The Animal Underground: Deadlift Training with Rob Hall


Animal athlete Rob Hall takes his deadlifting workout to the next level incorporating car lifts.

Sometimes you need to take your workout outside your comfort zone to shock the muscles.

Big Matt pulls 800 at 23!

Trainied by Josh Bryant:

Big Matt has cracked 800 at 23 years old, huge PR!
Matt is always #gasstationready and starting to look more #chippendalesready !

Denis Vikulev totalled 1023kg@120kg, Russia national tournament "White Nights 2016"

Denis Vikulev took 1st place in a class 120kg
with a total 1023kg (2,255 lbs)
He squatted 370 kg (815 lbs), bench pressed 277.5 kg (611 lbs)
and deadlift 375.5 kg (827 lbs)!

James Strickland With 630 Pounds On the Bar!

#1 ranked bencher at 275 raw , James Strickland did a gym bench of 630 pounds! This apparently was his first set.. He did two singles with this poundage!
"630x1x2 (set 1)
Spotter touched the bar, so I took the set again and my stupid phone didn't record, ugh. Manager of the gym said he would tey to pull the security footage, lol...
Body weight 276 this morning

CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Hobaica!!!

HERC 2016 Beasts of New York -- 11/5/16 -- (Syracuse, New York)

Exciting Announcement from Hercules Gym!!
Anthony Hobaica Never Settle

CONGRATULATIONS on your INCREDIBLE RAW performance! You made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!" I just got through emailing Johnny Vasquez & Dave Bates the updated “Records,” “Rankings” and “Rankings-RAW” documents! You can view your performance in the “Subscriber Only” section:

181 Pound (82.5 Kilogram) Men’s Weight Division -- RAW Squat
RAW Squat X-Bwt RAW Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation
6. 730.0 (331.1) *4.06X Anthony Hobaica (US/86) 11/5/16 (730.0 lb. @ 179.6 lb., without a squat suit.) (Syracuse, New York) (HERC)
Page 15 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

Hafiz Verdiyev 2,248 @ 220 Singleply!

Hafiz Verdiyev from Azerbaijan totalled 1020 kg (2,248 lbs) at the WPC Worlds 2016 in Baton Rouge, USA.

In the 100kg category Single Ply division his lifts were:

Squat 390 kg. Bench Press 285 kg ( New WPC WR). Deadlift 345 ( New WPC WR). Total 1020 kg ( New WPC WR). (859 lb squat, 628 lb bench, 760 deadlift)

He took first place in the category, AND Best Open Man Lifter in Single Ply Powerlifting Division!

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Tyler Brooks 1,889 total @275 in sleeves

Competing at the USPA Southern Strength Showcase
Marrero, LA Tyler won 1st place RAW Open 275 and Overall Best Lifter going 9/9 with a 661 squat in sleeves,
490 bench, and 738 deadlift for a 1,889 total lifting in his
first meet coming back from a quad injury!

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54 Year old Master SHW Bench Presses 551 raw at 365 SPF Meet for 6th National Record

54 year old Masters lifter Kole Carter raw benched an easy 551 at the Thanksgiving Powerlifting Classic meet in Ozark, MO. 11/19/16, for his 6th National record in the last 2 years. I have no lifting partners or group that
I belong to so I have to toot my own horn from time to time. I started lifting weights at 51 years old and powerlifting at 52.
I now have 6 National raw bench press records in 5 federations.
My long term goal is to be a 600 pound plus bencher before I turn 56 years old. Have a great day and keep on killing it!!!

Nick Vogelsang 1265 @148 pounds !

Nick Vogelsang breaks into the Top 20 at 148 in the Raw with Wraps division!

Nick Vogelsang made his debut in the 148 weight class this past weekend at the RPS InsurreXtion !

He totaled 1265 with a 465 squat, a 305 Bench and a 495 Deadlift making 8 for 9 lifts on the day ! Stay on the looking for this up and coming lightweight !

700 lb Deadlift @ 60 years old...195 lbs bw and Drug Free!

Tee Skinny Man Meyers - 60 year old Deadlifts 700 lbs @ 195 lbs Drug Free! The skinny man has been around a long time and he is still one of the nation's best pullers! Here he is pulling a number 1 ranked masters deadlift!
It couldn't get much easier!

Josh Cleveland 722 squat in knee sleeves

Josh Cleveland competed at the USPA Southern Strength Showcase in Marrero, LA coming in at 288 pounds to place 2nd in the Raw Open 308 class. His 722 squat moves him from 15th to 12th and his total went from 28th to 21st!

Squat: 722 (327.5 kg) (17 lb. PR) in knee sleeves
Bench: 413 (187.5 kg) (5 lb. PR)
Deadlift: 705 (320 kg)
1,840 total (40 lb. meet PR)

Greg Powell Benches 800 at 220!!!!

Team Titan member 51 yr old Greg Powell competed at the WABDL Worlds Las Vegas on 11/19/16 in the 220lb class wearing a Single ply Titan Psycho Evil Twin. He took 738 for an opening attempt and then powered through a 766 second attempt! On his 3rd he chipped for an 800 bench press (362.5 + .5 chips 363 kg) to further his lead as the best 220 pound singleply bench presser in our "best of the best" rankings!