Limited Budget Dip Stand with Sam Cox, Bouncing Legend

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Sam Cox demonstrates:


The NASA World Cup of Power is coming up and will be held August 9th and 10th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, OKC Airport, 2101 S. Meridian, OKC, OK.

Equipped and Unequipped Powerlifting, Bench Press Only, Push-Pull and Power Sports© Championships! Man of Steel & Woman of Steel Finals at this Meet!

Late Fees begin on august 4th. To register, please visit our website,

We are a drug-free organization.

NorCal Powerlifting National Championships 2014

Thank you NorCal Powerlifting Volunteers

I would like to extend my sincere thank you to every volunteer and athlete who came out on Sunday to support the 2014 NorCal Powerlifting State meet. You are all an integral part of NorCal Powerlifting in providing the best of drug-free powerlifting, for without you, this would not be possible. We will continue to pursue opportunities for growth and continue to work for quality, safety and a level playing field. The idea is not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules with no external interference that affects the ability of player to compete fairly.


Mark your Calendars!!!!

The NASA USA Nationals and 2nd Annual Women's Nationals will be held June 20th and 21st in Dallas!!!!!

This is a great event! Mark your calendars and visit our site for more information!!!!!

WABDL BP/DL in NY/NJ Aug. 2, extending application deadline

Attention all lifters in the Tri-State area: The 9/11 Memorial Bench Press & Deadlift Classic, in memory of Tom Foley, FDNY, is extending the deadline for applications until Friday, July 25th. Please call or email or call 973-751-6999. Log onto or powerlifting watch for meet appliactions. This meet is being held at Signature Fitness, Belleville, NJ. It's onl 15 minutes outside of Manahattan. Come and lift then spend the day on New York City.

Animal Seminar: Andrey Malanichev, Part 3

The comprehensive and detailed coverage of Animal athlete and all time World Record holding powerlifter, Andrey Malanichev (2425 total), concludes in Part 3 of this seminar series. In Part 3, Andrey talks about the deadlift in tremendous detail, with full instruction. Andrey also fields many questions from those in audience.

Eric Lilliebridge 1,080kgs-2,380.9lbs All-Time World Record Raw total w/ wraps @ 275lbs

The 24 yr old powerhouse has a long way to go in his career. At only 24 yrs old Eric is destined to become the strongest man who has ever lived. Could we see a 2500 raw total from a 308 pound Eric? Time will tell, but one things for sure 2400 is right around the corner at under 300!

Squat: 437.5kgs-964.5lbs Meet PR & New All Time World Record raw w/ wraps

Bench: 242.5kgs-534.6lbs Meet PR

Shannon Nash sets new raw ALL TIME AMERICAN RECORD BENCH

Shannon Nash Benched 335lbs at SPF NATIONALS for a new ALL-TIME Raw American record in the women's 181's. Breaking the previous record held by Jill Mills of 325lbs. Shannon weighed in at 170lbs. Shannon also holds the all time AR raw bench in the 198's of 360lbs.

Gunz, Savage & Bossi All Go 500+ at Middleweight Kings of the Bench X

Gaspari Nutrition's Kings of the Bench X
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The Branch Warren Classic Expo, July 12th, in Houston, TX

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Filmed by Josh Winsor Photo + Design

Mark Miller Hits 2100 at 275 Raw/ wraps

At the SPF Nationals in Manchester Tenn Sunday July 20th, Mark Miller hit 2100 in the 275 class (270 actual) and is now is sponsored by sling shot.
Mark squatted 830, benched 510 and made a deadlifted of 760! The squat places him 2nd on the current raw with wraps rankings and 2100 gives him the number 3 spot on the total!

John Haack 1708lb total at 181-Drug-Tested All-Time World Record

John Haack broke the All Time Drug tested record held by Jose Castillo of Ecuador with a massive 1,708 total via 611 squat 418 bench and 677 deadlift. He made these lifts at the recent UPA Iron Battle contest held July 20th 2014! With the help of Jason Manenkoff, John made a 49 pound pr in the bench press!

1920 Total @242 Raw w/wraps: Tee Cummins

"SPF Nationals--weighed in at 232. Not the day I wanted but was able to hit a 1920 total going 7/9. I plan to compete again in Kentucky on Sept 13 at 242."

720- good lift
770- good lift
790- no good

Caleb Williams Scores An American Record Clean and Jerk!

Former IPF World Champion and multiple time USAPL Champion wins another USA Weightlifting National Championship and breaks his own American Record with a clean and jerk lift of 174kg / 383.6lbs.!!!!!

Caleb's son took the video:)


Video footage of M Town's training for his upcoming event:
Watch "ONE BIGG LIFT" on YouTube

3rd Annual CanAm Bench Press Championship Complete!

1 day, 5 flights, 5 countries, one hell of a time! The competition turned out great and the hard weeks and months of preparation each competitor put in paid off well. Thank you to all those who came, the competitors, the platform and scoring crew, judges, and of course our (now horse) announcer. We hope you all had a great time and we can't wait to see everyone next year.