SPF Bar Benders on the Bay, January 10, 2015

IronHorse Powerlifting of Corpus Christi and Rock's Discount Vitamins presents the SPF Bar Benders on the Bay 2015 powerlifting meet. The meet will be held on January 10, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Emerald Beach Hotel on the beautiful Corpus Christi bay! Cash prizes will be given to the best lifters of the day! Don't miss this opportunity to compete for big cash and enjoy a vacation with your family on the bay!

PacificoPower's Jeanine Whittaker NEW AllTime RAW WR Squat

PacificoPower's Jeanine Whittaker Squatting a NEW All-Time 181lb Female WorldRecord RAW Squat of 530lbs beating the previous WR of 518lbs
Jeanine finished the XPC FallClassic competition in Columbus, Ohio with a 1,300lb Total @179lbs which now TIES her for #2 All-Time Total


The NASA Iowa Regionals are coming up this Saturday, November 1st at the Magnuson Hotel, 1810 Army Post Rd., Des Moines, IA.

Lifting Begins at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday

Official Weigh-In Times are:

1795 @ 198 raw w/ wraps by Jordan Feigenbaum

Jordan lifted in the SPF Halloween Howl at Brute Strength Gym and went 8/9 to put up a 1795 total (640/430/725) in the 198 weight class. Jordan is currently completing his medical education at EVMS and in is a staff member at select Starting Strength seminars. His next meet will likely be Raw Unity and for more info on him, you can visit his website www.barbellmedicine.com


This is a reminder that the NASA Carolina Meet is coming up on Saturday November 8th!!!!. This is a full Powersports and Powerlifting Meet. State, Regional and American Records can be set at this Meet. Meet will be held at the Indian Land Middle School Gymnasium, 8361 Charlotte Hwy, Ft. Mill, SC

Corey Bourgeois 1703 @ 220 Raw w/sleeves 20 yrs. old

Competed at the USPA Battle of the Beats this past weekend
Went 9/9 on attempts and hit 617 squat, 424 bench, 661 deadlift which were all meet PR's for me. I am satisfied with my performance but I believe I had more in the tank on bench and deadlift.

September 27, 2014 Gym 365.com Powerlifting Meet results


Caden Hale M 123/Teen 130lb. 215lb. 245lb

Sherise Smith F 132/Open 85lb. 145lb. 170lb.

Eliot Steele M 165/Teen n/a n/a 460lb.

Sara Jones F 165/Open 140lb. 250lb. 330lb.

Amit Sapir Aims For Raw record

After tearing two biceps ifbb pro Amit Sapir prepares for a record attempt at the GPA meet.
In a recent training session Amit worked his way up to a raw 697 pound squat.
His goal now is to break the all time raw record of 705 at 198 held by Kyle Messerly set in 2011.

Seth Strickland 16 yrs Old 1304 Total

16 years old Seth Strickland weighed in at 177 pounds and broke four USPA American records at the Battle of the Beast! With a Squat of 490, bench 305, and deadlift of 518, his combined total of 1304 gives a new record as well!

Joe Sullivan 1725lb total 198lb BW

Joe Sullivan hit a 1725lb total 198lb w/o wraps.
His total came via a 630 squat, 420 bench press and a 675 deadlift for 3rd on the current raw rankings!

Jordan Wong 738x2 Squat

Watch Jordan Wong in his recent training session squat 738x2.
Wong is preparing for the Raw United
Tony Conyers Extravaganza on November 8th.

Zahir Khudayarov Training Squat of 1014!

A lot has been said of the battle between Green and Khudayarov. Either way you look at it, it will be a huge collision course for both of them! That being said, as of late Khudayarov has been lifting some unbelievable weights almost unimaginable! Hows a 1014 training squat at somewhere under 260 grab you?

Jared Daigre Makes the Top 20!

BOAD owner Jared Daigre made his platform appearance at the USPA Battle of Beasts 10/25/14. He lifted at 165 and made lifts of 473 in the squat sans knee wraps, hit a 330 bench and pulled 573 before missing 600 twice! His total of 1377 places him in the top twenty in the nation with a 15th ranking!

Keith McHoney 1405 Total at 148!

At the recent USAPL Georgia and Southern states meet Keith made some awesome lifts! He made an American (USAPL) record 512 squat, benched 330 and pulled 562 to hit a 1405 number one ranked total in the US regardless of federation. Just ahead of lifters Joe Morrow and Shawn Frasquillo!

Garrett GUNZ USPA Battle of Beast 1752@197 without wraps

A great performance by one of the nation's best lifters: Garrett Griffin!

1752@197 without wraps went 6 for 9. Vid of all attempts, small error on 3rd bench coast me 10lb meet PR total. #2 ranked total in country in 198wt class. Not happy, but I have confidence I can hit 1800!! Thanks to everyone that supports me.

Garrett Griffin