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Wayne VanNostrand Repping 585!

One our nation's top open and master bench pressers,

Big Wayne seems to be in tip top shape hitting 585 for a triple!

"Healthy and feeling great 585 x 3"

Bench shirt help!

I purchased a new bench shirt. So tight I can't get my arms to even grab the bar. But a bigger guy in my gym has same kind of shirt. A size smaller and uses it in meets. Is it because my shirts brand new. It's a triple
Ply SDP. What can be done to break it in considering I can't even use it yet.

SBD-USA Athlete, Shawn Bellon raw pause squats 735 at 253 lbs

Back is steadily improving and less pain overall.

Happiest with the grind than the depth which was a little high.

54 Year Old Master SHW Bench Presses 565 Raw for Christmas present to himself! :)

Kole Carter 54 year old Master SHW Raw Bench Presser did an easy 565 raw bench press at Royal Barbell tonight for a Christmas present to himself. Followed by a 585 pound triple with his slingshot. 35 pounds away from the 600 pound raw bench press goal. Sorry no video but my phone was busy pumping music to my brain. Luckily I had 7 witnesses. Super easy 565. 600 will be crushed in 2017! The other lifters thought I was going to do a double with the 565 it went up so smooth. I am trying to catch up with my friend James who is hitting 633 raw these days!

USA Powerlifting Coaching Certification Course in Louisville, KY

Date: 2/18/17
Location: Bluegrass Barbell - Louisville, KY
Earn 0.5 NSCA CEU's

WV Fit Expo

Saturday & Sunday September 16 & 17, 2017
Charleston Civic Center
Charleston, WV

The WV Fit Expo is a family-friendly event which brings together fitness enthusiasts ranging from bodybuilders and powerlifters to jiu-jitsu participants, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, CrossFit enthusiasts, competitive athletes and even the weekend warrior.

Attendees have the chance to discover new health and wellness products and services, supplements, healthy food services, equipment, apparel, witness live fitness competitions, and much more.

"Deathlifts" 800x1 : Marshall Johnson

Here's footage of the number one single ply 308 pounder the "Freakshow"!!!

"I am currently in my 5th week of training my deadlift for competition in March. This is my first week in a wave of three weeks pulling in my suit straps down. I worked up to a max single of 800lbs. I have two more weeks hitting a max single straps down that ends the weekend of the LA Fit Expo. I am looking for a place to train my final heavy day of this wave while I am in town the for Expo."

Merry Christmas To All From Powerlifting Watch!

Dave and I just want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and to those who do not celebrate Christmas, have a blessed day! The rankings will be open to the public from now until December 30th. Also you may enter your results using the add meet link and search your results as well, just follow this link Lifter Rankings. Remember when converting your lifts from kilos to pounds, use 2.2046 and DO NOT round up. Also do not use caps lock for your name and use the normal name that usually appears in your results otherwise you will have duplicate entries. 210 kilos is 462 pounds not 463 (2.2046 x 210 = 462.96)

Once again Merry Christmas to all!

Joey Smith - IPA Champions of Champions!!

Joey Smith back from injury competed and Finished:
1st Mens Masters 308 Full Power Multiply
2nd Mens Open 308 Full Power Multiply

7 for 9 on attempts
Squat: 900 pounds
Bench: 155 pounds
Deadlift: 650 pounds

Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 900 Pounds at 206!

Posted on barbend.com Watch Cailer pull one sensational lift that if he's able to pull off in competition at 198 would be an astonishing feat!

We didn’t want to finish off 2016 without one more incredible deadlift video, and thanks to Cailer Woolam, we aren’t disappointed.

The 22 year old Woolam — who we’ve seen compete around 220lbs before — just posted this INSANE video of a new raw deadlift PR. 900 solid pounds, raw and in sumo-style, with a hook grip.

And he completed the lift weighing in at a mere 206 pounds, which may very well put Woolam among the best pound-for-pound deadlifters in the world.
~ Barbend.com

Local Michigan High School looking for some help

Hello.. My name is Cindy Bierwagen and my son is a power lifter at Springport High school in the state of Michigan.
They are a small school in Jackson County in Michigan. Division 4
They are looking to have a push pull power lifting competition this year. But they need equipment.

Big on a Budget Animal video featuring Pete Rubish

The first powerlifter to brave Animal's "Big on a Budget" grocery shopping challenge, the deadliest deadlifter Pete Rubish shares his dietary strategies. Buy a week's worth of food with only $50 in his pocket,
Rubish breaks away from the normal bodybuilder's clean approach with flavor and taste as an important deciding factor.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jani-Pekka Eirala & Eduard Khanjyan!!!

GPC Tatu Avola Memorial 2016 PL, BP and DL Meet -- 12/11/16 -- (Tampere, Finland)

CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performances! You BOTH made the "RAW All Time Rankings!!!!!" I just got through emailing Johnny Vasquez & Dave Bates the updated “Records,” “Rankings” and “Rankings-RAW” documents! You can view your performances in the “Subscriber Only” section: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/yearly-rankings

242 Pound (110 Kilogram) Men’s Weight Division -- RAW Squat
RAW Squat X-Bwt RAW Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation
10. 837.8 (380.0) *3.51X Eduard Khanjyan (Finland/85) 12/11/16 (380.0 kg. @ 108.3 kg., without a squat suit.) (Tampere, Finland) (GPC)
15. 826.7 (375.0) *3.42X Jani-Pekka Eirala (Finland/87) 12/11/16 (375.0 kg. @ 109.8 kg., without a squat suit.) (Tampere, Finland) (GPC)
Page 21 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Dr. Lauren Cohen Breaks All Time Squat Record

Dr. Lauren Cohen – the L.E. Simmons Chaired Professor at the Harvard Business School – broke the 165 lb. Drug Tested World Record squat with a squat of 575 in sleeves this past weekend at the International Powerlifting Association Champion of Champions meet in Murfreesboro, TN held on December 17, 2016. He added a 360 bench and 610 deadlift for a 1545 drug tested raw total.
(Editor's note: Face value of plates were 575 pounds in the squat, however the actual weight added up to 583.8 pounds. The record will go down as 583 and his total will be ranked at 1,553.)