Brandon Allen walks out and squats 937lbs at the 2016 USPA American Cup (LA Fit Expo)

Brandon Allen, sponsored by Apeman Strong,
walking out and smashing a 937
pound squat at the American Cup

Robb Philippus squats 903lbs at the 2016 USPA American Cup (LA Fit Expo)

Here's one of the many videos of
one of powerlifting's most talented squatters:

Robb Philippus, who squatted 903lbs

Adults afraid of squatting with the bar: you and the rest of the world, don’t worry

* by Marilia Coutinho

This is just a note to my many friends, and students’ clients who are afraid of squatting with the bar for the first time. I have some words for you:

1.I understand you are frustrated and I am with you on your quest. I’m here if you need. It is ok to see the bar as a strange object and feel it doesn’t “fit” your back. Coaches have been discussing why it is that the first reaction to the squat by the adult is more intense than in other exercises, but, believe me: although we have no positive answer (just speculation), know that you are no exception.

Janel Vegter: 451 Deadlift PR

Janel Vegter doesn't stop to make progress:
she has now hit a 451 lbs DL PR.
Fast lift, a lot of room for growth there.

Matthew Mitchell deadlifts 688lbs for a 2010 total

Matthew Mitchell successfully locked out a
688lbs deadlift for a 2010 total at
the UPA meet last weekend.

Ellen Stein, 62 years old, squats 160kg at the 2016 USPA American Cup

Ellen Stein is known to compete many times every year, most often than not with outstanding results.
Here is her squat at the 2016 USP American Cut at the LA Fit Expo

Shelly Cannon squats 340 prepping for Battle of Bay

Shelly Cannon is seriously preparing for the Battle of Bay, to take place in Clearwater, FL, from February 26-68.

Her words: "That feeling when you squat 340 pounds and also realize your belt is now too big 🤗. Hard to believe I barely squeaked out 325 at RUM. Don't mind the guy that walks in front of the camera - lol! 5 weeks out from Battle of the Bay"

David Braaten Breaks 1900

Here is another one Josh Bryant's clients David Braaten hitting 1900 Raw at 275 at the UPA nationals Saturday this was a HUGE PR for him, had never cracked 1800 yet!

804 Squat, 429 Bench, 666 Dead

Maliek Derstine : Barrier Breaker

Every so often an athlete shows an exceptional talent in his sport that baffles the mind. In powerlifting we have had lifters such as Pacifico who many times totaled more than the heavyweights in the early years of powerlifting. You had Mike Bridges who astonished the world with his absolute dominance and ground breaking lifts. Then there was the king, Ed Coan. Ed defied gravity like no other with lifts that at one time were the highest in the world regardless of body weight and at only a mere 220. Now, many years later we have another chance to see greatness... the name is Maliek Derstine. With lifts that add up to a mind boggling 1,901 raw @ 181 pounds, he dominates his nearest competitor by 150 pounds! If he can remain healthy he has the ability to reach the level of these mentioned greats. After all hes as good as Bridges in the squat and bench.... a little work on the deadlift and boom!!!

Micah Marino Takes Petkov Raw Record

In a turn of events, the reigning world record holder Petkov was unable to compete due to a severely injured hand. However, Micah Marino did not disappoint and came loaded for bear! He managed to get a 534 squat and 402 bench press to set him up for his pet lift. It was the deadlift that took him from good to absolute greatness! With a 936 sub total Micah reeled in a 728 pound pull to hit a massive 1,665 world record total!!!

Powerlifting friendly gyms series: CrossFitfifty

CrossFitfifty is known for being the home of great champions, such as Stacia-al Mahoe. We have interviewed Jack Cambra Jr. to learn some more about it.

PLW - When was [gym name] founded? Was it powerlifting friendly since the beginning or was it gradually turned into a training center for the sport?

Jack - My gym was originally founded by my Father in 1975 ,privately, and its base was powerlifting. In 2010, I decided to affiliate with CrossFit and open the gym to the public. It has always been a powerlifting based gym from my Father.

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield

* Craig Marker

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield
Craig Marker

I recently sat down with Dr. Fred Hatfield, also known as Dr. Squat, to discuss his views on strength and conditioning and how they fit into modern training systems. For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Hatfield was a great college gymnast and bodybuilder (he was Mr. Mid America, but he didn’t compete in the Mr. America competition because of a powerlifting meet).

Abner Ivan Nazario preps for the USPA Strong Box pro/am

Abner Nazario, who impressed everyone with his performance at the last IPL Bench Press and Deadlift World Championship in Atlanta, GA, last year, is preparing to lift at the USPA Strong Box pro/am. His goal is to lift 4X his bodyweight. In this video, he deadlifts 600lbs x 4, 600lbs xs2, 635lbs x 1 at 170.8lbs bodyweight.

Kevin Oak : And the new....

In the last year the 220 class has been on fire! The Boss Dan Green was undisputed until the ever present threat Jeremy Hamilton took the spot light and the record away! Now months later, in the new year 2016 Kevin Oak has claimed ownership of the 220 wrapped record! At the USPA LA Fit Expo American Cup the OAK went 843 518 766 to total 2,127 pounds!!!

USPA: competition and coach certification on the same weekend in Pensacola, FL - a full powerlifting experience

Chris and Amanda McMullen will be hosting their second United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Coaches Certification Course March 20th. This cert will be held in conjunction with the Iron Coast Classic Powerlifting Championships at the Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach.