Team Lilliebridge's JP Carroll works up to 965lb squat

JP Carroll, Team Lilliebridge SHW, works up to an easy 965lb squat for a 60lb PR.
JP will be competing in 5 weeks
at Mark Bell's Super Training meet.

Sumo Vs Conventional?

Which is best best for you? Here is a good video on that very question.

"Quick thoughts on choosing between
sumo and conventional deadlift.


On the road to Relentless Detroit, LeRoy The Machine stops at METROFLEX GYM LB to do some prep work. Since the meet at VENICE I knew I had some technical issues to work on.. Leg drive speed and hitting the groove faster upon command. So to work out some things I added the so cal USPA meet to the list.. All went well as planned .

Eric Lilliebridge 955lbs/433kgs x 3

Monster squat session by Eric Lilliebridge!:

"This was my 3rd heavy squat training session for my meet prep towards GPA Worlds. The goal for today was to hit a PR triple. My best ever before this was 925x3. So this was a 30lb PR for a triple. I'd say it was pretty close to my limit for a 3 rep max. I might've had another 5-10lbs for a triple, but that would be really pushing it. My next heavy squat session in 2 weeks I'll be going for a PR double. My best double so far is 960x2. So anything above that I'll be very happy with. At this point in my cycle, I have 2 heavy Deadlift training sessions left and 2 heavy Squat training sessions before I de load going into the meet."

CONGRATULATIONS to Rich Justice & Tone Barbaccio!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH of you!!! Rich, you’re currently ranked 10th amongst the “Men’s 275-lb RAW SQ All Time Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 22 of the “Rankings-RAW” document. Tone, you made the “2000 RAW Total Hall of Fame,” and your performance is on page 22 of the “Records” document! You can view your performances in the “Subscriber Only” section:

Mel Zupec- 2 weeks out from IPA Ohio Grand Prix

Here is some training footage of Mel Zupec training for the IPA Ohio Grand Prix in Columbus, Ohio on October 18th where she will be competing at 132lbs Raw w/ wraps.
This young lady is only 23 years old and shows shes ready for a mid 800 pound total!

Tom Kallas works up to 700lb squat. (Competes 165/181 raw with wraps)

Hit 700 and a 25 lb PR! Missed is first time due to not being on my heels and comin forward. Re-focused came back and owned that fucking weight.
One more squat left till Mark Bells meet.

Powerlifting Motivation Extreme Monsters

In need of some motivation?
Watch powerlifitng's extreme monsters!
Posted once again by the "Motivator"

Rebecca Roberts: Come Back Complete

Rebecca's come back meet (APA-WPA Elite Fall Classic) is now complete. End result? Well she went 424 in the squat to rank her 3rd on the current rankings. She benched 264 to tie her in 4th on the ranks and she pulled 457 to place her in 3rd tied with Leonetta Richardson in the dead. Over all, her 1146(520kg) total gives her the number 2 spot on the current rankings and places 4th on the all time raw rankings compiled by Michael Soong. What a comeback!

Chris Duffin Squats 4x Body weight!!!

(Updated)Chris Duffin World Record 220lb Class SQUAT - 881lbs(4x bw)!!!
Well on his way to a new world record total... He just needs over 1218 pounds between the bench and deadlift to beat Dan Green's 2,099! (Dan holds both the raw with and without wraps as his raw total exceeded the wrapped total)

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Robert Wilkerson, 605 Close Grip Bench Press

Robert Wilkerson still training and making progress! Here he is blasting 605

with a close grip!

Red Team Powerlifting GPA Worlds Training 8 weeks out

Red Team PowerliftingTeam from Australia

Training footage for GPA being held at Sydney, Australia Nov 21st-24th

Raw Ranking Rules Update

Just want to make a certain thing clear on the wrapped rankings. We understand there are double ply wraps out there and have been for some time. Gear manufactures can market anything they like and federations can make rules for or against anything they wish. We have NO say so in that. However for our rankings, double-ply wraps are are fine for the Geared rankings but they are not allowed on our Raw with wraps rankings. I just wanted to make that clear. Here is the PLWatch list of ranking rules to keep in mind. Rules That Must Be Followed For All Ranking Lists

Roger Ryan W/ a 760 Bench at 58!

On Sept 6th 2014 Roger competed in the XPC Dallas bench only at an age of 58 and a bodyweight of 314. He benched 760 lbs on his 2nd attempt in a single ply Titan Super Katana. However, this was a multiply meet. Here is a video of the lift.