Chad Wesley Smith With 805!

Good explanation on his squat session with 805 pounds for 2 solid reps!

"805x2 Squat PR in belt and knee sleeves (Rehbands-turned inside out, hence the all black) by Chad Wesley Smith and an explanation of how he performs and implement walkout and holds as an overload tool in his squat training."

Lance Ross 805 x 2 Reps at 51!!

Lance, currently ranked # 1 in the masters raw 308 class in the deadlift with 777
is shown here pulling 805 pounds for 2 reps which would not only be ranked number one but it would also be the All Time Masters over 50 World record!

Zahir Khudayaro Squats 859 for 3 Reps!!

9/29/2014 - Khudayarov former world reccord holder in the total at 242, is shown here with an astonishing set in the squat with 390 kg! (859.7 lbs)

"Zahir Khudayarov (242) will go head to head with Dan Green at the GPA Raw Worlds 2014 in Sydney."

CONGRATULATIONS to Bobby Jack "BJ" Whitehead!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! You made the “2000 RAW Total Hall of Fame,” and your performance is listed on page 22 of the “Records” document.

Total X-Bwt Wt. Div. Male Lifter/ Nationality/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation

CONGRATULATIONS to Reggie Dukes & David Elmore!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH of you! You both made the “All Time Top-20 RAW Rankings!!!!!”
You can view your performances in the “Subscriber Only” section:

165 Pound (75 Kilogram) Men’s Weight Division -- RAW Squat
Squat X-Bwt RAW Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation

Eric Lilliebridge : 850 Dead

"This was my 2nd heavy Deadlift workout for my meet prep towards GPA Worlds. I'm exactly 8 weeks out from the meet from this weekend. I only have 6 weeks left of heavy training for my peaking cycle. The last 2 weeks before a meet, I always de load and rest to be 100% recovered on meet day. Everything felt great for this training session.

MONSTER GARAGE GYM: Steve Brock 960LB Squat

From Monster Garage Gym: Footage of Steve Brock's 960LB training squat. Steve is 6-Weeks out from the 2014 WPC Worlds. He has been focused on hitting depth and it is paying off huge time for him. Steve is a Master I lifter in the 140KG weight class.

Pat Susco All Time WR Squat of 700!

Veteran powerlifter Pat Susco set the all-time Raw 242 Masters 60-69 squat record ...700lbs. barefoot!..Pat weighed in @ 230 and made a triple b.w. squat! He made this lift at Skiba's Gym yesterday Sept 27th 2014.

Eric Lilliebridge Powerlifting Motivation - THE UNSTOPPABLE BEAST

Watch the awesome motivational video put up by "The Motivator".
Eric is one of the most impressive lifters to come in some time. That includes all genres of todays chaotic lifting world.. Multi, single or raw watching him lift will either push you to your limits or make you find another sport!

Jezza 881 lb RAW Squat at Iron Underground Powerlifting Brisbane

Jezza of Nauru hitting a massive 400kg RAW Squat here at Iron Underground,
Brisbane in his lead up to the Pacific Invitational Challenge
at the Sydney Fitness Show...

2014 WPC Worlds roster



Kevin OAK 703 Lb x 3

Recent footage of Kevin Oak squatting

703 pounds for 3 reps with out wraps!

Team Unstoppable Force Powerlifting

Lifter Sammy "ALIEN MODE" Graham will be competing in the USAPL November 22 in the desert of Arizona! Sammy is looking to move
up the masters rankings to the number 3 spot.

Strength Talk Interviews Daniel Tinajero Sept 28th5pm PST, 8pm EST

Don’t miss Sunday Sept 28th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST as Strength Talk’s Anthony Pastorello interviews the dominating Daniel Tinajero.

Dan is coming off of a huge performance with a 2500 total at the Westside Pro, losing becasue of body weight to Jimmie Pacifico; then he had a monster comeback with a win at that USPA Olympia, beating number 1 ranked Ben O’Brian, with a 2276 and earned the best lifter award.

Listen as we discuss training methods, competing singly ply vs multiply, what's coming up next and the direction of powerlifting.

Tara Green Squats 540lbs @ The Olympia Ranking her #1 single ply @ 181

Tara Green squatted 540lbs on her opener at the USPA Olympia this weekend.

This lift ranks her #1 single ply @ 181 lbs on the PLW best of the best!