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Robb Philippus: 2149 lb Raw Total in 308lbs Open

Robb Phillipus is one of the strongest raw powerlfters in the world today.
Last weekend, at Boss of Bosses 2, he repeated the 881lbs raw squat (no wraps, no sleeves) he did on RUM 8 and totaled 2149 lbs raw at 306.4 lbs.

Again about Stacia: the three lifts with a 702lbs total

Stacia-Al Mahoe, 18 years old and weighing exactly 96.5lbs totaled 702lbs at Boss of Bosses 2, last August 30th. An amazing young lifter that has been attracting the community’s attention for some time. Jack Cambra Jr., from CrossFit Fifty at Honolulu, Hawaii, is her coach.

World Gym PSL Sunday Leg Day: Behind the Scenes

Here's a video of the behind the scenes of Sunday Leg Day at World Gym Port St Lucie. This powerlifting team is growing with new faces every single week. Not only are they a team, but they're becoming a family! Brett is 3 weeks out from competing single ply at the Olympia in Vegas. The rest of the power team is competing in 7 weeks at RAW United Record Breakers in PSL, Florida.

Stacia-Al Mahoe benches 165lbs at 97lbs bodyweight at Boss of Bosses 2 – first time done since 1985

As reported by Jack Cambra Jr:

"Stacia-Al Mahoe, age 18 and only 97lbs bodyweight benched 165lbs at Boss of Bosses 2, on August 30. The last time any female lifter did that was in 1985, 12 years before she was born. Jack Cambra, from Crossfit Fifty/Fifty Barbell, Honolulu, Hawaii is the amazing young woman’ proud coach."

IPF Sub-junior & Junior World Powerlifting Championship 2015

Taking place right now in Prague (Czech Republic), the IPF Sub-junior & Junior World Powerlifting Championship already has remarkable results and new world records.

Check out their livestream and results sheets at


Caterine González, 18 years old, from Colombia: new junior talent at the 132lb class

Are we looking at another super strong “Gonzalez” female at the 132lbs class? This year, Nikki “Gunz” Gonzalez, from Texas, broke the 132lbs class total with 1019lbs at the USPA nationals, raising very high the bar for class. We just received news from Colombia about Caterine González, who totaled 832lbs in her last championship, when she was still 17 years old (298lbs squat, 165lbs bench press and 369lbs deadlift).

When successful coaches and athletes talk about failure: Read carefully

*sources: Elitefts.com and Powerrackstrength.com

Recent articles have featured two well known and successful athletes and coaches writing about their own injuries, failures and mistakes.

It is almost cliché to say failure is a better teacher than success. When people who have the tools to analyse both - failure and success - share their experience, that is something worth paying attention to.

Dave Theis Benefit Bench Meet



October 17, 2015, Greenwich,CT

Dave Theis was the Second Selectman in Greenwich, Connecticut and had served our

Powerlifting and the war and sacrifice metaphors

Why do you lift weights? Most people will offer a variety of reasons, but on the internet we have hordes of warriors, gladiators, beasts and heroes. Training is depicted as an act of stoicism, competition is a battle, diet is supreme sacrifice and pain is a sign of commitment to an obscure notion of belonging to a special caste of soldiers.

Mike Bingham benches 650 at the RPS/XPC Bench Freakshow

At age 50, Mike Bingham benches 650 at the RPS/XPC Boardwalk Brawl Bench Freakshow
in Atlantic City, NJ at a body weight of 179 lbs
and qualifies for the MHP XPC Bench Bash at the Arnold.

Mexico’s Amalia Perez sets world record at Toronto 2015

*from IPC Powerlifting

The world and Paralympic champion registered 133kg at the Parapan American Games as Mexico won five out of nine medals.

Mexico’s Amalia Perez was the star of the show on Monday (10 August), the third day of powerlifting at the Toronto 2015 Parapan American Games breaking her own world record to top the podium.

Lift for Kids’ Sake: lessons from a charity meet

Doug Williams, a powerlifter and licensed nurse from Brockville, Ontario, talked to us about the “Lift for Kids’ Sake” initiative. “Lift for Kids’ Sake” is a charitable powerlifting event whose proceeds go to Big Brothers and Sisters of Leeds & Grenville ( http://www.mentoringmatters.ca/en/Home/aboutus/contactus.aspx ). In its third version, that took place on August 10, Williams decided to expand the event’s basis, involving more organizations and members of the strength community. He was successful: this year’s event raised $3,100.00, more than twice raised before, had twice the number of registered lifters and, as an outdoors activity, involved a big crowd.

Jeremy Hamiliton 220 Record Total - & Interview

"Were all just doing our best Ed Coan Impression"
Jeremy Hamilton being interviewed by Chris Duffin in regards to meet lifts and training as well as his great performance in taking the new all time world record total at 220 wrapped.

How the Mighty Fall: Pride Comes First

by Swede Cory Burns @ Elitefts.com

Some of you know that I needed to have an emergency surgery on my spine about 16 months ago, because I was suddenly unable to stand or walk. You might also know that only 10 months later, I competed at RUM (albeit bench only) and hit within 20 pounds of my lifetime meet PR.

What you are less likely to know are the specifics, like what took place between the OR and my return to the platform, or the fact that I have permanent nerve damage and haven't had feeling in my right foot, except for the occasional bout of debilitating nerve pain, in almost two years.