Markos Markopoulos Take On The Weekend Of Powerlifting

Posted by Markos Markopoulos Founder of PTC, ProRawPowerlifting and GPC Australia President

The past few days we have seen some incredible lifting, some of which you may not be aware of.
Here is a summary of some of the best ones.

Liz Craven 418.5kg@52 sleeves
Crystal Tate 317.5kg@101 squat
Dennis Cornelius 1011kg@124 sleeves
Jezza Uepa 1022.5kg@181 sleeves
Mike McGivern 837.5kg@82.5 wraps
Kyle Keough 758kg@75 sleeves

2 Times.... Kyle Keough

Kyle has been diligently training in quietness preparing his body for an all out effort to break the existing 165 pound world record total. After last years performance at RUM he decided to go back into some what obscurity.. trained in the shadows to emerge on December 10th 2016 as the new 165 pound king. He battled a 573 pound squat to set himself up for the record total. Like a well oil machine he pressed onward with a 402 bench press and then completed the goal with a 694 pound deadlift. He has now set all time world records in 2 weight classes. Both were unquestionable totals, and has shown the potential for a possible assault on 1,700. Very few lifters or athletes for that matter will ever shine at the top of their sport as the all time best. Kyle Keough has done it twice...

The 2 Biggest Squats In The World Raw!

What a year of incredible squats! Big Ray Williams became the first man in history to squat 1000 pounds raw and then now Jezza Uepa has done it! Ray Holds the All Time world record at 1005 pounds and Jezza now holds the IPF world record at 1003! The interesting thing here is that both of these remarkable lifts were done under drug tested conditions! That's right, the only 2 raw without wraps squats ever done over a grand were both drug tested! Goes to show that hard work and dedication as well as genetics are the most important things when it comes to lifting heavy. Drugs will never outshine these factors. The best are the best no matter what the conditions. For some this will be a hard pill to swallow, no pun intended!

Championship of St.Petersburg on Powerlifting 03.12.2016, Men 120+ kg, Leaders lifts

1. Ivan Ryabenkov 385+230+347,5=962,5 kg, Ivan only 20 years old (he is Junior)!
2. Viktor Kurnikov 360+267,5+332,5=960 kg
3. Alexandr Mokeev 375+280+282,5=937,5 kg

USPA NEWSLETTER: December Edition

Hello USPA family!

We are kicking off the New Year with the USPA American Cup at the LA Fit Expo, presented by Iron Rebel, on January 7-8, 2017! The LA Fit Expo is one of the Nation's premiere expos. Headlining the American Cup is the EPIC battle in the 275 Men's Raw Division between #1 Ranked Dennis Cornelius, Andy Huang and Dane Dillon! Roster .

If you live in Southern California, be sure to attend this event. For those of you who can't make it, we will be providing a live stream link; make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updated information.

Marshall Freakshow Johnson Raw Deads 700x2

Number one ranked single ply 308 pounder Marshall pulling 700 without a belt! He currently has an 826 pound pull on the rankings to his credit! This ties Patrick Holloway for first but his is second on the rankings as per body weight.

Here is training video of 700x2 raw deathlifts off a deficit with no belt.

Vincent Pachuta Moving On Up!

Top 181 puller Vincent Pachuta has made the decision to go up to 198. This may yield a 700 pull very soon!

"Moving up a weight class, bodyweight is usually high 180s and I feel going up to 200lbs will get me a hell of a lot stronger. I've lifted in the 181 class the last 5 years from an 1170 total to a 1500 comp total and now a 1600 gym total. looking to do some real damage in the 198s now.

I'm feeling as strong as ever deadlifting, the top set of 8 was with my opener weight from my push pull meet less than a month ago. "

Pacific Time? No its Pacifico Time!

Jimmie Pacifico Pulling 756 off a 1.5" matt after a 2 month deadlift layoff! He is now ready to begin his Arnold meet prep next week.
What kind of numbers will he be putting up with such an audacious deadlift start? I see 800 + if the moon and stars are aligned!

-756lb Deadlift- 1.5" MAT
.....well, this was my first Deadlift of any kind in 2mo & I gotta say, being 16lbs down in Bodyweight as well as not Training much, I'm pretty happy w/ how I Pulled...
After NEXT week, it starts 'MeetPrep' for the 2017 ArnoldClassic 'XPC Finals'
--12WKS OUT--

Andy Huang Preps For LA Fit Expo

Ranked number 2 in the US with a 2,127 pound total Andy prepares to do battle at the USPA Fit Expo! Will we see him as number 1? Stay tuned!

"275 Top Ranked Lifter, Andy Huang, smokes 735 x 3 in IR Sport Knee Sleeves. 5 weeks out from the LA Fit Expo"
~Edward Koo

Kevin Smith 2000lb total at 297

38 y/o lifter Kevin Smith totals 2000 in sleeves at 297.
This moves him up to number 11 on the raw rankings! Kevin lifted in the RPS XXX meet on Dec 4th.
Here we have footage of his best lifts.
725 Squat 505 Bench and 770 Deadlift:

Denis Vikulev deadlift 380kg@120kg

Championship of St.Petersburg 2016
1st place in a class 120 kg (264 lbs)
b/w 117,1 kg (258.15 lbs)
squat 350kg, bench press 270 kg, deadlift 380kg - New record of St.Petersburg

(771 Squat, 595 Bench, 837 Deadlift)

Joseph Sonntag 887 squat at 220 Singleply!

Joseph Sonntag competed at the APF Gulf Coast Bash Dec 5th 2016 hitting a 2nd ranked 2,171 total in singleply!
He posted a number 1 ranked 887 squat followed by a 606 bench and 677 deadlift.
Here is footage of his number one ranked 887 squat!
actual bw 219

Consumer Alert!!!!

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Casey Williams 1,820 @ 220

Casey Williams cracked the top ten at 220 raw with an 1,820 total that will take him straight to the Arnold! He competed at the RPS XXX meet in Columbus, OH where he made a 650 squat 470 bench and pulled 700 on the individual lifts. These numbers gave him the 10th spot on the current powerliftingwatch raw rankings.

650-470-700 at 220 in sleeves to qualify for the Arnold. The goal today was to qualify and I left it at that. After my squat opener I had a nice knot in my quad so instead of pushing I shut it down and coasted the rest of the meet per plan.
Yessie nailed an 865 total with a 30# squat PR. Proud of that woman πŸ’ͺ🏼😘
Thanks to everyone- you know who you are. And thanks to @stanefferding for the water cut and the VP of Live Well @mundosworldtraining for keeping me healthy and able to train hard.
On to the Arnold! #elitefts #powerlifting #squats #bench #deadlift #onnit #onnitacademy

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