From Nickolay Zhukov:
Loosely translated

Romeo Eremaschvili new ALL TIME @ 75 kg! 230.5 kg (508 lbs),Stas Milostnoy @ 82.5 237.5 kg (523 lbs)
Andrew Slipchenko @ 110 265kg (584 lbs)
Murad Alibegov 275kg!!!

Best way to train for single ply

Will the newly set raw 181lb total fall at Rum?

RUM has always had the most all time world records broken each and every year than any other raw contest in the world! The 181 weight class is stacked this year and 3 of the former 181 world record holders are in it! Trevor Jaffe, Ben Puccio, Adam Miller, Max Misch, Mike Garozzo, Chris Priore, Anthony Hobaica, John Haack, Zack Parker, Jeff Hart, Jamie Lewis. With this kind of line-up the record could be in jeopardy!

LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker Gym bombs 605 raw incline

On the road to 700 @ The La Fit Expo in Feb,
The Machine took a pit stop to RAW incline press
605 @ his local 24 hour fitness..

USAPL Ohio Meeting


Hello all just passing on a reminder of the State Meeting January 10, 2015 at Kings Gym 1-3pm. 24775 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights , Ohio 44146
New State chair will be elected, anyone interested in running please contact Gregory Page directly. 

Becky Rich Back On The Platform!

At the USPA Strong Like Bull meet in Kansas City, MO, Becky Rich stepped on the platform at 133.5 pounds. There she posted a 303 squat, benched 220 pounds and then pulled 341 in the deadlift. She totaled 865 which will place her 18th at 148. Had she made weight she would have been 6th at 132!

Brandon Cass 220 700x10 reps dl raw

More from Brandon Cass!
Here he is pulling 700 pounds for 10 reps!
Training seems to be going well!

Yarnell Marks USPA Squat Training

After 3 weeks of training w/o belt or sleeves, added both today. With 5 weeks to go weighing in at 191, out together decent session. Marks Wil be competing in USPA REVOLUTION FITNESS OPEN in Hattiesburg MS Jan 24, 2015.

Andrej Mostovenko New All-Time Record 787,5kg/1736lbs @ 81,8/180 bw RAW

The 181 class has been a hot bed of talent lately! Much like the 165 pound class, the talent has been coming out of the wood works! Andrej Mostovenko, at the Bembel Man X broke the the total record for the Raw 181 class with a 1,736 total! This was done with a massive 644 squat, 407 bench press and then pulled 683!

New All-Time Record Total @ 82,5kg/181lbs - 787,5kg/1736lbs
Squat: 270-285-292,5
Bench Press: 170-180-185
Deadlift: 285-300-310


As many lifters may be aware, RAW Unity Meet Founder and Director Eric Talmant has stepped down for health reasons. We want to thank Eric for his years of service and wish him all the best!

On Saturday, December 20, Barry Gershman, Bob Gaynor, and Spero Tshontikidis met to discuss RUM 8 and how to best move forward in Eric’s absence. The three will serve as the event’s Meet Directors, each bringing an area of expertise that will allow RUM to continue to grow and serve the sport’s strongest athletes. In addition, Johnny Vasquez of Powerlifting Watch will continue to serve as an advisor for the annual event.

Aleksey Nikulin All Time 738 Squat at 181 In Just Wraps!

Aleksey Nikulin made 335 kilos in squat at Russian WPA Cup raw with wraps. In total he got 335 in squat, 170 in BP and 305 in DL. Thats 738 pounds in the squat, 374 bench press and a 672 deadlift for whopping 1,785 pound total (810kg)!

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate / PAVA (Power Against Violence & Abuse) to Donate $1000!

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate / PAVA (Power Against Violence & Abuse) to Donate
$1,000.00 towards XPC ARNOLD CLASSIC Women's Finals payout!!!!

We are happy to announce that we will be contributing $1.000.00 in the name of
our 501c-3 Registered Charity POWER AGAINST VIOLENCE & ABUSE. PAVA's mission is
to advocate against & educate against Violence in all forms but especially when
it affects Women & Animals .

BEAST: 810lbs for 3 reps raw w/wraps

"810lbs for 3 reps PR! Crazy session today. Been thinking about this session ever since I left last weeks session. Wrapped solid with my Iron Rebel Power Gear rhino knee wraps. Felt extremely solid lifting and the bar speed brought confidence. Talked it over with some teammates and the planned weeks ahead to the comp has left me eager and excited for the journey ahead! Thank you South Kounty Wrecking Krew for having my back with this session and all my sessions!"

Ron Hale Passed Away 12/8/14

Ron Hale of Indiana known as the "Hoosier Bruiser" in Herb Glossbrenner's October 1995 article on Ron passed away and left our iron game permanently Dec 8th 2014. Ron won the 1969 AAU Championships when tight suits and shirts were not even invented yet. Ron didn't even wear ace bandages that were legal. He thought of them as cheating. By 1970 Ron came close to becoming the first 165 pounder to bench 400 pounds by hitting a meet that November in Toledo he made a 390 Record tying bench!

Kyuss Gargett Over 2x BW Deadlift @ age 10

Weighing under 80 pounds, 10 year old Kyuss Gargett pulled
a NGPF youth world record of 190 pounds!!
An amazing lift for such a young powerlifter!
He looks like he had even more!