Pete Rubish Nine Hundred and Twenty.......

One of the greatest training pulls ever! Pete looks like he's ready to pull 900 in a meet at 242.. He moves the weight much faster than anticipated...
figured a slow hard pull, but no he simply muscled the bar up with room to spare...
it will be exciting to see what he ends up with come meet time!

Seth Reed 705 Single Ply Bench at 242!

Seth Reed competed at the 14th Annual WABDL Tom Foley 9/11 Memorial Bench Press/Deadlift Classic at the Crowne Plaza in Suffern, NY.
There he made a
705 lb. bench as a junior in 242 lb. wt. class!
This garners him the 3rd spot on the current singleply rankings!

Super 4 Event Weekend Nov. 19-20th!

Please consider our next big event this fall!

Our entry deadline for this Nov. 19th and 20th 2016 event is October 1st! No late entries will be accepted.

Cash prizes for all 4 events, find out more at the event web site!

2016 USA Powerlifting Deadlift Nationals
2016 USA Powerlifting Bench and Deadlift Nationals
2016 USA Powerlifting Northeast Regional Championships
2016 USA Powerlifting Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships

Beau Moore VS Brad Gillingham!!!!!

Ever heard of a barn burner?!! Get this, USA Powerlifting Bench Press Nationals will pit 2 of the greatest 3-lift Master SHWs

ever against one another, raw: Beau Moore vs. Brad Gillingham. Neither is entered in

Raw PL Nationals the next month in Atlanta. Presumably, they both want the spot on the

U.S. team going to IPF Raw Bench Worlds next year in Texas.

~Courtesy of Jim Ray

Grip Width on the Bench @ Thompson's Gym

More from the Bench Master!
Sent in by Jennifer Thompson:

I have had a few people ask me to make a video on proper bench grip width. The beginning is a tutorial, the end is a workout with IPF Classic Silver Medalist Heather Connor. See what we do to her grip and the results!
The book/article I refer to in this video is called "A Biomechanical Analysis of the Bench Press" by Michael J. Duffy.

Several Western New York Lifters Shine at RPS Buffalo Meet

On Saturday August 6th and Sunday August 7th The RPS hosted a meet at the historical and very spooky Central Terminal. Many local athletes broke huge PRs at the event.

Chris Hepler of Absolute Performance totaled 1930 in the RAW Classic 308lbs Division with an 805 squat, 450 bench and 675 deadlift.

Ignatius DeFranco of Elite Fitness and Personal Training broke a 1700lbs total barrier in the RAW Classic 220lbs Division highlighted by a PR pull of 660lbs.


A big THANK YOU to Tamara Mack and Jon Marshall for putting on such a special meet for an amazing cause. It was a great event with some great people. On August 6th Steven Lee and Robert Lee had the opportunity to bench press for Hope Kids in Tucson AZ at the POWER UP AGAINST CANCER show of strength. Steven hit a PR bench of 705 and Robert hit a PR bench at 727 but the highlight of the day was meeting the kids and seeing all the smiles on all the kids faces. This was one Fantastic event Tamara Mack & Jon Marshall, Great job and thank you for all your hard work to put this together! POWER UP Against Cancer at the Fox Theater benefiting Hope Kids.

Chakera Holcomb Less Than 2 Weeks Out!

Boss 3 is fast approaching and with less than 2 weeks to go, Chakera looks
ready to do some damage to the record books! We know she can squat and pull
but she is also ranked number 1 in the bench press! Here she works up to 303 pounds,
starting with a 281 for 3:


From Russell Kern & Gracie V
Sanctioning Fed: USPA Date: APRIL 22-23rd, 2017 Location: San Diego, CA
Best Lifter by Coefficient:
Open Women Classic Raw: $35,000

What Is Elite in Powerlifting?

What Is Elite in Powerlifting?
By Matt Smith- I have competed in powerlifting for 20 years now. My first meet was in September 1996. Yes, I have always competed using gear, but from day one of competition I always knew what my goals were: to be the best I could be. Read more ( What Is Elite in Powerlifting? )

RPS 2016 Battle In The Bluegra$$ -- 7/16/16 -- (Lexington, Kentucky)

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that made the "RAW All Time Rankings!!!!!" Check out your actual listing below!

Powerlifting Abroad: Zona Fitness

Great video footage of the 2nd Powerlifting Classic at Zona Fitness!

Segundo Clásico de Powerlifting y Bench Press Zona Fitness 2016

Phillip Mardis 2,011 total in knee sleeves at 275 lbs

More from the USPA Southern Elite Classic!
Phillip Mardis rises up the rankings moving from 14th to 11th at 275 raw! This was spear headed by a monster 584 5th ranked bench press.
That is only 6 pounds away from number 1! He squatted 710 and pulled 716 to complete his 2011 total.
Not only did he win his class, he also took best lifter raw!

Phillip Mardis 710 (322.5 kg) squat, 584 (265 kg) bench, 716 (325 kg) deadlift, 2011 total in knee sleeves at 275 lbs. (all PR’s)

Josh Cleveland 705 squat in knee sleeves

Weighing in at 295 lbs Josh Cleveland nailed a 10th ranked raw squat of 320 kg (705 lbs)! That 705 was a 33 lb pr and went on to bench 185 kg (407 lbs) and pulled 312.5 kg (688 lbs) to finish the day with an 1,802 total and 1st place in the raw division! Josh lifted at the USPA Southern Elite Classic in
D’Iberville, MS and is now ranked 24th in the nation.

Squat: 705 (320 kilo) (33 lb. PR) in knee sleeves
Bench: 407 (185 kilo) (5 lb. PR)

Philip Maranto Breaks The 2 Grand Mark!

Philip competed today at the USPA Southern Classic at the Southern Elite Training Facility in D'Iberville, Ms. There at 268 (fully clothed) he made big PRs with an 363 kg (chipped for 800.2) squat, 210 kg (462.9) bench press and pulled 335 kg (738.5) for a 908 kg (2001.7) pound total! This ranks him number 10 in the nation (Wrap division current rankings)! He had Josh Bryant run his training program this time around with great results! Congratulations to Philip for an outstanding performance, watch footage of his accomplishment: