Relentless 2016- Got Hope?

From Scott Nutter- For those not familiar with Relentless; our Mission is to build relationships, change lives and serve God by uniting strong men and women with even stronger children. 160+ lifters came from all parts of the U.S., Canada and even 1 from England to do just that. Relentless is a sanctioned powerlifting meet placed right in the middle of the largest HopeKids ( fundraising event nation wide. This year we raised over $213K for the charity.

John Rivas 242 King

John Rivas is now the 242 All Time World Record holder; a record held by Dan Green! An accomplishment in of itself and he did it with a massive pull of 832! He made a 744 squat and a 512 bench to set himself up for this monumental performance. He ended his day with a 2,088 total, just ahead of the former record of 2,083!
We plan on seeing more!

Brett Gibbs IPF Worlds Review

Brett took the silver medal at the IPF worlds
to American lifter John Haack who totaled an IPF world record 813 kg (1,792 lbs).
Brett explains his platform experience
at the IPF worlds in Killeen Texas.

Benedix at the USPA Nationals!

A video documentary Jake and Brett Benedix
as they competed in Vegas at the 2016 USPA Nationals!

"For everyone who has viewed this video, I greatly appreciate that, much love to you. If you enjoyed this video give it a like, or thumbs up. If you have not yet, subscribe to my channel.

This was my second time powerlifting in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a wonderful time competing and meeting new people from across the US. Hope you enjoy this video. "

Watch now live: 1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup in Minsk / Belarus

Check out the 1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup in Minsk / Belarus
The meet runs from July 11-16th
(1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup )
( more info )

SPF Texas State Championships @ The Battle Of The Bay Highlights

Saturday July 9th 2016 the annual NPC Battle of the Bay Expo was held at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi Tx. The SPF Texas state meet was held in conjunction with this huge event! The expo hosted bodybuilding, crossfit, strongman and powerlifting with about 500 athletes combined!! Top lifts for the Texas State meet were held by some of the states and nations best lifters. Highlights of the event began with the 148 female class! This class was loaded with talent! Kim Lewis a multi sport athlete, made a 286 squat, 220 bench and pulled the biggest deadlift of the class with 402 for a 909 total and 3rd place. Blanca Rodriguez made great lifts as she posted a 314 squat, 231 pound bench and pulled 380 for a 925 total placing second in the open and first in the masters 40+. Winning the 148 class was top 132 pounder Sonia Rosenbaum who transitioned into the 148 class recently. She made a 385 pound squat, benched 181 and pulled 396 for a winning total of 964! Allie Rosales also competed at 148 in the singleply divsion. She missed a few big attempts but still managed a 953 total via 363 squat 209 bench and 380 deadlift. Notable mention was 123 pounder Carleen Waller who made a 236 squat 115 bench and pulled a 319 deadlift to post a raw 672 total. In the mens divisions we started with future PLwatch owner John Vasquez. Weighing in at only 108 14 yr John posted a 214 raw squat, 93 bench and a 242 pound deadlift for a 551 raw total. A very balanced total and platform savvy beyond his years. The 132 class saw young 17 yr old Andres Ramos squatting an amazing 424 raw squat that places him at number 3 in the US rankings along side the men! He benched 209 and then pulled 435 to total 1,069!

Dave Braaten Relentless 2016

Dave Braaten competing at Relentless 2016 with huge PR's!
Dave is one of the many successful athletes trained by Josh Bryant
and on this day Dave hit 826 in the squat, 440 in the bench and pulled 672 in the deadlift for a 1940 total.

Maliek Derstine 1,930 At 198!

The undisputed strongest man at 181 Maliek Derstine wants more. The quest for dominance can sometimes be unquenchable for those who aspire for absolute greatness. Maliek much like Ali or in more recent times Roy Jone jr, a fighter who dominated the middleweight classes undeniably and rose to the heavyweight divisions to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Maliek has moved up to 198 to take the record away from another great, Jesse Norris! Maliek in his first bid at 198 made a USPA record squat of 778.2 lbs (353 kg) followed by a 540 lb (245 kg) bench. This gave him the highest raw sub total in history at that weight with 1,318! He opened conservatively with 611 (277.5 kg) to establish a 1900+ total (1,930) and then went straight to 716 (325 kg) to break the 2,033 held by Norris with a 2,034. Today was not the day, but its coming....

Youngest Person to Bench 800, Only 16 yrs old!!!!

Reported by Fujimoto Ryuki on his facebook, Ryuki weighed in at only 284.8 pounds and benched an astonishing 370kg/815 lb! This was accomplished at Kinki
(a recent Japanese contest under the IPF affiliate). This kid is only 16 yrs old and was supposedly looking to bench 887!!!!
He may very well become the youngest to bench 900!


From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! You made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

Eddie Hall Pulls 1,102 lbs Strongman Style!

While Benedikt Magnusson officially holds the World Record deadlift at 1,015, Eddie Hall now holds the Strongman deadlift world record at 1,102 pounds! Whats the difference you ask? Well for those of you who stumbled upon this post that do not powerlift the difference is both in equipment used and execution of the lift. In powerlifting, the deadlift can not be accomplished using straps to hold on to the bar. You also have to perform the lift without a hitch or support of the bar on the thighs and knees have to be fully locked... In Strongman you may use straps and you just have to get the bar up one way or another! In this strongman contest both Magnussen and Hall went head to head with both attempting the 500 kg barrier, but only Hall managed to pull it! Hall on this day was KING!

Burly Hawk With Serious Leg Strength!

Video footage of the number 7th Ranked All Time SHW in the world! Burly with a best raw total of 2,320 is show here with some incredible poundage!

Raw Front and Back Squats: FS - 620lbs x 1 paused, 720lbs x 1 / Squat - 820lbs x 1


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Jennica Baldridge's IPF Sub-Junior Raw World Record!

High School Junior, Jennica Baldridge's IPF Sub-Junior (18 years and under) RAW WORLD RECORD DEADLIFT of 347.2lbs. @ 136lbs. body-weight. This was at the 2016 IPF RAW World's in Texas.
17 Years Old
136lbs. Body-Weight
275lbs. Squat (4th in the world)
165lbs. Bench Press (4th in the world)
347.2lbs. Deadlift (1st in the world & WORLD RECORD)
8/9 day.

Critta Stamatiou Squats 639 at 165!

Critta has just made a 639 pound squat at 165 tying his best!
With a best total of 1,653, any personal best lifts he may hit will bring his total closer to the sacred 1700 barrier!
Only 3 lifters have ever done that: