Rheta West 1240 Raw Total at 148

2016 Metal Militia Memorial - Lake George, NY
12/18/2016 Rheta West hit some amazing lifts exceeding the world records in the squat and total with 535 pounds and a 1240 total! No word on whether or not plates were officially weighed but never the less what an outstanding performances!

Easiest way to avoid bicep tears!

Everyone listen up!!!! How many times have you seen a bicep tear?
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LiftingLarge.com 2017 Sponsorship contest

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Cup of St.Petersburg on classic powerlifting 13.11.2016, Men 120kg, Leaders lifts

1. Alexandr Brodoviy 280+226+326=832 kg
2. Timur Sagatov 302,5+215+302,5=820 kg
3. Dmitriy Penkin 285+210+320=815 kg

Zach Ruhl Rules!

Weighing at 155 lbs Zach
according to the USPA rules of performance,
made no excuses and had "legs" strapped to himself with feet on the floor and pressed
a whopping 451 pounds to take the number 1 spot on the US current raw rankings!

Zach Rules!!

Rocks Discount Vitamins and David Isenberg!

David Isenberg is currently the 8th ranked Raw w/ wraps 181 pound in the country with a 1,703 total!

Everyday life is going to have its battles. It's up to you if you fight back or not. Powerlifting is a constant fight of pushing myself to being the best. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't. But it's all about not giving up when things don't go your way.
Luckily I've had @rocksdiscount with me every step of the way through my powerlifting career to support and help me. And that's where you'll find me today at 13410 San Pedro until 8pm maybe later. So come by and let's get you started on your journey.
Powerlifting lives matter

-Annual ICG event another huge success-

The Iron Chamber Gym in Canton, Ohio hosted its annual Bench Press & Deadlift championships welcoming 87 outstanding lifters from 3 states. This years event marked 7 consecutive years of more than 85 lifters, and continues to be among the most well run, and largest non sanctioned events in the nation. As always, lifters were treated to an auditorium theater venue, comfortable seating for spectators, a family atmosphere and a visit from Santa himself with many gifts for all of the children in attendance. This years event was sponsored by Live Large, United Grinding & Machine, Jacked & Tattooed and NFP Gear. In all, 13 flights of lifters gave their all to a roaring crowd and all were on their way back home by 3:30. The ICG would like to thank all in attendance for being part of the annual event, and are looking forward to next year's "family reunion" when all return for the 2017 ICG Bench Press & Deadlift Championships.

Nikolay Bazanov RAW TOTAL 800kg@93kg

Nikolay Bazanov hits a raw total of 1,763 @ 205

at the Cup if St Petersburg 2016

Galina Abramova 562 Deadlift at 148 Raw!!!

Recently posted on the WRPF Facebook, another impressive lift to add to the crazy raw lifts of 2016!!

Galina Abramova (Russia)
Deadlift RAW, 255kg/67.5kg (562 lbs/148lbs) (December 10, 2016)
Women's WR !

James Strickland Up To 633!

Weighing 131 kg (288.8 lbs) Number 1 ranked in the 275 pound class, James Strickland tried his hand at 308 and hit another number one ranking with 633 pounds! He lifted at the USPA Bend the Bar meet held in San Antonio Tx. This man shows great potential and has a lot of growing room at 308 to possibly become another 700 pound bencher, which currently there have only been 4 men to enter this exclusive club.

Markos Markopoulos Take On The Weekend Of Powerlifting

Posted by Markos Markopoulos Founder of PTC, ProRawPowerlifting and GPC Australia President

The past few days we have seen some incredible lifting, some of which you may not be aware of.
Here is a summary of some of the best ones.

Liz Craven 418.5kg@52 sleeves
Crystal Tate 317.5kg@101 squat
Dennis Cornelius 1011kg@124 sleeves
Jezza Uepa 1022.5kg@181 sleeves
Mike McGivern 837.5kg@82.5 wraps
Kyle Keough 758kg@75 sleeves

2 Times.... Kyle Keough

Kyle has been diligently training in quietness preparing his body for an all out effort to break the existing 165 pound world record total. After last years performance at RUM he decided to go back into some what obscurity.. trained in the shadows to emerge on December 10th 2016 as the new 165 pound king. He battled a 573 pound squat to set himself up for the record total. Like a well oil machine he pressed onward with a 402 bench press and then completed the goal with a 694 pound deadlift. He has now set all time world records in 2 weight classes. Both were unquestionable totals, and has shown the potential for a possible assault on 1,700. Very few lifters or athletes for that matter will ever shine at the top of their sport as the all time best. Kyle Keough has done it twice...

The 2 Biggest Squats In The World Raw!

What a year of incredible squats! Big Ray Williams became the first man in history to squat 1000 pounds raw and then now Jezza Uepa has done it! Ray Holds the All Time world record at 1005 pounds and Jezza now holds the IPF world record at 1003! The interesting thing here is that both of these remarkable lifts were done under drug tested conditions! That's right, the only 2 raw without wraps squats ever done over a grand were both drug tested! Goes to show that hard work and dedication as well as genetics are the most important things when it comes to lifting heavy. Drugs will never outshine these factors. The best are the best no matter what the conditions. For some this will be a hard pill to swallow, no pun intended!

Championship of St.Petersburg on Powerlifting 03.12.2016, Men 120+ kg, Leaders lifts

1. Ivan Ryabenkov 385+230+347,5=962,5 kg, Ivan only 20 years old (he is Junior)!
2. Viktor Kurnikov 360+267,5+332,5=960 kg
3. Alexandr Mokeev 375+280+282,5=937,5 kg

USPA NEWSLETTER: December Edition

Hello USPA family!

We are kicking off the New Year with the USPA American Cup at the LA Fit Expo, presented by Iron Rebel, on January 7-8, 2017! The LA Fit Expo is one of the Nation's premiere expos. Headlining the American Cup is the EPIC battle in the 275 Men's Raw Division between #1 Ranked Dennis Cornelius, Andy Huang and Dane Dillon! Roster .

If you live in Southern California, be sure to attend this event. For those of you who can't make it, we will be providing a live stream link; make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updated information.