Killion husband and wife team meet goals in Utah!!

Hally and Marty competed in the APF Rocky Mountain Push Pull Championships in West Jordan UT on 10/18/2014

Both hit 2 major goals that took years to meet.
Marty became the 1st diabetic athlete to raw benchpress 500 or more pounds all in sanctioned meets 10 different times. He was also a Masters competitor on all of them
Hally raw deadlifted over 400 pounds in the Womans 165 class, hitting a 402 & 407 in this meet.
It was also the first time Marty had deadlifted in a meet in 19 years(1995)

Austin Hickey Training Session

WDFPF World Champion Austin Hickey from Ireland

hit 176 lbs x 6 on dips as he prepares for his next meet.

World's strongest Paralympian breaks world record three times at Incheon 2014

Iranian world and Paralympic champion powerlifter Siamand Rahman dramatically broke the men's over 107kg world record three times on Friday (24 October), adding a total of 7kg onto his own mark at Incheon 2014.

Rahman, who finished with a 292.0kg lift to edge ever closer to his personal target of 300.0kg, achieved the incredible feat at the Moonlight Festival Garden venue in the headline powerlifting event at the Asian Para Games.

Tom "Huck" Finn works up to 585lb raw bench t/g @ 226lbs

Latest from Tom Finn working up to a 585 pound training bench as he prepares for his next contest! He is planning for a December 6th contest.

"555lb felt great, decided to push it to 585. All Prs. Team Lilliebridge"

Four Asian records smashed in powerlifting at Incheon

China, South Korea, UAE and Iran all topped the podium with Asian record lifts in powerlifting on Thursday (23 October) at the Incheon 2014 Asian Para-Games.

China's Xuemie Deng broke her own Asian record by 1kg in the women's up to 86kg category with a lift of 112.0kg to secure gold.

South Korea's Young-Sun Lee (105.0kg) bagged silver, and Haifa Alnaqbi (90.0kg) of UAE third.

Shane Hammock leaves Westside Barbell

"I have had a ton of people ask me over and over, "Why did you leave Westside?" I usually address this on an individual basis, but ridiculous rumors have started to swirl on certain websites. So I decided I would address this on powerliftings biggest news site. In my time at Westside my total has gone from 2660 to 2800 in 3 years. I have alot thank Louie for and he has taught me alot, but in the end we just can not work together. We have two completely different visions for my training and we had to go our separate ways. There is no animosity toward anyone at Westside, and I look forward to future showdowns at the big pro shows."

Jezza Uepa New IPF WR squat and All-time drug tested Raw Squat!

Many records were broken at the IPF/PA championships including
the super-heavyweight squat held by Ray Williams!
Watch Jezza take it up a notch to 910 pounds!

Powerlifter Solhipouravanji exacts revenge over rival at Incheon 2014

Iraq's world silver medallist Seyedhamed Solhipouravanji is the new men's up to 88kg powerlifting Asian Para Games champion and world record holder after an emphatic performance in Incheon, South Korea, on Wednesday (22 October).

In a rematch of their dual from April's World Championships, Solhipouravanji produced a second round lift of 226.0kg to beat Jordan's world champion Mutaz Zakaria Daoud Aljuneidi (220.0kg) in to silver.

Brian Siders Tribute Video

USAPL National Champion, IPF World Champion, Arnold Classic and World's Strongest Man competitor Brian Siders tribute video made by Alexander Larsen.

This is a tribute video I made in honor of Brian Siders. Info, stats and stories about Brian beneath:

Powerlifting bench training video featuring Larry Williams and Kevin Okolie

New training partners and fellow Animal athletes, Kevin "Oak" Okolie and Larry Williams (the 19-year old phenom featured in Animal's "Coming Through" documentary) take their show on the road from the streets of New York to blast the bench at Skiba's Barbell Club in Carteret, NJ. Both Larry and Oak will be on hand at 6PM on Tuesday, 10/28/14 at Coliseum Gym to present a powerlifting seminar in advance of an Animal Barbell Club event. The seminar and event is free to the lifting public and will be held at Coliseum Gym, 75-09 71st Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379.

Introducing The WEST COAST HEAVY HITTERS 5X10 @405 Flat/Incline 100 Reps Bp @Metroflex LBC

Introducing The WEST COAST HEAVY HITTERS: WEST COAST HEAVY HITTERS Are a Group Of WEST COAST Lifters Coming Together From All Over The WEST COAST Leroy "The Machine" Walker Jamar "M Town MONSTA" Randolph Rob "Rob Did It" Thomas Steve "Da Samoan Gorilla" Young David "The Beast" Douglas For A 5X10 @405 Incline & 5X10 @405 Flat Bench Training Session at METROFLEX LBC

Nick Weite Pulling 805 X 2

Heres's recent footage of the number one ranked singleply 275ver Nick Weite with 805 pounds for 2 reps in the deadlift. "Thanks to PowerBody USA Fitness Training for letting me get my workout in, always great to have Putt Houston in your corner."

*NEW* Jailhouse Strong: The Successful Mindset Manual

This book is 100% on the mental side of the game, offering a practical mental game plan for peak performance and training............available in paperback and ebook

"Are you tired of all the latest “self-help” programs that drain your pocket book and offer no real practical plan for self-improvement?

IPC Powerlifting and equipment provider Eleiko announce historic partnership

The international federation of para-powerlifting, IPC Powerlifting, announced a five -year partnership on Wednesday (22 October) with globally recognized lifting equipment manufacturer Eleiko.

The deal will see the Swedish-based company, which has a long and illustrious history in weightlifting, provide equipment for all World and regional championships until 2018. Eleiko will also work with IPC Powerlifting to create more awareness of the sport to a new generation of fans from around the world.

BEAST VISION: 407.5lb raw bench for 8 reps (Legs up)

407lbs for 8 reps (legs up) raw bench. This is definitely a marker for me that my strength is coming back. Just 7 weeks post surgery my progress is increasing more and more. Still am not trying to over push it, like overexerting to try and get more reps or load the bar to weights I don't need to be stressing my arm with just yet.