Gene Bell : Legend!

For over 40 yrs Gene Bell has been a big part of our great sport. Born in El Paso Texas, this legendary lifter won IPF world titles and broke a multitude of world records! He broke Mike Bridges 2105 at 181 with 2110 which still to this day has not been broken in single ply gear! He made an 870 squat to break Ed Coan's 198 world record of 859 and in 1984 won one of the most competitive 165 classes in world history! There he took on John Topsoglou and Rick Crain and even Rick Weil was there hitting his famous 485 bench press but ending in 7 place with a 1700+ total! That's how competitive it was! Now today, Gene closer to 60 than he is 50 is still going strong and with a birthday benchpress of 405 to boot!

Raw Nationals is coming. Are you ready?

USA Powerlifting's Raw nationals being held
October 13-16 in Atlanta, GA! Who will take the titles and take a spot on the world teams?
...........Entry Deadline is 9/13/16.............

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival, March 2-5!

2017 Arnold Sports Festival
Presents 70 Sports & Events, SportsWorld EXPO
COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival and the world-renowned Arnold Classic
bodybuilding championships will celebrate its 29
th Anniversary in 2017 when the four-day health
and fitness celebration presents more than 70 sports and events March 2-5, 2017 in Columbus,
The Arnold Sports Festival will attract an estimated 200,000 sports and fitness fans to watch 18,000
athletes compete in 70 sports and events, including 16 Olympic events, at the Greater Columbus
Convention Center in downtown Columbus, the Ohio Expo Center and other venues throughout
Central Ohio.

2016 USA Powerlifting Regionals Change!!!



The 2016 USA Powerlifting North East Regional and Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships - RG-2016-05
(Open to only lifters who membership cards belonging to these two regions)

GARY SHIM On Sports People Hawaii!

GARY SHIM- Power Lifter – Sports People Hawaii
-Gary talks of his lovely wife who encouraged him to get into Powerlifting, how difficult it can be to stay in the game, and about the camaraderie of his teammates who push each other every day. This is what the WABDL is all about!

Upcoming: UPA Illinois State Powerlifting Championships

Looking for a contest in Illinois?

September 24th, 2016

MEET DIRECTOR – Byron Hicks – Illinois UPA Chair

Email or call Tami Hicks @ 630-913-4492 for all inquiries.

EVENT LOCATION – Jakked Hardcore Gym, 1450 S. East River Rd, Montgomery, IL 60538. 2 miles south of downtown Aurora, on the east bank of the river just past Mill St. Accessible from I-88 to the north and Route 30 to the south.

365 SPF Events are Uniting and Celebrating the Lifters for all the Right Reasons!

365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation continues to evolve as male and female, young and not so young, veteran and new competitors are made aware of who we are, what we're about and why the 365 SPF is a special organization.

For years competitors have gravitated to one federation or another primarily because of their stance on various issues, such as:
> Tested vs. Untested Events
> Raw and Raw Classic vs. Single or Multi-play Events
> etc, etc, etc. ...any other possible variables

Tee Cummins Back In The Gym!

Tee is back squatting with a bad ankle, fortunately it wasn't broken!

Time for the trek back to the top of the squat podium!

Jill Mills Repping Deads!

One of the worlds greatest power athletes,
Jill Mills repping 475 pounds on the deadlift
in a recent training session!

Lisa Rothman In Training

All time American record holder and now a USA Powerlifting national champion and IPF competitor Lisa Rothman would have destroyed the masters at the IPF worlds but decided to lift open. Its just her competitive nature!
She is an amazing athlete and I think the best is still yet to come! Here she is in her recent training session:

Phillip Brewer Back On the The Platform!

The man who broke the barrier!!!! Phillip Brewer became the first man and lightest man on earth to bench 500 raw a couple of years ago. He made his lift at under a 165 lbs! He's had few injuries since then but is back on the platform and competed at the APA 6 Border Brawl. Not only is he back, but he is competing full meet this time around! At the Border Brawl he made a 485 pound squat with room to spare. He benched 450 in his pet lift and pulled 525 to end with a very respectable total of 1,450! Shades of Rick Weil you might say! The full meet record world record is still held by Weil with 485.... Daiki Kodama has done 465 in a full meet with less than average lifts in the squat and bench, but Phil may just be the one to break the offical full meet record held by the "original Unreal" Rick Weil!

Michael McCann 1,700 at 181!

In the not too distant passed 1700 at 181 was a barrier breaking total set by none other than Jamie Lewis! A name we have not heard from in some time... Never the less, 1700 is still an incredible total and will move Michael up to the 9th spot on the current raw w/ wraps rankings! He nailed his accomplishment at the RPS Southern Stranglehold meet at Strength & Conditioning hosted by Iron Mayhem. There he went 650 in the squat, 430 in the bench and pulled 620 to crack the 1,700 mark.

Dennis Cornelius Garage Training

Current American and World Drug Tested record holder Oklahoma native Dennis Cornelius banging out a big training bench of 580lbs!
His best meet lift to date is 565 and is hoping to improve on that very soon....
600 doesn't look all that far away now... Just 4 years ago he benched 473 at a NASA contest so that's about 25 pounds a year!

Yury Belkin totals 2193 pounds for new All Time World Record at 220 raw/wraps

At Boss of Bosses 3 in Mountain View, CA, Yury Belkin went 815lb squat, 507lb bench press and 870lb deadlift for a new 220lb class raw with wraps world record of 2,193 pounds. Check out the footage below.

William Lee Preps For USPA And WABDL

William is competing in both USPA Bench World's in September and WABDL Push-Pull World's in November of this year!
William is a long time Texas powerlifter, competing in many feds over the years...
He was out for some time and has suffered a few injuries in his time but here is making great strides again!