Derek Kendall 848 For 3!

Currently Derek is four weeks out from his USPF powerlifting meet in Chicago. He will be competing in the 308lbs no wraps class. Here is a video from Saturday four weeks out, 848lbs x 3. Belt and knee sleeves. Derek is set to set a new 308 no wrap record if all goes as planned.

Pappillion and Maryana Naumova @ Olympia

Chris Papillion wins the Olympia at 242 once again with Juhu Someroja unable to make his opening squat of 826. Naumova benches over 300 lbs (319) at only 15 yrs of age!
Here's footage of Papillion with an 810 squat and Maryana with 303:

Orlando Barbell Squats

Watch footage of Orlando barbell lifters squat on 9/18/14.

"April Harper raw squatting 285 for 2 and 345 for 2 in briefs. Tyler Weaver squatting 525 for 3 onto a high box. Jeff Sevor squatting 525 for 3 onto a high box. Stephen Harper squatting 555. Greg Godwin squatting 555 for 3 onto a high box. Elitefts sponsored powerlifter squatting 605 for 2 and 655 for 1 onto a high box. Louie Carrell squatting 655."

Biruk Vladimir total 1050kg@105.6kg

Cup "VOSPORO" 07.09.2014

Vladimir showed qualifying amount for the "Super-Cup of Titans 2015"

2,314 @ 232.8 lbs

Dominick Matrana Wins with 881 Deadlift

Dominick Matrana just pulled 881lbs for the WIN at the Olympia!

Dominick is quickly rising up the ranks going from a previous 843 to a number one ranking of 881!

Norris 821 Deadlift!!

Young phenom Jesse Norris pulls one of histories biggest deadlifts at 198!
He is now in league with Coan (859), Anello (821), Thomas (821), Baylayev (870) and Kumpuniemi (823) who pulled in the 800's without gear!
Watch his footage:

Gracie V Pulls 451!

"451 lbs!! 66 lb PR at this bodyweight (139). Extremely happy with this! Thank you everyone for all the virtual slaps! And to @unbreakablegear and @supers2o for the real ones! It was extremely competitive this year and @manainside was checking Wilks formulas the whole time for us in Hawaii! How exciting! This is what this sport is all about! I fucking love it! "~
Gracie V

Michael Bales Cracks the Top 20

Michael Bales competed at 275 and benched 520 raw in the at the
SPF Iron Mayhem Classic on Sept 6, 2014.
This lift cracks the top 20 at 18th in the current US rankings!

Joseph Stockinger 429 Deadlift @ 67.5kg (84 years old) !!!!

84 year-old Joseph Stockinger (Alberta, CAN) pulling 195kg/429.9 lbs at a bodyweight of 67.5kg/148#. Joe accomplished this lift while competing in last weekend's 100% RAW Canadian National held in Calgary, AB. This lift was a new Master's 80+ World Record (a mark which he plans on breaking at 100% RAW's World Championships later this year.

IPC Powerlifting announces 2015 Americas, European and Asian Championships

IPC Powerlifting has announced the host cities for three major regional Championships which will take place in 2015 and will act as major stepping stones on the road to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The first regional Championships of the year will be the first ever Americas Open Championships which will be staged in Guadalajara, Mexico, between 25-29 April. It will serve as a qualifying event for August's Toronto 2015 Parapan American Games.

Kim Tran In Training

Kim "Valentine" Tran is looking to compete sometime soon although she has not yet said where. When she does, it will be an slaughter of the record books! She intends to lift at 105 and in this footage she squats 295 bench 175 for 4 and pulls 350!!! She is without a doubt over 800 at 105!

Raw Unity 8 Update #1

Peace Be With You Iron Brothers & Sisters. The Raw Unity Season is upon us! Entry forms will be released on Monday, November 3rd. They will be due (in hand) on Monday, November 24th. The full power meet will feature a roster of 60 lifters for Day 1 and 60 lifters for Day 2. Day 1 (knee sleeves) and Day 2 (knee wraps) will work just like last year. Day 1 will go on Saturday and Day 2 will go on Sunday.

Bradley McKlure 468 Bench at 181!

Competing on Sept 13th, Bradley McKlure benched a huge 468 raw lift to

further extend his lead on the current 181 raw rankings!

Max's first sumo session, coached by Ed Coan

From PTC- Ed Coan made a huge impact on a young kid today. Its one thing to have the greatest powerlifter ever hanging around at your home, your gym or even having lunch with him, but its another to have him deadlift with you during your first sumo session. Max has decided to switch to sumo after ProRawSix, and Ed was right there helping out.

Henry Thomason - Raw Squat Training 9/16/14 (walked out ) 650 - 800 lbs. w/ Wraps

Henry Thomason 308 - Raw Squat Training (650 - 800 lbs.) w/ Wraps
using the Triumph Multi-Color Singlet and Gold Wraps