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Kristos Papanotis squats 584 lbs @ 148! AllTime WR Raw/wraps

Watch recent footage of 19 yr old Kristos Papanotis nail the biggest raw/ wraps squat in history in the 67.5kg class! His other lifts were as follows: 286 bench and 628 deadlift to total 1499! Also, he took 661 on a 4th in the deadlift!

Garrett GUNZ APA Clash For Cash 530@214

Big Gunz, RUM competitor, and Animal sponsored athlete Garrett Griffin came in on a
same day weigh in at a 214 bodyweight! He posted 495,520,530 for 10lb PR in the bench press. The bench used was very low and he had a hard time setting up, but he still came out with a PR. and up the ranks to number 3 at 220.

Paul Desimone Seminar

Next Friday (08/01/14) in Medora North Dakota Paul Desimone will be doing a seminar. Doors open at 7pm at the American Inn down town Medora ND.
They will be giving away door prizes to those who attend.

BJ Whitehead 2000 Pound Raw Total

BJ Whiteheads lifts in route to his 2000 total raw (no wraps) @ USPA meet in Austin 07/26/14.
BJ one of the strongest lifters in Texas amassed this total via a 760 squat, 518 benhc press and pulled 722 to hit the barrier breaking 2 Grand! Whitehead remains at number 3 on the ranks.

Justin Caputo 1355 @ 165

Justin has been on a long trek up the ranks and has honed his pet lift into one of the best 165 squats of all time. 550 at 165 ranks him tied with Tony Conyers at number 2 on the raw rankings. His 1355 will put him at 15th. He compiled this total via 550, 245 and a 560 deadlift.

David Troutt 1829@230 RAW(no wraps) 826lb deadlift!

I totaled 1829 @ 230 raw. I went 9/9 and hit PR's on every lift and total. I went into this meet with the strength for a 650-660 squat, but at the last minute they separated the 242s and we only had like 7 lifters. I had maybe 5 mins rest between my lifts, and it just took alot out of me in the squats especially.

Mel Zupec training for UPA Battle of Cleveland

Here is some training footage of Mel Zupec training for the UPA Battle of Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio August 9th. This will only be her 2nd meet since March and her total is up around 200lbs. She will be competing in the 132lb class Raw w/ wraps, and looking to break into the top 20 all-time historic list for the squat.

Jennifer Thompson at the 2014 Raw National Championship

Jennifer Thompson competed in the 63Kg Open
and M1a divisions and placed first in both divisions
with a 482.5 Kg total (1063 lbs)

Dennis Cornelius hit 2072 at 275

Dennis Cornelius hit 2072 at 275 lbs raw, no wraps, at the 2014 USPA Nationals.

This total extends Dennis' further away from the pack on the rankings as he still sits at number 1!

Floating butts and leg drive – 4 tips

That past weekend I had to red light a couple of lifts because of floating butts. A floating butt is something that always frustrates the lifter to the point of rage: been there, done that, much more than I would like to.

Nobody wants to raise their butt. So why does this happen?

Let’s start by understanding the bench press. Like the other two powerlifts, the bench press is a sports gesture made up of movements recruiting muscle chains in the whole body. If you are reading this, you probably know that already: just as the squat is NOT about legs (“leg day”), the bench press is not about the chest (“chest day”).

GREAT UPDATES ON 2014 AAU World Powerlifting

Well folks I have been working on Visa letters for Non USA lifters

36 from India

10 from Afghanistan

4 from Turkmenistan

9 from Nigeria

BEAST 2014 USPA Nationals Highlights!

BEAST: 2014 USPA National Powerlifting Championships highlights w/ lift by lift commentary given by me and my coach. Its a long video, but goes into detail about the approach, game plan, and what happened through out the competition. I will be making a much shorter video with just strictly lifts.

Christian Anto 1605 At SPF Nationals: 181 Class

NBS Fitness (Cordova, TN) team member Christian Anto hit a 1605 total @181 raw w/wraps at SPF Nationals...
He is now ranked at #3 on total
and his 615 squat is currently ranked number 2 in the US in the Current Raw (wraps) rankings!

Again about the golden numbers – Keeping powerlifting boring and kosher

One day I calculated the safe time for alternating squat rounds (flights A and B), the time required to change the equipment on the platform for the bench press rounds, plus all that and the deadlift rounds. I summed the operational arrangements time and came to the “golden” number of 30 lifters per platform, per day.

By simple deduction, we would have 90 lifters per platform, per day, for a single lift event.

Amazingly, that was the same conclusion reached by the RUM organizers. Also, 400-500 lifter Worlds by kosher federations require 4-5 days, on two simultaneous platforms. That means that counting the single lift events and the full power events together, we have an average of 50 lifters per day, per platform.

Mike Bingham benches 622 at USPA Multi-Ply Nationals

Mike Bingham benched 622.8 lbs at a body weight of 177.2 lbs on July 19, 2014 at the USPA Multi-Ply Nationals in Springfield, MO.
This lift should put Mike at #1 on the current multi-ply bench rankings in the 181 lb wt class!