SATURDAY – good talks of the week: Reno Hardcore episode 4, with Chad Aichs, Dave Tate & JL Holdsworth and Jenn Rotsinger

WATCH: Table Talk — Peaking for A Meet with Circa Max Training
By Dave Tate - Apr 16, 2016

Peaking for a meet is one of the most difficult challenges a lifter faces. A mistake in the final two weeks could mean ruining an entire 14-week training cycle. Under a training system like the conjugate method, famous for max effort and dynamic effort training days, the process of peaking for competition seems even more complex. Most lifters who train with the conjugate method use a form of peaking known as the Circa Max phase.
In this Table Talk video, Dave and JL talk about the aspects of Circa Max that many lifters overlook. Discussing how to peak for a meet, Dave and JL cover the following points:

SATURDAY – good reads of the week: John Greaves III, Janis Finkelman and Jozo Grgić

The Case For Backyard Powerlifting Meets
* by John Greaves III

Powerlifting is both one of the most popular and one of the most obscure sports in America. It’s also not for everyone. Although a lot of us played around with some version of the three power lifts in middle or high school, most people are unfamiliar with the esoteric rules and guidelines governing sanctioned competition. If you’re considering trying your hand at powerlifting competitively, there are strong arguments for doing unsanctioned aka backyard meets for your first time out. Here’s my take based upon my own experience and talking to three respected veterans of the sport of powerlifting, president of United States Powerlifting Association, Stephen Parkhurst, President World United Amateur Powerlifting-USA and Tee “Skinny Man” Meyers who competed in WNPF, USPF, USAPL, APA with a 710lb squat/ 400lb bench/ 761lb deadlift at a bodyweight of 187lbs drug free and promotes meets under the banner of the Python Power League.

Other meet results from the past weekend: Sabrina Provoast, Rheta West, Anna McCloskey and Jessica Cockreham

Before we start another exciting weekend where big numbers are expected, some videos from the last weekend. Check them out!

Sabrina Provoast - 2016 Women's Pro-Am

Published on Apr 18, 2016
Squat 410
Bench 240
Deadlift 475
1125 total

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week: Gravie V, Josh Morris, Brett and Jake Benedix

Awesome lifts and workouts from powerlifters all over the world. Although records and titles are not conquered at the gym, here you can see how the people who achieve great results train.

Gracie V

Circa max done. 540lbs squat.

2016 RPS US Open Powerlifting Championship- Live!

Here's the LIVE Feed for the Meet tomorrow ( Saturday 23rd )
which starts at 9am PST / 12 Noon EST
2016 RPS US Open Powerlifting Championship- Live!

Katherine Welch's goes 836@119 !

From Katherine Welch, who competed in IPA Victory of Valhalla April 09.
I might still be in shock over the meet this weekend. I've had a few goals that I wanted to hit in the next year or so and I achieved ALL of them in one meet, at the same time weighing in at my all-time lightest- 119.9lbs.

CONGRATULATIONS to Derrick Lien & David Lomeli!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH of you for making the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!! Check out your actual listing below!

THURSDAY - awesomeness of the week #1

Here are some of the trainining videos from this week's training in our community.

Everyone is getting stronger for the meets to come!

Joe Astorga, 640 x 3 Reps, Raw Squat

Videos from the IPF World Bench Press Championships

Here is a collection of videos from different flights of the Championship.
The Championships were held on 19. - 24. April 2016
in Rödby, Denmark.
More information about the champioship can be found either at the official IPF website or at the event website: .

Registration is Open! - $10,050 in Prize Money! - USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown

Registration is now open on a first come, first serve for the USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown in Atlanta, GA. There is $10,050 in Prize Money up for Grabs! If you would like to participate, please register asap!

This event will feature Geno (best announcer in powerlifting) and will also be live streamed by 5 Star Stream (company that live streams the USA Powerlifting event at the Arnold Sports Festival!

Powerlifting in the news: passing of Natasha Newbold, scientists to "raise the Titanic" for cancer care, Airforce officers win

From newspapers and portals all around the world:


Natasha Newbold Dies At 52 After A Long Illness

* By BRENT STUBBS #Senior Sports Reporter

NATASHA Newbold, considered one of the greatest female powerlifters ever, died yesterday morning at the age of 52 after a long illness.

#She left behind three girls, two grand children and a lot of memories of the days when she wracked up the weights in the gym and on the stage.

#Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation president Joel Stubbs offered his condolences on behalf of both the powerlifting and bodybyuilding faternity of which Newbold played an intergal role.

WEDNESDAY – Meet preparation/Strategy of the week: Bill Newman and David Douglas

Training sessions from Bill Newman and David Douglas:

Bill Newman - Training Week: 4.10-4.15

Vasyukov, Evgeniy total 928kg@83kg, Championship of Russia 2016

Russian Championships,

Evgeniy Vasyukov hit 2,045 at 182 lb body weight!

Heidi Howar 1,345 at 132 (Multiply)!

Heidi Howar broke the all time world record total (compiled by Michael Soong) in women's equipped 132!
This was only her second equipped meet and totaled 1,345 Saturday at Laura Sweatts Cincinnati women's pro am!!
She got a 530 squat, 340 bench and a 475 deadlift!



Matt Sohmer broke the Raw & Equipped Junior Deadlift records at the USAPL Collegiate Championships held in Rhode Island on April 14-17.

Competing in the 264 lb class, Matt broke his own Junior USAPL RAW record on Thursday with a final lift of 761 lbs. On Sunday, he competed again, this time in the Equipped Class wearing just a belt & broke the Junior Equipped record with a final lift of 771 lbs.