Richard Jorgensen 625 squat at 181 Drug free Record!

New all-time drug-tested WR squat by Richard Jorgensen. 625 lbs.
Also an American tested WR total of 1605.
The contest he made these historic lifts was the 2014 RPS VT/NH State Championships.
181 Raw Modern, Elite Am division

APF Senior Nationals - 6.28 Weeks Out!

The Countdown to APF Senior Nationals - 6.28 Weeks Out!

We're 6 weeks two days out from the 2014 APF Senior Nationals in our very own Grand Rapids, MI. Get you're entries in! This is shaping up to be a massive meet with the best lifters from around the country. Remember you need to book the meet hotel by May 6th to be guaranteed the meet rate.

May 17 Nasa KY State Championship at Morehead, KY

May 17 Nasa KY State Championship will take place at the Morehead Conference Center in Morehead, KY. The address is 111 East First Street,Morehead, KY 40351.

The weigh-in Times: Early weigh-in 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Friday (All lifters)
Regular weigh-in 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. Saturday (All lifters) Rules Meeting/Equipment Check will be at 9:10 A.M. Lifting will begin at 10:00 A.M.

Yuriy Belkin, 970 gym squat @ 224

Yesterday's junior Yuriy Belkin shows monstrous training single ply squat.

440 @ 101.6 in kilos, 970 @ 224 in lbs. Enjoy:

Iron Chamber lifters give back in annual Youth Conditioning Program.

Area youth from all over the Northeast Ohio area recently wrapped up a dedicated 8-week effort as part of The Iron Chamber Gym's annual Youth Conditioning Program. With an average attendance of just under 30, boys and girls ranging in age from 4-15 gathered once a week to take part the structured program geared toward developing coordination, balance, bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics, agility, teamwork, morale and confidence.

Presidents Corner Masters World Bench press Championships Northumberland 2014

"The results of the Masters Bench Press World's are now online. You can find them here and under results on our webpage"

Dear lifters and officials

It was a great pleasure to meet you all in Northumberland.
It's always nice to see the Masters helping each other but still having the
competitive fight in the forefront of their minds. They always show us
fairplay. That'sgreat and it is an exemple for our young lifters. They have a strong sense of competition but also the friendship between them is very important.

Raw & United #2: "Doing What It Takes"

We're all made of flesh and blood. If someone can do something, there's no reason why Dan "BOSS" Green can't do it either -- just bigger. Yeah, and heavier. That kind of philosophy has brought the World Record holding raw powerlifting to Raw Unity Meet VII in Port St. Lucie, Florida earlier in the year -- to make a mark and shatter records in the 220 lb weight class. You do whatever it takes to compete... Whatever it takes to win.

Vintage Footage- World Championships 2001 in Finland

Check out this vintage footage of:
Furazhkin, Baranov, Bazaev at World Championships 2001 in Finland @ 75kg.

April sets new Raw Bench and Total records at the SPF Woman's Pro Am

At the SPF Woman's Pro Am meet, held at the Sweatt Shop by meet direct Laura Phelps Sweatt, April Delmore-Shumaker bumped up her own all time World record raw bench to 225 pounds while weighing in at her lightest bodyweight (100lbs) ever.

Powerlifting Is Not A F*****g Fun Run, Part 3

From the ever so clever Jamie Lewis!:
And so it continues. After a careful examination of the opinions of elite lifters and the the fact that modern lifters cannot hold a fucking candle to lifters of the Ninteen Seventies, one reality appears to loom stark over the horizon:

1,714 @ 182 Raw Jose Castillo!!!!!

It looks like Jose Castillo has just totalled another 5 pounds more than Ben Puccio did a few days ago, albeit at 182 pounds, still massive! Castillo competed in the IPF weight class of 83 kg..Had he been a little lighter he would have had a new all time world record at 181!

Matt Claussen UPA Performance

Matt Claussen competed at the UPA Power Bash in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and had a great performance ending with a 1951 total to rank him 7th in the USA!
His results are as followed:
Total-1951 (from kg total)

Yarnell Marks Bench Training

As Marks prepare for USPA MS June 21, he is 6 days into his second stint of Blast Your Bench this year.

Body weight was 204lbs on this day.

Marks is looking to enter the 400lbs bench club on that day

Shana Ratcliff 2014 Woman's PRO/AM Footage

Watch Shana's record breaking performance at the Women's Pro/Am!
This is the site where she shattered the All Time world record held by Kim Tran (Valentine) by over 60 pounds and became the first 97 pounder to crack the 700 mark raw.


The 2014 championships have set the bench-mark for the world! Lifters rose to the occasion by smashing over 123 records. This was the slickest most professionally organised powerlifting championships ever. The event was hosted by Unique Fitness who’s Principal Steve Knight and Rob Todd who trains at Unique were the Meet Directors. Rob Todd’s presence and entertainment skills provided the gloss for these championships.

Brenden Blake, Platform Manager and their most excellent crew Andy Milford, Lloyd Cook, Graham Morton, Adam Cook and Dan Malinowski re-assured all lifters confidence with their professional application and brought out the best out in the lifters with no mishaps. Weight and Clock Officer Ruth Drury. Scoreboard Olivia Sanders and Lee Hough and MC Allison Hough and David Carter’s impeccable team administration at the table ensured the championships ran without a hitch. We witnessed first class adjudication from the Referees ensuring these championships were second to none. We are grateful to all the highly skilled referees and thank you all. We also have a new referee. Robert Campbell Technical Officer reports that Dominic Avo passed his International Referees exam with 90%. Well done Dominic.