2015 IPF World Classic Championships - Results

Here are the results of the 2015 IPF Classic World Championships from Salo, Finland.
The meet was from the 5th − 14th of June.
(detailed score sheet men) (detailed score sheet women)

Beau Moore Readies For the 50s!

635/3 deficit pulls stiff legged.
Doing a UPA meet 8/1 to break all the 50 and over all time records!
Beau Moore responds to father time!

"I'm not answering the door to let him in today"!!

Fred Seeburger 735 squat @ 53!

Fred Seeburger 735 squat 308lbs M 50+ 53yrs.

Moving to number 2 in 308 50+ rankings

Christina McDowell hits 300lb Single Ply Bench

Competing on 6/6/15 at the APA meet in
Lake Ozark MO, Christina hit a 300 pound bench at 44 yrs old!
No info on what weight class she lifted at but here's footage of her performance!

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Andrey Malanichev Deadlift footage at Super Cup of Titans 2015

Andrey Malanichev
Deadlifts 360/792, 380/836, 411/905 kg/lbs at Super Cup of Titans 2015
Check it out!

Alexis Sweeney 865 lbs. @ 146

Iron Arena lifter Alexis Sweeney went 8/9 finished with a 330 lb. squat (11 lb. PR #9 USA without knee wraps), 200 lb. Bench (8 lb. PR #21 USA) and 335 lb.
Deadlift totaling 865 @ 146 which is a 33 lbs. over her total from last month. This also puts her at #16 in the USA rankings on powerliftingwatch.com.
She also won Best lifter.

Justin Caputo Prepares for Lancaster PA!

Justin is still progressing weekly with 6 weeks out till the RPS Pennsylvania state meet on July 25th in Lancaster,PA. The next meet after that in December he plans in becoming the 4th lifter in history to squat 4x bodyweight no wraps behind Inaba, Booker and Stanaszek. Justin still follows the legendary Bulgarian training by squatting 6 days a week 2 times a day and also deadlifting everyday for singles!
Currently, his immediate goal is 630!


2 weeks after Venice Beach Lift-Off TEAM VILLAIN/M TOWN MONSTAS Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph & Herman Dean Traveled to BAKERSFIELD Ca, For a USPA PUSH/PULL MEET AT Next Step Crossfit to compete in the 220 & 308+ Raw Open Bench Only Class.....MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM Jamar-@M_TOWN_MONSTA Herman-@TREDEAN3

Kevin OAK 750 Lb x 4 (340 Kg) Squat w/ Knee Wraps

750 Lb x 4 Squat with knee wraps getting ready for the RPS Heatwave
& Boss Of Bosses 2 in the 220 raw division.
I probably need to get a little deeper. I'm just starting to get used to knee wraps again.

Chalk Talk Nutrition for the Athlete #5

Published on Jun 8, 2015
In our fifth episode, we discuss nutritional strategies for strength athletes and how to eat to maximize both performance and body composition.
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Mike Bingham - 644 lb bench press in the 181 lb wt class at the USPA National Benchpress & Deadlift Championships

Mike Bingham - #1 ranked lifter in the benchpress 181 lb wt class multi-ply - 644 lb bench press at the USPA National Benchpress & Deadlift Championships in Port St. Lucie, FL on June 6, 2015. Mike opened with an easy 606 lbs. Mike's second attempt was 628 lbs. The third and final attempt was 644 lbs. Here is a link to the video of the 3rd lift:

Odell Manuel goes 1050kg@146kg GPC NZ Nats

Odell Manuel competed at the GPC New Zealand Nats and went 420/230/400 - 1050kg at 146kg. Odell next meet will be ProRawSeven in Australia. Odell pulled 400kg (882lb) just 6 months after getting his bicep reattached after tearing it at the GPA Worlds in November 2014

Brett Benedix 530 Raw Training Squat

6/7/15: World Gym PSL Sunday Leg Day- 6 weeks out from RAW United Senior Championships being held at Port St. Lucie Civic Center on July 18th & 19th. This Squat would rank him #1 All Time in the RAW 148 pound class. Currently Brett is Ranked #3 with a 514# Squat (RAW Unity 7 All Time Record)

Jason Manenkoff Sets New All- Time Drug Tested American Bench!

After years of toiling and strategically planning his training cycles and mastering his bodyweight, Jason Manenkoff finally has taken the drug tested American Bench only record! Held for over 20 years by one of the greatest drug tested lifters George Herring and then broken in 2004 in the AAU by A. Icardie, Jason can now place his name behind the record!
Manenkoff weighed in at 164.5 pounds and lifted at the WNPF Battle on the Border held in Edison NJ and made a 425 pound press!