USA Powerlifting Coach Certification in Racine, WI

USA Powerlifting will be hosting another Coaching Certification Course in Racine, WI on Sunday, December 6. The deadline to register for this course is Thursday, November 12. Those interested in taking this course can earn NSCA CEU's.

Mike Armour totals 1705lbs at the Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa on the 8th of November

Mike Armour competed this weekend at the Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa, FL and hit a 1705lbs total at 239lbs bodyweight, achieving an elite total.

Yuki Fukishima benching 710lbs, single ply, on the 182lbs class

* provided by Jason Manenkoff

Here is footage of 83kg (182 lb. class)

Yuki Fukushima with a 710 lb. (322.5 kg) press!

Jeff Frank squats 1155lbs at Relentless Detroit and rises to 7th all time best

Jeff Frank competing in Relentless Detroit
on his second attempt squat of 1,155lbs
which puts him at 7th all-time in the squat in the multi-ply division:

Raw Unity Barbell Club Wins Its First Team Trophy at Raw United's TCE

In less than a month from opening its doors, the Raw Unity Barbell Club won its first team title this past weekend at the Raw United Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa. This team was comprised of Ben (Kai) Chin, James Fowler,Vashon Perryman, Jacqueline Mojica, Kathryn Sibala Lim, and Andres Hernandez. The Raw Unity Barbell Club will be hosting a "WORLD RECORD HOLDER" seminar on December 5th. Speakers at the seminar will be Jeremy Hamilton, Emily Hu, Maliek Derstine, Eric Talmant, Vashon Perryman, and Power Sports Academy's Coach Jeremy Herring.

IPF World Open Championships Hamm, Luxembourg 9 − 15 November, 2015- Live!

Today is the start of the IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships in Hamm, Luxembourg! Lifting will be concluded Saturday with the Super Heavyweights.
IPF World Open Championships- Live

Basic Rules and Regulations of Powerlifting: Director Accountability

Over the past week, quite frankly for years there have been records set not in accordance to the basic rules of powerlifting. Many federations have different rules regarding bar length and type of squat racks used. However nearly all federations have very similar rules books. The majority of the rules are basically the same. Specs on bench presses are essentially the same in every federation. Equipment rules in raw lifting are essentially the same in all federations as well. Recent performances were made against these rules.

IPL World Championships Las Vegas 12 − 15 November, 2015- Live!

Here's the live stream link for the IPL World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas, 12-15 Nov
( IPL World Championships- Live! )
Lifting schedule below

21 year old Jesse Anderson Squats 931lbs at the CSA Reebok Record Breakers (SPF)

Jesse Anderson, 21 years old from Sparks, NV Squatted 931lbs at this Saturday's CSA Reebok Record Breakers Meet. Jesse went 859-903-931 in the squat. Jesse took a token 330lb bench press, and in the Deadlift he went 677lb,716lb, and had a very close miss at a 744lb deadlift.

Jesse's performance in the squat puts him 4th All time for RAW 308s. In addition to that at 21 years old he may be one of the youngest people to have Squatted 900+ RAW.

Jesse Norris: Unbelievable !

Another incredible performance by one of the worlds greatest lifters of all time! He has taken drug tested lifting to a whole other level! At this meet he went 766 440 and 826 for a raw total of 2033 beating both his and the wrapped total!

"2033.7 lb all time word record total for 22 yr old @jessenorr. He beat his unwrapped WR total with 810 lbs on his second then pulled 826 to break the WRAPPED total WR on his third .... And he obviously wasn't wearing wraps.. And walked it out. I go to a lot of meets and I've seen some amazing lifting. But nothing EVER on this level. Congratulations Jesse "! ~Gracie V

Fresh video of the Russian National Powrlifting Team's workout

"Here is a fresh video filmed on November 5 in Moscow.
Russian Powerlifting Team, 3 days before IPF Worlds-2015
~Dmitry Spiridonov

What the Hell Do Geared Powerlifters Know About Strength?

by Brian Carroll March 30, 2014 10/20/Life

I’m neither oblivious nor stupid. For years, I’ve heard all the bro-logic regarding why equipped powerlifters—those of us who use multi-ply assistive gear in powerlifting meets—shouldn’t be telling anyone anything about strength training. I know that attitude’s out there, I know there’s a stigma regarding powerlifters and powerlifting, and I’m here to tell you it’s a crock of shit.

Kelly Lovan appointed USPA State Records Chair for Iowa

Kelly Lovan has just been appointed the new USPA State Records Chair for Iowa, assisting Chairman Robb Philippus. "Thanks so much to President, Steve Denison, for this opportunity! It's important for me to take an active part in an organization that supports its athletes and that I believe in. That's why I've decided to get involved", says Kelly.

Jennifer Lecates Hesters wins her class at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships

Jennifer Lecates Hesters got 7 good lifts out of her 9 attempts at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.
She finished with 237.0lbs Bench and 402.3lbs Deadlift in the women's 40-44 raw class.

The 2015 International Powerlifting League Powerlifting World Championship roster

Lifters: attention to the roster and check your names.

Keep tuned to all the communication channels.
Here is the link to the roster.