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Fred Goldberg 525 lb raw bench 55 yrs old 269 lbs

At the Raw United Invitational in Melbourne 11/16 Fred Goldberg 275, 55 years of age benched 525. This is just 4 lbs off the All-Time record of 529. Fred will attempt the break this record at either the Raw United record breakers in Jan or Rum in Feb. Fred trains at the World Gym in Port St Lucie

Objective is Clear- Deverall Marks

Been a long tuff 2014 for Yarnell "BigBeast" Marks, after dealing with a nagging groin injury for past 4 months finally 100% healthy enuff to make a run in 2015. Coaching football and training has been a balancing act that been somewhat difficult but with the playoff game

Dan Green bench training before GPA

Dan "BOSS" Green. Skiba's Gym. Prep for the biggest meet of the year, the GPA World Championships in Sydney, Australia. It's a perfect storm. Do some damage down under, BOSS.


On the road to a 700lb raw bench press, LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker hits a pr @ RELENTLESS DETROIT. There were many great lifters that hit PRs including David The Beast Douglas & Brandon Lilly.
There is a full length interview of the thoughts and prep work as well as the lifts. Enjoy the trip the The Machine travels on to become RELENTLESS

Al Laporte moves to #2 in the Masters over 50 rankings!

52 year old Al Laporte competed in the USPA Veterans Day Classic meet held on November 15-16 in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Al increased his #2 ranked total for the 220 lb raw w/wraps Masters over 50 division. His lifts included a 518 lb squat, 402 bench and a 562 deadlift for a 1482 total at a 217 lb bodyweight.

Jp Carroll 500 lbs for 15 reps no belt no wrap

One week after ST meet in California I decided to

ditch the belt and wraps and have a little fun.

JUSTIN KEARNS 43 @290.4........555# BENCH PRESS...NEW IPA 308 MASTER RECORD .....The ALPHA Project!!!!!!!!!

2014 IPA National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships
November 15-16, 2014 YORK PA.

Raw United 2014 Stronglife Invitational

On behalf of the R.A.W. United family, congratulations to Loma on another outstanding day of lifting! Not only did Loma crush it on the platform, she judged all day on Saturday, and helped out with all the girls from both the World Gym team and the kids from our gym on Sunday. Thanks Loma! Spero

Brett Benedix 515 Raw Squat @ 148!!

Brett competed at the Raw United Invitational November 15th & 16th. He bested his previous best of 513 from RUM VII going 515 and remaining at the top of the current raw squat rankings! Brett also took best lifter at the meet!

Bouncing Legend, Sam Cox, 1950 RAW Total at 241

Sam Cox coming in at 241 pounds blasted through an 804 squat, 418 bench and pulled a very easy 727 deadlift to give him a total of 1950 and a top 7 ranking!
Sam is trained by Josh Bryant, enough said!

Ellen Stein PR's at Insurrection

At 132 lbs BW Ellen Stein hit a new PR of 190 lb RAW bench (meet PR) and 405 lb RAW DL at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Insurrextion meet at Crossfit Strong Island. She just keeps chugging away making gains against the laws of time!

Richard Ficca Hits 606!

Trained by Josh Bryant, Richard Ficca nailed a 606 raw bench at SHW at his recent USPA event. Richard just used this as a "training day" with a close miss @ 622. His 606 will
rank him in the top 5 of the current raw rankings!

April Shumaker sets new raw bench and total records at the USPA Veterans Day classic!

Making a last minute decision to compete raw at the USPA Veterans Day classic, April set new records across the board in the 105lb class going 8 for 9, squatting 135 kilos, benching 104 kilos, and pulling 151 kilos, pushing her raw total in the 48 kilo class to 390 kilos or 859lbs.

Loma Amore 61 Hits Record Lifts!

The Raw United Invitational Nov 15th and 16th in Melbourne Fla. Loma Amore age 61 lifting at 147 lbs benched 207 and pulled 365. Loma went 6 for 6 and had a few more lbs in each lift. Loma trains at World Gym in Port St Lucie Fla, and competes with the World Gym team. Her next competition will be the World Gym Push/Pull December 6th

Zahir Khudayarov last workout for Sydney

Last session before departing! Zahir has had some crazy training numbers. Time to see what materializes at meet.
All time records possibly? Most likely!