Jeremy Hoornstra 635 Training Bench

One of the greatest benchers of all time, Jeremy Hoornstra back in the saddle!

Here he is powering up 635 pounds!

IPL World Powerlifting Championships- Live ( November 10-13, 2016 )

Check out the IPL World Powerlifting Championships-
Live November 10-13, 2016
See Lifting Schedule below.

Anthony Hobaica Never Settle

It's been quite a journey for Hobaica.. He was the RUM III 181 Champion in a lineup where 1,500 took 7th place, during a time when no one was hitting even 1,600. Times have surely changed, and the bar has risen to a new level far beyond what many of today's lifter thought possible. Hobaica is a man who needs a challenge, he disappeared for awhile after RUM III, then when Jamie Lewis took the total record to 1,700.. He came back and he broke into the 1,700 barrier.. then the current king Maliek shocked the world of powerlifting proving that 1,800 was possible and so was 1,900! Anthony Hobaica has now totalled 1,900. Anthony Hobaica, a man who will not settle for second best... He will be king. He will be......

Tiny Meeker To Be Inducted Into York Barbell Powerlifting Hall Of Fame

Tiny Meeker to date is the only man to have pressed over 500kg in the benchpress! He is the king in the multiply bench world and has maintained himself at the top longer than any other multiply bencher in history!

"With a 1,102lb bench press Tiny Meeker holds the biggest bench record in history, being the heaviest man to bench 3xs his bodyweight ...

Join us in congratulating Tiny as he is inducted into York Barbell's Hall of Fame on NOV 20TH. During the International Powerlifting Association 2016 Powerlifting and Benchpress Championships. "

Vincent Pachuta 655 Training Pull at 181

Vincent has had a little bad luck as of late. He injured his back in training just a few weeks ago, but seems like he is in the path for full recovery!

"3 weeks after hurting my back squatting and second time pulling heavy sumo. My arm length gives me a hell of an advantage so might as well push it and see how far I can go."

Kevin Oak New World Record!

*News Flash*

795 Lb deadlift for a new World Record Total 2,101 Lb (953 Kg) at 220 Raw in sleeves.

Kevin Oak is becoming the most dominant raw 220 pounder, and has retaken the world record total!

Larry Williams New All Time World Record 985 kg 2171 lbs Raw Total at 242 at SPF Record Breakers!

The stars aligned for Larry Williams who had a Perfect 9 for 9 Day at te SPF Record Breakers meet this past weekend !

He totaled 985 kg 2171 lbs weighing in at 240 to break the All Time World Total Record For the 242 Raw Division! This was an 80 lb PR from his last meet !

He did this with a 771 Squat ( walked out in sleeves ) a 573 Bench and an 826 Deadlift !

He broke the record with 777 on his second attempt pull and finished off the day with an 826 deadlift to edge out Kevin Oak by formula by a fraction of a point to also win Best lifter of the day which was the icing on the cake !

The crazy thing ? He is 21 years old and just getting started !

JP Price 959 Unquestionable..

JP buried a 959 pound raw squat as deep as any man can go! He then powered up the monstrous weight with precision and authority! He owned that weight! Thus far he has also made a 639 bench press to go with that squat (as has been reported)..
Lets see what happens next! Update:JP pulled 760 to total 2,358!!!!

Larry Williams As Posted By John Gaglione

Posted by John Gaglione on Larry Williams: "Larry Williams 3 for 3 ! 771 squat PR ! We are coming for the All Time World Record ! Thanks for Mark Bell for the video ! Let's keep on rolling ! Larry Williams 3/3 on bench ! 573 meet PR ! I smell a WR coming ! Stay tuned he is about to make history once again ! Thanks for @mundosworldtraining for capturing this moment ! Who wants to see Larry break the All Time WR once again ? Aaaaannndddd New!!!! ALL TIME world record at 242 ! He hit a new WR on this 2nd attempt with a 777 pull and he grinded out an 826 pull to edge out @oakstrong for best lifter of the day ! 9/9 a perfect performance that will go down in history ! The crazy part ? He is 21 and the best is yet to come ! Let's show Larry some Love ! #gteam #larrywheels #powerlifting #deadlift

771 573 826 (2,171 total)

SPF Record Breakers powered by Reebok

NOVEMBER 5 @ 8:00 AM - NOVEMBER 6 @ 5:00 PM
November 5-6, 2016

Sebrina Davis In The News: S.A. woman embraces art of powerlifting

Top ranked 181/198 Sebrina Davis makes the San Antonio Express News! She is currently ranked #3 in the open 198 raw (weighing in at 183) and #1 in the masters!

From San Antonio Express

By Roy Bragg

This one was for you, Mr. Former High School Jock, who never gets picked for a team by the shirtless teen boys who have taken over the neighborhood basketball court.

And for you, Ms. Huffing Jogger, who’s always getting passed on the greenbelt trail by younger, faster women rocking colorful, tight-fitting running gear.

Sebrina Davis didn’t have you in mind when she was competing at the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in Atlanta a few weeks ago, but there’s no reason you should not enjoy it.

Davis, 46, the 5-foot-2 mother of three and grandmother of four, is a state, national and world champion in her age and class. She holds world records for powerlifting.

For Davis, a certified nurses aide at a residential facility in San Antonio, deadlifting 500 pounds during her workouts at Heavy Metal Fitness on Starcrest Drive is a piece of cake.

Logan Zechar Moves Up The Multiply Rankings

Moving up to the 11th spot on the current multiply rankings at 242, Logan Zechar (who trains out of PacificoPower™) had a tremendous day at the RPS Lexen Fall Classic. He weighed in at 238 and nailed a 900 8th ranked squat and followed that with a 475 bench press. To finish his day he hit a an 800 pound pull to tie with Casey Williams as number 1 on the rankings (both weighing 238)! His final total was 2,175.
Watch footage of his big pull:

Emily DeMorest Hits 1,100 and a 470 Squat at 136.7 !

Posted by Jimmie Pacifico

-1,100lb Total @136.7lb-
She's still pretty discouraged w/ her performance going only 4-9 but the fact she had a b!g 'weight-cut' I still think she did awesome!
Squat - 470lb
Bench - 185lb(Opener)
Deadlift - 445lb(Opener)
When it comes to the Squat, her '3rd Attempt' was completely my fault....I called her up just touch early at 'parallel' She was an it unstable when un-racking so I figured I'd attempt to at least get her ⚪️🔴⚪️(GOODLift) in her favor but unfortunately, that wasn't the case...
On Bench, although Emily can 'RAW' Press damn near 200lbs, her Bench isn't her strong-suit w/ such long-arms and 'enhanced Chest' LOL After missing the 185lb 'Opener' twice, I'm proud and amazed she was able to come back on her '3rd' & final Attempt and get it!


Posted on Jimmie's Facebook on the recent accomplishments of his team at the RPS Lexen Fall Classic

When you've got boys / handful of your Teammates & best-friends by your side YELLING at the top of their lungs as your gut-out your first-ever OFFICIAL 800lb Deadlift = PURE HAPPINESS
-Steps Incldude-
✔️The yelling adrenaline as he's Pulling...
✔️The "TigerWoods" pump...
✔️The glare over knowing it's ⚪️⚪️⚪️

Kyle Keough Eyes World Record

Top 165 pounder Kyle Keough prepares himself to assault the 165 world record total. Here he performs 485 for 4 reps in hopes of what will be at least around a 580 pound squat to set him up to hit the necessary bench and pull to break the all time world record: