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Robert Wilkerson, 605 Close Grip Bench Press

Robert Wilkerson still training and making progress! Here he is blasting 605

with a close grip!

Red Team Powerlifting GPA Worlds Training 8 weeks out

Red Team PowerliftingTeam from Australia

Training footage for GPA being held at Sydney, Australia Nov 21st-24th

Raw Ranking Rules Update

Just want to make a certain thing clear on the wrapped rankings. We understand there are double ply wraps out there and have been for some time. Gear manufactures can market anything they like and federations can make rules for or against anything they wish. We have NO say so in that. However for our rankings, double-ply wraps are are fine for the Geared rankings but they are not allowed on our Raw with wraps rankings. I just wanted to make that clear. Here is the PLWatch list of ranking rules to keep in mind. Rules That Must Be Followed For All Ranking Lists

Roger Ryan W/ a 760 Bench at 58!

On Sept 6th 2014 Roger competed in the XPC Dallas bench only at an age of 58 and a bodyweight of 314. He benched 760 lbs on his 2nd attempt in a single ply Titan Super Katana. However, this was a multiply meet. Here is a video of the lift.

April Shumaker hits 953 to win the Olympia - sets eye on 1000lb total

At the 2014 Olympia meet, held at the Las Vegas convention Center by the USPA president and meet director Steve Denison, April Shumaker totaled 432.5 kilos to take the women's overall gold.
This effort won her a number of supplements from Cellucor.
Also, for the 1st time, Ivanko donated a premiere OB-20KG powerlifting bar to the female and male best lifters so April will receive this high quality prize, as well.

Jezza 228.5 KG Bench Press for a Triple @ Iron Underground Powerlifting, Brisbane

IPF Powerlifter Jezza of Nauru with a 228.5kg (503 lbs)
Bench Press for a triple here at Iron Underground Brisbane leading up to his next competition - The Pacific invitational Sydney

Eastlink Magazine Powerlifting

Excerpt from Eastlink Magazine, not our words! However, still a good video

"Power Lifting is a sport with its roots in the ancient games of Greece, however it wasn’t until the 1960’s when this sport became a common event of the modern Olympic Games.
Finding a place to properly train---well, that’s a challenge that a local Amherst native sought to overcome.

Cass Squats!

Watch recent footage of Brandon Cass squatting 825 with wraps at only 215 pounds body weight!
He also nails 765 for 3 reps! The 220 World record is 859 by Chris Duffin,
will Cass take a shot at it?

BenchBlokz review

If you are interested in BenchBlokz, check out this review on (BenchBlokz review)

"Big on the Basics": Beyond The Deadlift with Jay Nera

When you see the word "Beyond", think master class. Think in-depth and comprehensive. That's where elite powerlifter, coach and Animal athlete Jay Nera takes you with this new installment of Big on the Basics Beyond – beyond the deadlift. Whether you are a seasoned powerlifter or just starting out, there's something here you will find useful. Filmed at Dynamo Barbell in Ottawa.

Fred "Dr. Squat" Hatfield And Josh Bryant New Book!

Strength training trends come and go, but any iron game veteran or exercise scientist knows--nothing beats a set of dumbbells in price, simplicity, and most importantly, results.

In this book, you have the opportunity to use built-in programs or learn how to design the optimal training program for your specific needs. The principles and information covered will benefit the novice as well as the advanced bodybuilder or strength athlete.

Chad Wesley Smith With 805!

Good explanation on his squat session with 805 pounds for 2 solid reps!

"805x2 Squat PR in belt and knee sleeves (Rehbands-turned inside out, hence the all black) by Chad Wesley Smith and an explanation of how he performs and implement walkout and holds as an overload tool in his squat training."

Lance Ross 805 x 2 Reps at 51!!

Lance, currently ranked # 1 in the masters raw 308 class in the deadlift with 777
is shown here pulling 805 pounds for 2 reps which would not only be ranked number one but it would also be the All Time Masters over 50 World record!

Zahir Khudayaro Squats 859 for 3 Reps!!

9/29/2014 - Khudayarov former world reccord holder in the total at 242, is shown here with an astonishing set in the squat with 390 kg! (859.7 lbs)

"Zahir Khudayarov (242) will go head to head with Dan Green at the GPA Raw Worlds 2014 in Sydney."