RPS 2016 Battle In The Bluegra$$ -- 7/16/16 -- (Lexington, Kentucky)

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that made the "RAW All Time Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

Powerlifting Abroad: Zona Fitness

Great video footage of the 2nd Powerlifting Classic at Zona Fitness!

Segundo Clásico de Powerlifting y Bench Press Zona Fitness 2016

Phillip Mardis 2,011 total in knee sleeves at 275 lbs

More from the USPA Southern Elite Classic!
Phillip Mardis rises up the rankings moving from 14th to 11th at 275 raw! This was spear headed by a monster 584 5th ranked bench press.
That is only 6 pounds away from number 1! He squatted 710 and pulled 716 to complete his 2011 total.
Not only did he win his class, he also took best lifter raw!

Phillip Mardis 710 (322.5 kg) squat, 584 (265 kg) bench, 716 (325 kg) deadlift, 2011 total in knee sleeves at 275 lbs. (all PR’s)

Josh Cleveland 705 squat in knee sleeves

Weighing in at 295 lbs Josh Cleveland nailed a 10th ranked raw squat of 320 kg (705 lbs)! That 705 was a 33 lb pr and went on to bench 185 kg (407 lbs) and pulled 312.5 kg (688 lbs) to finish the day with an 1,802 total and 1st place in the raw division! Josh lifted at the USPA Southern Elite Classic in
D’Iberville, MS and is now ranked 24th in the nation.

Squat: 705 (320 kilo) (33 lb. PR) in knee sleeves
Bench: 407 (185 kilo) (5 lb. PR)

Philip Maranto Breaks The 2 Grand Mark!

Philip competed today at the USPA Southern Classic at the Southern Elite Training Facility in D'Iberville, Ms. There at 268 (fully clothed) he made big PRs with an 363 kg (chipped for 800.2) squat, 210 kg (462.9) bench press and pulled 335 kg (738.5) for a 908 kg (2001.7) pound total! This ranks him number 10 in the nation (Wrap division current rankings)! He had Josh Bryant run his training program this time around with great results! Congratulations to Philip for an outstanding performance, watch footage of his accomplishment:

*News Flash* Dennis Cornelius Hits 2188!

At the USPA Oklahoma State Championships directed by Bobby Morgan held in Oklahoma City, Dennis hit his biggest total to date! He smoked through an 843 squat, 562 bench press and pulled 782 to hit a 2,188 lb total! He is currently ranked number one in the total with 2175 so this just extends his lead. He is getting ever so close to the mythical 1000kg total (2204)!

Video links: 843 Squat @ 275

Brett Chrisman 14 Weeks Out IPL Worlds

Brett Chrisman, one of the nations top raw 198 pounders currently sitting at number 4 preparing to move up to 3! Only two will be a head of him and those two are none other than Norris and Derstine! Not a bad place when you consider those two are the best on planet earth! Here's Brett taking on a session in the dead lift where he has pulled 738 in competition.

A couple Deadlift videos from today. First video is 607 Bar Weight + Chains (700-710) at the top for a triple! Second video is 607x8 TNG Deads with straps. Woke up at 203 BW today! 14 weeks out from IPL Worlds! I'm gonna say it now.... My goal for worlds is 1843+ at 198 RAW.

Ryan Kennelly Bench Tips

One of the sports legendary bench pressers, Ryan Kennelly (who still has the 2nd highest equipped bench in history with 1,074) talks about the bench press and give his instruction and tips!

Verbal cues for bench press. Remember to squeeze, break, and spread the bar while benching

GT Barbell member, Tyler Moran competed in AAU Junior Olympics

"The 2016 Port Neches-Groves graduate recently competed in the AAU Junior Olympics in Houston and set the bench press record at 463 pounds.

Moran’s record is for the 18- to 19-year-old age group and 275-pound weight limit."


Boris Sheiko Powerlifting Workout & Technique Clinic (Burlington, MA)

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the greatest strength coaches of all-time!
Boris Sheiko is coming to CFE Powerlifting/CrossFit Exclamation in August to share his decades of experience and expertise with you.

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Vincent Pachuta Pulling 640 @ 181

Vincent is planning on competing this November in the WNPF.

In this recent deadlift session he works up to a 640 pound attempt!

From Pete Alaniz in regards to Jim Ford...

It is with a heavy heart that I received the news from Dr. Katie Ford that her father Jim passed away.

Jim had an impressive resume going back to the 1960's. Throughout his life he was a Category 1 IPF Referee and a World Class coach. He coached his daughter Katy to National Titles and IPF World Championships. He was the Head of the USAPL Coaching Committee, Sub Jr/Jr World Team Coach and Open World Team Coach.

In many respects Jim reminded me of Tom Landry, a great coach known for his poise, grace under pressure and success. Jim brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to his teams. He led by example and brought out the best in his lifters and his friends. Parents of Sub Jr./Jr lifters were assured that their children were in the best of hands when sending them out of the country with Jim. The USAPL administration also had the utmost confidence in Jim, twice conferring the Coach of the Year award to him.

I was fortunate to have known Jim and to have been able to call him a friend. The sport and society has lost one of its best.

Rest in Peace Jim.

P.M. (Pete) Alaniz,

IPF Star Wei-Ling Chen To Compete in the Olympics!

One of the greatest strength athletes in the world!
IPF Facebook:
"The IPF would just like to wish one of its very own good luck this weekend at the Olympic Games in Weightlifting. Wei-Ling Chen from Chinese-Taipei is a bronze medalist from Beijing 2008.
At one stage she had the highest wilks for any female powerlifter in the IPF! She currently holds the world record in squat at 200 kg and deadlift at 186 kg, that is more than 4 times her body weight!! She is a multi time IPF World Champion and also an IPF Hall of Famer!
Good luck and do your best!

Jim Ford Has Passed...

Jim Ford was one of the most respected men in our sport in and around our circles here in Texas. He will be dearly missed...
~Johnny Vasquez

Here's a message from Katie Ford: