MONDAY – meet results of the weekend #3: Port St. Lucie Powerlifting team’s results

Not only Port St. Lucie Powerlifting team’s coach,
Matt Levine, was best lifter at the single ply division,
but members of his team obtained great results. Here are some videos from the team:

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend #2: Richard Ficca, David Isenberg, Marty Killion, Ken Anderson, Jake Benedix and more

Richard Ficca

@jailhousestrong and I have been getting great results this training cycle. It's not the smartest thing to do a meet on two weeks notice while running a big meet like Europa, luckily I'm not that smart so we did. As meet director, I think (hope) the athletes enjoyed it and as an athlete I was able to hit 617 for a PR

MONDAY – meet results of the weekend #1: Europa 1 – Richard Ficca’s acknowledgements and best lifters

The 2016 USPA Orlando Europa Powerlifting Championship took place between Friday and Sunday (April 29-30) at the Orange County Convention Center. With a three day lifting schedule, raw and equipped lifters and prize money, this has been one of the big meets of the year.

* By Richard Ficca, meet organizer

Thank you to all the athletes and attendees who helped make Europa special this past weekend. The venue had a buzz that was undeniable. Thank you to Complete Human Performance LLC,,NFE, Savage Villoch Law, PLLC,, & Barbara Hennessywith Real Time Pain Relief for their generous support of our sport and our athletes.

Andrey Malanichev 1,058 Squat!!!!

New all time record from Andrey Malanichev ! Taken from Boris Shieko Official

Squat 480kg/1058 lbs (knee wraps only)

Andrey competed at the Asian Powerlifting Championships by WRPF in Almaty Kazakhstan
squat 480kg/1058 lbs (knee wraps only)
bench press 230kg/507 lbs raw (Andrey has recently got serious chest injury)
deadlift 405 kg/892 lbs raw

Nicole Gonzalez 1,058 @ 132!

Nicole Gonzalez has had an amazing and fast rising lifting career thus far! She has steadily gone from 766 in 2013 to her recent performance of 186 kg, 97.5 kg and 197.5 kg lifts to total 481 kg! (410, 214, 435, 1,058 pounds) She made these lifts at the USPA Texas State Championships. She took 186 kg in the squat to break the current American record of 407 by Susan Salazar. She is also with in spitting distance of Susan's American record 1,107 total.. but, will she go 132 again? Rumor has it Nicole may go up in weight!! We shall see what she does soon enough...

16 yr Old Ian Veliz APA Performance

Ian Veliz 16yrs and 111.2 pounds competed at the APA Raw nationals in the 114 weight class with no wraps. This young lifter showed great potential by setting APA state and/or World records in each lift!
He was able to set records in each class with:

More videos from the IPL European Championship

And videos keep coming from the IPL European Championships held on April 22-24 in Moscow,
Check out the compilation and the videos:

Meet Micky Yule, the Paralympian Powerlifter

A powerhouse personality as well as a powerlifter, Micky Yule has overcome huge odds having lost both legs to an IED and pushed himself to become a Gold medal winner in the Invictus Games. The next stop is the Paralympics and Rio.


Here are some videos where Micky explains Paralympian powerlifting and his own story:

11 year old Landen Westbrook

Landen Westbrook competed at the APA raw nationals this past weekend she's 11 yrs old in the 132 weight class she ended the day with a 187.4 on squats an 88.2 bench and a 264.5 on deadlift. For a total of 540.2.
All three lifts and total are world records.
She also competed in the 132 womans open division where she finished 3rd.
Check out the footage below!

SATURDAY – good talks of the week: American Iron on "the Bench" and EliteFTS on "periodization"

American Iron Gym S1-E5

Podcast The Bench

365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation (365 SPF)...Impacting the Sport and Empowering the Lifter

Linked below is our 365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation video that featured the short version of what's in store when competing in a 365 STRONG event.
Our commitment is to impact the sport of powerlifting by empowering
YOU, the lifter, to achieve greater success.

More about the 2016 US Open: Eva Dunbar, Emily Hu, Susan Salazar and April Shumaker

As with any high profile meet, news keep flowing in for a couple of days or even weeks. The footage bellow represents some of the best moments of the 2016 US Open, kindly provided by Chris Bartl.

Powerlifting in the news: Jon Jones and powerlifting, Japan to host Para-PL Championships and Maori Arm Wrestler gives PL a go


In the days leading up to UFC 197, Jon Jones praised a new workout regimen that he said made him a stronger, better athlete.

During his lengthy hiatus, Jones hit the weight room in earnest and bulked up to 240 pounds before shedding some of that excess size in preparation for his return to the Octagon last weekend. Jones wasn’t as dominant as expected in taking a unanimous verdict against short notice foe Ovince St. Preux, and according to, trainer Greg Jackson dropped this gem in his fighter’s corner shortly after the bout’s conclusion:

“Powerlifting’s a problem. He gasses. I only want to do an I-told-you-so dance right now.”

Some of best squats of IPL Europe

While Ivan Slavinsky has a deserved rest after having organized one of the biggest and well run meets of the year, he offered us a preview before the full meet results and images are available.

This Is Us - Powerlifting Israel

Some of what goes on in the Iron Game in Israel:

enjoy the power, enjoy the images!