Bench Press Party at Metroflex Gym, Part II

Big benches at Metroflex Gym With Big Josh Bryant!
Featured lifters : Hanh Champion, Rene Garganta, Al Davis, Dakota Plesa, and Alex lyons!
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Greg Doucette hits 518 @ 198

Greg Doucette competed in the IPA this past Sunday setting the open class world IPA record. He weighed in at 89.9 kg and lifted in the push pull division due to his much needed hip surgery. Greg's benches raw were (479 lbs) 217.5 kg (501 lbs) 227.5 kg (509 lbs) 231 kg (518 lbs) 235 kg. He deadlifted (628 lbs) 285 and (661 lbs) 300 and missed the (677 lbs) 307.5. The contest was held in Amhearst NS.

All star lineup set for Friday and Saturday at the USAPL Summer Showdown - Part of the World Fitness Expo in Atlanta, GA

The time has come. Here is the final roster for the USAPL Summer Showdown, part of the World Fitness Expo in Atlanta. The meet will take place this Friday and Saturday at the Georgia World Congress Center. A 30 minute re-cap show will be posted each night to highlight the top lifting from the day! Current Roster:


This is a friendly reminder that the NASA Open Nationals are coming up June 27th and 28th at the Quality Inn South,383 E. Leffel Lane Springfield, OH (937-323-8631).

Late Fee Begins on June 22nd, 2015 ($10.00 late fee) All Entries received on or After 6-22-15 will be charged a Late Fee at the Meet during Check-In. No Exceptions!!

Lifting will start 10:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday

Mike McGivern 1,805 @ 181 raw with wraps

Mike lifted at the SPF Pro Am at Tanks Training Facility. He dad an "off day" but finished with small PRs on all three to go 720/430/655 for 1,805 @ 181!!!! Thats a huge total still ranked number one in the wrapped division and still only one of 4 to total over 1800 raw with or with out wraps!

XPC Knee Sleeve Correction (UPDATE)

XPC Is NOT adding a Knee sleeve division. Lifters have always been allowed to utilize either Kneewraps or sleeves during the XPC ARNOLD CLASSIC Finals. To eliminate any confusion on what sleeves are or are not allowed.

XPC will allow all Brands of Neoprene Sleeves . SBD sleeves will no longer be exclusive.

We apologize for any confusion !!!


Ed Coan - Friendships

In this crazy world we call powerlifting, through all the bickering, all the name calling, all the fakes and all the realities... What do you get out of it? What is it that you want from this sport? Fame, money or records and trophies, well folks some can and will happen, but other things can't and wont! So why do you do this? Is it to bash others and say you're the best? Is it for self improvement? Well people, one thing that will happen in our beloved sport is you will have the memories, the trials and tribulations, the heart aches and feelings of accomplishment... Most of all... friends.

Matt Phelps 550 lb Larsen Press @ 240 bw

Training for the World Police Games,
hit a 550lb Larsen Press
(feet off the floor) @ 240 bodyweight.


Dylan Callus managed to achieve something new in his life representing Malta in the 2015 WDFPF world single lift championships. He participated in the deadlift single lift in Telford England. Weighing in with -90kg category he lifted 260 kg in deadlift setting a new European and world record in world drug free powerlifting federation teenage 3 (18 - 19 years old) bringing with him first place and a certificate.

Emma James Hits 418 @ 165 Singleply Bench!

Emma James, bench presser from the UK and also the President of the British Powerlifting Union did a single ply bench press of 418lbs in the 165 lb/75kg open womens class at the WPC European Championships in Riga, Latvia on the 10th June 2015! This ties Svetlana Dedulia-Miklasevich as having the highest singleply bench at this weight.

53 year old Sets American records in 3 meets in 3 months on Raw Bench press

Kole Carter set records in 3 federations in 3 months in the 50-54 Masters 308+ Raw Bench press. 4/18/15 APA Central Missouri Chanpionships 500lb raw bench, 5/16/15 SPF Kings and Queens of the Spring 485 raw bench (missed the 505), Then on 6/13/15 at the USPA Iron Town Classic 512.6 Raw bench. ( 490 lb opener, 502 lb, 508 lb, 512.6 lb)


Seth was born in 1974 as a triplet. He was the first baby delivered but had one of his brothers cords wrapped around his neck. Doctors feel he suffered an anoxic lesion to his cerebellum which left him with spastic and ataxic CP.

When the other boys were lifting their heads and moving about Seth was not. When he was four he had his surgery to cut ham strings (which were attached to each other) and Achilles’ tendons. He then participated in OT and PT for years.

Marks Prepares for USPA Nationals

With 4 weeks remaining before I attack the biggest meet of my career to date, really did not get clear answers on my squat today. With openers in mind, went sleeveless but still left session with more questions than answers. As 600lbs looms over my head, decided to test it without sleeves, and quads did not want any part of it as stability on the way down was compromised as quads lost strength. Yet being able to feel it was crucial. With only 2 more squat session left, next week will be very important.
Here are the highlights from today's training at a body weight of 196lbs.

UPA has come to Oregon. Sept 19th UPA sanctioned meet!

MEET DIRECTORS: Adrian Larsen – UPA Oregon State Chairman –
Jeron Kerridge – Owner of Savage Gym –
EVENT LOCATION: Savage Gym: 16285 SW 85th Ave Suite #303 Tigard, Oregon 97224
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all UPA registered athletes. Must show proof of UPA card at weigh in. All entries in UPA sanctioned events must have a valid UPA registration card. Fee is $30 per card. UPA registration for Teen division is $15. Registration will be available at weigh-ins.
WEIGH-IN: 24-HOUR WEIGH-IN RULE APPLIES. Weigh In at Savage Gym, Friday Sept 18th, 8 AM – 10-AM & 6 PM – 7 PM.

Chad Hammond Equipped 2150 @ 220!

Chad Hammond from Portsmouth, Ohio recently competed at the SPF meet "Braggin Rights" in Ashland, KY. Chad totaled 2150 @ 220 and 42 years old!

"My 925 squat & 2150 total has moved me up the American rankings in both the open & especially in the masters division, significantly. This is only my 4th meet back into powerlifting after a 13 year layoff. From 1994 thru 2001 I had regularly competed at the APF Jr. Nationals and then onto the Senior Nationals where I had qualified for the Worlds on 3 different occasions. In 1998, I competed at the WPC Worlds in Graz, Austria placing 4th."