Return of Rebecca!

Rebecca Roberts started powerlifting at Louisiana Tech University in the fall of 1996 under Dr. Billy Jack Talton. She was a sophomore and although she had been active in sports her entire life, she had never touched a weight before. During her collegiate tenure, she won 3 USAPL National Titles and made the IPF Junior World team in 1998, all in the 148lb weight class. She still holds the LA Tech Records in the 148lb class (370S, 195B, 424D, and 981T). She continued to lift after college, competing in the USAPL Open division, winning 2nd place in 2003 in the 148lb class and 1st place in 2004 in the 165lb class. In 2004, She also competed in the APF Senior Nationals, hitting her biggest total ever of 1394 at 165 and taking 1st place. She then took a couple of years off of competing before making a brief return in 2006 at the Southern States APF meet, hitting a 462S, a 330B, and a 507D at 165. Again, she took some time off of competing, moved to Wisconsin, and finally came back in 2011, qualifying for APF Senior Nationals in 2011. That year, she hit a 523 Squat, 407 Bench Press (APF WR and Top 20 of all time), 490 Deadlift, and 1421 Total (APF WR) in the 198lb weight class.
"(I Couldn’t have done it without Ed and Joani Taber and all of Team Taber)".

Louie Simmons At STA Sports Performance

Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 9AM – 3PM (Lunch is provided)
Location: STA Sports Performance

Scott Mecham bench presses 800 lbs at the Olympia

In a close battle with Jake Prazak who finished
with 788 lbs Scott Mecham hits 799.7 lbs to further increase his all time 1 ply
242 ranking to the #2 spot.

Unbreakable Gear Lifters brought their Best at the Olympia!!!

Sept 19th:

Unbreakable Gear Athletes Gracie V and "Big Hud" Chuck Hudson

The Day started with "Big Hud" Opening up with an easy 750lb bench~ The goal was to go over 800~ They loaded the bar to 810, he cranked down on his new UG "Destroyer" wrist wraps and took it for a ride. Attempts 2 and 3 Chucks left arm fell short of lock out~ Hudson ended up with 2nd place behind Glen Russo who pressed a huge 804!!

Jp Carroll works up to 905 raw squat

Jp Carroll works up to a easy 905 raw squat 7 weeks out in preparation for mark bells super training meet in November. He will be competing in the SHW division raw with wraps in Sacramento on November 8th 2014

Watch the video footage of JP's heavy squat day with team Lilliebridge at Barbell Central:

Monique Jackson's Olympia 518 Pull

Here is video of Monique Jackson's 4th attempt at the Olympia Pro-Deadlift. Here she pulled 518 for an American Record, after pulling 510 on her 3rd attempt to win the Olympia by a fraction of a wilks point. She weighed in just over the 148 mark to lift in the 165 class. She also competed in the Pro-bench - finishing with 314 on her 3rd attempt and 330 on her 4th attempt. Monique is coached by Josh Rohr of Team Rohr Powerlifting in Georgia.

Pat Susco 675 @ 62 Yrs Old!!

Here's Pat training for Skibas Gym "Squat Your Ass Off" contest next week....675 Raw w/ knee wraps and barefoot (stepping off rubber mats & 2x4 @ 62 yrs old as the rack heights weren`t right for him)...also 3 female spotters, his fiance` Debbie Cohen behind him and Britney Sprinker & Kathy O`Dwyer on the sides!


The Monsta Strikes Again:
Jamar Randolph a.k.a M Town MONSTA, Hits his first 500 bp in Compatition in just his 2nd USPA meet at a Steve Denison USPA Meet RAF OPEN POWERLIFTING MEET IN HUNTINGTON BEACH CALIFORNIA Jamar competed in 308+ He Missed his opener 468lbs Nailed his 2nd attempt 479lbs & Killed his Final lift 501lbs to take home his 2nd USPA WIN

IPF World Masters Men's Championships Live

Check out the World Masters Men's Championships in
Pilsen, Czech Republic the meet runs from 21 − 27 September, 2014
IPF World Masters Men's Championships Live

Michigan APF Fall Open - Three Weeks Out

Here we go: 3 weeks out from the 2014 Michigan APF Fall Open! This is our big fall full power/bench/dead/push-pull everything and the kitchen sink meet hosted by Ezra Salmon and Michigan APF. The meet will be held at the beautiful DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, MI (the same venue we held the 2014 APF Senior Nationals at). Get your entry in soon. The late entry deadline is two weeks out and the meet is capped at 75 competitors. We hope to see you there.

Derek Kendall 848 For 3!

Currently Derek is four weeks out from his USPF powerlifting meet in Chicago. He will be competing in the 308lbs no wraps class. Here is a video from Saturday four weeks out, 848lbs x 3. Belt and knee sleeves. Derek is set to set a new 308 no wrap record if all goes as planned.

Pappillion and Maryana Naumova @ Olympia

Chris Papillion wins the Olympia at 242 once again with Juhu Someroja unable to make his opening squat of 826. Naumova benches over 300 lbs (319) at only 15 yrs of age!
Here's footage of Papillion with an 810 squat and Maryana with 303:

Orlando Barbell Squats

Watch footage of Orlando barbell lifters squat on 9/18/14.

"April Harper raw squatting 285 for 2 and 345 for 2 in briefs. Tyler Weaver squatting 525 for 3 onto a high box. Jeff Sevor squatting 525 for 3 onto a high box. Stephen Harper squatting 555. Greg Godwin squatting 555 for 3 onto a high box. Elitefts sponsored powerlifter squatting 605 for 2 and 655 for 1 onto a high box. Louie Carrell squatting 655."

Biruk Vladimir total 1050kg@105.6kg

Cup "VOSPORO" 07.09.2014

Vladimir showed qualifying amount for the "Super-Cup of Titans 2015"

2,314 @ 232.8 lbs

Dominick Matrana Wins with 881 Deadlift

Dominick Matrana just pulled 881lbs for the WIN at the Olympia!

Dominick is quickly rising up the ranks going from a previous 843 to a number one ranking of 881!