Bennett Clayon Passed Away

Bennett Clayton passed away April 9th.

Clayton was one of the better 242 lifters in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Clayton's best lifts: Squat 816 lbs, 511 Bench (in T-Shirt/before the Bench Shirt), and Deadlift 771 lbs.

Clayton placed second at two Jr National Championships. He ruled the 242 lb weight class in Texas for a decade.

USAPL Collegiate Nationals LIVE!

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2015 Women's Power Weekend- Live!

Check out the 2015 Women's Power Weekend live
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Mike McGivern Prepares for an 1800lb Assault!

American squat record holder Mike McGivern is 10 weeks out from his upcomng contest where he hopes to break the all time wrapped record squat @ 181. The record is currently held by Aleksey Nikulin at 738 and the total at 1,835. Mike will be giving both a shot!

Powerlifter breaks records, raises $6,125 for cancer

Cory Allen of Livonia, a powerlifter and cancer survivor, raised $6,125 for childhood cancer research and broke national and state records at the APF Michigan State Powerlifting Championships in Grand Rapids on Saturday.

Allen deadlifted 711 pounds in the raw division, a new national record in his weight class. He squat-lifted 556 pounds, a new state record, and benched 364 pounds. He also tied the national overall record by lifting a combined 1,631 pounds.

RIP- Bill Starr

William Asel Starr
May He Rest in Peace by Dr Ken Leistner:
Every other obituary about Bill Starr will begin with “He was born on…he was educated at…he
served in the military from___ to ___, he worked at____, he passed away on ___ .” In the case of Bill
Starr, none of this information tells us much, and certainly could never tell enough about him. He
was one of a kind, absolutely unique, and an undeniable force in the sport and “game” of Olympic
weightlifting. He has earned and deserves more than a standard obituary.


The journey continues for THE MACHINE on the quest for a 700 raw bench. Week 2 features more in depth footage of sets and reps on a high volume day workout ... A workout that goes from 1 plate to over 500 lbs for reps ending with a 605 paused incline single.. Not pretty but it a all access look at training

840 Raw Squat w/wraps at NBS Fitness (Tee Cummins)

Tee Cummins in hard training
at NBS Fitness hitting an 840 at 220!
770, 820, 840 were top sets today... 10lb all time PR.

Ed Coan Interview - Ultimate Powerlifting 2015 camps

This just in, Interview with the G.O.A.T.!

Interview with the greatest powerlifter of all time Ed Coan with the Clean Health Fitness Institute. Questions asked were...

1. When did you start lifting weights and what got you into it the first place?
2. Who are the top 3 biggest influences in your lifting career?
3. What are the top 3 mistakes you find raw powerlifters make when it comes to program design and peaking for competitions?
4. What does a regular training week for Ed Coan look like these days? (Be as specific as possible!)

BEAST: Raw Bench 500x8, 405x12

Wanted to get some blood flowing after the comp and kind of like a burnout session before i pause and reset for my full power training. Felt so strong with 500, but the problem was my breath control after the 5th set, i want to say it was fat boy syndrome lol, but it wasn't. I just didn't set a good pace for the more fatiguing reps of the set. My irrelevant gym goal is 10-15 reps with 500lbs. Then i immediately moved on to 405 for reps.

European Sub-Junior & Junior Women's Championships Oroshaza / Hungary, 7 − 11 April, 2015- Live!

European Sub-Junior & Junior Women's Championships
Oroshaza / Hungary, 7 − 11 April, 2015
(European Sub-Junior & Junior Women's Championships live!)

Live Stream & Scoring of USAPL Collegiate Nationals

Here is the live stream link to watch the USAPL Collegiate Nationals. It starts on Thursday, April 9 with the coaches press conference at 6pm eastern time and runs through Sunday afternoon.
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Those familiar with The Cage know about the exploits of some of the world's greatest lifters. Though they may be competing at the world's highest levels, these Animal Athletes are still human. They put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us... And like us, they are subject to the same fears and regrets. For a completely different take on The Cage, get inside the heads of Frank McGrath, Dan Green, Roman Fritz, Richard Hawthorne, Sam Byrd, Garrett Griffin, Grant Higa and Dorian Hamilton as they spill their guts and "confess" their innermost thoughts in "CAGE Confessional". Fresh from Columbus, Ohio and the 2015 Arnold Expo

May 1st Deadline for Deer Park Gold's Money Meet

**May 1st is the deadline for online applications** So if you would like to compete get the application in asap

No membership required

Over $700 in cash and more in prizes. We will also be giving out nice 1-3rd place medals and trophies/sculptures from

Tyler "Big Cat" Butcher Goes 2500+

Recent footage of Tyler Butcher totaling over 2500 at the 3/28/15 West Virginia USPF contest.
1003 squat
755 bench
744 DL