Grand Goals......

Chris Duffin.. the mad scientist, call him whatever catchy nickname you'd like, you could even call him crazy... but he ain't wrong...and he's definitely onto something here!
In this feature presentation, he pulls the magical l000 pound deadlift and explains what it means to have "grand goals"!

And you should listen...

2016 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals- Live!

USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals October 13-16, Atlanta, GA

New Comer: Amy Kozle!

National physique competitor (and mother of 3), Amy Kozle decided to try her hand at powerlifting. With the help from her boyfriend and training partner Kenneth Richardson she competed at the APF Michigan Fall meet in the deadlift only division on Oct 7th. There at 132, she went 319 on her first attempt to break the APF record of 314 held by
Julia Ladewski! She took 330 on her 3rd and then finished with 341! She may do a full meet in March 2017 depending on her national physique contest...
Currently, this places her number 3 in the deadlift nation wide in the 132 Raw Masters!

New Comer: Benjamin Royal !

On 9/24/16 Benjamin Royal lifted in his very first powerlifting meet, The SPF Tar Heel Classic and hit a 1800 Raw/wraps total with ease! He lifts at Clayton Fitness NC and is known as "Big Ben". Big Ben put on a great show in his first sanctioned contest as a master by placing number 10 on the best of the best masters!
Big Ben hit a 710 lb squat a 500lb bench and pulled 590 lbs to end the day. He said it was fun and plans to do another one soon!

Bench Wars! At the USPA Bend the Bar in San Antonio, TX 12/10/16.

On December 10 2016 in San Antonio Tx during the Bend the Bar meet, The Bench Wars will take place with 4 head to head match ups.
148lb female Darla King vs Alexandra peek, 165lb female Manda Wolf vs Ashley Pardo, 165 lb male Jeff Winkler vs Bobby Morgan, 198 lb male Kenny Williams vs Darrington Wright.
Come be a part of this great contest and enjoy the nightlife after the battles are won and lost! San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US with over 1.4 million people! See the sights and sounds of San Antone!


I went to Iron Addicts Gym With A Goal To Do And That Goal Was To Hit 10x10@405
In A Bench Training Session In Front Of The SUPERMAN FROM COMPTON CT Fletcher While He Talked SH*T


Chase Kiser is returning to the platform after 3 patella tendon ruptures!

In 2010 Chase suffered 3 below the knee patella tendon ruptures; at the time he was the 6th ranked 198lb deadlifted (multi ply) according to Powerlifting Watch Rankings.
He is returning after 6 years to do a RAW push/pull meet at 181lbs. Chase is competing at the USPF Gravity Fight meet which will be held at Destination Dallas in Plano, TX on October 22!
Here is some of his training footage:

2016 100% RAW Powerlifting Championships Worlds – Live Stream

The Erie Sports Commission is pleased to announce the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation will host its 2016 World Championships in Erie. The event, which is coming to Erie for the first time, will be held October 7-9 at the Bayfront Convention Center.

Paul Bossi, President of 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation, anticipates athletes from Israel, India, Ukraine, South Africa, Italy and Canada will travel to Erie for the competition, in addition to a vast field from the United States. Between 300 and 400 competitors are expected.

Keith McHoney Squatting Big!

USA Powerlifting Champ Keith McHoney, back in action with a 470 for 5 sets of 5 at 148 pounds in the squat! Keith is currently the number 1 ranked 148 lb raw (no wraps) powerlifter in the USA!

"470lbs 5x5 @148lbs MY LAST SET
This was a struggle for me but as you can see I'm getting back to where i was day by day! Gotta keep pushing my limits! SBD SBD USA
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The First Ever “LGBT International Powerlifting Championships” are happening in London in July 2017 …

In July 2017 the strongest LGBT people from around the world will come together for the first ever LGBT International Powerlifting Championships. Organisers are expecting up to 60 participants from across the globe including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America and Slovenia. Athletes competing will include first time novice lifters through to World Champions and World record holders.
The Championships are the idea of Gay Games Powerlifters Chris Morgan and Dominic Patmore in response to Powerlifting not being included in Gay Games Paris 2018. Powerlifting had been part of Gay Games since it was first held in San Francisco in 1982. The new championships aim to bring LGBT lifters together from across the world to compete, socialise and discuss the future of LGBT Powerlifting.
Co-Promoter Chris Morgan, an eight time world champion in the sport, said …
“It is very important that LGBT Powerlifters are given the same opportunities as I’ve enjoyed over the last 18 years in the sport. LGBT lifters are very much a minority in the sport of Powerlifting and it is important that we are able to come together as a group to compete at least once a year. We have never had our own annual international championships, so to bring everyone together in London 2017 will be a very special occasion”.

Chris Stinson (Elite Alpha) benches 727.5 lbs. in a Single-Ply at SPF Nashville’s Main Event

Chris Stinson benched an easy 727.5lbs. this past Saturday, October 1 at SPF Nashville’s Main Event Powerlifting Championship in Goodletsville, TN. Chris started out the day with his first attempt at 688.9, it took a little work to touch, but flew right up after getting the press command! We went 727.5 on his second attempt, absolute Smoke Show! His left arm seemed to be flaring a little too early coming out of the hole, causing his right arm to outrun the lockout, but it did lockout very solid! He then went 755.1 on his third attempt, good touch, good speed coming out of the hole, but that left arm again became an issue, as he reached locking out the weight the left arm drifted back into the lip of the rack… No Lift. This 727.5 lb. bench should catapult Chris into the #1 spot, in the Current SHW Class Single Ply Master 40+ Rankings…. and to #3 Current SHW Class Single Ply Open Rankings. Congratulations Chris!!

Priscilla Ribic Set New Master Squat Record

Multi time IPF open world champion Priscilla Ribic, competed at the IPF Masters

and set a new world record squat of 508.16 lbs in the 158 lb weight class (72 kg)

Eva Dunbar 215 x 7 Bench Press

Currently ranked number 1 in the USA at 148 raw/wraps with a 1,201 total, Eva blast out 215 pounds on the bench press for 7 reps!

She is also ranked in the bench press at number 4 with a 270 pound effort.

WNPF Worlds Update

WNPF president
Troy Ford posts:

"As of today (10/5/16) the WNPF WORLDS will have the following number of lifters for each day. 26 lifters on Friday, 33 on Saturday and 37 on Sunday. The final deadline is this Saturday, October 8th. Lifters get your entries in please to avoid the late fee...More news to come....Stay tuned..."

USPA Texas Now Has A Drug Tested Division

Texas State Chairman Bobby Morgan writes:

"USPA Texas Lifters, we are now setup to do drug testing for setting drug tested records at our meets. The fee for the kit is $85. You cover the cost of the test, and it is separate from the entry fee. First your order the test on our regular meet registration form your lifting at, you take the test at the meet, then we send it off. Once the results come back then we post your records, if it is a drug tested (state) record. We will notify the american records chair if you set a drug tested american record..THIS IS COMPLETLY OPTIONAL, AND ONLY FOR LIFTERS LOOKING TO SET OR BREAK DRUG TESTED RECORDS."