Nick Best 2,221 Total at 48!

Nick Best has been around for some time and has competed among the best for many years and now back in the powerlifitng world, he is at it again!
In April he made a 2,171 pound total at 308 in just wraps for the number 4 open raw (classic) ranking and he topped the master rankings with that total! Now here is with an 854 squat 523 bench press and an 843 deadlift for a whopping 2,221 total!!!

Rob Hall Preparing for USPA Meet In Corpus Christi Tx

Rob will be facing off against Dennis Cornelius at 308!
Heres Rob as he rips a big deadlift in preparation to do battle with an all time world record holder!

The top 10 of Powerlifting these days that I see too often:

Posted by Joey Smith

The top 10 of Powerlifting these days that I see too often:

  • 1. Acting internet tough
  • 2. Pretending or thinking your a Viking
  • 3. Giving yourself a cool nickname that you have given yourself
  • 4. Thinking you know everything
  • USPA American Cup, Day 1 and 2 - LA Fit Expo ( Roster and Streams )

    Full rosters and stream links:

    Stream link: Saturday, January 7, 2017

    American Cup, Raw Full Power (knee sleeves)

    Flight A:
    48kg, Vipa Pukasamsombut, North Hills, CA
    52kg, Nicole Lamartine, Laramie, WY

    Lifter (Male/Female), Gym, and Forum Of The Year!!!

    Its that time of the year! Just who was the best? 2016 had a ton of great performances! We will start our annual polls beginning with the Male Lifter Of The Year. Rules are as always, they must have been active in 2016 (obviously). They must have had some kind of impact on the sport I.E record performances, mainstream media coverage anything that made them stand out above the rest in 2016. Only the top 5 lifters will be on the poll! This will be determined by how many times each lifter is nominated. Please post nominations on this thread or you may also email them to me @ YOU HAVE UNTIL 01/11/17 to nominate your lifter.

    Leroy Walker prepares for Uspa Fit Expo 605 Incline

    600 LAST WEEK VS 605 THIS WEEK.... MEET PREP FOR #lafitexpo @uspapower You can overcome anything once you tell yourself failure is not an option. Surround yourself with a great team and the sky is the limit. #newyear #isymfs #ironaddict #ironman #mikeohearn #goldsgym #leroywalker #titan #powerlifting #goals #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #transformationtuesday #bench #benchpress #arnoldschwarzenegger #bodybuilding #npc #mma #bjj #tuffwraps #lockjawcollars #handarmorliquidchalk #tuff

    Single Ply SHW, Tyler "Big Cat" Butcher totals 2,627 Lbs!!!

    Tyler "Big Cat" Butcher, 28, member at The Animal House Gym located in Toledo, Ohio competed recently at the USPF Winter Wreckage meet held on December 3, 2016 in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. Weighing in at 348#, his best lifts of the day were a 1040# squat, an 810# bench, and a 777# deadlift, finishing the day with a 2627# total. His squat, bench, and total set new American records in the single ply SHW open division.

    Osher Softi 1,940 at the INPC/ WRPF Open Israel Championships

    Osher Softi an exciting young
    24 old lifter totalled 1,940 lbs. at the INPC Mediterranean and WRPF Open Israel Championship 2016
    capped off with a solid 782 lb deadlift!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what this young man will do going forward!

    USPA Corpus Christi Classic Headliners!!

    The USPA Corpus Christi Classic Feb 11th, 2017 is going to be jam packed with incredible talent. First off, we have the triple threat with Rob Da'Savage Hall vs Dennis Cornelius and Jaisyn Mike this will be a battle at 308 !!!
    Then we have the 198lb phenom Ben Pollack aiming for 2000lb total. Also, we the newest texas superstar Cailer Woolam looking to hit a 1900lb total and pull OVER 900lbs @ 198lbs !!!!
    We also have Christov Wayne Bridgeford traveling from iowa to eclipse the all time 275lb deadlift record. Lastly we have a battle with two very talented 165'ers looking to hit international elite totals and their going head to head De'Marcus J Snell Williams vs JerryAlaniz !!!
    This event is not to be missed !!!!


    Dave and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!
    When the rest of the world claimed how bad 2016 was,
    the powerlifting world experienced a sensational year of incredible performances!!!
    Bring on 2017!!!!

    '17 USA Powerlifting Raw and Eq HS Nationals Early Entry Discount

    Lifters can save $10 per lifter if they enter the USA
    Powerlifting High School Nationals by Dec. 31st!

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    Wayne VanNostrand Repping 585!

    One our nation's top open and master bench pressers,

    Big Wayne seems to be in tip top shape hitting 585 for a triple!

    "Healthy and feeling great 585 x 3"

    Bench shirt help!

    I purchased a new bench shirt. So tight I can't get my arms to even grab the bar. But a bigger guy in my gym has same kind of shirt. A size smaller and uses it in meets. Is it because my shirts brand new. It's a triple
    Ply SDP. What can be done to break it in considering I can't even use it yet.

    SBD-USA Athlete, Shawn Bellon raw pause squats 735 at 253 lbs

    Back is steadily improving and less pain overall.

    Happiest with the grind than the depth which was a little high.

    54 Year Old Master SHW Bench Presses 565 Raw for Christmas present to himself! :)

    Kole Carter 54 year old Master SHW Raw Bench Presser did an easy 565 raw bench press at Royal Barbell tonight for a Christmas present to himself. Followed by a 585 pound triple with his slingshot. 35 pounds away from the 600 pound raw bench press goal. Sorry no video but my phone was busy pumping music to my brain. Luckily I had 7 witnesses. Super easy 565. 600 will be crushed in 2017! The other lifters thought I was going to do a double with the 565 it went up so smooth. I am trying to catch up with my friend James who is hitting 633 raw these days!