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Ronald Cornelius Tarvin ends the meet with a 606lb deadlift

At a GPC Worlds, Las Vegas, another PR:

https://www.facebook.com/datboiping23/videos/10207658228520267/ May need to be friends to view it

Brett Gibbs pulling 310kg (683 lbs.)

* information kindly provided by Jason Manenkoff

New Zealand's Brett Gibbs pulling 310kg (683 lbs.) on his way to a 800.5 kg (1764 lb.) total at the IPF Pacific Invitational. He went 9/9 and lifts included a 285 kg (628 lb.) squat and a 205.5 (453 lb.) bench press. Both his squat, bench and total are IPF WR's in the 83kg weight class. His official bodyweight was 82.8 (182.5).

Sean Brownstein competing at Boss of Bosses 2 on 8/29/2015

Sean Brownstein competed at the 220lbs class. He nailed a 1745 total in a battle driven class!

Here is a video of his participation:

Kristie Smith's 475lbs deadlift towards a total of 1205lbs

Kristie Smith totaled 1205lbs on August 12,
at an SPF sanctioned meet.

Check out her video:

Into the mind of the coach: Swede Cory Burns

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - If not most, many of you know Swede. But even those of you who know him well will take something from this interview. Swede generously shared aspects of the shaping of a coach's mind that you will not find elsewhere. Very few people are capable of illustrating the minimalist experience of incarcerated life as he does - no drama, not literary "fat"
Enjoy. And digest.
OBS: the interview is long. You will find the link bellow. In the website it was published, you will find some nice pictures. I ask you, however, to share THIS link. The interested reader will eventually find his way to the rest of the text.

- Please tell us something about yourself: where and when were you born and places you lived. Where do you live now?

I was born on April 4th, 1980, in Delaware County Memorial Hospital, which is just on the edge of the city of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.

Sandeep Awari hits 2,061 @ 205 Indian Powerlifting Seniors

Sandeep Awari competing in the 93 Kg. class at the Indian senior nationals (Sept 8 through Sept 13th) made a big squat of 815 pounds (370kg). He benched BP 518 pounds (235Kg) and finished with a 727 pounds (330kg) Deadlift . His Total was 2,061 (935kg)!

USPA 2015 Rocky Mountain Regional : Kristen Bellon's Performance

Watch Kristen Bellon's performance yesterday going 8/9, hitting best lifter, 3 personal bests, and qualified for IPL World's with a masters classification!

"I'm so proud of my client, best friend and wife!"

"Thank's to Chris McGrail for putting on a great meet for people to experience the strongest sport alive under great and consistent judging. There were many new lifters that left the meet really excited and positive about powerlifting. Chris has been providing meets for the USPA and APF here in Utah while providing consistent coverage and communication for the region regarding powerlifting. He has also secured the Fit Con meet to be called the IPL World Cup this coming year with a pro division for top names to come and compete! Thank you again Chris for your vision and love of the sport."

Emily Hu Two World Records in Two Weeks!

Just off her 233 pound world record at 114 at Boss of Bosses, Emily showed up unannounced at the GPC worlds! She told no one that she was doing the meet but when she did, she delivered! Starting the day with a 275 squat Emily then busted the 1984 full meet record of Vickie Steenrod with a 249 pound bench at 123 followed by a 4th with 250! She finished the meet with a 385 pull then pulled 391 on a 4th. Meet total was 413 kg/ 910 pounds!

Jenn Rotsinger talks about her last meet, about the secret of how to be the best and about videotaping oneself

*Powerliftingwatch.com Exclusive
BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION: the last sentence was evidently meant for the interviewer, but it is too good not to share. These are the words of one of the best lifters that walked the Earth.

PLW: Can you give tell us in general terms how was your performance? What were your numbers? Records? Did you reach what you expected?

Benchers’ Injuries: learn how Joe Smolinski was turned down twice for surgery, finally got it and prepares for his comeback

* Powerliftingwatch.com Exclusive

PLW - Could you tell us briefly the story of your injury (how and when it happened)?

In February 2015, shortly after turning 60, I started my comeback from Labrum surgery which occurred in February 2014, resulting in 5 anchors. I made a conscious decision to bench raw for the year to rebuild. My goals for the year were 385# in February, 405# in July, then 425# at WPCs/Portugal November 2015. I had a safe, conservative, realistic plan.

Blaine Sumner : IPF and All Time!!

Blaine Sumner takes the IPF world record and also takes the drug tested all time world record held by Ray Williams!

" Today in Perth, Australia I broke the IPF Total World Record and lifted the most weight raw in IPF History with a 914 lb. Squat, 529 lb. Bench Press, and 766 lb. Deadlift for a 2,210 lb. Total. Thank you everyone for the support."

Live feed for the 2015 GPC World Powerlifting Championships

The livestream has beeen released.
Here is the link:


Steve Goggins on a coaches challenge with lifters who love more than just lifting

Steve Goggins shared Tamika Fagan’s video (bellow) with a wise comment from the very experienced coach that he is: how do you handle a lifter that loves running? This is Tamika’s case.
Goggins remarks: “As a coach, sometimes it can be tough to manage an athlete who just loves to work out all the time. You don't want to hold them back but you have to slow them down a bit to achieve the goals that we set. Running is her passion along with powerlifting. I say it's a great problem to have as a coach. I accept the challenge!”

600lbs raw squat in sleeves for doubles - Ernie Lilliebridge JR

Just a little motivation from Ernie Lilliebridge JR

squat training, up to 600lbs doubles.