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Kimberly C. Walford captures the 72Kg class at USAPL Nationals!

From Kimberly-
Hi everyone recap from yesterday's USAPL Raw Nationals, I am thankful to say that I won the 72kg USAPL Open Women's Raw National title. So I've earned a slot for next Year's world team going to Finland.. Here's my results and a video of my best lifts.

Layne Norton wins USAPL Nationals 93Kg class!

Layne Norton (91.7kg / 202.1) competed the the USAPL Nationals in Aurora, CO on Saturday July 19th. With a total of 38 lifters in his class, Layne came out on top with a 295Kg (650) squat, 177.5Kg (391) bench and 310Kg (683) deadlift. His 782.5Kg (1725) total was good for 494.9 wilks points. Here is the footage of his squat:

Micah Marino 1660 @ 165!

Micah came in for a 1700+ total but just came up short with what is still an astonishing total of 1660! He made a 262.5 Kg (578 lbs) and missed 275 kg (606 lbs). He pressed 165 kg (363 lbs) and only got one white on his 180 kg (396 lbs) bench press attempt. In the deadlift he made a controversial 325.5 kg (717 lbs) pull to tie the All Time World record deadlift held by Paul Nguyen. Never the less 1660 is an incredible total.

Tom Murray Presses 551!

Tom Murray just competed at the USPA Coalfield War Games ran by Johnny Layne. He finished the day with a pr raw bench press of 551lbs at 25 years old. He opened with 518 then went to 551 on his 2nd and missed 556 on his third.

Tom is proudly sponsored by Titan Support Systems, Iron Authority and he trains at the famed Cellis Fitness Center!

Price of the Platform

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Price of the Platform

Heavyweight Highlights, Kings of the Bench

Gaspari Nutrition's Kings of the Bench X
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The Branch Warren Classic Expo, July 12th, in Houston, TX

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Filmed by Josh Winsor Photo + Design

Max Misch Climbing The Ladder

Max Misch has moved up the 165 class slowly but surely and has now moved out and into the 181 class! The move was a smart choice and has moved his lifts now to 515 in the squat, 330 in the bench and pulled 620 for a 1465 pound total and up to 14th in the current rankings at 181 raw!

Road to Redemption: Emilio Paez

A look into Emilio Paez as he prepares for a return to a national contest at the upcoming USPA Nationals
where he will be competing at 242 pounds.

World silver medallist Rostami suspended for Anti-Doping Violation

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced that Iranian world silver medallist powerlifter Roohallah Rostami has been suspended and fined for an Anti-Doping Rule violation.

Rostami returned an adverse analytical finding for Methylhexaneamine in a urine sample provided on 7 April 2014 following his participation at the IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, UAE. This substance is included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 2014 Prohibited List under the category S6. Stimulants and is prohibited in-competition.

Richard Rizzo 1455 @ 181 Second meet!

Richard Rizzo of Team Gaglione Strength totaled 1455 raw at 181 in only his second meet ever. He did so with a 500 pound squat, 315 bench press, and 640 deadlift at the RPS Heatwave. This currently ranks him 15th for the non-wrapped division at 181.

Ellen Stein Still Moving Strong!

Ellen competed at the recent San Jose Fit Expo USPA Iron Rebel Masters meet and went further than she thought she would in the dead lift! After pulling 402 on her third attempt Alan Aerts persuaded her to pull a 4th. She did, and came up with 407 for a new record! She also came up with a huge 352 squat but was turned down for depth. Watch the ageless wonder's footage:


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661 lbs x 4 Raw Squat @ 165 - Arkady Shaloha (300*4@75 kgs)

From etwade- Tom Kallas recently claimed the all-time WR squat @ 165 raw with wraps with an amazing 677 lb squat. It looks like his record may not stand for long, however, as it appears Arkady Shaloha is now training raw with wraps, and may be looking to break Rick Gaugler's long-standing all-time total WR at 165, as well as the squat record.

USAPL Raw Nationals - Watch Live (Thursday - Sunday)

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USAPL Raw Nationals - Watch Live

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