IPC Powerlifting launches website for 2015 Americas and Asian Open Championships

IPC Powerlifting launched websites for its regional Championships in Mexico City and Almaty, Kazakhstan on Wednesday (10 December), which will act as qualifiers for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The 2015 IPC Powerlifting Americas Open Championships will feature around 120 athletes from 20 countries and take place from 26-29 April, whilst the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Asian Open Championships are expected to attract similar numbers of lifters and run from 26-30 July.

Hafiz Verdiyev total 920 kg in 100kg category. WPC Worlds 2014. Single Ply

Hafiz Verdiyev totaled 920 kg (2,028 lbs) in 100kg category (actual bodyweight 97.4 kg/ 214.7 lbs)) Single PLY division. He won his class and got best open lifter in the singleply division.
Lifts were:
Squat 365 (804 lbs)

Bench-press 240 (529 lbs)

New all-time BP from Stanislav Milosnoy, 230 @ 74.7 (507 @ 164.68)

No sooner has Belorussian bench monster Roman Eremashvili set new all-time raw BP record of 228 kilos in Australia at GPA that Stanislav Milostnoy gave his sound answer at WPC European cup in Kursk, 4-7 Dec. and made beautiful 230 kilos. Engoy the video:

Andrew Petti hits top ten total at his first meet 1210 at 148!

At the Clash for Cash this past weekend light weight newcomer Andrew Petti of team Gaglione Strength totaled 1210 with 460 Squat, 260 Bench, and 490 deadlift! An outstanding performance that placed him 2nd overall in the meet by formula and also puts him in the top 10 in the nation among raw with wraps lifters at 148.

13th Annual USAPL American Open Powerlifting Championships- Live

Check out the 13th Annual USAPL American Open Powerlifting Championships
Washington Hilton Hotel ‐‐ Dupont Circle December 12 ‐ 14, 2014 Sanction # NS ‐ 2014 ‐ 11
(live streaming) (scoring) (roster) (» login to post comments | read more


The Wyndham Garden Hotel was the site of the NASA Grand, also known as the Mini-Nationals and was held on October 18th in Oklahoma City. 50+ competitors came to lift and set records!

Starting with the Men's Equipped Powerlifting, Nikolas Hafner of OK competed in the Jr. Division and placed first with a total coefficient of 9.0307. Nikolas lifted 1570.78 lbs. and 712.50 kg. Michael Campbell of OK competed in the High School and Teen divisions and placed first with a total coefficient of 6.2515, 1091.28 lbs. and 495 kg. Good lifting!

Matt Disbrow hits 2100 at 275 at Lexen XXX

I didn't cut for the meet and weighed in at 270, this left me feeling great on meet day. My goal was 2100 and I wanted to try an 870 squat. Unfortunately my second attempt squat was called for depth so I never got to try 870. However I still went 8/9 and hit pr's across the board finishing with 840/530/730.

Adam Ferchen deadlifts 701 to break USPA junior national record

I deadlifted 701 on my third attempt this past weekend at the USPA TOM BROWN MEMORIAL IronMan weighing in at 215, this was exactly 4 weeks after cutting weight and flying to vegas from New York to compete at 198 in the IPL worlds, where I finished the day with a 661 deadlift!

World champion Omar suspended for Anti-Doping violation

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that Egyptian world champion powerlifter Fatma Omar has been suspended and fined for an Anti-Doping Rule violation.

Omar returned an adverse analytical finding for Clomiphene in a urine sample provided on 8 April 2014 following her participation at the IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, UAE. This substance is included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 2014 Prohibited List under the category S4. Hormone and Metabolic Modulators and is prohibited both in and out of competition.


12/6/14: The 4th Annual World Gym PSL Push/Pull 2014 Sanctioned by RAW United
Venue: World Gym in Port St. Lucie, Florida
Organization: RAW United

Push/Pull Lifters (In Order):
Georgia Huggins
Marisa Mele

2015 APF Raw Nationals Date Annouced

Michigan APF is proud to announce the official dates and location for the 2015 APF Raw Nationals meet: June 12-14 2015. The meet will be hosted at the beautiful DeVos Place Convention Center in downtown Grand Rapids where the very successful 2104 APF Senior Nationals was held this year.

Asian & Oceania powerlifting championships- Live

Oceania Raw & Equipped and Asian Raw Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships. Dec 8th - 14th
Live stream available here: Live stream
Live Scoresheet available here: Scoresheet

Justin Caputo Makes A 610 Squat @ 165!!!

Justin has had his eye on this mark for sometime and with some unconventional training methods was able to pull off an All Time world record 610 squat! This broke Vashon Perryman's Open All Time world record of 606 pounds! Justin made offical lifts of 590 squat 260 bench press and pulled 560 to officially total 1410. His 610 All Time record was a 4th attempt.

Nathan Grimm Hits All-Time Drug Tested

On December 7th, 2014 Nathan Grimm competed at the RPS XXX meet presented by Lexen Xtreme!
He competed in the drug tested 165 division and broke Vashon Perryman's Old 584 wrapped record done at a NASA contest. Nathan popped up with a 620 pound squat! He benched 365 and then pulled 580 to beat Tony Conyers Former AAU Drug Tested total of 1,560! Congratulations Nathan Grimm!

Jim Phraner Results Are In!

December 6th, Jim benched at the USPA Tom Brown Memorial Ironman, in Utica, NY. He had a great comeback meet with a 755 bench at 258 pounds ranking him number 2 on the 275 pound current singleply rankings!