Into the mind of the coach: Greg Nuckols

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - Believe me: you WANT to "continue reading". Greg Nuckols is the writer (and owner) of Hardly anyone involved with strength training and strength sports failed to use one of his articles as reference.

Please tell us something about yourself: where and when were you born and places you lived. Where do you live now?
I was born in 1991 and grew up in rural North Carolina. I went to college in Searcy, Arkansas, and since then I’ve lived in Orange County, CA and the North Carolina mountains. My wife and I are thinking about moving to Toronto soon, but that’s still up in the air.

How would you describe yourself as a child? Very active? What types of activity interested you the most? Did you get involved with sports at an early age?

Tarra Oravec totaled 1200lbs at 181lbs bodyweight this weekend at SPF Mafia Mayhem

Tarra Oravec, of Team Swede, totaled 1200lbs at the 181lbs bodyweight division with the following lifts: 435/280/485 (squat in wraps, bench press, deadlift).

These are her videos:

Jordan Jarrell totals 1685lbs at 198lbs bodyweight at SPF Mafia Mayhem

Jordan Jarrell, of Team Swede, totaled 1685lbs a bodyweight of 198lbs at SPF Mafia Mayhem in Louisville, KY, this weekend with the following lifts: 590/460/635 (squat, bench press and deadlift). With this, he was awarded best lifter of the competition.

Kelsey Clifton sets new SPF record for the 16-17 age class at 165lbs bodyweight division

Kelsey Clifton, 17 years old, pulled 405lbs as a 3rd attempt and broke the SPF record for the 16-17 165 class on April 18th, 2015. She got a fourth attempt and pulled 415lbs. She was red lighted for walking the bar. Upset with the miss, she went back to the warm up platform, pulled it again, followed by 420 after that.

USPA Metroflex LBC Powerlifting Southern Cal Open Champ (BENCH ONLY) TEAM: M Town MONSTAS Team Villain

TEAM: M Town MONSTAS Team Villain Jamar "M Town MONSTA" Randolph Leroy "THE MACHINE" Walker & Rodney "RAMBO" Thomas Worked Hard For 12 Weeks It Was The First Time The 3 Of The Teams Top Benchers Was In The Same Meet 220 & SHW Class For The USPA Metroflex LBC Southern Cal Open Champ Powerlifting Meet BENCH ONLY Class

Jamar: 2nd Place In SHW Raw Open 1st Place In Sub-Masters Raw open BENCH ONLY 562lbs/254.9kg

Drozdov Alexey RAW bench press 230kg@93kg

Championship of St.Petersburg 11.10.2015

Alexey benched a New record of St.Petersburg in a class 93kg!

507 pound bench at 205lbs

Kelsey Clifton sets new American squat and bench press records for the USPA Juniors 18-19 165lb class

Kelsey Clifton lifted at the USPA Bourbon Barbell Bash in Lexington, KY, on August 22nd, 2015, and broke two records for her age and weight class: the bench press and the squat (159lbs and 341lbs, respectively). She also was awarded Best Bencher in the competition with 159lbs.

Fabian Gerritzen pulls 310kg/ 683lbs @ 76,9kg/ 169.5lbs

Fabian Gerritzen is the first german powerlifter that pulled 4x bodyweight RAW: 310kg/ 683lbs at 76,9kg/ 169.5lbs bodyweight during the "Insanity Meet" in Berlin last weekend.

Why Taking Time Off From Training Is STILL Just As Terrible As You Thought

* By Nicole Gonzalez (10/20/INTERN OCTOBER 8, 2015)

So now you have to take some time off from training, for whatever the reason may be, and I can guarantee you’re internally freaking out. You have an incessant need to train. So you think that if you don’t, you’ll lose your strength and muscle mass. I’m going to tell you that this is simply not true, within reason.
**As a disclaimer, I am only speaking regarding those who have either over trained or endured a mild injury. I won’t speak to serious injuries. Though it still may not be as bad as you think, you’ll have to be a little more realistic with yourself in those cases.

Team Insanity talks about the Insanity Meets, Sanity and Insanity

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION - This is a Germany based powerlifting team/project/meets. Their insight on the sport is very different from ours. Do pay special attention to what you are reading: powerlifting is a dimension of culture and, as such, rich and diverse.

PLW – Please tell us a little about your team. If possible, give us a brief description of the powerlifting scene in Germany

Amit Sapir 782 @ 195!!

Competing today at the APA fall classic in Portland Oregon,
Amit improved on his 198 lb record of 766 to a 782 lb attempt! This is just less than 3 lbs away from the 220 lb record of 785!

Tom Finn Nailes 524 at 220

501/524 good bench 540 miss at lockout in the 220 class.
WUAP world championships, 1st place & best overall lifter
setting 2 consecutive WUAP World records.

Power for a Purpose 2015

The fifth annual Power for a Purpose returns to Viking Performance Training. It will take place on December the 12th, from 8AM to 5PM. This will be sanctioned under the USPA banner and records will be on the line for the squat, bench, deadlift, and total.

Anna Khudayarov breaks all time squat and total records at the GPA Worlds

Anna Khudayarov, no stranger to the all-time-record breaking game, did it again this past weekend at the GPA Worlds. Her fourth squat and her total were all time records, again.

She squatted 215 kg, 235 kg, 242,5 kg, and fourth lift of 250,5 kg. Her bench press successful attempts were 115 kg, 127,5 kg, and 135 kg. Her deadlifts were 210 kg, 230 kg, 237,5 kg.

European Classic Cup Powerlifting - 2 days left until nomitations are closed

This competition will be held in Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga (Spain) from the 27th to the 29th of November. It is sanctioned by the EPF.