BEAST VISION: 407.5lb raw bench for 8 reps (Legs up)

407lbs for 8 reps (legs up) raw bench. This is definitely a marker for me that my strength is coming back. Just 7 weeks post surgery my progress is increasing more and more. Still am not trying to over push it, like overexerting to try and get more reps or load the bar to weights I don't need to be stressing my arm with just yet.

Orlando Barbell's April Harper hits huge PRs at the APF Southern States

April Harper hit a 925 lb @ 148 at the APF Southern States Meet on Saturday, October 18th
This total will give her the 9th spot on the current raw rankings!

"I had a great day competing yesterday! Had a 38lb PR on my squat with a 308, a 44lb PR on my bench with a 214, and a 88lb PR on my deadlift with a 402 (which broke the Open National APF Record), a 165 lb PR ON MY TOTAL!!!!!!

Powerlifting world records tumble at the 2014 Asian Para Games

China's world champion Yujiao Tan broke her own world record four times and lifted more than twice her bodyweight to easily win gold on Tuesday (21 October), the third day of the 2014 Asian Para Games in Incheon, South Korea.

Competing in the women's up to 67kg class, 24-year-old Tan lifted 133.0kg in the opening round to add 0.5kg to the world record she set at April's World Championships in Dubai, UAE.

William Tenerelli Pulls %100 Raw National Record

Here is a clip of William Tenerelli (New Jersey) pulling 200kg/440.9 lbs for the 100% RAW Open National Deadlift Record in the 56kg/123# class. Tenerelli accomplished this lift at last weekend's Keystone Ironman Challenge in Pennsylvania. His official record is still pending the drug-test result:

USAPL Georgia & Southern States Match-Ups!

The USAPL Georgia & Southern States has been full for over a month and a half with 220 lifters and it's about time for the showdown! There are some divisions/weight classes that are over 30 lifters deep! Some of the epic battles that will take place include:

IPA Ohio Grand Prix Daniel Bell 2200 Total

Team Lilliebridges 308er finished with a 900 squat 495 bench and a 805 deadlift.
Daniel's lifts will place him number 2 on the current raw w/ wraps rankings and his big 900 squat is number one! His 805 pull will rank him 4th.

Mel Zupec- 900lbs Raw at 132lbs

Mel competed at the IPA Ohio Grand Prix, Raw w/ wraps in the Junior division. She squatted 355lbs (7th All-time), benched 190lbs with a close miss at 200lbs, and deadlifted 355lbs for a 900lb total (14th All-time). She also won the best female lifter award against the equipped lifters. This is only her 3rd meet ever and she has been powerlifting for only 10 months now

Two powerlifting world records smashed at Asian Para Games

The opening day of powerlifting at the 2014 Asian Para Games in Incheon, South Korea, on Sunday (19 October) saw two world and three Asian records broken and Chinese women leading the way with gold in two of the three medal events.

Dandan Hu, a fifth place finisher at April's World Championships, led the way for China with gold in the women's up to 45kg class, lifting a world and Asian record of 99kg.

Nov. 22nd Stars and Stripes Deadline!

Postmark and online entry deadline is today!

Come out to our pre-thanksgiving event and qualify for the 2015 USAPL Raw and Bench Nationals in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Entry Deadline October 20th, 2014

Final IPF Worlds Nominations

Here are the final nominations for the upcoming 2014 IPF Mens Worlds.
To be held in Aurora / USA
3 − 8 November, 2014

1. Fedosienko Sergey 1982 Russia 296.0 200.0 255.0 751.0
2. Leon Franklin 1983 Ecuador 265.0 172.5 235.0 672.5
3. Lima Eudson 1985 Brazil 250.0 150.0 245.0 645.0

April Mathis Another World Record!

On Oct 18th April Mathis broke her deadlift record by pulling 589 pounds! She also benched 413 just missing 446 on her second and 3rd attempts. April consistently shows her dominance in the sport by holding all the world records in the super heavyweight division as well as having the ultimate lift in each event regardless of weight class! She is "formula be damned" the strongest woman on earth.

Melissa Reyes #1

Melissa Reyes, 97 lb. lifter out of AllMighty Barbell Club in Tampa, in only her 2nd meet (APF Orlando Barbell Meet), puts up the #1 raw without wraps total in the USA with a 622 total. She squatted 192.9, Benched 126.8, and deadlifted 303.1. Her total is also the 3rd highest total ever on Michael Soong's all-time raw rankings for the 97 lb. class.

Dustin Slepicka Hits 1,102 Single Ply Squat!

Dustin recently lifted in Sioux City,Ia at the Rick Hussey Memorial meet. He singleply squatted 1102.3lb or 500 kg which puts him number 1 current SHW and all time ranking as well as #1 in the world all feds. This also makes Dustin the first person in the world to singleply squat 1100+lbs.

Jeff Frank SHW 2,419lbs total Single Ply

After recently competing at the Mr. Olympia (9/20/2014) and unfortunately bombing out, Anderson Powerlifting and 10/20/LIFE Athlete Jeff Frank quickly entered another meet just 3 weeks later – USPA Mini-Monster in Springfield (10/11/2014), MO. Jeff totaled 2,419lbs by way of 1,003lbs Squat, 710lbs Bench, 705lbs Deadlift. His 2,419 total will place him 3rd on the current singleply rankings!

Kimberly Walford 1,181 @148!!

Kim had an outstanding performance at the IPF/PA Pacific Challenge! She broke USAPL Amercian records, smashed IPF world records and by the end of the day she broke one of the most impressive records of all, Taylar Stallings' All Time WR of 1,179 at 148! Kimberly squatted an IPF world record 410, benched 242 and then pulled an IPF world record and an All Time record tying 529 to amass a total of 1,181 pounds! Truly one of the worlds greatest lifters!