Enter The Cage Chapter II (2015)

Some of the greatest feats of strength can be found in The Cage at the Arnold Fit Expo under the Animal banner. In this episode, you will witness some of it from the likes of Sam Byrd, Tom Kallas, Ibn Mahama, Grant Higa, and more.

China add two world records at 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships

Chinese powerlifters Jixiong Ye and Yujiao Tan set China's second and third world records of the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Tuesday (28 July), completing a masterful display in their respective events.

Ye (226kg) cleared all three lifts on his way to gold in the men's up to 88kg, before setting the 230kg record in the fourth round. The 22-year-old added 0.5kg onto the previous world mark of Iranian silver medallist Seyedhamed Solhipourvanji (220kg).

Brett Gibbs Wins IPF Worlds

After drug test results have come back Jose Castillo has now failed for a second time and faces an 8 yr to life time ban. As a result Brett Gibbs takes the Gold medal for 2015.

"I have just officially heard that the person standing in gold medal position, the person to deny my first open world championship (Jose Castillo) has failed his drug test (for the 2nd time) for a drug called Stanazolol (or something).

Flat Bench & Dumbbell Bench Heavy Volume Training

This last week of training was the start of my 12 week training cycle for MetroFlex LBC USPA Meet in October & The last week of me doing any type of bench Dumbbell work just to cut down chance of injury so I went out with a bang 200 lbs Dumbbells

Over 800 Expected at GPC Worlds!

Calling all USA Lifters, we need to unite! How many of you would like to compete in a true World Championship with close to 40 countries competing??? The GPC World Championships are being held in Las Vegas Sept 12th thru Sept 19th....
contact Jesse Rodgers at 423-255-3672 to enter!!!

Meghan K Pellatt New USAPL AR Records

Reported on World Powerlifting Now

World Powerlifting Now Facebook page
Reported by Manny Prieto: USAPL/IPF lifter Meghan K Pellatt has had her share of accomplishments in the 63 kg weight class, coming in second only to Jennifer Thompson at this year's Arnold Sports Festival as well as the past two Raw Nationals, and even a Silver Medal in the Deadlift at the 2014 IPF Classic Worlds. But this past weekend at the USAPL Rocky Mountain State Games in Colorado,

Big Al Davis, 495 x 8 Reps Raw Bench Press

In a recent training session Big Al Davis

hit a 495 for 8 Reps Raw Bench Press!

Iraq's Mohsin breaks world record at 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships

Iraqi Beijing 2008 silver medallist Rasool Mohsin headlined the second day of competition at the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships on Monday (27 July), breaking the men's up to 72kg world record twice in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Mohsin eased into competition at the Baluan Sholak Sports Palace with a 212kg first lift, before adding 2kg to the world best in the second round with 222kg. Buoyed by his form, the 27-year-old then secured victory with a 225kg third attempt.

Chalk Talk Episode # 11 - Cutting Weight

In our eleventh episode, we discuss the ins and outs of cutting weight: who should do it, when to do it, and how to make the process as pain-free as possible if you need to do it.
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Tricep Hell Challenge 2015

The athlete must perform as many repetitions as possible lifting the weight set for their category (see categories below). The athlete will begin the lift with just the Repboards strap attached to the chest, and no boards. They will then perform 5 repetitions, making sure that the barbell touches the chest and is fully locked out after each repetition. After the 5th repetition the athlete must keep the barbell in a locked out position while the spotter adds the first board, the athlete then performs a further 5 repetitions.

Amit Sapir Drops to 181!

At a meet yesterday In Vancouver BC Amit dropped roughly 26 pounds to make weight at 181 and came away with one of the most astonishing world records of all time! 744 pound raw squat (no wraps in case you're wondering) at 181 is 4.09 x body weight!! He is the only man in the world currently capable of it. His performance started with the 744 but went on to bench 402 and pull 523 for a 1,669 total.

Kent Spires benches 524 at 196

Can Am bench wars in Detroit Michigan July 25. Kent Spires benched 524 lbs making a new WPC master world record in the 90kg class. He then attempted 552 lbs to break the open world record he came up just short this time.

World's best lifters gather in Almaty for 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships

A raft of Asian, world and Paralympic champions have arrived in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships which begin on Sunday (26 July).

More than 220 athletes from 32 countries have made the journey to Almaty, making it one of the biggest Asian Championships ever.

All five days of competition will be streamed live at www.Almaty2015.com.

Andy Bolton Interview

Interview by Adam Foster
Andy Bolton is ones of the worlds strongest men. With an opener like that, how can you follow it?

We’re no stranger to interviewing strong men at Cheap Protein Discount Codes, having interviewed Myprotein Sponsored athlete, and on of Andy’s biggest rivals, Benedikt Magnuson in the past.

Interview With Benedikt Magnusson

Interview by Adam Foster

Benedikt Magnusson is stronger than you.

In fact, he’s stronger than most people on the planet.

Putting his exclamation point onto the strongman and powerlifting scene back in 2011, when he set the deadlift world record of 1015 lbs, 460kg.