Eric Lilliebridge ...How much more?

Eric has been destroying records for the last few years to the point he has changed the imagination of what is considered possible.. At this meet he went 1052 in the squat, 551 in the bench and 854 in the deadlift. This is 2,458 pounds at 308! Very similar numbers to another all time great... Dave Pasanella! Dave was a trail blazer in the late 80's hitting a 2,458 in 80's gear at 275.. He was controversial but controversy sometimes follows greatness...Will Eric hit 2500 at 308 or will he break the Great One's very own record? The great one being the one and only Andrey Malanichev or will the crazy one from Azerbaijan Zahir Khudayarov take them both? Sounds like a monster movie is on the horizon...

Amit Sapir Breaks The Captains Record!

In his quest to become the greatest squatter of all time, Amit made his jump to 242 (actual weight was only 220.5) to tackle a sacred record. That of an Immortal, the man called the captain... Capt Kirk! Kirk Karwoski was one of the greatest squatters of all time. A man who became the lightest to squat 1000 pounds under IPF conditions during a time when simple singleply gear was king. In 2004 he came out of retirement and competed at an AAU meet as a guest lifter to shatter the raw 242 records. He made his 826 record a historical lift that day. 12 yrs later another prolific squatter has appeared in the newest chapter of the great squatters.. Amit is on a mission to become the greatest of them all. To become the only man to hold the squat record in 4 weight classes simultaneously. Mike MacDonald did it at 181 - 242 in the bench, Ed Coan did it in the deadlift also at 181 - 242... Amit's 181 squat record has been taken otherwise this would have been 4 classes.. so now its time to drop down from his current 220.5 lb weight to 181 to regain it!
Can he do it????

Paul Kelso Has Passed

From this news one of the powerlifting world's greatest ambassadors has left us....

Posted by Paul's son on Paul'd Facebook account:

"Dear Friends,
This is Devin Kelso, Paul's son. I believe that most people have already been informed, but at any rate, I am very sorry to have to say that my father passed away on Monday, July 11th, at his home in the Philippines. He was 79, having been born on February 6th, 1937. Dad's brother Mark and I are here now with his wife, Sumiko, sorting through Dad's things. It has been decided that I should post this on his facebook page. We would like to thank so many of you for your kind messages. They have been a great source of comfort. The cremation ceremony took place yesterday. The funeral will be held tomorrow. In accordance with Dad's wishes, his ashes will be scattered in the ocean at a place he loved, so that his spirit may visit his loved ones in the U.S., Japan, and around the world.

Ian Soderqvist Pulling 715

Currently ranked number 3 in the nation with an 815 raw deadlift in the 308 class (actual weight 288).
Ian trains his big pull by using bumper plates to substitute for 3" blocks.
He's also studying to be a chiropractor to boot!

Chad Wesley Smith Squat Training PR's

Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut Training shows just how well his methods work!

"Great day at JuggHQ. Lots of PRs from the weightlifters and powerlifters, including this one from me...

Great feeling squats today. Went up to some singles in wraps-just getting used to things, nothing too exciting-and then 2 back down sets in my Iron Rebel sleeves. Here is 365kg/804# x4, a 15kg PR for 4 reps. Then I did 340kg/749# x4 as well."

Peace of Meet

Submission by Shawn Bellon:

A powerlifting meet gets anyone involved excited whether they are lifting, coaching, assisting or just spectating (and maybe all of the above). Even as a veteran lifter, I was always nervous at an event to compete. Even if I did all of my homework and was pretty sure I would win my class, I still had butterflies.

A good dose of healthy anxiety is normal, but I want to offer you some tips and ideas which, regardless of your experience level, will equip you with some “peace of meet” the next time you are preparing for the platform.

Charlotte EUROPA Games Powerlifting Championships - sanctioned by 365 SPF (365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation)

Europa Highlights
The day festivities got under way with an inspiring video, lifter introduction, the singing of our National Anthem by Monique Saunders.
The twelve female competitors were awesome. All lifted with a high level of intensity and passion but the positive energy and support they displayed to one another was second to none. Six of the females scored an Elite rated lift with five accomplishing an Elite total. Powerlifting newcomers, Nadia Zebouni, Taylor Nugent, Hannah Cochran, Victoria Renfroe and Cathy Cranford all turned in tremendous performances.

Tulsa mechanical engineer is powerlifting world record-holder!

by Tulsa World Staff Writer Kendrick Marshall- Several years ago, Dennis Cornelius was once asked to move a piece of heavy equipment that weighed close to 900 pounds. The request, described by Cornelius as “odd,” is not something a mechanical engineer is normally tasked to do. Read more ( Tulsa mechanical engineer )

Samantha Coleman New World Record Squat!

Competing at the UPA sanctioned Relentless "Hope for Kids" Samantha posted one of the highest totals of all time! She began her day with a monster 661 squat for a new World Record and coupled that with a 391 bench press! She's getting really close to being only the second woman in history to bench press 400 pounds without any equipment (bench shirts). Currently she is tied with Roberta Collins for the 2nd highest bench of all time. Second only to the strongest woman currently living on planet earth, April Mathis! Samantha also pulled a 507 deadlift to get her a little closer to April in the total with 1,559! An astonishing day for an awesome cause! They are still taking donations for Hope for kids: Donate

Burly Hawk 550x5!

If you wanted a powerful son, what would you name him? Samson, Goliath, or maybe Bluto? How about Burly, Burly Hawk that is! With a name like that you best be strong! Burly doesn't disappoint, here's a 550 bench for 5 paused reps followed by some cleans!

Relentless 2016- Got Hope?

From Scott Nutter- For those not familiar with Relentless; our Mission is to build relationships, change lives and serve God by uniting strong men and women with even stronger children. 160+ lifters came from all parts of the U.S., Canada and even 1 from England to do just that. Relentless is a sanctioned powerlifting meet placed right in the middle of the largest HopeKids ( fundraising event nation wide. This year we raised over $213K for the charity.

John Rivas 242 King

John Rivas is now the 242 All Time World Record holder; a record held by Dan Green! An accomplishment in of itself and he did it with a massive pull of 832! He made a 744 squat and a 512 bench to set himself up for this monumental performance. He ended his day with a 2,088 total, just ahead of the former record of 2,083!
We plan on seeing more!

Brett Gibbs IPF Worlds Review

Brett took the silver medal at the IPF worlds
to American lifter John Haack who totaled an IPF world record 813 kg (1,792 lbs).
Brett explains his platform experience
at the IPF worlds in Killeen Texas.

Benedix at the USPA Nationals!

A video documentary Jake and Brett Benedix
as they competed in Vegas at the 2016 USPA Nationals!

"For everyone who has viewed this video, I greatly appreciate that, much love to you. If you enjoyed this video give it a like, or thumbs up. If you have not yet, subscribe to my channel.

This was my second time powerlifting in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a wonderful time competing and meeting new people from across the US. Hope you enjoy this video. "

Watch now live: 1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup in Minsk / Belarus

Check out the 1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup in Minsk / Belarus
The meet runs from July 11-16th
(1st IPF University Powerlifting Cup )
( more info )