Brett Gibbs Vs Josh Hancott: Ultimate Squat & Bench Challenge

This is an exciting and fun challenge to watch:
two highly awarded powerlifters challenge each other over…
the privilege of keeping their beard!

TUESDAY – Assistance work of the week: Bob Merkh, Brandon Lilly, Tom Haviland, Tom Emelander

Assistance work includes all the exercises in a routine that are not the specific powerlift in full range of motion and done in competitive setting (just the rack or bench, no bands, chains, etc). Assistance work “assists” the lift’s improvement according to the coach/athlete’s goals.

Bob Merkh

Heavy chains on Chris Duffin's Duffalo bar. First time using this thing and it is awesome. Ordered it a week ago and it's already my favorite piece of equipment. Multi Ply work continues.

365 SPF Sanctioned Event: Eastern USA Classic

365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation had a great turnout for the Eastern USA Classic.
Lifting was highlighted by 18 year old teenager Andrew Hause
who went 9 for 9 to post an Elite 242 lb. total of 1735!

2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate National Championships- Live

Check out the 2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate National Championships- Live! They are being held in Providence,
Rhode Island The meet runs April 14th-17th, 2016 Lifting starts at 9 am each day!
(2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate National Championships- Live!)

MONDAY – announcements of the week

USPA - San Jose Fit Expo Powerlifting

05/21/2016 - 05/22/2016
Sat, May 21, All women plus men up to 82.5kg/181 for Raw, Classic Raw

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend: Liz Freel Deadlift Classic and the Special Olympics Regional Powerlifting Championship C

Liz Freel Deadlift Classic: this is what powerlifting is all about

On Saturday, Apr 9, 2016 the USPA held the “Liz Freel Deadlift Classic” in honor of the great lifter Liz Freel, whose fight against cancer has mobilized and inspired all the community. The meet director was Leonetta Richardson and it took place at Metroflex Gym (Long Beach, CA).

A huge crowd was present, as Liz actually lifted at the meet. Here are two videos that captured the moment:


"Ron Ringewold (aka Papa Smurf) recently competed at the WABDL World Cup in Wisconsin Dells, WI on April 9, 2016. Ron came out of retirement at 80 years young and broke the WABDL Master Men 80-84 World Deadlift Record @ 181 with this 364.8 lbs 2nd attempt. The prior record was set way back in 2007. Ron hopes to compete at WABDL Worlds in November where he hopes to go over 400 lbs."

Thomas TD Davis More Big Benching

23 year old and virtually un-known RAW bencher Thomas TD Davis.
This guy made his big debut at the USA Powerlifting Arnold Classic Bench Press Competition.

0-500lbs. bench and back down:

Shelly Cannon explains psychological aspects of athletes’ relation with food and shares her experience

Shelly Cannon is a "quasi-professional" athlete, personal trainer and liberal studies graduate (psychology, business, and law) from Florida. "Quasi-professional" refers to the fact that the sports she competes in are not professional. Yet, her dedication and attitude reflect a level of commitment of one who "professes the faith" (professional!). We will squeeze some thoughts and advice from this rising star in the Iron Arts.

PLW - Please give our readers an overview of your athletic history and recent achievements.

Sorokin Alexey squat 380kg@83kg, Championship of Russia 2016

Alexey set a new record of Russia! This result exceeds the world record for 5 kg!

(837 lbs at 182)

SATURDAY – good talks of the week: Dave Tate and JL Holdworth, Omar Isuf and Jeremy Hamilton, Jessie Marvin and Jason Blaha

And we finish the week with the interviews, round tables, video classes and other video talks that might be useful to our community.

Dave Tate and JL Holdsworth Table Talk Season Preview -
Published on Mar 31, 2016
Episodes will be released every Saturday

SATURDAY – good reads of the week: Janis Finkelman and Dani Overcash

Today we have two of the most insightful people in the powerlifting community - Janis Finkelman and Dani Overcash -, both female and approaching their topics through a female perspective. These female high performance athletes, professionals, writers and scholars are helping reshape and broaden our understanding of the strength universe.

Powerlifter and dietitian Manny Prieto helps us to understand Strength and Diet

* a Powerlifting Watch exclusive

Manny Prieto is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Strength Coach, Nationally Ranked Powerlifter (60/66 kg Wt Class). We have asked him to answer a few questions about strength and diet to help our readers, whether they want to lose or gain weight, stay on the same class or make weight for competition.

PLW - Please give us an overview of your professional and athletic careers.

Manny - I was an athlete before I became a Dietitian or a powerlifter, so that’s as good a place as any to start. Growing up I played a wide variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, and martial arts, but track and field was my main sport. I competed in the sprints (100m-400m), long jump, and triple jump all the way through high school. It was when I was in high school that I not only first stepped into the weight room but started reading about how nutrition influences sport performance. I started reading more about nutrition as well as strength and conditioning, laying the foundation for my professional career. As an aside, one of the resources I utilized early on was the Charlie Francis Forums. I didn’t post much there but I read everything I could.

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week # 2: Zahir Khudayarov, Jeremy Hoornstra and Ernie Lilliebrige Jr.

More Friday powerlifting awesomeness for our readers! Check out what these world record breakers have been doing.

Zahir Khudayarov raw bench press 260 x 1 (573 lbs)

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week # 1: Adam Pine, Eric Lilliebridge and Emily DeMorest

Friday is our day to celebrate great lifts done by the members of our Powerlifting community at the gym. After all, the road to the platform is paved with a lot of gym work.

Adam Pine, 700 Deadlift