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David Douglas hits 903 at the American Cup LA Fit Expo

Check out this footage of David Douglas as he hits
a 903lb / 410kg squat at the American Cup LA Fit Expo.

Rum news.. Keough pulls 282.5kg/622lbs @ 67.5kg/148lb

Check out this footage from The Strength Doc of Kyle Keough's Deadlift
282.5kg/622lbs @ RUM 8 67.5kg/148lb Weight Class!

Raw Unity VIII- Live Stream

International Powerlifting Competition Coming to DeLand
Raw Unity Meet will feature many of the world’s strongest men and women
Friday, February 6th at DeLand’s Wayne Sanborn Center the RAW Unity International Powerlifting competition begins registration and weigh-in of some of the world’s strongest people.

USPA American Pro Cup Invitational, Los Angeles Fit Expo Ustream

Please join us as Strength Talk broadcasts both days of the 2015 USPA American Cup, at the LA Fit Expo, Feb 7th and 8th. Watch top raw and classic raw athletes battle it out not only to see who this year’s American Cup Championship but also for over $3000.00 in cash and prizes. DON’T MISS OUT!!! Lifting begins at 10:05

10 year old breaks his own world record 95kg/209lbs

Kyuss Gargett 10 years old broke his own world record at IFAST facility in Indianapolis, IN. Weighing in at 78 lbs with a deadlift of 95kg/209lbs. Kyuss will be attending the Arnold this year as a spectator since he was unable to find a meet close to home.

Travis McKinney Totals 1653 At The UPA Raw Midwest Championships!

Travis McKinney had a great meet, going 7/9 in Dubuque. He competed on February 1st, weighing in at 194.5 pounds for the 198 class. At 19 years old, this was his last meet as a teenager. He totaled 1653 raw w/ wraps, and had a wilks total of 483. Travis finished the day with a 617 squat, 363 bench, and a nice PR of a 672 deadlift.

2014 Powerlifting Forum Of The Year

USPA Facebook
12% (107 votes)
14% (126 votes)
8% (74 votes)
3% (24 votes)
11% (99 votes)
9% (82 votes)
Wanna Be Big
2% (18 votes)
Testosterone Nation
12% (106 votes)
20% (179 votes)
Powerlifting UK
1% (9 votes)
Muscle and Brawn
1% (11 votes)
5% (45 votes)
Total votes: 880


Stay tuned in this weekend to powerlifting watch for all up to the hour news coming out of THE LA FIT EXPO.. In the meantime here is a look back at the year in BIG BENCHING by LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker. Video footage of training meets and seminars... THE ROAD TO 700


Fit Expo 2 times champion Sammy AlienMode Graham

will be competing Saturday to defend his max reps crown.

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Henry Thomason - Totals 2440 lbs @ 275 - Single Ply 1/31/15

Henry Thomason lifted at SPF Proving Grounds Classic -Russellville, Ark on 01/31/15.
Weighing in at 270 lbs. Squat 820,920,975 (walked out) Bench 635,705 765 Deadlift 600,660,700 - Total 2440 lbs. Getting the highest total of the meet. and #1 ranked 275 current male single ply lift in the country.

Mark Bell's PowerCast #77 - RUM (and Other Flavors) - Guest David "Zeus" Zyski | SuperTraining.TV

Super Training Gym's current strongest raw lifter, David Zyski, is headed to the Raw Unity 8 meet in Florida. His current best meet lifts are 744 squat, 511 bench press, and a 771 deadlift. We caught up with him to talk about his training background, his job in law enforcement, and what keeps him making the long drive to the gym. We also talk about what it took for him to compete in a meet shortly after his father passed away.

Super Power Seminar- Tampa Florida

In Tampa Florida? Dont miss this opportunity to attend this seminar FOR FREE with Top Trainer/Coach/Powerlifter Josh Bryant, MS and World renowned Powerlifter Fred Hatfield, PHD

Super Power Seminar
Date: February 15 2015

Brandon Allen Heavy Bench Day - 2015 American Pro Cup

Check out Performax sponsored athlete Brandon Allen as he takes us through one
of his last heavy bench days before the American Pro Cup held at the 2015 LA Fit
Expo. Make sure and stop by the Performax Booth # 1636 to meet Brandon in

De Waal won GPC raw best lifter award in 2014.

Jaco de Waal from South Africa has taken the raw (with wraps) best lifter award at the GPC powerlifting worlds during Sep 14 that was held in Argentina. His lifts were 300 (661) squat, 200 (440)bench press and 315 (694) dead lift for a 815 (1796) total in 82,5 (181) division.