Deadlifting Help

Blankspace, a member over at the Bolex forum is suffering from a plateaued deadlift and asks how he can break though the plateau and start increasing the weights. The answers given provide some good information for anyone looking to increase their deadlift.

Gary Frank vs Andy Bolton

A thread over at the APF Outlaws forum discusses the chances of Andy Bolton out totaling Gary Frank. Powerlifting legend, Frank's already has the individual numbers to put together a 2850 total. Billy Mimnaugh and others think Andy has an outside shot at 2825 in him. The knock on Bolton continues to be his bench press. Others think Jeff Lewis will be the one to break 2800.

Sleeping after Hard Workouts

A member over at Power and Bulk relates the troubles he's having falling asleep after lifting. Some theories for why are cns overtraining, lack of gpp and depression. Some solutions are back off the workouts, take ZMA or ibuprofen before bedtime, eat plenty of carbs before sleeping and workout earlier in the day.

Powerlifter or Bodybuilder

A juicy thread and poll going on over at Elite Fitness asking peoples opinions of powerlifters versus bodybuilders. Much fun and bashing should ensue.

Why are Lift Totals Rising so Dramatically?

Billy Mimnaugh poses the question of why such big numbers are being hit in powerlifting today.

Proposed answers include improvement in equipment, pushing the drug envelope, easier judging, training improvements, breaking the mental barrier of pushing large weights and 48 hour weigh-ins. Personally, I think it's a combination of all of these.

Keeping a Bench Shirt in Place

For those new to powerlifting you may wonder how to wear your singlet, bench shirt and belt. Well, someone asks just that over at the IronGladiators forum. Board Administrator and powerlifting great Brent Mikesell provides some good advice.

Funny Gym Moments

If you've worked out long enough, it's inevitable that you'll see some funny stuff while working out. There's a thread over at Power and Bulk recounting some of these hilarious stories. Off the top of my head, the funniest moments center around the Nautilus back extension machine. I've seen two people use that thing in ways that the company never imagined.

Overhead Pressing Work

A lot of powerlifters have abandoned overhead pressing for fear of causing rotator injuries. However, a new school is suggesting that especially to support a raw bench, it is essential.

Monster Muscle has a discussion about adding overhead presses to support your bench. One of the leading proponents of overhead pressing is Vinny Dizenzo and he chimes in over in the thread.

Which State for Powerlifting

There's a thread over at Monster Muscle asking for opinions on the state with the most powerlifters or best powerlifting scene. Lots of state getting votes. A few states are being nominated for having poor support for powerlifting. Sorry Arkansas, and New Jersey!

Bench Bash for Cash Results

The WPO has posted the Bench Bash for Cash results. Ryan Kennelly was the only Super Heavyweight not to bomb out. He posted an 854 bench. Kara Bohigian won the Women's division with a 325 bench. Fred Boldt conquered the Lightweight division with a 624 lift. The Heavyweights was won by Robert Luyando with a 728 bench.

WPO Semi Finals results for the Women, Men's Lightweight & Middleweights and the Mens Heavy & Super Heavyweights are also up.

937 Pound Deadlift

Check out this video of Benedikt Magnusson pulling 937 pounds. It's entertaining to see how he and his fellow lifters get fired up. Looks like a new contender to the best deadlifter crown.

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Mike Miller Calls Out Worlds Strongest Powerlifters

Mike Miller has issued a challenge to some of the worlds strongest powerlifters over at the APF Outlaws forum. The event is the Atlantic Foundation Strongman Challenge in February. The strongman contest will be raw.

Miller issues the challenge to elite athletes Gary Frank, Brian Siders, Beau Moore, Andy Bolton, Donnie Thompson, Paul Childress, Matt Smith, Brad Gillingham, Josh Bryant, Jeff Lewis, Chris Taylor and Tom Fannon.

Miller states:
A lot of people have said that “I cheat with gear”, so now I am challenging all of you to take off your gear and face me. We will see who is really the strongest Powerlifter once and for all.

Are Big Gym Lifts for Real?

LankyDeadlifter wonders how common big lifts are at other members gyms. Most say that they're pretty rare. It seems that the big lifts generally occur at powerlifting focused gyms or at home gyms.