Pat Susco 505 Deadlift for 5 at 65!!!

All time master squat record holder Pat Susco demonstrates his pulling capabilities!

He is an inspiration to us all and Pat we need to see you on the platform some day soon!

Ashton Rouska 765 Deadlift!!!

One of the top young lifters n the world! Ashton pulls 765 and he still a teen!

"First 8 plate , 765 lb deadlift!!!! Huge lifetime milestone. Felt there was a little more there. I told myself I'd accomplish this before 20, and by God's continuing grace, the support of my brothers and sisters, and by sheer willpower, I will ascend to further heights. After PT in the AM, essentially labor from 9am-5pm, and judging powerlifting meet (plus toe). I mention that to prove my point: It really is mental...and heart.
Release me from these restraints, unchain my fury, and unleash the beast.
" ~ Ashton Rouska

2016 Gym Of The Year Nominations

So far Ray Williams and Rheat West are your 2016 lifters of the year! Now it's time for the gym of the year award! There is no limit as to how many gyms can be nominated BUT only gyms that have ranked lifters will be considered for the poll! If you do not have ranked lifters in your gym, it will not be on the poll! Good luck to all... Nominate here, Facebook or my email: (NEED CITY AND STATE)

Nominations will only last 1 week! (2-11-17)

Powerlifters Against Hunger!

We....(Python Power League) put on charity meets for different causes.....
We have done meets for.....Battered Women Shelters, Fire Rescue, Feeding the Hungry,
Prep School Education, Alzheimer's, Church Ministries and more.

100% of the money raised goes to the charities.

Meet Information

James Strickland, Off-Season Bench Training (With Commentary)

Over the last few months, James Strickland, better known to some on the Instagram circuit as Swimhack, has cracked 600 raw in the bench press and set a string of other personal and USPA American Records in the bench press, which include a 633 bench press at a 290 body weight along with a 612 bench press at a 273 body weight.

Henry Thomason Ranked #1 - Back to Back Years 275's (Sp) w/ 2,353.4 lbs !

2016 WPC - Powerlifting World Championships 11/13/16 @ Baton Rouge, LA
Henry Thomason Results - Men's Open 275 Single - Ply – / Placed 1st and lifted the Biggest Total and Bench Press of Open Men's Division . Squat: 920, 981x, PASS - Bench Press: 639, 694, 738.5 (WR) Deadlift: 622, 694, 733x Total 2,353 lbs. / 1067.5 kg (WR). This total ranks Henry y #1 for total (2016) . And also makes it back to back years .(2015) with a total of 2,440 lbs.

Kimberly Walford pulls 535.7lbs(243kg) IPF Raw Deadlift World Record

Kimberly chipped her own 72kg(158.8llbs) IPF Raw Deadlift world record with a pull of 535.7lbs(243kg) when she competed at the IPF affiliate Icelandic Powerlifting Federation Reykjavik Icelandic Games in Reykjavik, Iceland on 1/29/17. She weighed in at a body weight of 153.99lbs, squatted
402.34lbs, benched 242.5lbs, deadlifted 535.72lbs, totaled 1180.57, and finished off with a Wilks of 533.8 to win the Wilks co efficient championship title.

“Pressing the Pieces Together” – Bench Press Benefit for Autism

“Pressing the Pieces Together” is an APF/AAPF sanctioned bench press only contest with the proceeds going to benefit the Autism Society. In addition to entering the contest, we are asking each lifter to set-up a fundraising page with a goal of raising a minimum of $100. More info here

365 STRONG's New Year Challenge is a Huge Hit!

365 Strong and event host I3 Strength Performance of Martinez, GA teamed up to provide a great lifting environment and the competitors did the rest. The meet drew lifters from 6 states, 2 TV stations and an overflow crowd. We especially want to thank gym owners Brandon Holmes and Marlon Woods, 365 Strong partner Wayne VanNostrand and the many meet spotters, loaders and volunteers.

Female Competitor Highlights:

Madeleine Giess, a multi-ply lifter from Columbia, SC lifting in the 148 lb class showed why she is becoming one of many young stars in the sport today. Squating 405, benching 245 and deadlifting 425 for a 1075 total!
Rayseen Brown, now serving military duty, got back on platform after a long layoff, to win the 181 lb class (weighing in at 169) totaling 790.
Ylander Ross, lifting as 50 years young Master SHW, moved way up the leaderboard in the national overall rankings, by squatting 340, benching 215, deadlifting 400 and totaling 955 while competing in Raw Classic.

Several females stood out though competing in their first sanctioned competition:
Samantha Sawyer, competed as a Raw 132…squatted 280, benched 130, deadlifted 290 and totaled 700 (winning Best Female Lifter in the Raw/Raw Classic divisions).
Angela Harvin, a Raw 165 lb Novice, squatted 275, benched 155, deadlifted 315 and totaled 745.
Tiffany Huntoon, a Raw 148 lb newbie, went 240, 145, 315 totaling 700.

Natalie Hanson 635KG/1400LBS | 2017 Wisconsin State Open

From Natalie Hanson-
I did what I came to Wisconsin to do. My priorities were to 1) stay healthy, 2) make lifts, 3) hit PRs. This meet was a tune up/practice meet before I begin my prep for Open Nationals in May.

23 y/o Squats 821lbs and Deadlifts 805lbs at USA Powerlifting Meet

From Matthew Sohmer-
Full meet video!! 821lb Squat and 805 Deadlift and 1,962lb total @ 256 bw
Special thanks to Jim Kipp for running a great meet, Geno Powerlifting, for getting the crowd pumped and giving the best intros, and to my sponsors Sore No More Titan Support Systems, Inc.

Alabama State Championships - Registration Deadline!

Late Fee Begins After 1/27/17 REGISTER ONLINE
Location: Crossfit Deprivation
Date: February 25, 2017
Sanction: AL-2016-01
Admission for Spectators will be $5.00/person/day.

2016 Female Lifter Of The Year

Ellen Stein
13% (305 votes)
Rheta West
43% (1018 votes)
Samantha Coleman
33% (780 votes)
April Shumaker
2% (55 votes)
Marianna Gasparyan
1% (16 votes)
Galina Abrimova
1% (12 votes)
Kristy Hawkins
2% (47 votes)
Wei-Ling Chen
6% (131 votes)
Total votes: 2364

2017 USPA American Cup- CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!! Check out your actual listing below!

***** Attention Connecticut Powerlifters *******

On Saturday March 18, 2017, Ferraro's Gym in Wallingford, CT will be hosting the 2017 IPA Connecticut Ironman Push/Pull Showdown.