IPL World Championships Las Vegas 12 − 15 November, 2015- Live!

Here's the live stream link for the IPL World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas, 12-15 Nov
( IPL World Championships- Live! )
Lifting schedule below

21 year old Jesse Anderson Squats 931lbs at the CSA Reebok Record Breakers (SPF)

Jesse Anderson, 21 years old from Sparks, NV Squatted 931lbs at this Saturday's CSA Reebok Record Breakers Meet. Jesse went 859-903-931 in the squat. Jesse took a token 330lb bench press, and in the Deadlift he went 677lb,716lb, and had a very close miss at a 744lb deadlift.

Jesse's performance in the squat puts him 4th All time for RAW 308s. In addition to that at 21 years old he may be one of the youngest people to have Squatted 900+ RAW.

Jesse Norris: Unbelievable !

Another incredible performance by one of the worlds greatest lifters of all time! He has taken drug tested lifting to a whole other level! At this meet he went 766 440 and 826 for a raw total of 2033 beating both his and the wrapped total!

"2033.7 lb all time word record total for 22 yr old @jessenorr. He beat his unwrapped WR total with 810 lbs on his second then pulled 826 to break the WRAPPED total WR on his third .... And he obviously wasn't wearing wraps.. And walked it out. I go to a lot of meets and I've seen some amazing lifting. But nothing EVER on this level. Congratulations Jesse "! ~Gracie V

Fresh video of the Russian National Powrlifting Team's workout

"Here is a fresh video filmed on November 5 in Moscow.
Russian Powerlifting Team, 3 days before IPF Worlds-2015
~Dmitry Spiridonov

What the Hell Do Geared Powerlifters Know About Strength?

by Brian Carroll March 30, 2014 10/20/Life

I’m neither oblivious nor stupid. For years, I’ve heard all the bro-logic regarding why equipped powerlifters—those of us who use multi-ply assistive gear in powerlifting meets—shouldn’t be telling anyone anything about strength training. I know that attitude’s out there, I know there’s a stigma regarding powerlifters and powerlifting, and I’m here to tell you it’s a crock of shit.

Kelly Lovan appointed USPA State Records Chair for Iowa

Kelly Lovan has just been appointed the new USPA State Records Chair for Iowa, assisting Chairman Robb Philippus. "Thanks so much to President, Steve Denison, for this opportunity! It's important for me to take an active part in an organization that supports its athletes and that I believe in. That's why I've decided to get involved", says Kelly.

Jennifer Lecates Hesters wins her class at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships

Jennifer Lecates Hesters got 7 good lifts out of her 9 attempts at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.
She finished with 237.0lbs Bench and 402.3lbs Deadlift in the women's 40-44 raw class.

The 2015 International Powerlifting League Powerlifting World Championship roster

Lifters: attention to the roster and check your names.

Keep tuned to all the communication channels.
Here is the link to the roster.

Garrett Griffin totals 1807lbs at 206lbs bodyweight without wraps at the USPA Battle of Beast

USPA Battle of Beast in Alabama, October 2015. Garrett weighed in at 206lb. According to GUNZ: "I had a almost perfect day going 8/9 without wraps. Squats 567, 600, 617. Bench 496, 518, 529. Deadlift I pulled sumo 628, 661 2 red light for downward motion I decide to take 661 again and switched to convintional and pulled it easy." This was a 515 Wilks score and his best performance to date.

Cardell Oliver is best lifter at the USPA American Open

Cardell Oliver was the winner of the Best Lifter award from Saturday in the American Open.

This is his last pull of 727 in the 220-lb. class.

The Golden Rule of Lifting Weights

* by Dave Tate at http://www.elitefts.com/ (continue reading at the link bellow)

There’s always something crazy going on in this industry. At any moment, there’s a maniac in a weight room taking a dangerous lift and a shady businessman in an office finding a way to turn dirty profits. The posts you find here in my log are the musings of a mashed-up meathead — the reactions I have as I spend my whole life watching this industry. I will share my thoughts with you here, unedited, uncensored, unfiltered, and Under The Bar. If you are offended by profanity - do not read this.

3rd Annual USAPL Powerlifting for Pink - TODAY, November 7

This meet was created specifically for CrossFitters and first-time competitors who want to set new personal records in the squat, bench, and deadlift. (Of course, non-CrossFitters and more experienced lifters are welcome too!) This event is for raw, unequipped lifters only. Awards will be given for top three lifters in each division. Awards will also be given for best Male lifter and best Female lifter.

Gary Panttila talks about multi-tasking in powerlifting: broadcaster, athlete and coach

* a Powerlifting Watch exclusive

PLW - Gary, how have you become involved in sports (powerlifting) broadcasting and what does it mean for you?
I am the broadcaster for all live stream USPA meets now! (Taking over for Tony he has too much going on his life right now) I give the play by play and break down for all those watching live on line and will start doing interviews with lifters post meet so the people back home and can get a better feel for the lifter and their journey to the meet. So far I'm scheduled to do IPL Full power worlds, La Fit expo, Nationals and next year's worlds again. I love the broadcast because I'm a lifter/coach and I like to give people my perspective on what is going on and why the meets goes the way it does over the course of a day.

INCREDIBLE “Top 20” performances at the recent GPC Worlds!!!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: There were some INCREDIBLE “Top 20” performances at the recent GPC Worlds!!!!!
Check out the list below.

Live stream for Relentless 2015

Relentless 2015- Live! Relentless is a sanctioned powerlifting meet to raise money for HopeKids. "HopeKids provides ongoing events, activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine. We raise the spirits of families in their greatest time of need." (from : http://www.relentlesspowerlifting.com/2015-event/ )