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Sergey Gladkikh total 815kg@66kg, World Record in total

Sergey Gladkikh hits a massive total at only 145 pounds! He went 705 in the squat 462 in the bench and then pulled 628 to total 1,796 in singleply equipment by Titan Support!

European Open Powerlifting Championships 2015, Chemnitz, Germany


Alexey Fokin total 1055kg@120kg

Lifting at the European Open Powerlifting Championships 2015, Chemnitz, Germany
Alexey Fokin posted a big total at 264 pounds he made a 2,325 singleply total!

Via 405 280 and 370 kg (892 lbs, 617 lbs, 815 lbs)

Laura Paul breaks into the top Ten for Masters 148s

This past weekend at RPS Insurrextion 4
Laura Paul broke into the top 10 in the raw division for the 148 masters class.
She hit a 295 squat 175 bench and 320 deadlift in order to hit a 790 total and qualify for the XPC finals !

Kole Carter sets 50-54 Masters Raw Bench World Record at IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Meet in Atlanta, GA.

Kole Carter Set a new IPL World Record in the Masters 50-54 Super Heavyweight Bench Press in Atlanta. GA. on Nov.1 2015. His first bench was 507.1 pounds which he followed up with a second bench was 529.1 pounds, but missed his 3rd press. Kole also received the Best Masters Bench Press Award for his performance Kole had set 3 American records earlier in the year in 3 different federations in April, May, and June.

Dr. Deadlift, Payal Ghosh, pulls 359lbs at the 105lbs class

From the USPA Thanksgiving Throwdown!
Payal Ghosh, from American Barbell Club in Gainesville, FL, squatted 100kg/220lb, benched 50kg/110lb, but deadlifted an amazing 163kg/359lb, with a total of 313kg/690lb. Payal is known among friends as "Dr. Deadlift": she is a postdoctoral fellow at FSU. She is definitely on her way to an all time record.

News from the USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown: New Comers

"First meet I've ever done (...) I placed 4 out of 6. Not what I wanted but I'll be ready for the next one. I'll be back.
Josh lifted at the 90kg class and deadlifted a solid 518lbs. His mindset, though, is a gold medal one.

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Chalk Talk Episode #28 - Lifting for yourself vs lifting for others

In our 28'th episode,
we talk about the difference between
training for yourself vs training for others,
and which will lead to lasting motivation and progress.

GlycoForce Athletes - The Benedix Brothers & Eddie Ryckman Win Gold at USPA Thanksgiving Throwdown 2015

Great performances by young lifters! Their futures in this sport will be something to watch!

Brett Benedix - RAW with Knee Sleeves
Best Lifts: 523 Squat, 259 Bench, 534 Deadlift, 1316 Total. 8/9 on attempts (skipped last bench attempt)
147.8 Bodyweight and First Place in the 148 lb Weight class. 19 Years Old
Next Meet: RAW Unity 9

Karen Siemssen-Benfield 410 Squat @ 155 In Training

Training out of Ironhorse Powerlifting Karen is currently ranked number 3 at 165 in the Masters Raw w/ wraps (3rd with 390 sq, 3rd 940 total)
Karen has been cranking up some major squats and with a "walk around" weight of only 155, number 1 at 148 is just around the corner!
Here's footage of her squatting 410 with a safety squat bar:

Heidy Broswer gets 1st place in Open and Master division at the 67.5kg women's raw

USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown:
This is her second deadlift video (122.5kg).
She hit an 80kg bench press and the national
record at the 50-54 age class division.

Gustavo Teixeira wins the 123lb men's raw junior division

USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown:
Gustavo Teixeira won the 123 lb men's raw junior division with a 303lbs squat, a 176lbs bench press and a 424lbs deadlifts. He had the first place in his class and broke 3 American Records.

Greg Baxter IPL Worlds Performance

The are lifters out there that we look up to due there incredible performances in more mature age brackets..They do things we can only hope to accomplish. Ellen Stein and Bob Gaynor have done incredible things in their 60's! Greg Baxter is another and here at the IPL worlds he broke Gaynor's All Time Masters 220 Total record!!!!

HaeMee Dai breaks the top 10 in the 105's

In HaeMee's first meet in new wraps she totaled 585 to break in the top 10 for the raw with wraps division! She weighed in at 103 lbs and squatted 220 benched 105 and deadlifted 260. She just missed a 285 by falling backwards which would have put her over 600. Great job for Haemee!