LEROY WALKER VS DA HULK. 605 Paused reps.

Here's the full length version of Da Real Hulk Smash video.
This features tips tools and methods used by Leroy Walker
as he prepares for the Muscle Beach Lift off.

APA Southern Raw Power Showdown! (Cash Meet)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce that I will be hosting the APA Southern Raw Power Showdown in Troy, AL this year on July 26th. I will be giving away cash prizes for men's best lifter, men's runner up, men's third place, and women's best lifter. I will start out with 750 for the men's best lifter and 100 for the women's best lifter. I'm sorry the women's is much lower. For every 5 women full power that we have I will give away 100 dollars. If I get over 50 lifters total I will give away 1000 for men's best lifter.

Ben Puccio Breaks 181 AllTime Record!

Ben Puccio made the cut to 181 to attempt the all time world record held be none other than one of the sports most "intense" lifters Jamie Lewis!
Although Ben did not have the day he was looking for, he was able to secure the record by 5 lbs with a 660 pound deadlift.
Here is the break down:

RPS New England 3/29/14 Raw without knee wraps division
Next Level Fitness
Johnston, Rhode Island

Rothman Shines At East Coast!

Lisa Rothman AKA Princess Deadlift strutted her stuff at today's USPA East Coast Championships in Ft Lauderdale Florida! She came in at only 104.6 lbs and made a big squat of 264 just missing a record busting 272 squat. She benched 137 and this subtotal set her up for her pet lift! She blasted an new All Time American record tying deadlift of 358 pounds! Her total maintains her 2nd ranked placing on the ranks. This total also gave her the best overall female lifter.

Brandon Braner Blasts 639 Lbs!

Brandon Braner powers up some big weights at the APF Relentless Meet! Brandon maintains his 3rd ranked position but moves it a little closer to Mejias' 640 2nd ranked press at super.

"Here is a video of my client Brandon Braner
bench pressing 639 Pounds Raw with ease at APF Relentless Meet
" ~ J. Bryant

Brantley Thornton SPF Performance

"Had the worst meet I've had!! only went 4/9 missed lots of easy weights. Went 650 white 675 red 675 red, 425 white 450 white 465 red, 650 white 700 red 700 red. Went 1750 didn't even beat my own record. Just felt off on everything... Had worst training cycle of my life and it showed! Weight cut was a easiest I've had but when it's not there its not there.... got to figure my next meet and move from here."

680lb Raw squat at 198lbs: Brandon Tunquist

This is Brandon's opening squat attempt at the XPC Raw Finals. 680lbs for a 5lb PR at 21 years old and it is 13th on the all time list.
He weighed in at 195lbs as well.
He also had a very close miss with 730lbs which would have been #2 all-time.

Freddi "Finsk Sisu" Smulter drug-tested single ply benchpress 395 kilos

Finnish IPF lifter/super stud Freddi "Finsk Sisu" Smulter recently did 870 lbs (395kg) in training at his gym Pighouse Gym.

20 kilos (approx 44 lbs) more than the current world record.

Freddi Smulter won the benchpress world championships in the SHW division in 2012.
But has recently focused mostly on raw lifting. Seems he's still in good shirted form.

SPF Women's Weekend

Here is the Women's Roster:
Name Division Weight Class State Seminar
angela denney Tennessee Yes
Harley Kohler New York Yes
Emily Wilcox NC Yes
Kerri Sue Davis KY Yes
Kelly Bowen Ohio Yes
Regina Castillo IL Yes
Brittany Bullock Multi-Ply Full Power 97 Ohio No

Here's the link to the roster:

Another powerlifting Granny!

Virginia Cornelius, 75, of Ronan, MT, owns two world records after the tenth annual Montana WABDL meet on Saturday, March 11. Cornelius, competing in the Master’s Women 181m 75-79 class, with a body-weight of 169 lbs, lifted a 90.1 lb bench press and a 165 lb deadlift. You can read the article here: http://www.kpax.com/news/75-year-old-breaks-weightlifting-records-in-missoula

Relentless 2014- Live!

( Relentless 2014- Live! ) The bench only competition is Friday 3/28/14 starting at 6:00pm Central time. Some of the competitors include: Shawn Frankl, Brandon Braner, David the Beast Douglas, Maura Shuttleworth, Tom Waldrep, Jeff McVicar, Tommy Westhoff, Jj Thomas, Jake Prazak, Matt Houser and Robert Vick. Full Power, Push/Pull and Deadlift only is Saturday 3/29/14 starting at 9:00am Central time.

Tom Finn Jr APF/AAPF IL State 473lb RAW Bench

This is Tom "Huck" Finn's 473lb Raw bench press @220lbs. This is the new AAPF drug tested American record. The meet director is dick Zenzen and it was held at Sycamore High School.
Ranks him # 15 tied 473 / 215Kg bench ...

Somebody is stealing the FREE Nextlifter software and trying to sell it.

Thanks to Blaine Sumner for giving me a heads ups. It seems somebody copied the FREE barload software from my website, claimed that he wrote it and is trying to sell it.

"Joe - hopefully you know this guy. If not, looks like someone is claiming your bar loaded macro, claiming it as their own, and trying to make $$$ off it. Just a heads up."

USAPL Georgia Spring Open- roster/flight breakdown

The roster/flight breakdown has been posted for the USAPL Georgia Spring Open, sponsored by Bigger than Gods Apparel. The meet will be in Savannah, GA on April 5. There are 70 lifters signed up and not short on talent. Ann Leverett and Mike Mastrean headline the equipped lifters while Vanessa Gale and John Rivas headline the raw lifters. Read more below.

elitefts™ A Gearwhore’s Guide to the Galaxy

A Gearwhore’s Guide to the Galaxy by Marshall Johnson- I take pride in hitting deep, no-questions-about-it squats. I take even more pride in those squats if they are in multi-ply gear. For quite a while, I have wanted to write an article in order to share with elitefts™ readers how I break in a new squat suit and hit depth with lighter weights. Read more ( Gearwhore’s Guide )