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Should IPC (Paralympic) World Records Count For Singlelift All time Records?

Stas Milostnoy Ups WR to 509 lbs/ 231 kg Bench @ 165

Stas, officially weighing in at 162 upped the single lift bench press world record in the 165 class to 231 kg (509.26 lbs) This was done at a recent WPC event and now it seems that there will be a head to head battle with Romeo Eremaschvili at the WRPF PRO May 2nd and 3rd!

Brazil's Da Silva claims gold with Americas record at 2015 IPC Powerlifting Open Americas Championships

Brazilian newcomer Gustavo Da Silva stormed to a convincing victory at the 2015 IPC Powerlifting Open Americas Championships in Mexico City on Sunday (26 April), breaking the men's up to 49kg Americas record three times to finish with a 128kg mark.

Da Silva, at 21-years-old and only in his second competitive season, added a total of 11kg to the previous record of fellow Brazilian Ailton Silva.

Jim Phraner hits 775lbs @ 249.6lbs Single Ply

Jim Phraner competed this weekend (4/25/15) at the RPS Spring Supremacy Meet in Rochester, NY. Lifting in the 275lb class, he weighed in at 249.6lbs

The opening attempt was an easy 725lbs. The second attempt was 775lbs. This would be a new RPS World Record.
"After getting the "press" command, the weight started to move nicely, but I got a little out of the groove and the weight came over my face... thankfully the 3 spotters caught it. I had one attempt left, and knew I could make the weight. My game plan was to slow it down, and grind it out. I was wearing a single ply Overkill, I knew I'd have support all the way up. It worked, grinding lift was successful. A good day for Team Overkill.
With that successful lift, Jim moves into the #6 All-time Spot on Powerlifting Watch rankings at 275lbs, and #2 Current.

Tee Cummins: 2015 @220 Raw w/wraps

At the SPF meet in Little Rock Tee Cummins smashed through the 2000 lb barrier with a 2015 hitting a pr squat of 840. He also benched 445 and pulled 730.
Tee will be ranked 5th at 220 w wraps!

SPF Little Rock Classic Masters 1 220LB National Record for Total broken.

SPF meet in Little Rock was sold out !! Great showing, great lifters, Tee Cummings hit 2000+ total @220, Christian Anto 1740 @ 181, Larodrick Duncan 1900+ all Raw with wraps.. 85 Lifters attended. Dan Brooks from Cabot, AR 41YRS 220.4 raw with wraps, I hit a 605SQ, 400BP, and 625DL to total 1630LBS.


This is a reminder the the NASA East Coast Nationals are coming up May 9th at the Morehead Conference Center
111 East First Street, Morehead, KY 40351

Local Contact: Greg Van Hoose (304) 532-1802 or e-mail greg@vhepower.comocal

Lifting will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday

Kyuss Gargett 10 yrs old 78.8 lbs breaking records

Kyuss just broke USAPL records this last weekend at the Battle of the Great Lakes. He weighed in at 78.8 lbs/35.8 kg. He officially deadlifted 214lbs/97.4kilo, Benched 78.1lbs/35.5 kilo, squat 121.25/55.11 kilo. We are so proud of his records that he broke at 10 years old. We are most impressed with his drive and determination on his final attempt of the deadlift. The weight was 225.97 lbs/102.5 kilo.

Perez ready to go as lifters prepare for 2015 IPC Powerlifting Americas Open Championships

Mexico's Paralympic and world champion Amalia Perez has spoken of her excitement and determination to impress at her home IPC Powerlifting Americas Championships from Sunday (26 April), as 120 lifters from 25 countries arrive in Mexico City for the first ever Americas Championships.

The event will be shown live at www.Mexico-City-2015.com and Perez is amongst nearly 40 athletes representing the host country.

******************REMINDER NASA WEST TEXAS CLASSIC COMING UP**************************

This is a reminder the the NASA West Texas Classic is coming up Saturday, May 9th at Clarion Hotel, 1911 I-40 East, Amarillo, TX | 806-372-8741

$5.00 Late Fee begins May 4thh, 2015

Lifting will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday

Official Weigh-In Times
Friday (Early Weigh-Ins) 7-8 PM: All Women & Men
Saturday (Regular Weigh-Ins) 8-9 AM: All Women & Men

Tom O'Connor AKA Metabolic Doc Benching 480

Tom is shown here in this video posting a 480 in a "Benchdaddy"

at a recent charity bench at Lightning Fitness Wounded Warrior,

South Windsor CT. charity bench comp.

Tom is now 50yrs old!

Lifting Through Adversity Matt Jones

"I lift in the WABDL and this past year has been a rough one. I got bit by a brown recluse and a month later after my surgery I won my first world championship. On my 3rd lift at the world championship I hurt my back which resulted in back surgery... A couple months later followed by heart problems. I never gave up and I just competed again and won!"

Powerlifting European Championships: Malta Athletes

Translated by Google :
On Saturday 18 April, 5 Maltese athletes of Disciplinary Powerlifting represented Malta in the European Championships WDFPF inside Wexford in Ireland. Kris Mintoff took first place in the category of under 90 kg with a total of 630kg. Charles Degiorgio finished in second place in the category under 75kg total of 567.5kilo.

IPC Powerlifting publishes schedule for historic first Americas Open in Mexico City

IPC Powerlifting has published the competition schedule for the first Americas Open Championships in the sport's history, which run from 26-29 April in Mexico City and will be shown live at www.Mexico-City-2015.com.

The competition will feature medal contenders for hosts Mexico on every day, beginning with triple Paralympic bronze medallist Laura Cerero in the women's up to 41kg on Sunday (26 April). Cerero won bronze in the higher weight category just over one year ago at the World Championships in Dubai, UAE.


On the road to 700 LeRoy The Machine Walker hits a gym PR of 405X15 in 15 sec!! This was speed training at its best! Full ROM lockout no bounce reps!! On incline!!' The filming starts at rep 2....Stay tuned for more news on POWERLIFTING WATCH!!