Karen Campbell Breaks WABDL Recod w/ 507 Bench

Karen Campbell sets a world record with a 507 bench
at WABDL Northeast meet in Portland Maine 6/13/15. This Puts Karen at number 1
on the current single ply rankings!

When Raw or Equipped are not really choices, but health decisions.

This is another of those potentially boring articles based on reason, as opposed to passion. Beliefs concerning the superiority of one form of lifting over the other have been addressed by various authors. The idea that raw lifting is a return to the roots of the sport has been debunked, as historians of the sport and old time lifters have come forth with documented evidence about the use of many different devices that provided carry-over to the lifts. The thesis about the increased protection gear would offer to lifters was equally shown to be false.
In this article, we will address different situations in which lifting raw or equipped is a matter of health, more than choice.

Chalk Talk Episode # 6 - Ben Rice

In our sixth episode, we talk lifting and life with world record powerlifter and Youtuber, Ben Rice.
Ben's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNb-...
Ben's Music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...
Deadlifting in Footie Pajamas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PABZ0...
Ben Rice Shoutout by Abdullah Zeinab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1dkd...

**News Flash**‎Rostislav Petkov Breaks Another All Time Record!

Updated w/ video Legendary total at 165 held bu none other than Rick Gaugler was broken today by Rosttislev Petkov! He now holds the Raw All time Record and the Raw w/ wraps record breaking the 1,714 with a 1,729!
More info to come...

Tom Kosanouvong New USPA CA State Record

Tom K. competing at the USPA Iron Rebel Class at the San Jose Fit Expo 2015.
220lbs weight class benched 213kg/469.xxlbs, which gave him a new California state record and places him in the top 35 on the raw rankings.

Paul George Breaks Masters Over 50 Record Squat and Total

Competing at the GPC Europeans in Eastbourne UK, Paul broke the 181 pound 50+ squat record held by Bob Benedix of the USA! Paul made a 589 squat and totaled 1,485 to break that all time record as well!
His individual lifts were 589 303 and 595. Paul is from Manchester Great Britain and is
also an ex IFBB Pro Bodybuilder!

Maliek Derstine 1,840 @ 181!!!

Fresh off his 1,818 world record total, Maliek took his record a little further! He started the day with a huge 672 pound squat which actually tied the existing all time world record! He punched a 507 bench, missing a 523. On to the deadlift, Maliek pulled 661 for a 1,840 total! However, he attempted 705 on a third just missing it for what could have been 1,884! We may just see a raw 1,900 lb. total in the very near future from him. The two missed attempts (523 and 705) could have been 1,900 NOW!

Beau Moore Training Session

Beau Moore's recent training session has him nailing squats today with
625 with 80lbs of chains for 2 reps
Date: 6/14/15 6 weeks out from contest:

Chen Wei-Ling Greatest Female Powerlifter in the World?

Chen Wei-Ling wraps up another IPF win and did so in great fashion! She made a new IPF and All Time WR squat of 336 at 103 pounds! She benched 176 lbs and pulled 385 to total 898. This total gave her 551 Wilks points! This was the highest Wilks point total at the IPF worlds for the women. Not sure if she is the greatest but she is in contention if shes not!

Ray Williams Biggest Raw Squat in History!

In 1975 Don Reinhoudt set the biggest raw squat in history. A few have surpassed his mark in the wrapped arena going over a grand, but no man has beaten it raw! Now Ray Williams has gone 425.5 kg/ 938 lbs to beat Big Don's 934 lb squat record! It wasn't easy to come by as Blaine Sumner and Jezza Uepa were both nipping at his heals and both finishing up with 900 plus squats as well! Ray carried this squat lead down the stretch to win the IPF world title with a 2,205! Blaine Sumner finished in second with 2,154 and
Kelly Branton, Jezza Uepa both finished with 2,138!

2015 IPF World Classic Championships - Results

Here are the results of the 2015 IPF Classic World Championships from Salo, Finland.
The meet was from the 5th − 14th of June.
(detailed score sheet men) (detailed score sheet women)

Beau Moore Readies For the 50s!

635/3 deficit pulls stiff legged.
Doing a UPA meet 8/1 to break all the 50 and over all time records!
Beau Moore responds to father time!

"I'm not answering the door to let him in today"!!

Fred Seeburger 735 squat @ 53!

Fred Seeburger 735 squat 308lbs M 50+ 53yrs.

Moving to number 2 in 308 50+ rankings

Christina McDowell hits 300lb Single Ply Bench

Competing on 6/6/15 at the APA meet in
Lake Ozark MO, Christina hit a 300 pound bench at 44 yrs old!
No info on what weight class she lifted at but here's footage of her performance!

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