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GREAT UPDATES ON 2014 AAU World Powerlifting

Well folks I have been working on Visa letters for Non USA lifters

36 from India

10 from Afghanistan

4 from Turkmenistan

9 from Nigeria

BEAST 2014 USPA Nationals Highlights!

BEAST: 2014 USPA National Powerlifting Championships highlights w/ lift by lift commentary given by me and my coach. Its a long video, but goes into detail about the approach, game plan, and what happened through out the competition. I will be making a much shorter video with just strictly lifts.

Christian Anto 1605 At SPF Nationals: 181 Class

NBS Fitness (Cordova, TN) team member Christian Anto hit a 1605 total @181 raw w/wraps at SPF Nationals...
He is now ranked at #3 on total
and his 615 squat is currently ranked number 2 in the US in the Current Raw (wraps) rankings!

Again about the golden numbers – Keeping powerlifting boring and kosher

One day I calculated the safe time for alternating squat rounds (flights A and B), the time required to change the equipment on the platform for the bench press rounds, plus all that and the deadlift rounds. I summed the operational arrangements time and came to the “golden” number of 30 lifters per platform, per day.

By simple deduction, we would have 90 lifters per platform, per day, for a single lift event.

Amazingly, that was the same conclusion reached by the RUM organizers. Also, 400-500 lifter Worlds by kosher federations require 4-5 days, on two simultaneous platforms. That means that counting the single lift events and the full power events together, we have an average of 50 lifters per day, per platform.

Mike Bingham benches 622 at USPA Multi-Ply Nationals

Mike Bingham benched 622.8 lbs at a body weight of 177.2 lbs on July 19, 2014 at the USPA Multi-Ply Nationals in Springfield, MO.
This lift should put Mike at #1 on the current multi-ply bench rankings in the 181 lb wt class!

Josh Morris 2185 In His First Contest!

Josh Morris who is with Iron Mafia, went 2185 in his 1st meet (no wraps) at SHW!. An impressive debut to say the least. He squatted 745, then benched a huge 635 pounds to rank his bench at #3! He also pulled 805 to place at number 6th and his total was # One! That's right, first contest and he's Number one! (As long as its verified "no wraps" on the results) He is also now sponsored by Slingshot !


PUSH & PULL MEET "Johnnie O Jackson" Announces Michael Dale Morris from Powerlifting Gym out of Rockwall County got 1st place 320 lb Deadlift Only! At age 15-teen. CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS AT YOUR FIRST ISA / ISAA Powerlifting MEET AT STROUDS FITNESS IN EULESS TX!-((-POWERLIFTING GYM-))-

Tim Lamando USAPL Performance

Texas state USAPL record holder Tim Lamando, competed in a stacked 163 lb class at the 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals, Aurora, Colorado. There he went 462 in the squat 286 in the bench and then pulled a solid 578 pound deadlift to give him a 1328 pound total!

Didier Michelon Breaks WPC Masters WR Bench

Didler Michelon competed at the recent Global Bench War
(CanAm Bench War)
and busted a new world record of 788 lbs as a master!

Limited Budget Dip Stand with Sam Cox, Bouncing Legend

Don't have a dip station?
Here's a quick and easy way to create your own.
Sam Cox demonstrates:


The NASA World Cup of Power is coming up and will be held August 9th and 10th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, OKC Airport, 2101 S. Meridian, OKC, OK.

Equipped and Unequipped Powerlifting, Bench Press Only, Push-Pull and Power Sports© Championships! Man of Steel & Woman of Steel Finals at this Meet!

Late Fees begin on august 4th. To register, please visit our website, www.NASA-Sports.com.

We are a drug-free organization.

NorCal Powerlifting National Championships 2014

Thank you NorCal Powerlifting Volunteers

I would like to extend my sincere thank you to every volunteer and athlete who came out on Sunday to support the 2014 NorCal Powerlifting State meet. You are all an integral part of NorCal Powerlifting in providing the best of drug-free powerlifting, for without you, this would not be possible. We will continue to pursue opportunities for growth and continue to work for quality, safety and a level playing field. The idea is not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules with no external interference that affects the ability of player to compete fairly.


Mark your Calendars!!!!

The NASA USA Nationals and 2nd Annual Women's Nationals will be held June 20th and 21st in Dallas!!!!!

This is a great event! Mark your calendars and visit our site www.NASA-Sports.com for more information!!!!!

WABDL BP/DL in NY/NJ Aug. 2, extending application deadline

Attention all lifters in the Tri-State area: The 9/11 Memorial Bench Press & Deadlift Classic, in memory of Tom Foley, FDNY, is extending the deadline for applications until Friday, July 25th. Please call or email Brian@sigfit.net or call 973-751-6999. Log onto wabdl.org or powerlifting watch for meet appliactions. This meet is being held at Signature Fitness, Belleville, NJ. It's onl 15 minutes outside of Manahattan. Come and lift then spend the day on New York City.

Animal Seminar: Andrey Malanichev, Part 3

The comprehensive and detailed coverage of Animal athlete and all time World Record holding powerlifter, Andrey Malanichev (2425 total), concludes in Part 3 of this seminar series. In Part 3, Andrey talks about the deadlift in tremendous detail, with full instruction. Andrey also fields many questions from those in audience.