Big Tone squats 1025

Tony Chirico Squatted 1025 in preparation for

the upcoming XPC meet at the Arnold.

Nikolay Bazanov RAW 822.5kg@105kg

Recent footage of Nikolay Bazanov

totaling 1813 at 231 at an IPF Russian event.

BEAST: 874lb raw squat w/wraps

Last heavy session for squats before the competition. My goal is 900+lbs so my last squat session has been built up to this 95% range. So much to take from this session. Went, 700, 800, 874. The 700 & 800 setup, the walkout, and the lifts were smooth. The 874lbs changed things a bit. First off we only had enough kilo plates to load 788 fly we started to have to load the gyms plates. The width of the gyms plates made the bar bend much more than it would with all kilo weights. With that being said, when I went to unrack the weight, I felt the bar come up but not the sides, then I had to fight to come up even higher to be able to clear the rack then that just rippled into walking back with it. At this point this is the most weight I have ever had on my back.

Tee Cummins: 2005 @242 Raw w/wraps

In just a couple of weeks Tee will be on the platform against one of the most contested 220 pound classes ever! Even so, why not warm up to it? Here's Tee at a USPA contest.

Derek Kendall W/ Monster Squats!!

In the first video Derek does 1025lbs squat, belt and wraps
...The second he makes a whopping 1040 squat, belt and wraps.
But has a slight injury...

Huck Finn works up to a 800lb Raw Squat @ 225lbs

Tom "Huck" Finn of Team Lilliebridge shown in training
squatting 800 pounds with just wraps!
His current bw is about 225..

Conyers 1640 @ 156!!!!!

Tony Conyers much like Ellen Stein, has redefined the limits of what we can do as we age! Now age 56 yrs, Tony hit an all time masters over 50 record in each lift! He made a massive 570 squat, benched 420 and pulled 650 for a total that is only 10 lbs off the all time Open World record! 1640 is more than 10 x his own body weight of 156 lbs.. This total was done raw with no wraps at the Raw United Mike Witmer Memorial.

Powerlifting Australia - IPF 2015 Suspension List Updated


Powerlifting Australia now has 5 athletes on the suspension list.

Florian Loock – Presence of Oxilofrine (methylsynephrine). Period of suspension: until 2 January 2016

Matthew Brunoli – Presence of N,N-dimethyl-2-phenylpropan-1-amine (N,N,alpha-trimethyl-benezeneethanamine), Phenpromethamine and β-methylphenethylamine. Period of suspension: until 3 March 2016

Registration is Open for the 2015 USAPL Collegiate Nationals

The USAPL Collegiate Nationals is one of the most competitive and exciting meets in the country! If you are a collegiate lifter, don't miss out on this! What you will see from this meet:

- Located at the W Atlanta Midtown Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, GA
- 350-400 collegiate lifters
- This event will be Nationally Televised

Team Unbreakable Gear- "JessiCatts" Jessica Belt is ready for the LA Fit Expo

Every since her invite Jessica has been hitting it hard as she can. She says, "Being a Rookie in my first year as a powerlifter I feel incredibly humbled and honored to be invited. I work hard and grind it out!! My background was in crossfit but then this year I hooked up with Gracie V out of Unbreakable Gears Camp and we switched things up to make me a dual athlete. I have received incredible support from Unbreakable Gear, still in shock they picked me up. What an honor and at the LA Fit Expo ill be debuting their newest line of Knee and Wrist wraps - The "Annihilators"!!!

Brandon Cass Uncharted Territory

Brandon Cass has ventured where no man has gone before. Well into the 900 pound range, Nine Hundred and Twenty pounds!!!!! Legendary lifter and all around greatest ever Ed Coan set a record deadlift of 901 @ 220 set 24 yrs ago in 1991. In doing so, he became the first to crack the 900 barrier at that weight. No one has come close since. Brandon Cass has now built the strength to break that record. He will do so when all other aspects in his world are correct. When the time is right, he will come in and take this record.... on his terms.

2014 Female Lifter Of The Year

Anna McCloskey- European Champion, WPC World Champion- Best LIfter 21yrs Old
8% (223 votes)
Jill Mills- All Time World Record Holder, Out of Retirement Breaks Own 15yr old Record
6% (160 votes)
Susan Salazar- All Time World Record Holder- Tops Two Class Rankings, Highest Formula Ranking in Raw/wraps
15% (406 votes)
Ellen Stein- All Time World Record Holder, 3rd Open Rankings @ 61 yrs old
7% (189 votes)
Larysa Soloviova- IPF World Record Holder, Biggest Wilks In IPF History
16% (438 votes)
Tara Green- GPC & CPL Canadian National Champ, LA Expo Champ Raw, Mr O Pro Inv Champ, WPC Bench Champ
17% (471 votes)
Rheta West- Becomes lightest woman to squat 500 Lbs Raw, All Time World Record Holder Multiply
5% (143 votes)
Kim Walford- IPF World Record Holder, IPF World Champion, All Time World Record Holder Open and Tested
20% (568 votes)
April Shumaker- All Time World Record Holder, RUM VII Champion
1% (32 votes)
April Mathis- All Time World Record Holder, Biggest lifts in All three events, Highest Raw record Total in History
6% (167 votes)
Total votes: 2797

Arnold At The XPC Finals

"Just got news today that Arnold himself will be making a stop by the xpc finals on Friday march 6th at around 945 am come on out and see the man himself at the Ohio expo center (Rhodes center) 717E. 17th ave Columbus Ohio Arnold classic weekend ."

Manenkoff Final Preps for RUM VIII

Finishing up his training Jason Manenkoff has upped his game in the squat! He will be battling Nick Israel for the 165 RUM title. Jason will most likely take the bench portion, but he will need a big squat to keep up with Israel, who like Manenkoff has a very sound training program.

Jim Phraner - Training for USPA Redbrick to Support our Troops - 865lbs

Jim Phraner , training and testing a new 2 ply Overkill. Getting ready to a part of the greatest bench press fundraiser this side of the Mississippi. Over the past 12 events, we have had over 1000 competitors show their support to our troops and their families. Over $110,000 was raised in their behalf thanks to all of you. The competition is Saturday, February 21st,