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With a bodyweight of 163lbs and a deadlift of 628lbs: meet Luis Bermejo from Colombia

Luis Bermejo, 35 years old, a business manager from Colombia is today one of the Continent's greatest powerlifting talents. On August the 20th, at 163lbs bodyweight, Bermejo lifted 628lbs while in preparation for the GPA Worlds. He comes from under the bars of coach Saul Salazar, well known for producing a strong breed of South American powerlifters.


The road to a 700 raw bench continues. The incline has become a great tool of mine to measure explosiveness of the chest. As a measure I was able to do a clean 620 a week or two out before I missed 705 raw at the LA FIT EXPO.. HOPEFULLY THIS IS A GREAT INDICATOR OF THINGS TO COME THIS OCTOBER AT USPA METROFLEX..... HERES THE CLIP 650 RAW INCLINE IN TRAINING.

Into the mind of the coach

by Marilia Coutinho

This is a series of interviews that some friends who are great coaches agreed to answer. My objective was to explore the personal aspects of each of these people’s lives that made them what they are: good coaches. That includes their childhood experiences and influences, the people they admired, and chance. Chance plays a big role in everyone’s life. They are no exception. So how did chance and these factors combine to make them what they are? What do they actually think of their profession? In what ways the things they learned on their journey can help other coaches? What can learning about the fascinating profession of coaching help people in general feel more inclined to engage in regular physical activity and sports? How can all this help athletes better appreciate their coach’s advice and plans?

Boss of Bosses 2 Highlights by Juggernaut Training Systems

During the past two days a great part of the powerlifting community had their eyes on the streamline transmitting "Boss of Bosses 2", a world level meet organized by Dan and Sparkle Green under the USPA flag.

Check the highlights compiled by Juggernaut Training Systems:

Andrew Petti hits Top Ten Total at 148 Raw with Wraps

Newcomer light weight Andrew Petti of team Gaglione Strength entered 2nd meet in the raw with wraps 148 class improved his national ranking to break into the Top 10 at the RPS Boardwalk Brawl this past weekend!

He hit a massive 75 lb total PR with a 500 squat 285 bench and 500 deadlift. He just missed a 520 squat which would have put him on the All time rankings for the squat. We know the best is yet to come for Andy! Congrats on a great performance!

Phraner wins the XPC/RPS Benchpress Freakshow Overall

Jim Phraner headed to Atlantic City, NJ for XPC/RPS Benchpress Freakshow. This was a multiply meet, but he brought his Single Ply Overkill. He weighed in at 239.0lbs. After hitting his opening attempt of 755lbs, he moved to 780lbs, and made quick work of that. His 3rd attempt, at 800lbs was just missed at the lockout. It was a good weekend for Team Overkill, finishing 1,2,3.

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Stuart Jamieson Pulls 628 @ 132!

One of the greatest pulls of all time Stuart in a WPC meet pulled 4.75 times body weight!! This ties Lamar's best "known" suitless pull of 628 at 132. Lamar pulled as much as 683 at this bodyweight however, we are unable to prove that he did it without a suit, since no video or photo has been found...Never the less, Stuart Jamieson pulled an amazing lift duplicating Gant's 285 kg (628 lb) pull! How much more will he go?

Jeremy Hamilton The New King

Jeremy Hamilton multi time 220 Raw Unity champion lifted with wraps to take the 220 wrapped world record away from the Boss himself! Jeremy made an 821 squat 518 bench and then pulled 782 to win and break the world record total!

Markos Markopoulos : Report On Boss of Bosses II

Here are some of the final totals from Boss of Bosses 2 that I have
Andrey Malanichev 1107.5@SHW
Derek Kendall 1022.5@SHW (sleeves)
Robb Philippus 975kg@140kg (bare knees)
Jeremy Hamilton 963kg@100kg

1036 lb / 470 kg Raw Squat - Andrey Malanichev New World Record!

Posted by ETWADE on YouTube Andrey hit a new
world record squat of 1,036 pounds
at the USPA Boss of Bosses II!

Lift Rescue - Slingshot Benching for Beginners

In our latest edition of Lift Rescue, we discuss how to use and implement the Slingshot into your bench training as a beginning lifter

IWF World Weightlifting Championships: Powerlifters

A letter from Kevin Lambert for local powerlifters to attend the IWF World championships!

"My name is Kevin Lambert. I am part of the LOC for the IWF World Weightlifting Championships. This event will be held in Houston, TX at the George R Brown Convention Center from November 20-28, 2015. It will bring in over 500 of the best weightlifters in the world from 188 different countries. They will be competing for the right to participate in the 2016 Rio games. Houston is proud to bring this event back to US soil for the first time in nearly 40 years.

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Boss Of Bosses 2: USPA Powerlifting Stream

View the Boss of Bosses II Powerlifting Invitational held at Mountain View, CA on Sat, August 29 and Sun, August 30, 2015. ( Boss Of Bosses 2: USPA Powerlifting Stream )