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IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships 2015 - world record lifts

Here are some world record results from the IPF Worlds:

Andriy Naniev from Ukraine Bench Press new World record of 265kg in the 83kg class:


Alexey Sorokin from Russia squats World record of 375kg in the 83kg class


Jordan Wong Offseason Lower Training

By way of introduction - in spite of all we say about prehab, prevention, etc., one thing is certain: a high performance athlete is going to get injured several times in his career. There are many protocols offered by highly accomplished professionals about how to "train around injuries". How about how to compete around injuries? That's harder. Although a passion and a choice by itself for many lifters, the bench press is frequently an option for those who are still recovering from lower limb or spinal injuries. That's the case of all time record breaker Jordan Wong. Follow his training and writing.

RUM sponsorship opportunities: companies have more options and higher ROI

This year, RUM has three sponsorship classes (gold, silver and bronze), a "supporter" (companies and people who contribute work in exchange for marketing benefits) and a "Patrons" class (people who make their social media available in exchange for marketing benefits).

You will learn about all the companies and people backing RUM during the next days, when we will talk about each of them. Our gold sponsors are Complete Human Performance and Apeman Strong, our silver sponsor is Sweatpit, our supporter is designer Thabata Regiani and our Patrons are Brandon Lilly, Jordan Wong, Swede Cory Burns, Eric Brown, Jason Manenkoff and Janis Finkelman.

Strong Lifts - episode 4: footage from big names on the game

Strong Lifts episode 4 features Brett Gibbs, Kevin Oaks, Eric Lilliebridge, Olga Adamovich, Pete Rubish, Jesse Norris, John Haack, Mark Bell, Amit Sapir, Tom Finn, Alexey Drosdov, Meghan Pellatt and Andrea White.

"Bend the Bar" push-pull Competition - November 21

Greenbrier Valley Fitness (http://greenbriervalleyfitness.com/ ) is hosting a non-sanctioned Push Pull competition in Lewisburg, WV to benefit the Child and Youth Advocacy Center (http://www.childandyouthadvocacy.org/ ). All proceeds will go to the organization.

Cass Blackman totals 960

Cass Blackman, age 23, training out of Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY and under Rheta West totaled 960 (390/165/405) Saturday at the IPA Ultimate Powerlifting Championships in Ithaca, NY in the 198 Open Amateur Class setting several IPA world records. She has been focused on training for powerlifting for less than a year and has an unbelievably bright future in the sport. Now that she has her 1st elite total she is focused on training for the Women's Pro-Am in Ohio in April.

Jenny Tu squats 358lbs in the 63kg class at the USAPL Wild West Invitational

* news provided by Jason Manenkoff

Jenny Tu squatted 358lbs, at the 63kg class, at the USAPL Wild West Invitational which took place in Las Vegas this past weekend. It is 5kg over Kim Walford's USAPL American Record. She has not set a new record, since the USAPL requires there to be 3 national judges on the platform and they only had 2.

Casey Walker 11 yrs old wins 105 lb class

Here's 11 yr old Casey Walker from PA competing at 100% Raw Worlds. He weighed in at 102.7 pounds and competed in the 105 pound Open and 11 and under class. He squatted 203.8 pounds (new 105-11 and under World Record), bench pressed 110 pounds (new 105-11 and under World Record), deadlifted 270 pounds (new 105-11 and under World Record) and totaled 583.8 pounds (new 105-11 and under World Record). He placed first in the 105 Opens and 105-11 and under class. Here is the video:

RUM roster as of November 13, 2015

Find the link to the roster as of today. There are several spots to be filled, but don't leave it to the last minute: you have just five weeks remaining before the rum 9 entry deadline (all entries must be received on or before Saturday, December 19). Requests for refunds will no longer be honored.

Stacia-Al Mahoe broke her own deadlift and total all time records at the 97lbs class

Stacia-Al Mahoe competed at the Reebok Record Breakers meet that took place this past weekend in Dublin, CA. She pulled 347lbs and totaled 743lbs in knee sleeves.

Susan Salazar sets another all time record for the deadlift at the 132lbs raw with wraps division

Susan Salazar lifted at the Reebok Record Breakers meet at CSA gym, pulling 485lbs and setting a new all-time world record deadlift and total at 124lbs in the 132lbs division raw with wraps. Her final numbers were 429.9/242.5/485for 1,157.4lbs total.

USA Powerlifting Coach Certification in Racine, WI

USA Powerlifting will be hosting another Coaching Certification Course in Racine, WI on Sunday, December 6. The deadline to register for this course is Thursday, November 12. Those interested in taking this course can earn NSCA CEU's.

Mike Armour totals 1705lbs at the Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa on the 8th of November

Mike Armour competed this weekend at the Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa, FL and hit a 1705lbs total at 239lbs bodyweight, achieving an elite total.

Yuki Fukishima benching 710lbs, single ply, on the 182lbs class

* provided by Jason Manenkoff

Here is footage of 83kg (182 lb. class)

Yuki Fukushima with a 710 lb. (322.5 kg) press!

Jeff Frank squats 1155lbs at Relentless Detroit and rises to 7th all time best

Jeff Frank competing in Relentless Detroit
on his second attempt squat of 1,155lbs
which puts him at 7th all-time in the squat in the multi-ply division: