Marshall Freakshow Johnson Safety Bar Squats

Marshall Freakshow Johnson doing

Single ply safety bar squats up to 750lbs.

Watch his footage:

“How Powerlifting Saved my Life”~ Scott Pribyl

I was a Competitive Power Lifter for 30 years, ages 23-53. In January, 2008, my Ascending Aorta Dissected, late at night, very suddenly, and with no prior symptoms. As it was about 10:30 p.m., and I was not having typical heart attack symptoms, I waited far too long to go to a Hospital, losing a lot of blood in the process (unknowingly), and came within 4 minutes of losing my life. Obviously, I survived. I credit Powerlifting for that, and this is my story (All chronicled in my book, “Miracle Man: Beating the Odds: Cheating Death”, released December, 2015; it has since gone ‘viral’, as it is a True Story, Authenticated with Surgical/Hospital Records, and photos 7 years later (2015, age 60).

Brandon Maddox 1576 @ 165!

Fast rising 165 star Brandon Maddox has sored up the rankings since his meet on March 1st 2014 where he went 405 375 485 at 148 just over two years. Now here at a USPA meet in Georgia he did a 556 squat, 424 bench and 595 pull for an Elite total of 1576!
That's 316 pounds on his total in 2 yrs!

Reno Hardcore Episode 2 with Chad Aichs: "Are you just making excuses?"

Chad talks about the rationalizations (or making excuses) made by people who get frustrated with some aspect with Powerlifting (usually not winning). He reads some of these texts and analyses them. No, he actually makes jokes out of each one of them while he helps you think about it. This episode is about the reality of effort and discipline, but also about being true to oneself.

Shelly Cannon kills it at the IPO Irish pro invitational weekend in Limerick

Shelly Cannon missed the 123lbs (56kg) class for 0.25kg. Anyone who has been there knows how much of a stress that is. Nevertheless, she put the frustration back as she hit the platform and had a stellar performance. Check her videos and her account of the experience.

* by Shelly Cannon

930lb Squat by 17 year old Joseph Pena

930lb single ply Squat Joseph Pena this dude is 17 & a junior weighs 347...
His senior year he's breaking 1,000.
Check out the footage!

SATURDAY – good reads of the week: Chris Duffin, Janel Vegter, John Greves III, Swede Burns

WATCH: Destroying the Paradigm of a 'Functional Bench Press'

By Chris Duffin - Mar 26, 2016

Recently I presented at University of Western States Chiropractic College on the topic of the bench press. I often get questions from the clinical community about the bench press. The deadlift and squat are discussed quite frequently as functional and corrective movement patterns, but the bench press is the dirty little step child that never gets covered in these environment, making it the most asked topic from this community. If it is covered, the posturally correct flat back or "sternal crunch" bench press is considered the most functional and preferred pattern.
Yet the question always remains: why can you bench more with an arch then? Correct patterns on the squat and deadlift help you lift more but the bench does not. Additionally, it's easy to observe more shoulder deviation and control of shoulder centration/position with the flat back bench than an arched bench. Often times, people with lack of control of shoulder position can be corrected almost immediately by placing them into an arch. This is counter to what one would expect if you're moving from a correct/functional position to an incorrect.
In this piece I address all of these issues. I also spend time with my team afterwards teaching the critical cueing needed to maximize the arched bench press for both performance and injury prevention.

SATURDAY – good reads of the week #2: Brandon Smitley compiles his list of good reads

Brandon Smitley compiled his list of good reads about strength. Check it out!

The Over Warm-Up: And How It Can Help You Lift More Weight – Tony Gentilcore

Tony goes over a very simple yet warm up routine that can help increase your typical training session. Essentially this uses post-activation potentiation to help make your work sets feel lighter and faster than normal. If you come into a training session and are feeling a bit rough or sluggish for the day, this might be a great way to get things going and feeling better for your work sets.

5 Ways to Avoid Deadlift Hitching – Tony Bonvechio

The Animal Underground: Jay Nera Squatting Post-Injury

Published on Mar 30, 2016
From the Animal archives, this footage features thinking man's powerlifter Jay Nera
squatting as he recovers from an injury, weeks out from The Cage 2016.

Alan Thrall on low X high bar squat: "you have to figure what works for you"

Before anyone gets all worked up, this is NOT our position: we watch powerlifting and we share news, whether on meets, training progress or technical issues under scrutiny (on writing, video or podcast). We are aware that the high bar X low bar squat is one of those controversies that will probably never die, and maybe this is good. Posted today is Thrall's stand on this.

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week: Janis Finkelman, Phil Harrington and Shelby Talon

Janis Finkelman

320 x 2 in sleeves, BW 145 as usual.

USA Powerilfting High School Nationals - LIVE BROADCAST

USA Powerilfting High School Nationals
April 1st at 9 AM to April 3rd at 5 PM
Check it out! ( USA Powerilfting High School Nationals - LIVE BROADCAST )

23 year old RAW 601lbs. bench press - At the Arnold

This is one of the fastest 600 lb benches done regardless of of bodyweight, drug tests, federation or whatever variable you want to stick in there!

"Indiana's own Thomas TD Davis hitting this awesome 601lbs. bench press @ only
23 years old and drug free in the USAPL.

Box squatting for raw lifters: two approaches

Steve Shaw shared his view on the role box squatting may have for raw lifters,
which is an issue because this exercise was mostly used by equipped lifters.
Some time ago, Jeremy Herring shared his view on another video. Check them out:

Robert Wilkerson, 640 Raw Bench Press

Robert "BigBeastWilk" Wilerson, best known for his huge squats,
shows that powerlifters will powerlift:

here he benches 640lbs/290kg raw.