Powerlifting friendly gyms series: CrossFitfifty

CrossFitfifty is known for being the home of great champions, such as Stacia-al Mahoe. We have interviewed Jack Cambra Jr. to learn some more about it.

PLW - When was [gym name] founded? Was it powerlifting friendly since the beginning or was it gradually turned into a training center for the sport?

Jack - My gym was originally founded by my Father in 1975 ,privately, and its base was powerlifting. In 2010, I decided to affiliate with CrossFit and open the gym to the public. It has always been a powerlifting based gym from my Father.

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield

* Craig Marker

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield
Craig Marker

I recently sat down with Dr. Fred Hatfield, also known as Dr. Squat, to discuss his views on strength and conditioning and how they fit into modern training systems. For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Hatfield was a great college gymnast and bodybuilder (he was Mr. Mid America, but he didn’t compete in the Mr. America competition because of a powerlifting meet).

Abner Ivan Nazario preps for the USPA Strong Box pro/am

Abner Nazario, who impressed everyone with his performance at the last IPL Bench Press and Deadlift World Championship in Atlanta, GA, last year, is preparing to lift at the USPA Strong Box pro/am. His goal is to lift 4X his bodyweight. In this video, he deadlifts 600lbs x 4, 600lbs xs2, 635lbs x 1 at 170.8lbs bodyweight.

Kevin Oak : And the new....

In the last year the 220 class has been on fire! The Boss Dan Green was undisputed until the ever present threat Jeremy Hamilton took the spot light and the record away! Now months later, in the new year 2016 Kevin Oak has claimed ownership of the 220 wrapped record! At the USPA LA Fit Expo American Cup the OAK went 843 518 766 to total 2,127 pounds!!!

USPA: competition and coach certification on the same weekend in Pensacola, FL - a full powerlifting experience

Chris and Amanda McMullen will be hosting their second United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Coaches Certification Course March 20th. This cert will be held in conjunction with the Iron Coast Classic Powerlifting Championships at the Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach.

Gracie V at 2016 USPA American Cup at LA Fit Expo

Gracie V hit an American Record on classic raw squat of 402lbs and a bench press
American record of 225lbs at 149.6lbs
Gracie ended the day with a 440 pound pull for a 1069 Raw w/wraps total!

Beau Moore 501 at 50!

Beau competed at the Capital City Clash USA Powerlifting meet in Lincoln Nebraska on Saturday 1/23/2016. He did bench and only needed to hit an opener @ 501 for an American Record 50-54 class. That qualifies Beau for the USA Powerlifting Bench Nationals.
" Next for me is the Cage at the Arnold. Going to total 2000 raw again no wraps under a hour. Last year at the Cage I did it in 27 minutes. 50 years young!!!"

John Petruzzi 1747.2 Total @ 198 Raw No Wraps

"Its been close to 2 years since I have done a full powerlifting meet. After my last full meet I suffered a t-8 t-9 disc herniation. Opted to rehab it. After about 9 months of not being able to back squat I finally got back to back squatting light and working my way back. This past July I competed in a small push pull meet and after the meet traveling home was in a car accident that totaled my car and suffered some broken bones in my foot and ankle. So it's been quite the year and half or so.

Matt Claussen 545 @ 275

Matt Claussen benched 545 raw at 275 (267 bw)
at the UPA Meet yesterday for a HUGE PR!
Matt also won best lifter in the bench only.

Steffen Smith preps for the USPA PowerBody USA meet

Steffen is prepping for the 2nd Annual USPA PowerBody powerlifting meet on March 19 in O'Fallon, MO. He will be competing in the 242lbs/110kg division. Just 4 weeks later, he will compete in his regular weight division 220lbs/100kg at the 2016 UPA National Championship in Dubuque, IA on April 16th.

Michael Armendariz deadlifts 777lb at 213lb bodyweight

Michael Armendariz deadlifted 777lb at the USPA New Mexico State Champioship.
His bodyweight was 213lb.
Here is a front view of his lift.

December issue of STRONG LIFE

Check out the current issue of Strong Life Magazine

December issue of STRONG LIFE

The season for giving – RPS’s Second Annual Lump of Coal

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 at Gil’s Gym in Palmer, MA, Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate and RPS New England hosted the second annual Lump of Coal Powerlifting meet.
The push/pull event featured no trophies being handed out and no t-shirts commemorating the day. Instead, all of the participating lifters had their registration fees donated to the Shriners’ Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA to bring forth the true spirit of holiday giving. In total, the event raised $5,563!

General Liability Insurance now available for USA Powerlifting Certified Coaches!

USA Powerlifting is now offering certified coaches General Liability Insurance! 

USA Powerlifting - The Premier Powerlifting Certification

CONTINUED EDUCATION - the "Reclaiming Real Strength Tour" (Burns, Lilly, Panora) - Bulldog Strength And Conditioni

Seminar will be covering Strength training for all types of lifters!

Here is what will be covered at the seminar there will be lecture components and a full three lift clinic!

Building a Successful Program, Proper Technique, Sport Practice, Nutrition, Off season training, How to Peak AND How to avoid common training mistakes