Nutrition Center.com's Savage Strength Showdown This competition took place on Saturday, August 16th, at The NPC Washington State Fitness Expo in Puyallup, WA

Kevin OAK 820 Lb Squat Raw w/ Knee Wraps.

I hit another big low bar squat PR today. The bar positioning is finally starting to feel more natural, so I'm I'm starting to drop down faster again. The weight felt good. I'm currently training for the GPA World Powerlifting Championships in Australia.