Toni Bethune talks about powerlifting and multi-athleticism

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We have talked to Toni Lynn Bethune, who recently competed at the USPA GA Open at the 145lb class and hit some impressive numbers. What is more impressive, though, is that Toni is a motocross and bodybuilding athlete as well. Powerlifting came later. We wanted to know how can an athlete combine the demands of different sports, a question that comes up again and again for coaches and athletes alike.

PLW – Please tell us about yourself

Toni - My Name is Toni Lynn Bethune. I am 26 years old and live in Rossville, GA right outside of Chattanooga, TN and currently work as a dual state certified EMT. I am a tri-athlete competing in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and motocross.

I train with my husband and several other awesome powerlifters as well as bodybuilders at an amazing gym in Cleveland TN- The Grit House, which is owned and operated by Nathan and Daniel King. The Grit House and BA Strength are my only sponsors for my training when it comes to bodybuilding and powerlifting.

American Iron Gym Podcast S1-E2 Dan Green & Sparkle

Published on Apr 4, 2016
World Champion Powerlifter Dan Green with his wife Sparkle Green, discuss their life within the Powerlifting world.

Artur Chrzaszcz 2066 @ 275

Awesome total By Artur going 843 squat, 473 bench press and 749 in the deadlift.

"Another lifter that most in Australia would have not heard of. Artur Chrzaszcz just went 382.5/215/340 - 937.5kg@125kg, and he has accepted his invite to ProRawNine at the Arnolds.
Check out the vid of his performance. Another UK lifter making the trip.

Markos Markopoulos

New Comer: Lily Burkhead

15 yr old Lily Burkhead just did her first meet at the APF Gulf Coast Barbell meet, April 2nd at 159 body weight. She lifted classic raw (raw w/wraps) and went 314 in the squat, 114 bench and pulled 303 just missing 325! All her final attempts in each lift including the squat tied the WPC records in her age and weight class. This was a huge first meet for a 15 yr old girl who has been training with Ann Vanderbush for only 4 1/2 months! She's preparing for the APF nationals as the current record holder in her division. Here is her footage of the 314 squat:

David Williamson (Team Elite Alpha) breaks into the coveted 2,000 RAW Club, with a 2,011 at the SPF Iron Mafia's "Own the Day"

David Williamson totaled 2,011 RAW w/wraps this past weekend at the SPF Four Bros./Iron Mafia “Own the Day”
Squats: 727 771 804 Bench: 452 479 501 Deads: 606 661 706
David came into this meet the strongest he has ever been, and performed leaving no doubt he came to claim his place among the elite!! In only his second meet back from a bad bicep injury, he was able to accomplish his goal with this total. Nursing some nagging issues before and at the meet, he stuck to his game plan, which was to capture his PRO Total, then chase down the 2,000 lb. Total!! He no doubt was stronger on this day than his numbers reflect, making all of his lifts look relatively easy!!
Congratulations David on becoming a 2,000 lb. Raw Lifter!!

"The Jenn" Jenn Rotsinger Inaugural Women's Empowerment Weekend

We are so excited to formally announce The Jenn. Jenn Rotsinger s known throughout the sport for her ability, integrity, and humility.The Jenn will be a two day strength sports event including seminars, powerlifting, and strong(wo)man with an idea to champion women and strength. Empowering women is often a metaphor, this will be an event making that a literal association. The event is being held in Ybor City, one of the coolest locations in not only Florida but throughout the country with its diverse array of shops, food, and drink as well as its beautiful history.
The event will include:
June 25th An all female Clasic Raw powerlifting meet with cash & prizes.
June 25th An all female Strongman event hosted by Atlas Marketing & Media on the patio.
June 26th An all female Raw tested powerlifting meet with cash & prizes.
Food trucks throughout both days.

Marshall Freakshow Johnson 860lbs Single Ply Death-lift!

Footage of Marshall Johnson as he pulls an 860 pound deadlift!

"Video of my 860lbs single ply deathlift on Sunday morning. PR time! I had no goals today other than pulling straps up in my single ply suit to see where I was because I start prep for Relentless next week. I decided to use our kilo plates and not know the weight on the bar until I maxed out.

Brett Benedix - 19 year old Squats 705 at 148 pounds!

4/3/16 - 705 lb Squat at 19 Years old. Competes in the 148 lb Weight Class. 3 Weeks out from the USPA Single Ply Event at the Europa Fit Expo in Orlando FL. 705 at 19 years old, just 2 days before his 20th birthday. Also, deadlifted 585 and 545 for 2. Trains at World Gym in Port St Lucie. Sponsored by BIG BB Performance GlycoForce

Vadym Dovhanyuk (Ukraine) bench pressing (Raw) 247kg/545lbs. x2

* from World Powerlifting Now Facebook group

Multi -Time IPF World Champion Equiped both full power and bench press (105kg/231lb class) Vadym Dovhanyuk (Ukraine) bench pressing (Raw) 247kg/545lbs. x2!!!

Vadym is an IPF WR holder (equipped) with a 1050kg/ 2314lb. total and 335.5kg/739lb bench press in the single lift category. The current Unequipped IPF WR in the bench press (full meet) is held by Dennis Cornelius with a 250kg/551lb press and the plwatch All-Time WR in the 220 class (regardless of drug testing or weigh in 24 hr. vs. same day) (full meet) is Micheal Macdonals' 582 and single lift is Vadim Вадим Кахута Vadim Kahuta 595.

TUESDAY – Assistance work of the week: Garret Griffin, Tom Haviland, Dave Kieffer and Jamar Donta Randolph‎

Assistance work includes all the exercises in a routine that are not the specific powerlift in full range of motion and done in competitive setting (just the rack or bench, no bands, chains, etc). Band, chains, partials - all this belongs to the class of "assistance work", besides other exercises that are not the specific powerlifts. Assistance work “assists” the lift’s improvement according to the coach/athlete’s goals.


Powerlifting grandma, 78, can deadlift 245 pounds!

EAST ALTON, Ill. -- Two years ago, Shirley Webb, 78, could barely make it up the stairs without grabbing the railing and catching her breath.Now the grandmother from East Alton, Illinois, is a record-setting weightlifter for her age, wowing people with video of her deadlifting 225 pounds. Not only that, she did three repetitions at that weight. Read More (Powerlifting grandma)

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend: Sandy Pants, Tony Bethune, Dane Steadman and Tee Cummins

Here are highlights of some of this weekend’s achievements.

Sandy Pants placed first at the APF 181 classic raw division. Here are her impressions:

“2/3 on squats! Was supposed 330 for my opener but they misloaded it and i hit 341. Hit 363 (this video) for my second attempt and missed 374. 3/3 on bench with a very shaky 192lb bench! Little 16lb PR. 3/3 on deadlifts! Ended with a 396 deadlift to secure a 951 total! Went 8/9 and this day could not have gone any better! Best meet to date!
First place in 181 APF classic raw class! 363 squat 192 bench 396 deadlift for a 951 total!! I am now a good meet lifter and not just a good gym lifter! “


Long time at the top, Vincent Dizenzo discusses his future:

"It’s wicked early Monday, morning and I’m having a little trouble sleeping. For those of you who know me, that’s something I never have an issue with. I always sleep like a bear (even though I don’t look like one anymore). There are more than a few reasons for this.

First, getting ready for this meet was a brutal assault on my body. I gave everything I had over the past twelve weeks battling injuries and training as best I could. Second, I made a pretty good cut last week to go from 241 down to 220 and then a refeed up to 245. I don’t know which part was harder, the cut or putting it all back on. Lastly, I am mentally drained."

Paul Sanchez lll THSPA Meet Result..

Paul Sanchez III, only a sophomore in Hutto high school made it to the THSPA state championships where he took 13th place in one of the most competitive meets in the country. Coached by USPA Texas State Chair Robert Gallegos, Robert feels he has a big future in this sport. At the state meet, he squatted 600lbs, benched 335lbs and pulled a 600lb deadlift. He ended with a total of 1535 not bad for the first time powerlifting at 16 yrs old!

Marshall Freakshow Johnson Safety Bar Squats

Marshall Freakshow Johnson doing

Single ply safety bar squats up to 750lbs.

Watch his footage: