BEAST: 855lb squat for 2 reps PR

"855 for 2 reps in prep for USPA Nationals 2014. 308lb Single ply Double PR. We have planned and now things are coming together. Strongest I have ever felt. Instead of going for a heavy single on my last heavy day, i backed it down from 870-880 for 1 to 855 for 2 which proved to be better for my confidence. I again study these videos like football tapes lol and my depth finder needs to drag alittle lower. Even though the 1st one was on target, the 2nd was questionable. Corrections will be made. This is why taping my videos for me is important.

Beau Moore 545 At 48

48 Yr old Big Beau Moore who actually turns 49 in just a few days,
blasted a new Masters 45-49 %100 Raw World Record bench!
Watch his footage:

586.5 lb Raw Bench @ 217 lbs - New All-Time WR - Kahuta (266 @ 98.4 kgs)

From etwade-
Vadim Kahuta breaks Adrian Larsen's all-time WR raw bench of 585@220 lbs with 586.5 lbs at a bodyweight of 217 at Battle of Champions 2014. Here is the footage.

Meg Holliday Wins @ 105 NASA Nationals

Meg Holliday, 105# raw lifter, recently placed 1st in her weight class at NASA Nationals, and won best female lifter in the Submaster 1 division. She squatted 92.5kg without wraps, benched 55kg, and deadlifted 122.5kg giving her a total of 270kg (203.9/121.25/270/595.24#). Earning herself spots on the Powerlifting Watch Best of the Best American for both squat and total.

RIP- Jim Lem

From Steve Denison-
I'm sad to report the passing of Jim Lem, age 85, who passed away this morning. Jim was an extraordinary Master Powerlifter. He was a member of the 2004 California Powerlifting Hall of Fame. He was also a 10 time National Master's Champion in the 181 class, 4 time IPF World Champion 181 class, National Master's Record Holder in all 3 lifts and Total in the 181 class.

Battle of Champions 2014 - warm up room - Deadlift

Battle of Champions 2014 - warm up room - Deadlift
Check out the footage!

892@228 lb Raw Deadlift - New All-time WR - Pozdeev (405@103.5 kgs)

Konstantin Pozdeev took 2nd place in RAW deadlift at "Battle of Champions" 405kg/103.5kg (892lb/228lb). This is new ALL time World Record.
Check out the footage!

Mecham benches 355kg (782) @ 110kg (242)!

Scott Mecham hits a 782.6 lb bench press in the 242 lb single ply division winning Best Overall Bench-er breaking the American record at the USPA Utah State Bench & Deadlift Championships at the 2014 Utah Strength & Fitness Expo...this is the second biggest all time 242 single ply all time ranked bench press. Check out the footage of his lift!

Jay Nera in-depth squat tutorial video

Philosopher, warrior, coach and Animal athlete Jay Nera talks about the finer points of squatting. A world class raw powerlifter and technician, Jay takes you deep through this movement. Useful for seasoned veterans and those just powerlifting. Jay competes in the 220 pound weight class and he has squatted 727 raw and without wraps. Shot at Dynamo Barbell, Ottawa.

Battle of Champions 2014 warm up room - Bench Press

From one of the most prestigious international events,
The Battle of Champions 2014 was an astonishing show of pure power.
Here's back stage footage of some of the best benchers in the world!

USPA Will Now Offer Voluntary Drug Testing

Great News for lifters who want drug testing! For those USPA lifters who wish to set drug tested Raw American and Raw World records, as kept by Powerlifting Watch, the USPA is now offering voluntary drug testing.

Here is the link for the Powerlifting Watch men's Raw drug tested World records: and men's drug tested Raw American records:

Profiles in Power #3: Shawn Bellon

Powerlifter Shawn Bellon, age 41, has his BS in Education and has been a Strength Coach and Trainer for 20 years. The 6'1", 250 lbs. Bellon trains at his home gym in Calgary, Alberta. Let's learn more about this Canadian powerhouse!

Q: How did you get introduced to the iron – by family, sports, friends, your own interest?

A: My mother was a recreational bodybuilder... worked to keep in shape. I remember having to chew big horse pill vitamins because they were tough to swallow. I started lifting at age 11. I would scavenge the town I grew up in at yard sales to collect more weights and equipment.

"Built to the Hilt"

This is the book destined to be the most talked about and most widely-used bodybuilding and strength book ever written!

Here is what is waiting for you inside of its pages…

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UPA IL new meet series announcement

Attention: Power lifters and strength athletes of all walks - I am happy to announce that Jakked Gym & UPA Illinois are now going to be hosting a new PL meet series: Single Lift Meets. These meets will showcase the squat, bench and DL in "only lift" format. All rules on the platform will coincide with UPA official rules - only real difference from UPA full power meets will be permission for same day weigh ins. Weigh-in times will be listed on entry forms.

“Battle of Champions-2014″. Results.

From Boris Sheiko-program

The 5th anniversary Battle of Champions in Arkhangelsk (Russia) has finished. In my opinion, the organization of the competition was held at the highest level. On my long coaching journey I have never seen such a well organized event. Compared with the first Battle of the Champions, where just 10 athletes took part, there were 24 participants (13 in the bench press and 11 in the deadlift) at 5th Battle of Champions. That’s 24 stars in the world of powerlifting.