Jordan Wong 738x2 Squat

Watch Jordan Wong in his recent training session squat 738x2.
Wong is preparing for the Raw United
Tony Conyers Extravaganza on November 8th.

Zahir Khudayarov Training Squat of 1014!

A lot has been said of the battle between Green and Khudayarov. Either way you look at it, it will be a huge collision course for both of them! That being said, as of late Khudayarov has been lifting some unbelievable weights almost unimaginable! Hows a 1014 training squat at somewhere under 260 grab you?

Jared Daigre Makes the Top 20!

BOAD owner Jared Daigre made his platform appearance at the USPA Battle of Beasts 10/25/14. He lifted at 165 and made lifts of 473 in the squat sans knee wraps, hit a 330 bench and pulled 573 before missing 600 twice! His total of 1377 places him in the top twenty in the nation with a 15th ranking!

Keith McHoney 1405 Total at 148!

At the recent USAPL Georgia and Southern states meet Keith made some awesome lifts! He made an American (USAPL) record 512 squat, benched 330 and pulled 562 to hit a 1405 number one ranked total in the US regardless of federation. Just ahead of lifters Joe Morrow and Shawn Frasquillo!

Garrett GUNZ USPA Battle of Beast 1752@197 without wraps

A great performance by one of the nation's best lifters: Garrett Griffin!

1752@197 without wraps went 6 for 9. Vid of all attempts, small error on 3rd bench coast me 10lb meet PR total. #2 ranked total in country in 198wt class. Not happy, but I have confidence I can hit 1800!! Thanks to everyone that supports me.

Garrett Griffin

Orlando Green, Deadlift 705 x 5 Reps

Here's recent footage of Orlando Green getting back to what he does best... deadlift!
"I haven't pulled heavy in a few months because of a couple nagging injuries. Today the stars were aligned perfect, so I decided to test it out. I only did 705lbs for 5reps, but It felt pretty good. Check out the stars floating in this video, it's like looking through the eyes of a beast!!!! When was the last time you've seen stars lol????"

Matt Sohmer USAPL Meet - 804.5 American Open Record

"I became the lightest person in USAPL history to squat over 800 pounds raw no knee sleeves. I was very happy with my squat, I beat the open american squat record by 38 pounds. Definitely had little more in me with the squat. Now on deadlifts I was hoping for a close 800lbs dead, but opened nice and light so I could ensure that my squat record would count.

Matt Quinn 1870 total at 242

Matt Quinn hit 1870 @ 242 at the 10/25/14 SPF Irontoberfest! Matt went 705 in the squat, 465 bench and then pulled 700 to give him the 13th spot over all on the current raw/ wraps rankings!

Paul Nguyen The Deadlift King

In February earlier this year at RUM VII, Paul Nguyen established himself as one of the best deadlifters in the world by breaking the existing world record deadlift of 716 held by the undisputed king of the 165ers Vashon Perryman. Perryman used to being so far ahead, had some thunder taken from him when Paul pulled a 717 lb lift! Today at ths SPF Brute Strength Halloween Howl Paul proved it was no fluke! Just missing weight at 167 pounds Paul pulled 650, 720 and finally a 740 pound lift that by formula currently is the best raw deadlift on the planet! Paul took it easy in the squat (injury) and still made a 500 lb squat. He benched 325 just missing 350 before he began his pulls.

Alexander Ermachenko 233 Bench at 105lbs!

Here is a clip of Alexander Ermachenko benching 106.0kg @ 48kg (233.6 lbs @ 105#) for a new 100% RAW Ukrainian National Record. Ermachenko competed at last weekend's Championship of Ukraine hosted last weekend in Odessa and accomplished this lift on his second attempt.

Killion husband and wife team meet goals in Utah!!

Hally and Marty competed in the APF Rocky Mountain Push Pull Championships in West Jordan UT on 10/18/2014

Both hit 2 major goals that took years to meet.
Marty became the 1st diabetic athlete to raw benchpress 500 or more pounds all in sanctioned meets 10 different times. He was also a Masters competitor on all of them
Hally raw deadlifted over 400 pounds in the Womans 165 class, hitting a 402 & 407 in this meet.
It was also the first time Marty had deadlifted in a meet in 19 years(1995)

Austin Hickey Training Session

WDFPF World Champion Austin Hickey from Ireland

hit 176 lbs x 6 on dips as he prepares for his next meet.

World's strongest Paralympian breaks world record three times at Incheon 2014

Iranian world and Paralympic champion powerlifter Siamand Rahman dramatically broke the men's over 107kg world record three times on Friday (24 October), adding a total of 7kg onto his own mark at Incheon 2014.

Rahman, who finished with a 292.0kg lift to edge ever closer to his personal target of 300.0kg, achieved the incredible feat at the Moonlight Festival Garden venue in the headline powerlifting event at the Asian Para Games.

Tom "Huck" Finn works up to 585lb raw bench t/g @ 226lbs

Latest from Tom Finn working up to a 585 pound training bench as he prepares for his next contest! He is planning for a December 6th contest.

"555lb felt great, decided to push it to 585. All Prs. Team Lilliebridge"

Four Asian records smashed in powerlifting at Incheon

China, South Korea, UAE and Iran all topped the podium with Asian record lifts in powerlifting on Thursday (23 October) at the Incheon 2014 Asian Para-Games.

China's Xuemie Deng broke her own Asian record by 1kg in the women's up to 86kg category with a lift of 112.0kg to secure gold.

South Korea's Young-Sun Lee (105.0kg) bagged silver, and Haifa Alnaqbi (90.0kg) of UAE third.