Travis McKinney 775 and 805 Squat at 200lbs and 19 years old.

Very first time ever using a two ply suit. First time ever training in a monolift. No briefs, 2m knee wraps. Worked up to 735 without wraps, then hit 775 and 805. Weighing 200lbs, and turned 19 back in February. Depth is questionable, but not too high either. Travis is hoping to total 2100+ multiply at 198 in 2014.

Kristos Papanotis totals 632.5Kg (1394) @ 67.5Kg (148)

19 year old Kristos Papanotis (67.5 / 148) recently competed at the GPC SA states and finished the day with a 632.5Kg (1394 with wraps) total. He squatted 245Kg (540), benched 122.5Kg (270) and deadlifted 265Kg (584). Check out the footage of his lifts.

RTS to begin "Classroom" this week

Mike Tuchscherer and Reactive Training Systems (RTS) have begun a new initiative called RTS Classroom, which will consist of twice-monthly classes designed to explore strength training topics in depth. The first series will cover how to design training programs at a detailed level (starts March 26th). According to the Calendar , this will be a 10 lesson series that includes topics on various periodization schemes and even long term planning. Click here for more information about RTS Classroom.

Christian Dunn, (younger brother of Jordan Dunn-current 2x IPF Jr World Champ)

OCS freshman Iron Eagle, Christian Dunn set new all divisions 1A-5A records in the squat and overall total lifts
on his way to a State Championship title in the 165 lb class while competing in the LHSAA/LHSPLA state Powerlifting championship held at West Monroe High School Thursday , March 20th.

New Comer: Mel Zupec RPS Raw Regalia

This was Mel's first meet ever. She lifted in the Junior Division (22 years old) Raw belt only.
She hit a 215 squat, missed 240lbs on an up and down call, 150lb bench press, and a 270lb Raw Deadlift for a 635lb total at 130lbs

RUM VIII Qualifying Totals

OK folks the long awaited qualifying totals for RUM VII are now available.
The major change will be seen in the women's divisions. Almost all the totals have been updated there.
The women have really shown a huge increase in over all performance. The men's light weights have also been changed.

Tee Cummins 700x2 Squat and Christian Anto 605@181

"Worked up to 700 for a double today.

Going no wraps beginning next week for the next 5-6 weeks.

Christian hit a big 55lb pr today with 605."

New announcement: 2014 USPF Nationals : News !!

It is now near the end of March. There is 11 Weeks of Training Time before the USPF Nationals.

All Entry Forms are posted. You have a choice of On-Line vs. Snail Mail :-[
The Discount Hotel Booking is on-line and there are several links provided for Lifter's to
discover the many cool thing's to do in Pittsburgh. :-\ :-\

The Meet Director is : Timbo Cochran who can be reached at
The Springhill Suites Marriott staff is very friendly and eager to help Lifters coming to their Hotel.
This Hotel is the closest facility to the Lifting Venue (Walking distance).

NASA "Neil Miller Memorial" National Competitors Cleaned House!

The NASA “Neil Miller Memorial” Natural Nationals were held on the February 15th and 16th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Oklahoma City.

It was an exciting 2 days with many lifters setting National records! So many great lifters and competitors in this 2 day event!

Marissa Moreno of NM placed first in the Women's Sub-Masters 2 Equipped PL category with a total coefficient of 5.7986. Marissa lifted a total of 1091.28 lbs (495 kg) and weighed in at 226.40 pounds.
Bobbie Walden of KS also placed first with a total coefficient of 4.4404 and lifted a total of 622.80 lbs (282.50 kg) Bobbie competed in the Jr. category and weighed in at 131.00 pounds.


here is the link

Vitaly Kireev "easy victory will not be"

March 15 at the Russian Championships Bench Press Vitaly Kireev from Kemerovo demonstrated masterful performance by running successfully all attempts competitive and setting two records in Russia.

Box Squats Part 1 From Westside Barbell

Box squatting has been around since the days of the original Westside Barbell Club (Culver City, CA), when Pat Casey became the first man to squat 800 pounds. Since then, most world-record holders in the squat have trained by squatting on a box. Today, there are nine lifters who squat 1,200 pounds and at least seven are box squatters. I began box squatting in the late 1960s. In 1973, I squatted 630 pounds and deadlifted 670 at a body weight of 181 pounds. 27 years later, I squatted 920 pounds at the age of 52. Westside Barbell has 19 members who squat more than 1,000 pounds, and they all box squat. Every member of Westside Barbell does box squats year-round with free squats done only in competition.

Savanah Porzuczek Squat 380lbs @ 55kg jr

Footage of Savanah as she prepares

for the Cpu National in two weeks. (singleply)

Week 1 RPS Redemption Squat Training: Jordan Wong

First time since RUM VII, Jordan prepares for his next contest.
Week 1 RPS Redemption Squat Training
550x5 Squat
429x10 Pause Squat

BUYERS BEWARE!: Jason Manenkoff

From Elitefts: There has been a recent emergence of online powerlifting coaches, each of them making impressive claims and boasting of coaching abilities that would make Vince Lombardi Packers green with envy. Many of these “coaches” claim that, if you simply pay monthly via PayPal, then the constant hunt for the Holy Grail of training programs will be a thing of the past. After all, they’re ranked “numero uno” in the country (in their particular tri-state federation) and if you’re lucky, when they are not bouncing at a nightclub or doing repo work, they can help you reach a new level of strength prowess.