Bill Gillespie - Master Strength

"My father (Bill Gillespie) and I would like to announce Master Strength, . We provide athletes a free game-like program to develop strength, speed, mobility, and athleticism. We believe athletes should be learning to compete at all times. Our program is combined with patented pre and post workout supplements to enhance their results through the program. "

Austin Hickey @ The Irish Nationals

News from across the seas in Ireland,
Austin Hickey grinds up a 260 kgs (573 lbs) raw @ 218
at the Irish national Single-Lift Championships held on 21-22 feb in Cork.


After a decent start to the season, Yarnell Marks' training has been on track to take him to his highest raw (no wraps) to date. In the process of his own training, he has also help lead 8 players to class 2a north half powerlifting meet at Bruce High School. which will be held March 7. Here are a few training videos of his training as he prepares to go to Northport Al this Saturday

Chris Stinson (Team Elite Alpha) benches a huge PR 760 lbs. in a Single-Ply at SPF No Retreat No Surrender!!

Chris Stinson (Team Elite Alpha) benched a huge PR 760 lbs. at SPF No Retreat No Surrender this past weekend in Lexington, KY!
This 760 lb. bench in a Single-Ply Overkill, will rank Chris: Current - #3 Open Men, 308 Single-Ply Bench Press and Current - #1 Master 40, 308 Single-Ply Bench Press! This was by far his best meet to date and he was not going be denied!! We would like to thank Iron Mafia for putting on a kick-ass meet, who 100% catered to all of the lifters and providing a proper badass powerlifting atmosphere!!

Andy Murtagh World Record Deadlift 645 lbs (293 kg)

Ireland's Andy Murtagh broke a 10-year world record deadlift on Sunday last when he pulled 293 kgs at the Irish National Single-lift Championships held in Cork. Andy weighed in at 200 lbs and competed in the 220 M2 division. The previous record had been set in 2005 by Terry Jex from England.

TEAM SWOLL teammates and husband/wife both win Best Deadlifter at WABDL meet in Cleveland Texas.

In a rare instance, teammates and husband/wife both won Best Deadlifter at a WABDL meet this past weekend in Cleveland, Texas. They both have been competing together for 5 years and this was the first time they were both humbled to win the award among some great lifters. Amparo Barajas hit 319 weighing in at 120pds (123wtclass) and Alex Barajas hit 507 weighing in at 159.8 (165wtclass). Alex also competed RAW even though WABDL does not distinguish raw lifters. They are looking forward to their next meet together!

21 Yr Old Devin Lynn 1685 total @193 lbs

Devin Lynn is 21 yrs old and just competed in his first ever meet. He competed in the 198 raw with wraps junior division weighing in at 193 lbs at the Iron Mafia No retreat No surrender meet on 2-21-15 and totaled 1685 going 7/9 on the day with a 660 squat 440 bench and 585 deadlift. Devin also crushed the SPF 198 junior national bench record with a 440 lb bench. The previous record was 402 lbs.

20 yr. old Peter Edgette benches 495x3 raw at destination DALLAS, TEXAS

Watch Josh Bryant train Peter Edgette to become the youngest ever 600lb raw bencher.

Full workout coming soon.

Alanna Casey Stone lift 300lbs!

Powerlifter/ Strongwoman Alanna has been doing it all from Raw Unity Champion 2014 to Arnold Strongwoman champ!

Here in this video Alanna does a 300lb stone lift at only 162 lbs!

Mike Conley Totals 1845 @ 220

1845 total after weighing in at 219.4.
660 squat. 400 bench. 785 deadlift. Looked on powerlifting watch rankings today and the deadlift should put me 5th in the rankings at 220. The total should put me at 17th. Thanks to my better half Candice Meade for putting together this video. Lord knows I wouldn't be where I am without her support.

2015 San Marcos Powerlifting: Just the Ladies

Footage from the 2015 THSPA/THSWPA San Marcos Highschool meet.

"We had just the girls going to South Side HS to compete to qualify for regionals. They all worked extremely hard. A majority of them advanced to regionals. We are very proud of them all."

Tee Cummins PR 830 Squat

"Decided last second to compete at an SPF meet in Lexington, KY hosted by Iron Mafia. Didn't cut weight, weighed in at 232.8 and hit an all time PR of 830 in wraps. Totaled 2000@242 Raw w/wraps with a 460 Bench and 710lb deadlift opener."

MDFPA Team Championships 22nd February 2015

This years Team Championships where held at The Pit in Hamrun which saw 24 athletes who took part in 8 teams. 4 individual lifters also participated making a total of 28 athletes.

First place was awarded to Heavy Lightweights. This was there 3rd consecutive time they won this event.The lifters were Charles Degiorgio, Justin Said and Evan Xerri. Second place was awarded to Iron Gladiators with Kris Mintoff, Wayne Gregoraci and Cleaven Cutajar respectively. Third place was awarded to Heavy Metal with Mario Mifsud, Adrian Cauchi and Matteo Aquilina.

SBD Elite - Kimberly Walford - January Training Highlights

"USA's Kimberly Walford, the Best Female Raw Powerlifter 2014,
trains heavy triples across the lifts and her assistance exercises, as she prepares for the Arnold Sports Festival.

Rick Marrama Hits 777 at 235 pounds

Rick Marrama just competed in a WABDL meet on Feb 7 2015 and benched 777lbs at body weight 235 in a single ply shirt. His were attempts were 720, 749, 777, all good lifts Rick did try a 4th with 800 with no success but did give it a good ride!