Micahel King At APA Raw

Here is Michael King another Bryant client update at the APA Raw Nationals!

Michael King totaled 1734 @ 260 Bodyweight via 628, 424, 682 all three lifts PRs, 120 pound total PR

Here is the 682 Deadlift:

Scott Yard Hits 1925!

Scott Yard totals 1925 raw at the RPS Power Pallooza. Yard competed in the raw classic division and went 675, 510, 740. Yard is sponsored by ELITEFTS.com and Atlargenutrition.com

Video of 675 raw squat

USAPL Collegiate Nationals - The Most Competitive Meet in the Nation!

321 lifters from 37 lifters with weight classes up to 40 lifters deep and only the top-5 receiving a medal. Collegiate Nationals truly is the most competitive (and loudest) meet in the nation!

Team results were as follows:

1500+ lbs total at 165lbs

went 7 for 9 at UPA POWER BASH in sun prairie WI.

Highlight was 633 squat:


Getting some well needed pause work in 5 weeks out from the Muscle Beach Venice lift off!

The heavy volume work has been key in raising the total and increasing speed

Gracie Vanasse Pro/Am Performance

Battling a tough division Gracie still had a solid showing going 1175 at 148!
Third Place Multiply
wearing Inzer Predator Briefs, SDP and Double Ply Fusion DL Suit

Susan Salazar Breaks New Ground 1000 @ 123!

"Sue is now the only IFBB Pro who currently holds an All Time WR in Powerlifting. Sue totalled 1000 via 380/195/425."

Susan broke the WR Total by 54 lbs held by the sensational Caitlyn Trout and broke the WR Deadlift which has been held by one of history's greatest female lifters Vicky Steenrod!!!.

Built To The Hilt!

One of the nation's top powerlifting trainers Josh Bryant has a new book coming following the highly successful "Jailhouse Strong"!
Check out the promo video for the upcoming "Built To Th Hilt!"

Details coming soon:

Master Power Mark Menslage

49 years old, BW 252

A Couple of weekends ago at the USPA California State Meet went 639-402-639

Here is a video of the squat :

BEAST: 500lb raw bench for 7 reps @ 279

"2 weeks post Relentless meet, cutting for a Marine Corps PFT 3 mile run,

I tried to see what I had left in the tank.

Pretty happy with this session."

Brandon Maddox goes 1300 at 148 with no wraps, belt, or sleeves!

(Updated w/ Video)Brandon Maddox put on an amazing show on Saturday April 12th at the APA Raw Nationals in Defuniak Springs, Fl. Brandon has just recently entered the sport of powerlifting. Brandon has a come a long way in 5 short months of powerlifting. At his first meet in November he only did a push pull where he hit a 330 bench and a 455 deadlift. His second meet he ended up hitting a 1260 total in his first full power meet. Now he adds another 40lbs in just over a month! On Saturday he ended up with a 407 squat, 385 bench, and 507 deadlift. Brandon's bench ties him for 2nd on the best of best American rankings and number 12 with the total. Big accomplishment for only his 3rd meet.

New World Record Squat and Total: 777lbs/352.5kg and 1945lbs/882.5kg at 198lbs/90kg -- Ernie Lilliebridge JR

Ernie Lilliebridge Junior took down Phil Harrington's former 760 world record raw squat with wraps by nailing a 777lbs squat. He wasn't done there. He went on to break Larry Pacifico's 38 year old record: 1936lbs at 198lbs raw with wraps. Ernie normally pulls close to 800, but only got 711 at this meet. Ernie has a realistic shot to be the first man in history to total 2000lbs raw in the 198lbs weight class. What an incredible performance.

Powerlifting Raise the Bar anti-doping campaign exceeds all expectations

IPC Powerlifting's dedicated anti-doping campaign has reached more than 850 athletes and team officials in total, smashing the original target of 500 when the project was launched in October 2013, and reaching its climax at the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships which concluded Friday (11 April).

Funded by the Agitos Foundation, Raise the Bar - Say No! to Doping's fundamental aim was to reach out to athletes and their support networks at international competitions, giving them the opportunity to speak with and learn from experts with years of anti-doping knowledge and experience through education seminars.

Adrian Larsen Proving them wrong

Below is a vid Adrian Larsen put together of what helps motivate him to train harder.
Also Adrian is releasing a Ebook describing how to program you bench to be successful. The Alpha Project is right around the corner from being released and if you would like more info you can check out the Facebook page.

Charlie Lyons' APA Performance

He hit PR'S on Squat, Deadlift and Total.
Charlie ended the day with a 1729 total @ 239.5 body weight!
Here's the video of Charlie's 705.2 deadlift at APA Raw Nationals.