World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's Championships- Live

Check out the World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's Championships- Live from Oroshaza, Hungary. The meet runs from 1st − 6th of September.
( World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men's Championships- Live )

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CONGRATULATIONS to Jake Copani & Rich Justice!

From Michael Soong- CONGRATULATIONS to both of you on your recent performances! Jake, you’re currently ranked 18th amongst the “Men’s 132-lb RAW Total All Time Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 9 of the “Rankings-RAW” document. Rich, you’re currently ranked 11th amongst the “Men’s 275-lb RAW Squat All Time Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 22 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lakesha Manning!

From Michael Soong- CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! You’re currently ranked 12th amongst the “Women’s 123-lb RAW Total All Time Rankings,” and your performance is listed on page 47 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Mike McGivern 1,685 @180 Raw with Wraps

Mike McGivern had an outstanding total at the
USPA Great Plains Regional. There he went
1685 @ 180 raw with wraps rankings him at at number 1 in the USA! This is up from his previous rank of 4th...
His squat is also number one!

Cass 815 Training pull

Watch Brandon Cass as he prepares for the

Olympia in Las Vegas 815 at 212 body weight:

LS McLain's day at Bench Nationals

From Rob: LS McLain's day at Bench Nationals.
210kg / 463lb at 205. National champ
Check out the footage:

Titan Support Closed On Labor Day

Titan Support Systems will be closed Labor Day, Monday Sept 1st 2014.
Titan will return to regular hours Tuesday Sept 2nd 2014.

CC Castellano 369 Raw Squat @ 16 Years Old!

Lifting in front of 10,000 of her closest friends at the Alaska State Fair, 16 year old CC Castellano went 9/9, hitting a 369 pound raw squat (IPF sub junior record standard is 363), 190 bench press and 363 deadlift. The event was sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and part of a weekend-long "Ultimate Strength Series" that also included USA Weightlifting and North American Strongman events.

Exson Rodriguez @ Treasure Coast Classic

Exson Rodriguez is an Owner and Trainer of Flawless Physiques, Inc in Orlando, Florida. He specializes in Strength Coaching and Personal Training. In the past 5 months, he has been competing in Powerlifting in the 308 weight class. The prior year he was a Strong Man Competitor, and an additional two years as a Crossfit Competitor.


September 6, 2014 @ 11a.m. CASH CONTEST FOR REPS
@ 8707 S. PRIEST DR. TEMPE, AZ. 85281

FOUR FOR A HUNDRED!!! 100 Reps @405

FOUR FOR A HUNDRED!!!! 100 Reps @405 Bench Challenge

M Town MONSTA Leroy Walker & Alex Diciero Do 10x10 100 Reps @405 On The Bench Press @MetroFlex LB

Shana Ratcliff Bench Session

Top female lifter Shana Ratcliff setting her sights on a 200 pound bench at 105! Only one female is currently there and that's the Bench Queen April Shumaker!
"190 for a PR!!!!! Creeping upon that 200lbs bench!!!! Got a little loose and bar went back some but I wasn't about to fail and have to repeat this lift!!"

Bad-Azz Powerlifting Motivation Part 5.0

"Doing what I do best.
Back again with Bad-Azz Powerlifting Part 5.
Shout out to Ritchie Drama who introduced this song to me and make it happen.

Tee Cummins 705 for 4 Squat

Here is Tee's last wrapped squat before
moving into first phase of his program.
Tee is training for the upcoming APA Ironfest on Nov 8.