ISSA, the worldwide leader in fitness certification, brings you two of the best minds in the world of strength and conditioning. Both Dr. Fred Hatfield (co-founder of ISSA) and Josh Bryant M.S. are world renowned lifters, authors, and trainers. They have teamed up with ISSA to bring you a series of FREE seminars at spots throughout the country.

Everything from training theory and how to correctly periodize your training, to lift variations and how to arrange individual workouts will be covered. Josh and Fred are both well-versed in the scientific theory of training, yet they have also been “in the trenches”, so to speak, training themselves and hundreds of other elite caliber athletes of all sports.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017
1pm - 5pm

Houston, Texas
Texas Elite Barbell

Joseph Pena Texas Tradition

Back in 1985 a young man from Houston Tx named Anthony Clark burst upon the scene at the THSPA State meet with a 770 pound squat and 520 pound bench (some accounts were of a 525).. Anthony became one of the strongest men in the world. In 1991 Marcus Henry out of Silsbee Tx posted one of the first 2000 pound totals by a teenager and went on to become one of the greatest strength athletes in the world...Now decades later we have another Texan who is following in the footsteps of greatness... Joseph Pena from San Antonio Tx at 18 yrs old just hit a 2,110 pound total capped by an astonishing 1,005 pound squat!!! What the future lies for this young hercules is anyone's guess...But he's in good company.

2016 Forum/Social Media Group Of The Year

Texas USPA- Facebook
21% (281 votes)
World Powerlifting Now- Facebook
13% (178 votes)
Belle Of The Bar- Facebook
37% (499 votes)
14% (193 votes)
Outlaw Powerlifting
4% (54 votes)
5% (66 votes)
6% (77 votes)
Total votes: 1348

Suzanne Davis Deadlifts 486.1 Pounds for a New World Record

Suzanne Davis just dead lifted an incredible 486.1 lb (220.5kg) raw at the USPA Western Warrior Powerlifting Challenge in Glendale, Arizona last weekend. This gives here the all-time raw deadlift record in the -132 lb class (-60kg) taking it from previous record holder Susan Salazar (485lb).

I you recall, Davis also set the raw deadlift record for the -123 lb class (-56kg) last year at this very meet with a lift of 461 lb (209kg) besting Janis Finkleman's record of 454.

Video and full story here: https://barbend.com/suzanne-davis-deadlift-record/

2017 Phillip Brewer bench press 435 for 5 @ 179 lbs in preparation for Animal Cage at the Arnold

On Monday February 20, 2017 Phillip Brewer "UnrealPhil"
weighing in at 179 benched a TNG 435 for 5 reps on the bench press in preparation for the Animal Cage
at the Arnold Classic at Columbus, Ohio March 3, 2017.

USPA Battle of the Bay 3

From Richard Ficca- We are excited to announce that we have two pre-sale opportunities for those in attendance for Battle of the Bay 3 so please share this post with your family and friends.
Attendance for spectators will be $10 per day, however we are offering a 3 day pass for $25 at the venue the 1st day of the meet or a $15 pass for Saturday/Sunday, (both of which are a $5 savings). If a person buys a 3 day pass in advance using the following link, they will be given a lanyard instead of a wristband and the fee will be $20 for the three day pass, a savings of 33%. Please click here to purchase and remember to message me the name of who it's for and what email sent the PayPal:

New Book is out!! "The Saga of the Tijuana Barbell Club"

Riding the momentum of the Amazon bestselling Jailhouse Strong series, Josh Bryant and Adam benShea return to share a unique story about mentorship, legacy, and tradition. Told from the authors’ point of view, the reader is introduced to the world of the fabled Tijuana Barbell Club, its unforgettable characters, and its distinctive method of muscle building. A collection of groundbreaking strength training methods are woven inside of a personal narrative about the golden age of physical culture at the Tijuana Barbell Club in Old Mexico.
During their pursuit of high school athletic glory, the authors trained at a local gym. While working out, they meet a mysterious old lifter with a rich story to share and a legacy to be passed along. Through an ongoing dialogue, the stranger becomes a mentor and tells them about the training system utilized by the legendary group of bouncers and strongmen of the Tijuana Barbell Club.

2016 Forum/Social Media Of The Year Nominations

So far we have Ray Williams and Rheta West as lifters of the year. Now we have Woodlands Strength and Conditioning as Gym of the year (They have over 40 active powerlifters in that gym)! It is time for Forum/Social Media of the year... Nominate your favorite Social Media Powerlifting News site (Facebook groups included) Or old school forums... Here is the list of past winners:
2012: Bodybuilding.com
2013: Elitefts.net
2014: Elitefts.net
2015: Elitefts.net

As you can see Elitefts.net has dominated the last 3 yrs. Will they be dethroned this time? Nominate here or via email. You may also post on my Facebook Page.

Anderson Powerlifting Athlete Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller benches 505 in single ply

This past weekend at The Iron Asylum meet at Hercules gym in Syracuse Rae-Ann joined a very exclusive club. Mrs. Miller hit her opening attempt at 505lbs becoming only the 4th woman to do so in a single ply shirt. She then moved on to 520lbs to break the unofficial single ply record of 518lbs. She was unsuccessful at each attempt. Rae-Ann would like to thank everyone at Andersonpowerlifting.com, Absolute Performance and The Azzylum for all the support.

Ryan Clark smokes 826 raw squat in masters 40-44

Ryan Clark of Evansville Iron/Pit barbell opened and smoked a 766 opening squat in the masters 40-44 division at the RPS mafia mayhem meet in Louisville,Ky on 2/18. He then PR'd with a big 826 then missing barely 859 which would be the all-time masters world record. Big congratulations to Ryan!

USPA Bend the Bar Meet- CONGRATULATIONS to Zack Ruhl, Cailer Woolam and James Strickland!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician:
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on making the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

IPA Buckeye Bash Powerlifting- CONGRATULATIONS to Zach Homol & Jake Norman!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on making the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

WABDL Welker Engineering World BP & DL Championships

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

2017 CETC US Open- Heavyweight men's day 198+

Please contact Gracie V if interested in lifting in the Heavyweight men's day 198+ at the 2017 CETC US Open April 15th in Del Mar, CA
Include video, total, weight class and current ranking.


5 Bar Showdown - BIG PRIZE MONEY

5 Bar Showdown
JulY 8-9, 2017 - Norcross, GA
 Prize Money for:
   - Weightlifting
   - Powerlifting
   - Superman/Superwoman

The 5 Bar Showdown is dual-sanctioned by USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting. There will be prize money given out for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Superman/Superwoman (combined weightlifting & powerlifting).