Al Laporte moves to #1

Al Laporte at 54 years old competed in the RPS Veterans Day Powerlifting Meet on November 12, 2016. Al who usually competes in all 3 lifts decided to just concentrate on the bench for this one after slightly injuring his knee. Al successfully completed all 3 lifts of 429 lbs, 440 lbs and 451 lbs. His last attempt of 451 lbs shown in the video moved him to the #1 spot in the 220 lb Masters over 50 bench press. Al weighed in at 216.5 lbs. He is currently ranked #1 in bench press (451 lbs), #2 in squat (573 lbs) #12 in deadlift (573 lbs) and #2 for total (1581 lbs) in the 220 lb Raw with Wraps Masters over 50 division. Goals for the future include making a run at the All Time American record and the All Time World record for Total and Bench Press. Al lifts out of inGear Fitness Misfits Powerlifting Team in Stuart Florida.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jordan Lupul & Dane Dillon!!!

IPL (CPL) Canadian Nationals -- 8/20/16 -- (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

CONGRATULATIONS on your INCREDIBLE RAW performances! You BOTH made the "RAW All Time Rankings!!!!!" I just got through emailing Johnny Vasquez & Dave Bates the updated “Records,” “Rankings” and “Rankings-RAW” documents! You can view your performances in the “Subscriber Only” section:

Could you all please forward this email to Jordan Lupul??? I do NOT have his email address. Please ask him if it’s OK for you to give me his email address. I’d like to have it on file for future email alerts!

275 Pound (125 Kilogram) Men’s Weight Division -- RAW Squat
RAW Squat X-Bwt RAW Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation
9. 854.3 (387.5) *3.11X Jordan Lupul (Canada/84) 8/20/16 (387.5 kg. @ 124.4 kg., without a squat suit.) (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) (IPL)
Page 23 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

CONGRATULATIONS to James Searcy Jr.!!!

USPA RAW Goggins Force Invitational -- 10/28-29/16 -- (Atlanta, Georgia)
James Searcy Jr: 2,132 Pounds at 298!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your INCREDIBLE RAW performance! You made the "RAW All Time Rankings!!!!!" I just got through emailing Johnny Vasquez & Dave Bates the updated “Records,” “Rankings” and “Rankings-RAW” documents! You can view your performance in the “Subscriber Only” section:

Total X-Bwt Wt. Div. Male Lifter/ Nationality/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation
71. 2133.0 (967.5) *7.16X 308 (140) James Searcy Jr. (US/90) 10/29/16 (387.5+215.0+365.0=967.5 kg. @ 135.2 kg. Lifts done without a squat suit, knee wraps or a bench press shirt.) (Atlanta, Georgia) (USPA)
Page 23 of the “Records” document.

Heavy Holds By Jennifer Thompson

World IPF Powerlifting Champion, Jennifer Thompson, give a tutorial on her favorite bench press exercise, heavy holds.

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2016 IPF World Open Championships- Live

Check out the 2016 IPF World Open Championships- Live
The meet is in Orlando, Florida from 14 − 19 NOV 2016
2016 IPF World Open Championships- Live

Shannon Nash claims ALL Time World Record 365 bench

Shannon Nash benched 365lbs @ 184.4lbs at the 365 nationals on 10/29/16

Congratulations Shannon!!

Plates weighed officially and certified by Superior Scale Inc

Kentucky State Championships Just Around the Corner!!!!

Meet will be capped at 60 lifters, so get your entries in asap! This event will be held at Everyday Athletes
1808 Production Dr, Louisville, KY 40299
This is one of the last events of the year! So if you are interested in finishing off the year with a higher ranking on the 2016 ranking lists, don't hesitate and definitely don't miss this opportunity!!!
This is an open meet therefore anyone from all over the country can compete (Keep in mind, Kentucky State Records are for Kentucky residents only).

Exciting Announcement from Hercules Gym!!

This past weekend was the 2016 Beasts of NY powerlifting meet at Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY. It was a great meet!! 62 lifters came together for a great time and huge lifts coming from PA, NJ, Canada, and all over NY state. 12 year old Layla Merkh deadlifted 185! 17 year old Brian Nguyen squatted 705 raw! Anthony Hobaica totaled 1900 @ 181! Amazing Juan Collazo competed at 80 years old and totaled 915!! There were so many proud, emotional, exciting moments. You can find all the results and the special awards given at:

"Big On The Basics Beyond": Deadlift with Animal's Pete Rubish

Animal Big On Basics Series

In this episode of “Big On The Basics: BEYOND”, Pete Rubish goes in depth on every aspect of deadlifting from form to mental cues to gear. While Pete focuses on the conventional pull, what he shows you can be applied to sumo as well. This video is a masters class in the deadlift, with Pete showcasing his approach that has forged him into one of the best in the business. In this installment, Pete provides in-depth instruction as well as tips on how to use the right equipment. Also from Pete, Big on the Basics, Back Raises:

Rene Garganta : Master Power!

Posted by Josh Bryant

#Oldmanstrength with this 540 close grip w/ sling shot---this after hitting a gym raw bench PR of 510 faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind! Good job Rene Garganta
The sling shot is designed to mimic the natural muscle movement by lengthening and shortening with the muscles. This gives support on the negative and the positive phases of the bench press.
Juxtaposed to a bench shirt, the sling shot does not change the groove of a bench press; meaning you can overload the same movement you are trying to overload. Forget a steep learning curve, just throw that bad boy on and go.
Many folks are surprised to learn I have used the sling shot with elite raw bench pressers but think about it, stress is reduced on the chest, shoulders and elbows, while overload is placed on the triceps. Not to mention you can bench over your true max.

Kim Valentine's 942 at 107!

With all the great performances by the men at the Reebok Record Breakers, not to be over looked was Kim Tran aka Valentine! She was just 2 lbs off of making weight at 105.
Had she made it she would have destroyed the world record total.
Even so, she still had enough to take best lifter for the women!

All Time Master Records Updates

In the coming weeks I will be performing a deep search of all missed masters world records. The open records are sent to us often with open lifters always on the ball on what the current records are. Many master lifters over 50 tend not to know what the all time records are or some simply do not spend much time online. Its just the nature of the beast.. So there may be some records missed over the past few years and therefore there maybe some records higher than what we have listed. We shall soon find out. Furthermore the women's master records will also debut. Those records are long overdue. I hope to have everything updated completely by January 1st 2017.

WABDL Worlds Streaming

The WABDL Channel is now up and running 24 x 7 to the conclusion of Worlds. It has helpful information about the hotel and suggestions on shows and dining. This is the same link you will click to watch all the lifts starting tuesday the week of the meet. There will also be a link provided on the WABDL Website.

Welker Engineering
BALLY’S/PARIS RESORT HOTEL – 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tuesday– Sunday, November 15 – 20, 2016


WPC World Championships - Livestream Coverage

WPC World Championships November 7-13, 2016, held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Live Streams will start each day at 0900 CST (1500 GMT).

Go to to view past days.

Jeremy Hoornstra 635 Training Bench

One of the greatest benchers of all time, Jeremy Hoornstra back in the saddle!

Here he is powering up 635 pounds!