Adrian Larsen 556 Bench Press

Adrian Larsen benched 556 raw at the Portland
APA powerlifting meet this past April 12th!
Watch footage of his 535 and 556 attempts:

Eric Lilliebridge 2,425 @ 308!

Competing at the UPA nationals,
Eric Lilliebridge just hit 1025/551/848- 2425lbs/ 1100kg in the 140kg class! Eric now holds the biggest raw w/ wraps squat in history, and he breaks his own total record! Eric didnt take a 3rd dead
lift from what we are being told and had missed his first due to it slipping out of his hands.

Dennis Cornelius Raw 2,138 total at 275!

At today's USPA Texas State Championships Dennis Cornelius squatted at outstanding 821!
He benched 551 and then pulled 766 before missing 799 in the deadlift!
He was attempting go over 2170!
Watch footage of his squat and deadlift:

*Flash News* Anthony Hobaica Finally Goes All Time!

Former RUM III Champion and one of the best 181 pounders in the last 10 years, Anthony Hobaica finally hits the biggest raw total in history at 1,737, beating out the current record held by Andrej Mostovenko of 1,736. Anthony made this total at today's USPA Central New York. The break down was 622.79 in the squat, 462.97 in the bench and then he pulled 651.45 (chipped the dead with record plates) to hit the 788kg 1,737.2 lb total!

*Flash News* Tony Conyers 1,650 @ 155!!

Updated W/ Deadlift Video
It has just been reported to us that 57 yr old Tony Conyers hit a 580 squat, benched 405 and pulled 665 to total 1,650 weighing in at only 155 lbs! This was done raw no wraps! The squat, deadlift and total will be new All Time Master world records when the official results come in.

UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championships- Live

Check out the livestream for the UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championships
It starts at 9 am central time
UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championships- Live

Matt Phelps 550 Raw @ 239!

Matt Phelps hit 550 @ 239.6 @ Ryan Kennelly's new XXX federation powerlifting meet in spokane this past weekend!

"Would have gotten 560, but I thought it'd be cool to drop it on my chest instead" ~ Matt


Matt Sohmer topped his own personal best with a raw Squat of 821 lbs at this weekends’ 2015 USAPL Collegiate Championships in Atlanta Ga.

Matt was one of the few raw competitors at the meet that featured well over 300 lifters from across the country.

Raw Benchers, Raw Deadlifters and Equipped Deadlifters wanted! - Prize Money up for grabs!

I am still looking for the best Raw Benchers, Raw Deadlifters and Single Ply Deadlifters to compete for prize money at the USAPL Summer Showdown (Part of the World Fitness Expo) on June 26-27. We have some BIG name lifters signed up and we're looking to add some depth to these events in particular. The raw full power is already stacked but a few openings remain if you're good enough! If you are a high level lifter, please consider sending us your resume so that we can send you an invitation.

4th Annual CanAm Bench Press Championship - Entries Available

The return of the CanAm Bench Press Championship - Global Benchwar is here! Last year we had elite bench-only competitors from the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, and Brazil and we can't wait to see who shows up this year. This is a bench-only WPC/AWPC event presented by Michigan APF, and is open to all WPC affiliated athletes. Confirmed already this year are competitors from 5 countries. The meet is limited to 2 flights of equipped, 4 flights of raw. First come first serve. Come and get it!

Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph Incline & Triceps | Journey To Venice Beach & Bakersfield (Day1)

Incline & Triceps | Journey To Venice Beach & Bak…:
Its Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph 1st Day Back after Taking 2 weeks off Because of his tendonitis in his elbow after USPA CALIFORNIA STATE POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. Now His elbow is 100% better so training camp for Venice Beach & USPA Bakersfield Just started at Metroflex LB week one of his Volume training is 10x12@225 on incline & Heavy Triceps

Women's Power Weekend Highlights

One of the biggest women's contests in the world The SPF Women's Power Weekend did not disappoint!
Here are just the top performances of the contest:
At 114 pounds Shana Ratcliff battled Jenn Rotsinger tooth and nail! Shana made a 335 squat but Jenn countered with a massive 350! Both finished in the bench press with 200 pounds and then Jenn finished with a 390 pull to Shana's 365. End result 940 to 900!

Jeanine Whittaker Shines at Women's Power Weekend!

Jeanine Hit some fantastic lifts on her way to a 1335 total at 181, just 9 pounds short of the World record set by Jill Mills in 2001! First Jeanine took the World Record squat with 540, then made a 275 bench press and a 520 deadlift! She weighed in at 177 pounds and had formula of 914!

Adrian Larsen Training at Super Training

Adrian Larsen met up with Mark Bell to get some benching in. Adrian worked up to 535 for a double 555 for a single and then 585 and 605 in the sling shot check out the video. Also check out the Alpha Project website at

Some videos from GPA Russia

"At first video new rising deadlift star from russia 26 years old Anton Ilyasov. He made at Western Europe Championship 340 kg deadlift RAW at 99 kg bodyweight in division for DRUG FREE athletes.

Second one is deadlift phenom from Belarus Mikhail Verbitsky! He is is 64 years old and he made 260 and 270 kg raw deadlift at 95 kg bodyweight.