2014 WPC Worlds roster

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Kevin OAK 703 Lb x 3

Recent footage of Kevin Oak squatting

703 pounds for 3 reps with out wraps!

Team Unstoppable Force Powerlifting

Lifter Sammy "ALIEN MODE" Graham will be competing in the USAPL November 22 in the desert of Arizona! Sammy is looking to move
up the masters rankings to the number 3 spot.

Strength Talk Interviews Daniel Tinajero Sept 28th5pm PST, 8pm EST

Don’t miss Sunday Sept 28th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST as Strength Talk’s Anthony Pastorello interviews the dominating Daniel Tinajero.

Dan is coming off of a huge performance with a 2500 total at the Westside Pro, losing becasue of body weight to Jimmie Pacifico; then he had a monster comeback with a win at that USPA Olympia, beating number 1 ranked Ben O’Brian, with a 2276 and earned the best lifter award.

Listen as we discuss training methods, competing singly ply vs multiply, what's coming up next and the direction of powerlifting.

Tara Green Squats 540lbs @ The Olympia Ranking her #1 single ply @ 181

Tara Green squatted 540lbs on her opener at the USPA Olympia this weekend.

This lift ranks her #1 single ply @ 181 lbs on the PLW best of the best!

Chad Kalilimoku 601 Raw Bench!

Chad Kalilimoku a former UH middle linebacker, and now power lifter made his debut on March 2014, placing and winning overall best lift. Although he did break the Nevada State Record for his weight and bench, he did not break the American Record. He set out to do it this time! On September 20, he opened with 585 lbs and put it up with ease.

5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge

We are now just a few weeks out from the 5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge. Hope your training is going great. This is looking to be the Best Ironfest ever, and we are going to see some awesome lifting!
Below is some of the important information for the meet. I will also start posting some rules pertaining to the performance of the lifts and reasons for disqualification for each lift. This is so the young lifters know and understand the judging better. You can find these post on the facebook link below, as soon as I post them.
Please remember the deadline for entries (to avoid a late fee) is November 1, 2014. You can walk in at the weigh in, and enter, but will be charged a $20 late fee after the 1st.

Tom Kallas works up to 675x2 squat and almost dies

In meet prep training for Mark Bells ST meet November 8th. Worked up to my last heavy double for meet prep. Singles on squats from here on out. Two heavy squats left till meet. Had a hard time getting my air on second rep in this video but fought thru it for a PR!

Ellen Stein at The Olympia

(Updated W/ More Videos 9/25/14)
Ellen Stein pulls off another win and maintains her 2nd ranked position in the open single ply ranks, just 7 pounds behind top position! This at over 60 yrs of age!

"2014 Olympia results-at a BW of 131 lbs I went 8 for 10-396 squat (WR)-209 bench (missed 214 on a 4th attempt) also WR, 418 DL (missed 435 by a hair)-1023 total (WR)...all in all pleased with my results-thanks again to my Coach Matt Gary and training partner Tom Terrific"

Shana Ratcliff 290 for 7 Deadlift!

290 x 7... not the prettiest pulling I've done. I just wanted to give the bar hell tonight. Something just flipped in me tonight. Next time I pull for reps it will be in the 300's. Meet Prep off to a GREAT start!!
Thanks Shylow Robinson for making an appearance in my video Its ok tho.. I've done it many of times to others. . Karma I guess! !

100% RAW Powerlifting Federation - September Newsletter

Dear Lifters,
This newsletter is the last once before the deadline for the World Championships. If you want to compete in the Worlds all the information you will need is in this newsletter. The roster has been updated daily as the entries come in and the final few slots are filling up fast.

Gary Grissinger 52 y/o wins 242 class pulling 744 @226.5 at USPA Mr Olympia deadlift championships.

It was the weakest weight class @ the Olympia but the most competitive with 5 lifters having a real chance of taking the gold. Had qualified @ 220 pulling 755 in full power in March. Training went well hitting 760-770 several times. Thought had a real chance at yanking 770+ in single lift if I didn't cut any weight. Something definitely went wrong and it is a bit of an enigma to me.

Return of Rebecca!

Rebecca Roberts started powerlifting at Louisiana Tech University in the fall of 1996 under Dr. Billy Jack Talton. She was a sophomore and although she had been active in sports her entire life, she had never touched a weight before. During her collegiate tenure, she won 3 USAPL National Titles and made the IPF Junior World team in 1998, all in the 148lb weight class. She still holds the LA Tech Records in the 148lb class (370S, 195B, 424D, and 981T). She continued to lift after college, competing in the USAPL Open division, winning 2nd place in 2003 in the 148lb class and 1st place in 2004 in the 165lb class. In 2004, She also competed in the APF Senior Nationals, hitting her biggest total ever of 1394 at 165 and taking 1st place. She then took a couple of years off of competing before making a brief return in 2006 at the Southern States APF meet, hitting a 462S, a 330B, and a 507D at 165. Again, she took some time off of competing, moved to Wisconsin, and finally came back in 2011, qualifying for APF Senior Nationals in 2011. That year, she hit a 523 Squat, 407 Bench Press (APF WR and Top 20 of all time), 490 Deadlift, and 1421 Total (APF WR) in the 198lb weight class.
"(I Couldn’t have done it without Ed and Joani Taber and all of Team Taber)".

Louie Simmons At STA Sports Performance

Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 9AM – 3PM (Lunch is provided)
Location: STA Sports Performance

Scott Mecham bench presses 800 lbs at the Olympia

In a close battle with Jake Prazak who finished
with 788 lbs Scott Mecham hits 799.7 lbs to further increase his all time 1 ply
242 ranking to the #2 spot.